Does Shri Shiva incarnate?

and does He actually reside at
Mount Kailash?
—- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroupsco!"#!y$ pai#

Dear 'll"

(ecently there has )een talk" !ore like loose and careless talk" a!ong Sahaja *ogis that Sir +, !ight )e the incarnation
o- .ord Shiva It is re!arka)le that no)ody" especially the great and the good o- Sahaja *oga/s %orld council" has seen it
appropriate to clari-y the !atter" at least %ith re-erence to %hat Shri Mataji has spoken on the su)ject o- Shiva/s
incarnation 0his o!ission !ay )e deli)erate since the ruling cli1ue is pro)a)ly the !ain )ene-iciary o- the deception
0he -act o- the !atter is Shri Mataji has !entioned several ti!es )e-ore that Shiva" )eing the %itness aspect o- 2od
never incarnates ' relevant e3tract -ro! a talk given in Houston" 0e3as in 4564 is appended )elo%
7e that as it !ay" in an apparent contradiction" Shri Mataji has so !entioned in earlier days %hen She %as in 8ngland that
Shri (a!ana Maharshi 946:5 - 45;<= %as an incarnation o- Shiva 0his is docu!ented in the Sahaja 7ook o- ,rophecies
9e3cerpted )elo%= )y our -riend >ohn ?oyce" %ho needs no -urther introduction on this -oru!
't the age o- si3teen" Shri (a!ana ran a%ay -ro! ho!e and started staying at 'runachala hill in southern India" and he
su)se1uently spent the rest o- his li-e there 'runachala is apparently a s%aya!)hu o- Shiva and Shri (a!ana %as
pro)a)ly an e!)odi!ent o- 'runachala" hence he %as a partial incarnation o- Shiva 0his is an i!portant distinction
)ecause Shri Mataji %as actually talking o- Sadashiva" the 2od 'l!ighty aspect o- the Divine@ it is He %ho
never incarnates
's -or Sir +," %ith all due respect to the hus)and o- Shri Mataji" in his younger days he %ould have )een a conte!porary
o- Shri (a!ana" so it %ould have )een unlikely that he %as an incarnation o- Shiva


#0he Spirit resides in our heart@ it/s the re-lection o- 2od 'l!ighty In Sanskrit language" this aspect o- 2od %hich is all-
pervading and is the -irst and the last" is called as Sadashiva@ is the Aather" %ho does not incarnate Be say *ehovah" %e
can say" or the 2od %ho does not incarnate 0his great aspect %hich enco!passes everything ulti!ately and also
!ani-ests everything is the re-lection %ithin our heart as the Spirit 0his aspect is just the %itness aspect@ it %itnesses the
play o- its po%er" the ,ri!ordial ,o%er" the Holy 2host" to see %hat is created )y Her He/s the only enjoyer o- the ga!e
He sees the ga!e" the .eela" the -un
She organises everything" it is She %ho gets divided into three po%ers" it is She %ho creates the %hole universe" it is She
%ho gives us this evolution" it is She %ho !akes us hu!an )eings and it is She %ho has to !ake us the higher hu!an
)eing 0hat/s the Holy 2host" the ,ri!ordial Holy 2host and the re-lection o- that is this Kundalini %ithin us#

