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MAY 2014


can create more efcient and effective
change management and help them
develop competencies to successfully
implement and sustain change.
hange is inevitable and
organizations that manage
it effectively can pull ahead
of their competition. Successful
organizational change management
requires a commitment to transform
an organization from what it is into
what it wants to be.
A new PMI report seeks to help
organizations identify where they
Available online for PMI members only at
A Conversation
with the Chair
See page 8
PMI Research Helps 3
Organizations Manage Change
Middle East Executives Discuss 9
Latest Project Management Trends
Events Calendar 10
PMIEF Thanks All Those Who 13
Supported Our Mission in 2013
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Strategic Partnership
Theme of R.E.P. Conference
Project Managers
as Thespians
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Page 2 PMI Today May 2014
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PMI Today May 2014 Page 3
MI Today

discussed the
results of recent Pulse of the
Profession research ndings,
especially those related to change
management, with PMI Vice Chair
Steve DelGrosso, MSc, PMP.
PMI Today: After reviewing PMIs 2014
Pulse of the Profession

: The High Cost

of Low Performance, what do you see
as organizational imperatives for the
success of strategic initiatives?
Mr. DelGrosso: Its clear to me from
the Pulse results that companies are
falling short in several areas when
it comes to successfully delivering
strategic transformation initiatives.
One of the root causes of failure is
the lack of aligning transformational
projects and programs to the
organizations strategy. I know it
sounds basic, but if strategy is not
driven and executed through the
from the Board
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project portfolio, then the organization
does not reap all the value a correctly
aligned transformation can deliver. In
addition to strategic alignment, its also
important that changes be executed
By Steve DelGrosso, MSc, PMP, Vice Chair
expeditiously, and the organizations
best suited for this are the more agile
and innovative ones that put a strategic
focus on key resources, standard
processes and outcomes.
HELPS Organizations
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 3 4/9/14 1:43 PM
Page 4 PMI Today May 2014
Statistics through 31 March 2014
PMI Fact File

Certied Associate in Project Management 25,060

Project Management Professional 607,128

Program Management Professional 1,027

PMI Risk Management Professional 2,669

PMI Scheduling Professional 1,144


PMI Agile Certied Practitioner 5,265
PMI has 275 chartered
and 14 potential chapters
in 86 countries
Total Active Holders of:
Total copies of
all editions* of the

in circulation
*includes PMI-published
More than 4 Million PMBOK

Guide Editions Now in Circulation!

PMI Today: How are customers starting
to shape organizational strategy, and, in
turn, organizational initiatives?
Mr. DelGrosso: I can certainly comment
from an IT industry perspective that
customer input and purchasing behavior
is helping to shape organizational
strategy, rather than just short-term
market moves. As indicated in IBMs
2013 C-Suite Study, customers are
leading the agendas in digitally
enfranchised and empowered ways.
This manifests itself both in the channel
buying preferences and in the open
ways they communicate with front-
ofce executives. Social media has really
inuenced the amount of input any
single person may have on a product or
service and companies that ignore these
inputs are making themselves vulnerable
to missing major market trends and
substantial buying preferences. With
the growth of data as a resource, I
suspect the customer inuence trend
will only continue.
Escalating Rate of Change
PMI Today: In your position at PMI
Global Executive Council member IBM,
what are you seeing regarding change?
Is it happening faster? Is the need for
good change management becoming
more important?
Mr. DelGrosso: The view from our
clients is that the rate of change
is escalating. In order to remain
competitive, organizations have to
plan and execute transformational
change projects as rapidly as possible.
As companies realize the importance
of driving and managing these types
of projects, there is more recognition
of the role that project and program
managers play in leading the
organizational change.
At one time there may have been a
single team member on a project who
was concerned with organizational
change activities; now there are
multiple work streams on typical
projects that are in place to better
manage and deploy change processes
across the organization. Project and
program managers need to be the
orchestra leaders for this much larger
team of change agents as the scope
and complexity of organizational
transformations increase.
PMI Today: PMI research shows that
only one-half of strategic initiatives,
which by their very nature drive change
in organizations, are meeting original
goals and business intent and are
completed on time and on budget.
Why do you think that is?
Mr. DelGrosso: My initial
assessment is that executive sponsors
underestimate the amount of effort
and time required to implement these
strategic initiatives. Underestimation
prevents the broader understanding
of what is required to control the
change, and so the right level of project
management may not be put into
managing the actual implementation
of the initiative. Even when the scope
From the Board Continued from page 3
Project and program managers need to be the orchestra leaders
for this much larger team of change agents as the scope and
complexity of organizational transformations increase.
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 4 4/9/14 1:43 PM
PMI Today May 2014 Page 5
is fully understood, there is a tendency
to underestimate the amount of
communication that has to happen to
support a successful transformational
strategic initiative. A formal
communication plan is a requirement
for the project manager to understand
how to keep all stakeholders
informed before, during and after
the completion of the initiative.
Number-One Priority:
PMI Today: What are some of the
key factors that make an organization
effective in change management?
Mr. DelGrosso: I think right at the top
of this list has to be communication
management. Its certainly important
to perform the required due
diligence and risk assessments for a
transformational strategic initiative,
but if communication is not the
number-one priority of the project
manager, no amount of planning
is going to overcome any poor
communication of the change that
may result. Once the communication
hurdle is overcome, dynamic
adherence to accepted project and
program management methods helps
the team navigate the complex waters
of a large transformational program.
Finally, there is no substitute for
outspoken sponsorship from the top
of the organization in support of any
strategic initiative.
PMI Today: What are some of the
ways practitioners can improve
project communications, which
were identied by PMIs Pulse of the
Profession In-Depth Report: Enabling
Organizational Change Through
Strategic Initiatives as critical for
effective change management?
Mr. DelGrosso: Any project
manager not taking advantage
of all communication channels
in his or her organization is not
leveraging all the tools available. In
addition to traditional or standard
communication methods, the
project manager should ensure
that new social media or social
networking tools are being used to
propagate the key messages of the
strategic initiative. Any use of mobile
technology to reach stakeholders and
affected personnel will allow quicker
access to news and status about the
initiative. Despite the fear of over
communication, its more typical
to hear complaints of people not
getting the word concerning
strategic initiatives.
Encouraging Sponsor
PMI Today: How can project and
program managers encourage
actively engaged sponsors for
strategic initiatives?
Mr. DelGrosso: One well-proven
technique to ensure you have actively
engaged sponsors is to form an
executive steering committee right
from the chartering of the strategic
initiative. The executive committee
must be made up of enthusiastic
supporters of the required change,
and the committee members
must personally engage their
organizations so that the importance
of the initiative is fully understood
across the business. Planning and
communicating regular committee
meetings is absolutely required, and
the regular cadence will keep the
committee members well informed
on the status so that they may carry
that communication back to their
Embracing Change
PMI Today: How can a culture of
embracing change be instilled into
an organization?
Mr. DelGrosso: From my viewpoint,
there is only one way to instill that
type of culture into an organization,
and that is from the top. The most
senior leaders in the organization must
constantly remind their teams that
transformational change is healthy
for any organization. No matter how
successful an organization appears to
be by nancial measures or reputation,
you can be sure if that organization
remains stagnant in any way, there will
quickly be competitors or innovators
that will pass them by.
I had personal experience with
that situation in the early 1990s,
and I am grateful for our current
IBM CEO, Ginny Rometty, who
constantly reminds us that IBM
has not been around for more than
100 years because it was unwilling
to change; on the contrary, we are
embracing transformational changes
in our products, services and internal
processes that are making for a
stronger, more competitive company.

