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Hindu Marriage Registration Requirements and Precautions

1. Bride minimum age at the solemnisation of marriage 18 years completed.

2. Bridegroom minimum age at the solemnisation of marriage - 21 years completed.
3. Form A in duplicate along ith payment of prescri!ed fee.
". #edding in$itation card.
%. & photograph of marriage ceremony capturing !oth ife and hus!and.
'. Residential proof of either of the spouse.
(. )opies of **) )ertificates of ife and hus!and or passport copies +for ,ate of Birth
8. .hree itnesses to sign in the form.
/. .hree itnesses to sign in the register of Registrar office.
10. )hec0 thrice the details filled in the Form A. 1ames of the !ride and groom shall
alays !e tallied ith the names gi$en in the passport2**) and other certificates.
3therise4 at the time of issuance of $isa and other certificates4 you may ha$e to face
11. 5t is ad$isa!le to mention the name of the ife +!ride- !efore and after marriage at
*l.1o. 1 of the Form A. Before marriage4 the surname usually !elongs to father6s family.
&nd after marriage4 the surname of the hus!and6s family is adopted. *o it is ad$isa!le4 to
mention to names as
7 name +!efore marriage-4 and
7 name +after marriage-.
8g. #ife +!ride- name !efore marriage &0aram 9umari:
#ife +!ride- name after marriage ;ennem 9umari +;ennem is the surname of
hus!and6s family-.
2. )hec0 the certificate issued !y the *u! Registrar office and if there are any
discrepancies in the names or any other details4 immediately !ring them to the notice of
the *u! Registrar and get them rectified.
3. 5n case of any discrepancy in the details found su!sequently in the marriage certificate
issued !y the *u! Registrar4 there is a cum!ersome procedure in$ol$ed to get rectify such
discrepancies. .he Marriage can !e registered either
7 .he *u! Registrar 3ffice here the marriage $enue is situated4 or
7 .he *u! Registrar 3ffice in hose <urisdiction either ife or hus!and has !een
residing for atleast si= months immediately preceding the date of marriage.
2. Registrar may attend the marriage ceremony in person and register the same if he is
requested to do so !y su!mitting all the papers4 prescri!ed fee in ad$ance4 if it +time- is
con$enient to him.
5t is ad$ised to ta0e all the precautions and thorough chec0 of the documents during
marriage registration itself.
Rule relating to marriage registration under Hindu Marriage Act is extracted
%.+1- &n application for the registration of a Hindu Marriage4 shall !e in >orm 6&6 and
shall !e signed !y each party to the marriage or !y the guardian of such party and shall
!e presented in person !efore the Registrar in hose <urisdiction the marriage is
solemni?ed or !efore the Registrar in hose <urisdiction either party to the marriage has
!een residing for at least si= months immediately preceding the date of marriage.
For better understanding of the statutory position, the relevant portion of Hindu
Marriage Act, 19
is given belo!:
*ection %. )onditions for a Hindu marriage
& marriage may !e solemnised !eteen any to Hindus4 if the folloing conditions are
fulfilled4 namely4-
1. neither party has a spouse li$ing at the time of the marriage:
2. at the time of the marriage4 neither party-
7 is incapa!le of gi$ing a $alid consent to it in consequence of
unsoundness of mind: or
7 though capa!le of gi$ing a $alid consent4 has !een suffering from
mental disorder of such a 0ind or to such an e=tent as to !e unfit for
marriage and the procreation of children: or
7 has !een su!<ect to recurrent attac0s of insanity or epilepsy:
2. the !ridegroom has completed the age of tenty one years and the !ride4
the age of eighteen years at the time of the marriage:
3. the parties are not ithin the degrees of prohi!ited relationship4 unless the
custom or usage go$erning each of them permits of a marriage !eteen the
4. the parties are not sapindas of each other4 unless the custom or usage
go$erning each of them permits of a marriage !eteen the to.
2. )lic0 here to find the Marriage registrar office addresses.