The Passover Paradigm & Christian

Author: Dwight A. Pryor
IN THE JEWISH READING of Scripture, the Torah was first given at t! Sinai to Israe"
on #entecost or the $estiva" of Wee%s &Shavu'ot'! As (hristians we shou") un)erstan)
however that the Torah that was *written in for+er )a,s* &Ro+ -.:/', was *written )own
for our instruction* as we"" &- (or -0:--'!
This shou") not co+e as a surprise! After a"", the He1rew Scriptures &inc"u)ing in Gree%
trans"ation' constitute) the Ho", 2i1"e for the ear", church, even into the thir) an) fourth
centuries! The *New Testa+ent* )i) not e3ist as such, on", the *+e+oirs of the
Apost"es* &the gospe"s' an) occasiona" "etters to the saints in )iverse congregations
throughout the Ro+an wor")!
Grafte) into Israe"4s ferti"e o"ive tree, repentant Genti"e 1e"ievers in 5eshua now
worshipe) the Go) of Israe" an) were nurture) in their wa"% of faith 1, Israe"4s Ho",
Scriptures! Through A1raha+ an) his see) the, o1taine) a spiritua" inheritance6 in the
7aw, the #rophets an) the Writings the, receive) a go)", heritage that )ai", infor+e),
instructe) an) inspire) the+!
Those *Go)81reathe)* scriptures &9 Ti+ ::-.8-;' were profita1"e for instruction then an)
continue to 1e so to)a,! In)ee) for to)a,4s New Testa+ent8centere) churches, the sacre)
writings of the Tanakh &<") Testa+ent' serve as an inva"ua1"e counter81a"ance an) even
corrective for (hristian ten)encies at ti+es to 1eco+e too He""enistic in theo"og, an)
As a case in point, consi)er "ast +onth4s co"u+n, where we as%e) the =uestion, "What
was the end or goal of the Exodus?" App",ing the "essons "earne) there 8 i!e!, using the
#assover para)ig+ 8 "et us answer an e=ua"", i+portant para""e" =uestion for (hristians!
$ro+ Go)4s point of view, "What is the end or goal of salvation?" Is it going to heaven>
-! Redemption! "You know that you were ransomed ... by the re!ious blood of
"essiah# like that of a lamb without defe!t or blemish" $% &et %'%()%*+. <ur
#assover 7a+1 was sacrifice) that we +ight 1e set free fro+ the Eg,pt of sin an)
)eath! 2ut what were we set free for>
9! Relationship!"Through ,"essiah- you have !ome to trust in .od..." $% &et %'/%+.
2ecause of essiah4s re)e+ptive act, those of us *having no hope an) without
Go) in the wor")* &Eph 9:-9' have *turne) to Go) fro+ i)o"s, to serve the "iving
an) true Go)* &- Thes -:?'! We have 1een 1rought nigh to the Go) of A1raha+
an) +a)e fe""ow citi@ens an) a)opte) chi")ren in the househo") of faith an)
covenant heritage of Israe" &Eph 9:-?'! 2ecause of His great "ove, Go) saves us in
or)er to foster an inti+ate an) en)uring re"ationship with us!
:! Revelation! "0earn from me..." $"at %%'/*+! 5eshua ca+e as a ra11i 1ecause his
teaching +inistr, was ever, 1it as integra" to his +ission as his c"i+actic act of
sacrifice on a Ro+an cross! He ca+e to show us the $ather an) to i+part the
$ather4s spirit an) "ife, which he )i) as an itinerant Jewish Sage continua"",
e3poun)ing an) e+1o),ing the wor)s of Torah an) the #rophets! Go) saves us so
that as His 1e"ove) chi")ren we can co+e to %now the fu""ness of His wi"" an)
/! Responsibility! We are save) to 1e "a royal riesthood# a holy nation# .od's own
eole..." $% &et /'%*+. In other wor)s, we are save) to serve! Not for our sa%es
a"one, we are save) for Go)4s sa%e! As with Israe", our re)e+ption e"icits a
correspon)ing responsi1i"it, an) our sa"vation issues a su++ons to serve the one,
true Go)! That su++ons 1eca+e incarnate in Jesus4 ca"": "1ollow me2" $"att
3'%*+. As we %eep the co++an)+ents, the Aing)o+ of Go) a)vances in the
wor") to the ever increasing g"or, of the $ather!
.! Residence! "4n ,"essiah- you also are being built together into a dwelling la!e
for .od by the Sirit" $Eh /'//+. Gree% thought stresses an other8wor")",
spiritua"it,, with our 4true ho+e4 in heaven! The #assover para)ig+ however
re+in)s us that we are not save) Bust to 1e ta%en out of this wor") 1ut to he"p
1ring Go) into the wor"), to e3ten) His re)e+ption an) a)vance His %ing)o+ in
the earth6 a goa" that one )a, sha"" 1e consu++ate) in Cion &cf! Rev 9-::ff'!
Therefore when we turn our hearts tru", ho+e we wi"" hee) the voice of the <ne
ca""ing: "5uild me a san!tuary..." $Exo /6'(+.
D 90-/ The (enter for Ju)aic8(hristian Stu)ies!
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