There is no substitute for outspoken sponsorship from the top
of the organization in support of any strategic initiative.
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 5 4/9/14 1:43 PM
Page 6 PMI Today May 2014
PMIs Pulse of the

In-Depth Report:
Enabling Organizational
Change Through Strategic
Initiatives indicates that
organizations that report
being highly effective at
organizational change
management, those we
call Change Enablers,
incorporate certain
practices that they deem
important to the success of
strategic initiatives:
Having well-dened
milestones and metrics
Having senior
management committed to change
Establishing and communicating
concrete ownership and
Using standardized project
management practices
Having engaged executive sponsors
Change Enablers represent only
18 percent of those surveyed. Another
18 percent reported being minimally
effective at organizational change
management, whereas the remaining
64 percent said they were moderately
Communication is Key
Having each of these practices, though
important and used frequently by
Change Enablers, is not enough. Our
research nds that it is also critical to
effectively communicate the outcomes
of these practices throughout the
organization. Key communication
factors that make an organization good
at change management are creating
an effective communication plan (68
percent); properly executing that plan
(64 percent); and identifying, and
measuring and communicating the
intended benets of change
(62 percent).
The primary causes of organizational
change failure, the study nds, are
insufcient communications
(59 percent) and lack of leadership
(56 percent).
Change Enablers are much more likely
(85 percent) to understand and harness
the value of project management,
compared to 22 percent of their less
effective counterparts that report
they value the contributions of project
management in driving change.
Sustainable Change
Delivering strategic change is only half
of the story. The other half is about
sustaining the change permanently, so
as to deliver the strategic benets on
which the business case for the initiative
depended, and then sustain them into
the future.
PMIs survey data reveals that among
Change Enablers, twice as many
strategic initiatives meet original goals
and are completed on time and on
budget, compared to organizations that
are not as competent at organizational
change management.
This success comes from Change
Enablers demonstrating these practices
Change Enablers Point the Way Toward Strategic Initiative Success
Continued from page 1
Bottom-Line Reasons
Why Its Critical to Be a
Change Enabler
Organizations report that only
52 percent of their strategic
initiatives are successful. The
failure of strategic initiatives has
a signicantly greater nancial
impact than just project failure:
nearly 15 percent of every dollar
spent on strategic initiatives
is wastedUS$149 million for
every US$1 billion spent (PMIs
2014 Pulse of the Profession

