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"Thank God for The Beatles" Lyrics by Alan Chrisman (Beatlely))

Growing up in the 60's c. 0!"

#t was all $op %0
&traight mi''le(age' pop
An' watere'('own )ol*

$hen $hey were on the &ulli+an show
&ha*ing their long hair
$here was nothing li*e it
&ince ,l+is ha' been there
-ylan went electric $han* Go' )or $he Beatles
-espite the purists' boo An' that bac* bac* bac* beat
But he *new )ull well .e all wante' to roc* roc* roc*
what he must 'o An' to 'ance 'ance 'ance in the street

#t was ne+er the same
.e coul' not sit still
.e ha' to get up
an' /oin in the thrill
Chorus0 #nstrumental
#t still stan's up
e+en till this 'ay
an' ma*es us want
to still get up an' play
Chorus repeat last +erse
-ance 'ance 'ance( times
&he lo+es you0 1eah 1eah 1eah(" times
-ance 'ance 'ance( times