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On-Demand Custom Reporting...for Everyone!

Izenda Reports securely adds self-service integrated reporting to web CONTENTS

applications so business users can customize reports on-demand,
without involving IT or database experts. Izenda Reports can be fully
integrated with an existing web application in a matter of days.
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aa Izenda Reports enables business users to explore and report on real-time

business data.

aa It affords business users a new level of freedom and autonomy, and allows
IT staff to focus on their core initiatives.

aa Simple report customizations which used to take weeks to implement

— like adding a new field or graphic to enhance data visualization — now
take minutes from a web browser anywhere in the world, with no client-
side software required.
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Jean Francois, CEO, at
an international software
OEM and Oracle Value
Added Reseller...

“Izenda Reports allows us to

”We were able to
give our users what people
download a demo
everywhere are coming to
Mark Arbeson, Software from the website,
expect from web-based
Architect explains... put it on our server,
applications -- a ‘Web 2.0
point to our actual
experience’ where they are
“We looked at all kinds database and try
in control of their data.”
of reporting tools on the it. It took about 30
Internet just to see what minutes to 1 hour to
was available, then were deploy the product.”
referred to Izenda.
Gordon Hartogensis,
We quickly discovered there CEO,
was nothing like it. In fact, OnDemand CRM
once we saw Izenda Reports
and what it could do, how it
hooks up to a database, we
were just amazed with it.

It is exactly what we needed

and what we envisioned as
a powerful general purpose
reporting tool.”

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PRODUCT COMPARISON Izenda Reports Custom SQL Reporting Crystal Reports
Applications Services
Izenda Developers & Microsoft BusinessObjects
View reports in web Yes Yes Yes Yes
Report browser
Viewing Export to PDF, Excel Yes Yes Yes Yes
and other popular

Reports can be Yes. Business users

customized, modified by self-serve without
everyday business users IT support

Users can modify Yes. Full control

reports on their own over content
and appearance
Report Users can apply report Yes. Users filter
Customization Filters data as required.

Users add new field(s) Yes. Without IT

to a report Support
Anytime, anywhere Yes. From any Only if coded as a Only if coded as a Only if coded as a
from a browser connected PC. web app. web app. web app.

Intuitive Web-Based Yes. Users can be No. Environment is No. Environment is No. Environment is
Design Environment productive quickly typical programmer’s typical programmer’s typical programmer’s
Report Users design own Yes
reports from scratch
Time to Integrate & Days Weeks to Months Weeks to Months Weeks to Months

Integrates with Existing Yes

Menu Structure

Integration &
Deployment Takes on Look & Feel Yes. Total
of Existing Application assimilation into
existing app

Reporting Solution Yes. Inherits existing Yes, but requires Yes, but requires Yes, but requires
Integrates Fully with user, group and custom programming custom programming custom programming
Existing Security record level security
General Support Occasional database Perpetual re-coding Perpetual re-coding Perpetual re-coding
Requirements views may be when modifications when modifications when modifications
required are needed are needed are needed
Ongoing Report Programming Virtually None Complex development Constantly re- Constantly re-
Support Effort Burden for DB & testing for each sponding to sponding to
Experts report change requests from requests from
users users
Reporting Delays for Virtually None Users must often wait Constant delays when Constant delays when
Business Users for a new release of development team is development team is
the app not available not available

Customizing this feature is possible but requires a programmer to create procedural code, generate SQL
statements or utilize an integrated development environment (IDE) for both major and minor changes 1.888.IZENDA.1
© 2007 Izenda, L.L.C. All Rights Reserved. Izenda and the Izenda logo are trademarks of Izenda L.L.C.

Features & Benefits
Information is the key to running every business. Managers rely on
reports to run their operations — to make better decisions, increase
efficiencies, to service customers more effectively and respond more
quickly to threats and opportunities. Izenda Reports gives business
users unparalleled access to their mission critical data in the form
they need, when they need it.
Developers and database experts benefit by focusing on core
initiatives, rather than spending time on what often appear to be trivial
report modifications.
As a department
manager, I don’t Software OEM’s using Izenda Reports give their users incomparable
flexibility in report creation and production, gaining competitive
want to submit advantage over others still using last year’s “canned report”
requests to our IT approach.
people every time
we need to re- Integrated, On-Demand aa Izenda Reports adds integrated reporting to your on-demand web
Reporting for Everyone application so business users can get custom reports anytime,
design a report.
anywhere without involving database experts.
Business moves too
fast to wait weeks or Key Benefits for aa Business Users Get Custom Reports Without Involving Database
months to get what Your Organization Experts
aa IT professionals, Developers and SQL Experts Focus on Core
I need today!
aa Significant Reduction in Reporting Delays for Decision Makers &
We evaluated all Knowledge Workers
kinds of reporting aa Data, Knowledge and Information Is More Accessible to Everyone
and business aa Deliver Richer Reports and Better Information to your Customers
aa Easy Sharing and Distribution of Reports
intelligence software
aa Data and Functionality Stays on Your Servers & Under Your Control
as we looked for a aa Total Integration Takes Days, Not Weeks or Months
solution that would aa Virtual Elimination of Reporting Bottlenecks
let us take charge of
our data.
Rich Reports that Sizzle aa For Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Finance, HR — any web-based
Izenda Reports was
the clear winner. It Self-Service Report aa Any user can customize reports — anytime and from anywhere
is exactly what we Customization aa Interactive & Flexible Report Viewer One-Click Report Distribution
Interactive Report Design aa High Performance AJAX-Enhanced Web 2.0 Experience
Today we’re in
touch with critical
Total Integration with your aa Complete integration with your application’s security model,
business trends and ASP.NET application appearance and navigation.
events like never
before. 1.888.IZENDA.1
© 2007 Izenda, L.L.C. All Rights Reserved. Izenda and the Izenda logo are trademarks of Izenda L.L.C.