study nds that US$109 million
is wasted for every US$1 billion
invested in projects).
Strategic initiatives are
the projects and programs
implemented to execute an
organizations strategy. By their
nature, strategic initiatives
drive change to transform an
organization from current state
to future state.
Failed projects can result in
huge nancial losses for an
organization, but a failed strategic
initiative has an impact far
beyond just the nancials. When
an organization embarks on
change, its likely that systems,
processes, vendors and perhaps
even the overall organizational
mindset (or mission) will be
impacted. Failure to successfully
enable sustainable change
leaves an organization losing its
competitive advantage.
Eighty-three percent of
organizations identifying
themselves as Change Enablers
indicate a strong nancial
condition, compared to just 52
percent of their less effective
Highly Effective
Change Enablers
Source: PMIs Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report: Enabling Organizational
Change Through Strategic Initiatives.
Few organizations effectively manage
strategic initiatives
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 6 4/9/14 1:43 PM
PMI Today May 2014 Page 7
Harrington, Dr. H. James and Douglas Nelson.
The Sponsor as the Face of Organizational
Change. PMI, 2013.
IBM. Making Change Work. 2008.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The Change Trifecta:
Measuring ROI to Maximize Change
Effectiveness. 2012.
Aiken, Carolyn, Dmitriy Galper and Scott Keller.
Winning Hearts and Minds: The Secrets of
Sustaining Change. McKinsey & Company, 2008.
that allow them to successfully
implement and sustain change:
Standardized project and program
management practices;
Engaged sponsors who actively rally
senior management to commit to
change; and
Managing people through change.
Change Enablers are seven times more
likely to frequently use standardized
project management practices for
strategic initiatives, and it shows in
their results.
Regarding engaged sponsors,
organizations highly effective at change
demand active project sponsorship as a
core competency. According to a PMI-
commissioned white
the sponsor
plays a key role
by promoting and
sustaining the focus
on the projects
critical nature
and its urgency,
as well as by
coaching employees
and executives
and, nally, by
communicating a
shared sense of the
need for change.
Findings from an
IBM survey
this: over 90 percent
of respondents cited top management
sponsorship as the factor that makes
change successful.
Since lack of leadership is the second
biggest cause for organizational
change failures, it is critical that senior
management is on board to lead and
manage people through change.
A PwC Advisory Services report
that managing people through the
process of adopting and embracing
change is the best way to secure
stakeholder engagement and create
sustainable change. Sustainable
change means incorporating a project
and program management culture
and mindset to address the hearts
and minds of employees in an
organization. A McKinsey report
that reshaping of employee attitudes
and behaviors is just as critical to the
success of a transformation as the
implementation of process changes.
Metrics of Change
How do organizations know that they
have enabled sustainable change?
What are the metrics that organizations
use to determine the success of their
strategic initiatives? PMI data shows
that customer satisfaction
(63 percent), cost reduction
(62 percent) and sales/
prots (50 percent) are the
three metrics routinely used
to evaluate the outcome of
organizational change.
It is important to note that
project and program managers
report that customer
satisfaction (58 percent) and
employee morale or retention
(45 percent) are by far the
top metrics that they consider
the best for evaluating the
outcome of organizational
change. In their experience,
sales/ prots and cost reduction
lag far behind, at 23 percent and
20 percent, respectively.
Culture and Mindset
With a project management culture
and mindset, organizations adept at the
iterative process of change can enable
longer-term sustainable change.
Change Enablers understand the
nancial necessity of strategic
change: there are more dollars lost
on strategic initiatives due to poor
project performance. While change
may be inevitable in todays business
environment, the insights offered in this
report can help leaders at organizations
pull ahead of their competition
without losing customer condence and
risking employee morale and retention.
Download Pulse of the Profession

In-Depth Report: Enabling
Organizational Change Through Strategic
Initiatives at
See links to more resources,
including PMIs Managing Change in
Organizations: A Practice Guide, at
PMIs survey data
reveals that among
Change Enablers,
twice as many
strategic initiatives
meet original goals
and are completed
on time and on
budget, compared to
organizations that are
not as competent at
organizational change
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 7 4/9/14 1:43 PM
Page 8 PMI Today May 2014
or the second consecutive year,
project management mentor
Dhananjay Gokhale, PMI-RMP, PMP,
motivated teams of project management
practitioners to perform short plays
about their profession before an enthusi-
astic audience in Pune, India.
Eight teams and 142 team members
participated in The World of Project
Management with Drama! which took
place over the course of two afternoons.
On the other side of the footlights were
three judges, more than 250 audience
members and 16 volunteers.
The skits covered a wide range of plots,
Rifng off an old popular story in
India, the Emperor Akbar is the
project sponsor. If Prince Salim solves
the over-budget problem, he gets to
marry the slave-girl, Anarkali.
A kingdom is in the dark. The minister
hires a project manager to set up an
electricity project.
A project manager tasked with a
high-budget project dreams the
project fails. Next day, he wakes up
with lessons learned.
Project Managers as Thespians
The event ended with awards for
the best performances and a talk by
Mr. Gokhale, summarizing insights from
all the performances from a project
management perspective.
Participants and audience members alike
thought the event was motivating and
provided a good platform for teams to
create positive energy by working to-
gether on project management through
a practical experience.
A typical comment came from Supriya
Dharap, senior structural engineer for
Aker Powergas: Thanks for having
opened up such a platform to exhibit
individual talent, develop leadership
skills, develop team spirit, to be better
humans and understand project
management techniques through fun.
In short, project management is just
using your common sense as the key
weapon. Ms. Dharap also noted that
many people on her team want to learn
more details about resources such as
A Guide to the Project Management Body
of Knowledge (PMBOK

More information about this event can
be found at
Dhananjay Gokhale, PMI-RMP, PMP
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 8 4/9/14 1:43 PM
PMI Today May 2014 Page 9
cross-section of public sector
and private sector project leaders
from top corporations and gov-
ernment departments in the Middle East
attended PMIs executive roundtable
events in Abu-Dhabi and Dubai in the
United Arab Emirates and Riyadh, Saudi
Arabia. Attendees learned about and ex-
changed views on PMIs latest research.
Attendees in the United Arab Emirates
had the opportunity to hear highlights
around the 2014 PMI Pulse of the

report directly from PMI

President and CEO Mark A. Langley.
They explored how key trends will
impact the UAE project management
landscape, and addressed the question
of how organizations will continue
to embrace the clear competitive
advantage of project management.
The discussions covered the key trends,
particularly around the benets of effec-
tive project, program and portfolio man-
agement in bridging the gap between
strategy formulation and its day-to-day
Participants acknowledged that, in the
experience of many companies at the
round table and in today's complex glob-
al environment, the organizations that
thrive are the ones that value project
management. By maturing project man-
agement capabilities, focusing on talent
and change management and executive
engagement, and insisting on a benets
realization review, high performers
successfully complete more projects.
The Pulse of the Profession report dem-
onstrates that high-performing orga-
nizations emphasize strategy, improve
efciency and cultivate strong talent
resources, thereby reducing their risk
and increasing their success. They are
more exible and waste fewer dollars.
Middle East Executives Discuss Latest Project
Management Trends
Highlights of the Pulse research for the
Middle East were presented. This dem-
onstrated that US$79 million is wasted
for every US$1 billion invested, versus
US$109 million wasted for every US$1
billion invested globally, due to poor
project performance.
In Riyadh, PMI Vice President for
Organization Markets Craig Killough
presented the PMI Thought Leadership
Series, developed in partnership with
the Economist Intelligence Unit,
Boston Consulting Group and Forrester
Consulting. These reports examine the
changing role of PMOs as they shift
emphasis away from process and toward
the more important role of contributing
to value delivery.
Mr. Killough highlighted the fact that
strategic initiatives are essential to
success in todays increasingly complex
business world, yet 44 percent of initia-
tives are reported as unsuccessful.
It was widely acknowledged at the
round table that PMOs could play a
crucial role in delivering organizational
value by supporting the implementation
of key strategic programs. To do this,
PMOs must become more strategic.
Finally, attendees recognized that all
organizations are considering business
value delivery as prevalent and impor-
tant. All strategic and business change
is delivered via project, program and
portfolio management (PPPM), and
the comments of the group showed
participants strongly recognized this in
their own organizations. As the profes-
sion develops and PPPM value increases
signicantly, this will need to be un-
derstood by all organizations, including
those at the highest levels.
PMI will continue supporting executive
dialogue in the EMEA region in general
providing research, thought leader-
ship and expert knowledge. For further
information, please contact Milagros
Mostaza, director, corporate and
government relationsEMEA, at
Executive roundtable attendees
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 9 4/9/14 1:43 PM
Page 10 PMI Today May 2014
Events Calendar
PMI Today Deadlines:
JULY 2014 .................................................. 15 MAY
AUGUST 2014 ......................................... 16 JUNE
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Events Calendar
are reserved for activities organized by PMI, its
communities and its cooperating organizations.
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Registered Education Providers and other
suppliers of related goods and services.

Leading subject matter experts share
their experience and deep knowledge on a
variety of emerging topics. Whether you
are looking to build your leadership skills,
work on soft skills such as communications
and collaboration, or delve deeper
into agile, these events provide unique
opportunities to learn and connect with
the project management community.
Date Location
89 May Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
1213 May Brussels, Belgium
1922 May Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, USA
2326 June Orlando, Florida, USA
(Mega SeminarsWorld

1112 August Nairobi, Kenya
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throughout the world. Use PMIs search
tool for project management training
matched to your specic needs.
MAY 2014
78 May
PMI Central Illinois Chapter
PMI Central Illinois Chapter Conference
Normal, Illinois, USA. The conference will
feature keynote and general sessions by na-
tionally renowned speakers. Breakout sessions
offer tracks focusing on project skill develop-
ment, leadership, virtual/social media and agile
techniques and will include a live Skype session
with our PMI partners in Bangalore, India. Earn
12 PDUs.
Instructor-Led e-Learning
Build your project management knowledge without leaving
your home or ofce with interactive online courses.
Current eSeminarsWorld courses:
Advanced Risk Management
115 May; 1024 July; 418 September; 923 October
Agile Project Management
822 May; 519 June; 721 August; 1125 September
Project Management
115 May; 519 June; 721 August; 1125 September
Requirements Management:
Investigate Your Project
815 May; 2128 August; 411 September; 216 October
Understanding Organizational Change
1724 July; 1421 August;
1825 September; 2230 October
for more information.
1416 May
PMI San Diego Chapter
PMI San Diego 2014 Annual Conference
San Diego, California, USA. PMI San Diego
Chapter's 11th Annual Conference will be a great
opportunity for you to learn leadership skills
from industry leaders and exceptional speakers,
gain critical business insights, expand your
professional network and earn PDUs to maintain
your PMI certications.
JUNE 2014
12 June
PMI Netherlands Chapter
PMI Netherlands Summit 3rd Edition
Zeist, Netherlands. This event is a great
opportunity for networking, offering a full day
of presentations, talks and workshops spread
across multiple tracks. Keynote sessions by
international thought leaders include expert
insights and lessons learned. The central theme
of this years edition is The thin line between
project success and failure.
89 May
PMI Mile-Hi Chapter
Project Management Negotiation
Denver, Colorado, USA. PMI Mile-Hi Chapter
presents Steven Hayward conducting a two-
day course on negotiation. Do you need
more resources? Is the timeline too tight?
Are there important procurement contracts
to be awarded? Negotiation skills are among
the most important any project manager can
possess. A case exercise thrusts participants
into the position of negotiators who must
deliver results against a deadline.
12 May
PMI Israel Chapter
Project Insight
Holon, Israel. Holon Institute of Technology
and the PMI Israel Chapter offer a series of con-
ferences aimed at students and professionals.
This event deals with stakeholders and project
management, coming at the subject from an
academic perspective and a professional
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 10 4/9/14 1:43 PM
PMI Today May 2014 Page 11