Total Integration with Your Existing Applications...Quickly!
Izenda Reports’ robust API lets you build powerful reporting features
directly into your web-based application. Quickly. Skin it, put custom
reports in your menu bar and create links between your application
and reports you or your users create. Izenda Reports takes about an
hour to install – then integrates with your application quickly, without
spending thousands on costly implementations that take months.

True Private Labeling. Izenda Reports speeds development of reporting

services for software OEM’s, Solution Providers and IT Professionals. Delight
Complete integration
your users with robust reporting capability that allows each person to view,
design, modify and distribute reports as needed. with your

Robust Security and Scalability. Izenda Reports Inherits the Security application’s
Model already in place within your application to ensure users only see what
appearance and
they should. Record level security can even by applied programmatically so
different users see different data when they view the same report. security model should

Easy Report Distribution. Schedule daily, weekly and time-of-day reports take just a day or two
to distribution lists with filters to deliver only the most current data. One
for an experienced
click lets you distribute reports via links, email or through the integral report
viewer. Choose PDF, Word, Excel, CSV to deliver information people C# or VB.NET
need without error-prone file copying. Create Instant-Export links that
generate PDF or Excel files with one click, hiding reporting complexity from programmer.
users that just want to print or view in Excel.
Visit the Developer’s
Integrated Security Integrated Navigation
Portal for code
aa Inherits existing security credentials in aa Users save reports into existing menus
tables or directories aa Programmable Tabs and Toolbar samples and
aa Report Sandboxes for Multiple Customers aa Customizable Report List
aa User-Level Security aa Link-Based Access to Reports and Tabs instructions.
aa Group-Level Security aa Report-to-Report Links (Drill-Down)
aa Table-Level Security aa Report-to-Application Links
aa Field-Level Security aa Application-To-Report Links
aa Report-Level Security aa Instant-Export Links (One-Click PDF or Excel
aa Record-Level Security Export)
aa Code-Level Dynamic Security aa Link-Based Report Parameters

Integrated Appearance Additional Features & Capabilities

aa Quickly add your branding and logo aa Complete Feature Customization
aa Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) aa Turn virtually any button, icon or feature on
aa Master Pages Support and off
aa Custom Fonts aa Extensive API for a custom experience
aa Custom Colors aa Present Different Capabilities To Different
aa Custom images for icons and toolbars Users
aa Add Reporting Controls to Your Pages aa Sharing & Distribution Without Having to
aa Scheduled Report Distribution via Email
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Easy, Self-Service Report Building

Instant Viewing & Exporting of Real-Time Data. Add Quick Customization for Business Users. The interactive
reporting capabilities to your application that instantly take users report viewer lets users view reports, but it also allows them to
to a browser preview or their favorite export format. customize filters and even add new fields in seconds.

On-Demand Customization. Power users with minimal Quickly add Fields, Sort and Group. Izenda Reports
training can start customizing any part of the report. Add supports forumulas, functions, formatting, visual grouping,
charts, fields or filters. Change grouping from cities to ZIP codes subtotals and more. Even add sophisticated calculations across
instantly. fields.

Add a Summary. Izenda Reports lets you add a secondary Add a Chart. Quickly add charts to reports. Separate data by
summary grid that gives a quick snapshot of your data, in time frame or category. Choose from pie, bar, trend charts and
addition to the details you want to see. more.

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Easy, Self-Service Report Building

Add Smart Text; Configure Report Scheduling. Titles,

Add Powerful Filters. Limit data by any field. Apply categorical, Overviews, Headers and Footers can include Smart Fields that
geographic or time-based filters. Smart time frames let you change as your data and parameters change.
always see data for a period like “last month.” Use parameters to
hide data, or let users pick what’s important to them.

Save and Share Reports Securely. Report deployment is as

Add Color and Style. Use Smart Fields in Titles, Descriptions, simple as clicking “Save As.” Add Categories and limit who can
Headers and Footers. Customize color, report order and printing see or modify them. Make waiting for a report a thing of the
options. past. Set up scheduling or create Instant-Export links to popular
file formats like Excel and PDF.

Creating and modifying a report is just a few clicks away with Izenda Reports. You no longer need
to spend time coding custom reports. Let your users mine the database for the information they
need...then present it in the form that’s most useful to them.

Still not sure? Visit Watch the video and see how your users can access database
tables to create a report complete with charts and graphs — in about three minutes! Users can’t do
that with Crystal or SQL Reporting Services. In fact, neither can a developer.

Open the door to your user’s data with Izenda Reports. Reporting for Everyone.

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On-Demand Custom Reporting...for Everyone
Software Vendors, System Integrators & Organizations - Take Note!

Software Vendors
Embed Izenda Reports in your applications and
delight your end users.

Give them the ability to create and modify

reports as they wish. Or, simply provide them
the Integrated Report Viewer to access reports
you have created with Izenda Reports.

You’ll create them in far less time than using

conventional code-intensive programming
tools. Choose to bill for your services with
your normal project rate and enjoy the
added margin from the time you save at your
programming bench...or bill at a discounted
rate to further win your customer’s goodwill.
The choices are yours to make with Izenda
Reports. It’s all about getting things done
quickly and easily.

System Integrators and IT Organizations

Contact Us Incorporate Izenda Reports within your vertical
Izenda, LLC market or custom apps. Your users will thank you
75 Fifth Street NW—Suite 208 over and over again for the rich, new reporting
Atlanta, GA 30308 functionality you’re delivering. Get your sales people involved -- experience shows they’ll “get
888-IZENDA-1 it” quickly and can begin calling on your current
accounts as well as new prospects to sell the
benefits of the powerful new BI and reporting
capabilities you’re providing.

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