Global Congress 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
57 May 2014

Research and
Education Conference
Portland, Oregon, USA
2729 July 2014
congr esses | conf er ences | semi nar s | symposi ums | webi nar s
9 May12 noon to 1:00 p.m.
Eastern Time (GMT -4)
PMI Learning Education and
Development (LEAD) Community
of Practice
Stakeholder Management
Presenter: George Burton
More information and to register:
Links to PMI communities of practice webinars scheduled for May may be found at
13 May11 a.m. to 12 noon
Eastern Time (GMT -4)
PMI Organizational Project
Management Community of Practice
Developing a Project
Management Standard for
Your Organization
Presenter: Francine DiMicele, PMP
More information and to register:
PMI communities of practice webinars are available exclusively to PMI members and at
no additional cost. Participants may claim one professional development unit (PDU)
per one-hour webinar.
Learn and Earn PDUs with Communities of
Practice Webinars and Events
16 June
PMI Israel Chapter
PMI Israel Chapter Annual Conference
Tel Aviv, Israel. This agship event hosts more
than 850 participants attending lectures, tracks
and exhibition stands. Its a great platform
for networking and experience exchange,
along with getting updated on leading-edge
30 June3 July
International Council on Systems
Engineering (INCOSE)
INCOSE International Symposium 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This is the premier
international forum for systems engineering.
Paper authors, panelists and tutorial presenters
will address ways in which systems engineer-
ing principles and perspectives are performed
today, with a strong focus on technology inser-
tion, process improvements and organizational
governance in the context of global multicul-
tural and multidisciplinary challenges.
1113 September
PMI India
Project Management National
Hyderabad, India. Project Management Na-
tional Conference 2014 is a two-and-half-day
professional development event, conducted
by PMI India and hosted by the PMI Pearl City,
Hyderabad Chapter. The theme of this confer-
ence is Project Managementthe Mantra for
Sustainable Growth. It provides an opportunity
for project management practitioners across
industries, government, academia and nongov-
ernmental organizations to exchange ideas on
the challenges and emerging trends in projects
that are contributing to national objectives.
13 November
PMI United Kingdom Chapter
Synergy 2014
London, England. Synergy 2014 is a daylong
professional development event themed Proj-
ect ManagementWhats New, Whats Old

Global Congress 2014

North America
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
2628 October 2014
PMO Symposium 2014
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
1619 November 2014
and What Works. Join practitioners across
industries and sectors to exchange ideas on the
challenges and emerging trends in projects that
are contributing to national and international
17 November
PMI Munich, Germany Chapter
PM-Summit 2014
Munich, Germany. Under the theme The Pulse
of Project Management, the PM-Summit 2014
offers a platform for networking and experi-
ence exchange. A program of seminars, work-
shops and exhibition stands, will present on
leading-edge methodologies and soft skills.
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 11 4/9/14 1:43 PM
Page 12 PMI Today May 2014
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 12 4/9/14 1:43 PM
PMI Today May 2014 Page 13
Donors Make a Difference
PMIEF Thanks All Those Who
Supported Our Mission in 2013
onors to the PMI Educational
Foundation (PMIEF) truly make
a difference!
With your generous support during
2013, we continue leveraging project
management for social good around the
globe. Here are just a few ways we help:
Students, teachers and staff members
at not-for-prot organizations and
nongovernmental organizations are
learning how to use and teach others
project management skills.
College and university students
are able to realize their dreams
through education.
Project management practitioners
are building their skills through
training and professional
development scholarships.
PMIEF relies on the generous and
continued support of the entire PMI
community to achieve its goals. Thank
you for your loyal support and for
partnering with us to leverage project
management for social good.
PMI Communities
PMI Alaska Chapter*
PMI Arabian Gulf Chapter*
PMI Atlanta Chapter
PMI Baltimore, MD Chapter*
PMI Central Florida Chapter
PMI Central Iowa Chapter
PMI Chicagoland Chapter
Former PMI College of Performance
PMI Columbia River Basin Chapter*
PMI Dallas Chapter
PMI Delaware Valley Chapter
Former PMI Design-Procurement-
Construction Specic Interest Group*
PMI Durham Highlands Chapter
PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter*
PMI Great Lakes Chapter
PMI Hampton Roads Chapter*
PMI Houston Chapter*
PMI Information Systems Community
of Practice
PMI KC Mid America Chapter
PMI Madison/S. Central WI Chapter
PMI Mass Bay Chapter
PMI Memphis Chapter
PMI Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter*
PMI Minnesota Chapter*
PMI New York City Chapter
PMI North Carolina Chapter*
PMI Nova Scotia Chapter*
Former PMI Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Specic Interest Group*
PMI Orange County Chapter
PMI Phoenix Chapter
PMI Portland Chapter
PMI Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Chapter
PMI Rochester Chapter
PMI San Diego Chapter
PMI Sao Paulo, Brazil Chapter
PMI Silver Spring Chapter
PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter
PMI Tulsa Chapter
PMI Washington, DC Chapter*
*Scholarship Endowment
Continued on page 14
Project Auditors
Mission Partners
Supporting the
PMIEF Mission
PMIEF could not accomplish
its work without the
generous support of others.
PMIEF extends its thanks
and appreciation to its
donors for their contributions
and would like to give
special recognition to the
following major donors for
their leadership.
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 13 4/9/14 1:43 PM
Page 14 PMI Today May 2014
PMIEF administers
more than 40 academic
scholarships for
college and university
students and provides
dozens of professional
development and
training scholarships for
project management
practitioners. For more
information on how
PMI communities are
supporting this effort,
please visit our website
Gifts of US$10,000
and above
Chen Frame Foundation
Gifts of
Capitol Media Solutions
Leadership Society
Gifts of US$1,000
and above
Anonymous (4)
Frederick Arnold
Jeannette Barr
Yanping Chen and
J. Davidson Frame
Jenni and Bill Connolly
Geoffrey Davis
Steve DelGrosso
Michael DePrisco
Durable Digital
Jo* and Jim Ferguson
Ray Frohnhoefer
Larry Goldsmith
Greg Gomel
Kenneth Hartley*
E. LaVerne Johnson
Deanna and James
Mark A. Langley
Newland Lewis
Pablo Lledo, Sr.
Debra Miersma and
David Russell
Allan* and Jeanne Mills
William Moylan
Doug Orlando
Beth Partleton and
Vernon Vice
John Patton*
Frank Parth
The Project
Management Lab
John Rickards* and
Christine Watson
Frank Saladis
James Snyder
Ericka and Roberto
* = PMIEF Board Member
Gifts of
Anonymous (1)
Anne Bishop
IIL (Singapore) Asia
IIL Australia
IIL Finland
IIL France
IIL Hong Kong
IIL Korea
IIL Middle East
IIL New York
IIL Spain
Nayna and Suketu*
Shinichi Tasaka
Donald Taylor
* = PMIEF Board Member
Gifts of
US$100 $499
Anonymous (1)
Jeffrey Adams
Gani Adebisi Adegoke
Mohammad Al Jarrah
Mohamed Al-naboud, Sr.
Mohammed Abd Al
Fattah Amer
Frank Anbari
Ammar Anwar
Russell Archibald
Kumara Badhuge
Millicent Angel Baker
Elizabeth Berg
Bruce Bertram
Jacques Boivin
Julia Borie
Walter Bowman
Stephanie Bowman
Michael Branch
Christophe Bredillet
Thomas Bresan
Henrique Buarque
Roy Carniato
Ephrem Auxilio
Lubomir Chmura
Margaret Combe
Armando Villaor
Thomas Devine
Sridhar Chakravarthy
Dhiraj Dhunputh
Joe and Theresa DiVito
Dorothy Dominique
Xiangyang Dong
Kimberley Dowling
Kenneth Dunn
Olatokunbo Durojaiye
Shirley Edwards
Former PMI
College of
Former PMI
Oil, Gas &
Former PMI
US$50,000+ DONORS US$100,000+ DONORS US $20,000+ DONORS
Claude Emond
Christian Enwudor
Anna Maria Felici
Nancy Fontaine
Christine Foo
E.N. Friesen
Ji Mei Fu
Lewis Gedansky
Robert Bruce Giles
Gary Gueltig
Clifton Guevara
Aaron and
Lynn Marie Hall
Deanna Hanson
Charles Harmon
Joe Hashemi
Karen Havekost
Barbara Helfer
Pierre Hermann
Sho Hikita
Hollstadt &
Associates, Inc.
Caroline Hoog
Therese Howe
Chang Fa Huang
Rick and Mia Hughes
Chiung-Ming Hung
Kimberly Hutchinson
Krishna Jagannathan
Olivier Jarrar
Syreeta Johnson
Donors Make a Difference
Continued from page 13
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PMI Today May 2014 Page 15
Peter Johnson
Gloria Johnston
Yongha Ju
Toshihiko Kawamura
Naoto Kishiyama
John Kloke
John Koren
Arun Kumar
Rahmi Kutsal
Cody Leontowicz
Xiaochen Li
Gu Li
Diane Elizabeth Lippman
Peter Lund
Neil Gordon Macdonald
Paul Joseph Mankowski
Abdelhad Sghiri Mbarek
Sid Miles
Carole Miller
Kunihiko Mishima
Terry Kay Moede
Siu Ming Edward Mok
Seelan Moodley
Kristine Hayes Munson
Eric-Stephan Neill
William Ng
Mark Novy
Obiefuna Oduche
Omobolaji Oladipo
Yoshiko Omichi
Leon Owen
Uma Shanker Palepu
Mitch Mircea Panzar
Ricardo Parra
Steve Pate
John Pollard
Pryce Quintina, Jr.
Rita Read*
Marc Roche
Gifferson Romero
William Ruggles
Adriana Sarmiento
Beverly Saunders
Karl Schaeffer
Betty Schobey
Katherine Shawver*
James Lester Shelor
Kevin Sheppard
Sreekumar Siddula
Ravi Singh
Jen Skrabak
Joseph Slatter
Jim Sloane
Jane Sogge
Chris and Diane Steele
Ming Sun
Ray Termini
Paul Trupiano
Stanley Tunstall
Rajesh Unnikrishnan
Martin Van Der Schouw
Gregorie Leigh Ware
Lowell Wille
Charles Virgil Williams
Valerie Williams
Corey Williams
Debra Winslow
Rebecca Winston
Ting-Yi Yeh
Huaming Zhang
* = PMIEF Board Member
Gifts of
US$1 $99
PMIEF is grateful to the
6,760 individuals who
made contributions
of less than US$100
during 2013. While
space does not permit
us to list all of the
names in this edition of
PMI Today, we extend
our sincerest thanks
and appreciation for
their support of our
Gifts and Workplace
Giving Campaigns
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
HP Company Foundation
IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign
Independent Charities
State Street Matching Gift Program
Honorary and Memorial Gifts
Friends of Jerry King
Friends of Ray Piper
PMI Washington, DC Chapter
In Honor of Joseph Volonakis
PMIEF, a 501(c)(3)
nonprot charitable
organization registered
in the U.S. District of
Columbia and all U.S.
states that require
charities to do so. For
those ling U.S. tax
returns, contributions
may be tax-deductible.
PMIEF U.S. tax
identication number is
23-2630701. For more
information, visit
A Donor Connects to PMIEFs Mission
Leading the Way to Social Good
In 2007, PMIs CEO approached
E. LaVerne Johnson, founder,
president and CEO of International
Institute for Learning, Inc. (IIL), with
a request. He wanted to enhance
the scope and inuence of PMIEF
and IIL, as one of the leading cor-
porate training organizations in the
world, was the ideal partner.
Ms. Johnson agreed to a US$1
million pledge from IIL to launch
PMIEFs rst capital campaign.
She also agreed to serve as chair of
the campaigns initial fundraising
committee charged with securing
additional funding to help PMIEF
achieve its mission.
That missionto provide resources
to help people learn and apply
project management skills in order
to improve their worldworks in concert with IILs already well-estab-
lished efforts to help meet the increased demand for higher-level skills
and project management capabilities in the workplace.
Continued on page 18
E. LaVerne Johnson, founder, president,
and CEO of International Institute for
Learning, Inc.
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 15 4/9/14 1:43 PM
Page 16 PMI Today May 2014
Bring a Project Management Course to Your Company or Chapter!
Contact Erica Schmidt For Details at +1.952.846.4484 ext. 405
Management, Inc.
pmi_today_footer_20120405_printer.pdf 1 4/5/2012 11:58:47 AM
Chapter Links
news | people | projects
or the rst time, an international
event for scouts provided young
people with the opportunity to learn
about project management. The event,
named II Moot Scout Interamericano,
gathered 1,200 young people between
the ages of 18 and 21 in different cities of
Rio Grande do Sul state, southern Brazil.
A project management workshop was
organized by the president of a group
of all Brazilian PMI chapters, Srgio
Marangoni, and supported by the PMI
Rio Grande do Sul Chapter through
its volunteers.
The scouts came from countries
including Brazil, Argentina, Chile,
Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia,
Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, the
Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico
and Panama. In the workshop, young
people could take a more practical
approach to proper project management
as promoted by PMI.
Participants were separated into groups
of three to ve in order to work on a
specic project. The scouts had to plan,
make a schedule, identify the resources
needed and acquire them, select the best
performers, run the plan, reschedule,
change quantities, resize, deliver the
PMI Rio Grande do Sul Chapter
Scout Event Teaches Project Management
nal product and assess what has been
done. Furthermore, the participants had
the opportunity to learn what PMI is
and how to get involved. In addition to
learning how to deliver well-executed
projects as shown by an international
standard, they also were told how to
apply for a Certied Associate in Project
Management (CAPM)

These young scouts were not exactly
oblivious to the topic of project
management. They were often
prompted through their educational
progression within the scouting
movement to create and implement
elaborate designs to solve problems.
These projects can be community-
oriented, social, personal, professional
or related to the scout movement itself.
All participants enjoyed this experience,
and now they are well familiarized with
project management and its importance
in their day-to-day lives.
Srgio Marangoni leads a session at the scout event.
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 16 4/9/14 1:43 PM
PMI Today May 2014 Page 17
Bring a Project Management Course to Your Company or Chapter!
Contact Erica Schmidt For Details at +1.952.846.4484 ext. 405
Management, Inc.
pmi_today_footer_20120405_printer.pdf 1 4/5/2012 11:58:47 AM
Chapter Links
news | people | projects
he PMI Sinaloa, Mexico Chapter
gave a workshop on project
management methodology to
teachers from a preparatory school.
This workshop was in preparation
for the National Innovation Projects
Competition, organized by the Ministry of
Education of the Mexican Government.
In this contest, students, along with
their faculty advisors (teachers), have
to develop a project in the categories
of software and/or media, technology,
education or business. The rst stage is a
local competition in which students from
the same school compete among them-
selves. Winners then compete at the state
level and nally move on to the national
PMI Sinaloa, Mexico Chapter
Workshop Prepares Students and Teachers for
Project Innovation Contest
During the workshop, the teachers
learned about the methodology of project
management according to A Guide to the
Project Management Body of Knowledge

Guide): developing a business

case, Process Groups, Knowledge Areas,
and templates and techniques to develop
their projects. Chapter President Francisco
Herrera, PMP, was the facilitator of the
workshop and also participated as a judge
in the local competition.
The director of the school, Ruben
Hernandez, participated in the opening
and closing of the workshop. Thanks
to the PMI Sinaloa, Mexico Chapter
for sharing the project management
methodology, said Mr. Hernandez.
I am sure that with this knowledge
students will be better prepared
and make a good showing in the
state competition.
Francisco Herrera, PMP, leads a workshop
for teachers.
Workshop participants
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 17 4/9/14 1:43 PM
Page 18 PMI Today May 2014
Tokens of appreciation were presented to loyal members who joined PMI 10 or more years ago. From left,
Chalid Tamimi, PMP; Adi Prasetyo, PMP; Chapter President Muhammad Arisman, PMP; Ika Avianto, PMP;
and Noerachman Saleh, PMP
Chapter Links
news | people | projects
he PMI Indonesia Chapter
recently held its annual
member gathering. More
than 70 active members attended,
as well as representatives from
chapter branches in Bandung and
The main purpose of the event was
to recognize loyal members who
have been part of PMI for more
than ve and 10 years. Attendees
also heard information on chapter
activities such as seminars, open
membership meetings, company
visits, branch openings and the
new board of directors.
PMI Indonesia Chapter
Loyal Members Feted
PMIEF: Leading the Way to Social Good Continued from page 15
At IIL, we have the utmost faith in
the power of the profession of project
management to make the world
work better in all respects, said Ms.
Johnson. Thats why we believe it
is so critical to support the work of
PMIEF, which helps spread this power
across all borders and into all age
groups and populations.
Through IILs generous leadership, in
partnership with gifts from individual
donors around the world, PMIEF is
making incredible strides in our efforts
to create and inspire the greater good
through project management and
project managers.
For the past four years, IILs nancial
support has sponsored The Kerzner
Award, which recognizes the project
manager who most emulates the
professional dedication and excellence
of the renowned project management
thought leader Harold Kerzner, PhD.
Of this sponsorship, Ms. Johnson said,
We are proud to honor Dr. Harold
Kerzner as a true visionary in the eld
of project management. It is with great
pride that we pay tribute to his con-
tributions through two distinct award
programs administered by PMIEF.
The second award program is the
PMIEF Dr. Harold Kerzner Scholarships,
offered annually. These scholarships
represent IILs inuence in helping
PMIEF spread project management to
younger generations. The scholarships
are available to deserving individuals
seeking undergraduate and graduate
degrees in project management.
In addition, IIL donated Senior Vice
President Judy Umlas book Youre
Totally Awesome! The Power of
Acknowledgement for Kids to support
PMIEFs encouragement of young
peoples abilities.
IIL and other PMIEF donors like you
provide the support PMIEF needs
to pursue our mission of enhancing
K12 project management educa-
tion through a growing number of
resources and programs available at
no cost to children and youth across
the globe.
Every giftno matter the sizehelps
enhance the advancement of project
management for social good, and
we are grateful to IIL for their
inspirational leadership that has led
the way. Visit Donate Now at if you too would
like to support PMIEFs mission
and programs.
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 18 4/9/14 1:43 PM
PMI Today May 2014 Page 19
PMIEF: Leading the Way to Social Good Continued from page 15
PMI Chinas 2014 conference for
Registered Education Providers
(R.E.P.s) in Hangzhou attracted 81
representatives from 41 R.E.P.s, including
six new members. Focusing on strategic
partnership, the conference welcomed
honorable guests to share their insight
and expertise with the R.E.P.s:
Bob Chen, managing director,
PMI China
Stephen Townsend, PMI global
channel and networking director
Liu Zhongsan, director of the Training
Center of State Administration of
Foreign Experts Affairs (TCSAFEA)
Zou Li, head of the project
management department, TCSAFEA
Eric Feng, general manager,
Prometric (China).
Mr. Chen opened the conference with
a summary of project management
developments in China and a strategic
plan to advance the profession.
TCSAFEAs Mr. Liu and Mr. Zou
presented on the centers signicant
role as a strong collaborator and
government supporter.
After a review of global trends of the
profession, Mr. Townsend discussed
PMIs R.E.P. policy and resources
that serve R.E.P.s. Mr. Feng discussed
the administration of the Project
Management Professional (PMP)

credential exam.
Attendees benetted immensely from
a presentation on best practices in
running a training company, given
by Zhang Xuyan, general manager
PMI China News
Strategic Partnership Theme of R.E.P. Conference
of Hangzhou Creative Intelligence
Consulting Co., Ltd.
Awards were presented to seven R.E.P.s
for their excellence and contributions.
PMI China Managing Director Bob Chen
Conference attendees
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 19 4/9/14 1:43 PM
23 - 26 June 2014
Orlando, Florida, USA | Caribe Royale Resort & Convention Center
Nows the time to reserve your place at the
career-changing project management training
event of the year.

Choose from over 30 intensive courses, from 1 to 4 days

and earn up to 30 PDUs.

Network with world-class instructors and speakers.

Meet international project management peers and make

lifelong connections.
Focus on career-building skills that will impact your
next project.
Real world solutions to the issues you face every day.
14 Campus Blvd | Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA |
2014 Project Management Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. PMI, the PMI logo, and Making project management
indispensable for business results are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. For a comprehensive
list of PMI marks, contact the PMI legal department. PRA-403-2014 (2-14)
Find out how
Next Gen project managers
are redening success with
Keynote, Jake Greene
on Project Management
in the Age of Disruptive
PMI-387 PMITodayMay2014(P).indd 20 4/9/14 1:43 PM