#Sat +hit 'nanda"#Houston" 0e3as" Cct :" 4564

Dear 'll"
In the a)ove 1uote Shri Mataji is de-initely re-erring to Shri Sadashiva 92od 'l!ightyD7rah!an= %ho is entirely i!personal"
and entirely i!possi)le to kno% or to descri)e Shri Sadashiva is a supre!e" per-ect spirit or -orce that per!eates
everything and never incarnates
Shri Shiva" on the other hand incarnates" and is )elieved )y Hindus to reside at Mount Kailash 0heir Holy Scriptures
con-ir! this -act 7ut is it true?
Mount Kailash, Tibet
#Situated in the south-%estern part o- 0i)et )ordering the Ku!aon hills and ?epal" is Mount Kailash It is supre!ely sacred
!ountain" cos!ology connected %ith Mount Meru" the great !ythological !ountain that -or!s the a3is o- this %orld
syste! 7eing a central %atershed o- 'sia" it has al%ays )een the !ost sacred !ountains -or Hindus" 7uddhists" >ains and
0his region is steeped in religion and !ythology and every year hundreds o- pilgri!s traverse so!e o- the re!otest and
toughest regions o- the Hi!alayas to pay their o)eisance to the .ord It is a land %here .ord Shiva lives %ith his consort
,arvati 'ccording to ancient religious te3ts" the a)ode o- creator 7rah!a is called 7rah!aloka" the a)ode o- .ord Eishnu is
called Eaikunta a)d the a)ode o- .ord Shiva is called Kailash C- the three" one can only go )odily and return in this li-e
-ro! Kailash having e3perienced divinity#
Mount Kailash, Where the Heaven meets the Earth
Dr Sethu!adhava
.ord Shiva %as one o- the deities Kash %as told to visit to -ind out i- Shri Mataji %as indeed the 'di Shakti 0his is part o-
the -irst -a3 sent ?ove!)er 455F to Malaysia Shri Mataji %as also read the -a3 contents >une 455F 9GK= )y Harsh
Mehra and She con-ir!ed it %as true i 1uote&
#$= Lord Shiva
— He lives -ar out in the Gniverse in a .and co!pletely di--erent -ro! ours
— He is surrounded )y !ountains and He sits on the highest one
— He has a co)ra snake around His neck 0he co)ra snake is coiled H ti!es round His neck" %ith its head on .ord Shiva/s
right shoulder
— He has His hair tied up in a )undle on top o- the head" %ith the rest o- it -alling do%n His neck and shoulders
— He is holding a trishul" %ith another co)ra coiled around it
— 0here are $ )o%ls on )oth His sides and there is s!oke co!ing out o- the! — Cn one occasion Kash sa% )oth .ord
Shiva and .ord Krishna %alking a%ay a-ter !editation and talking to each other in a language that %as like the !antra he
recited in ie Sanskrit#
+opy o- -irst -a3 ?ov 455H con-ir!ing a)ove -acts
#?aga" the co)ra" is a sy!)ol o- kundalini po%er" cos!ic energy coiled and slu!)ering %ithin !an It inspires seekers to
overco!e !isdeeds and su--ering )y li-ting the serpent po%er up the spine into 2od (ealiIation 'u!#
9Hi!alayan 'cade!y" 4556 %%%hinduis!todaykauaihiusD%elco!eht!l=
#0rishula" Siva/s trident carried )y Hi!alayan yogis" is the royal scepter o- the Saiva Dhar!a Its triple prongs )etoken
desire" action and %isdo!@ ida" pingala and sushu!na@ and the gunas — sattva" rajas and ta!as 'u!#
9Hi!alayan 'cade!y" 4556 %%%hinduis!todaykauaihiusD%elco!eht!l=
#S'?SK(I0& C-ten re-erred to as#Devanagari"#the language o- the gods" Sanskrit is pro)a)ly the !ost ancient o- hu!an
languages *oga uses !any Sanskrit ter!s" as they cannot )e e3actly translated into 8nglish or any other Bestern
*oga Mind and 7ody" Sivananda *oga Eidenta +entre" 45JJ" p 4JH
,lease note that at that early stage i had no idea %here Shri Mataji had taken 4H-year-old Kash 8ven he had no idea and
thought the !ountainous region %as so!e%here in the Gniverse Su)se1uently i realiIed that the Divine Mother had taken
hi! to Mount Kailash
The Single-Nail Clogs
Wooden sandals (paduka)
#' -e% %eeks a-ter Shri Maha-kailasa-nilaya ?ir!ala Devi had taken Kash to visit Shri Shiva !editating on Mount Kailash"
he in-or!ed his -ather a)out one peculiar -act — that Shri Shiva %as seen %earing %ooden clogs %ith a single thick %ide-
head nail 0hese single-nailed clogs %orn centuries ago are practically non-e3istent today Kash has never seen this type o-
-oot%ear in all his li-e on 8arth" )ut is a)solutely sure that Shri Shiva had the!#
Shri Maha!ailasanila"a 9;:6th=& (esiding in the great Kailas — Maha Kailasa !eans in Sri +hakra" the inner!ost 7indu
and in the )ody the Sahasrara-,ad!a )elo% the 7rah!arandhra
So the Hindu )elie- that Shri Shiva resides at Mount Kailash is a)solutely true 0he 'di Shakti gave evidence o- that too
0here are indeed !any deep !ystical -acts o- Hinduis! that are all true It is !ost di--icult to challenge this religion and its
Holy Scriptures easily the !ost spiritual" !ystical" enlightening" and all- enco!passing Bithout 1uestion the Sanatana
Dhar!a )esto%s the greatest )ene-it to hu!anity )ecause it e!)races and nourishes all religions 0he 'di Shakti/s Divine
Message to hu!anity %holeso!ely e!)races this joyous synthesis and religious har!ony Cnly the Divine Source o- all
religions can give such evidence ?o% i a! at peace %ith all religions" scriptures and !essengersand !y Sel-
>ai Shri Mataji"
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#,arvati is !ythological represented as the daughter o- King Hi!alaya 9lit"#a)ode o- the sno%s#= %hose ho!e is a certain
peak on the 0i)etan )order 'stonished travelers" passing )elo% that inaccessi)le peak" vie% a-ar a vast sno% -or!ation
rese!)ling a palace" %ith icy do!es and turrets
,arvati" Kali" Durga" G!a" and other goddesses are aspects o- >agan!atri" the Divine Mother o- the Borld"#variously
na!es to signaliIe particular -unctions 2od or Shiva in His para or transcendental aspect is inactive in creation His shakti
9energy" activating -orce= is relegated to His#consorts"#the productive #-e!ale#po%ers that !ake possi)le the in-inite
un-old!ents in the cos!os
Mythological tales in the ,urana say that the Hi!alayas are the a)ode o- Shiva #
,ara!ahansa *ogananda" Auto#io$ra%h" o& a 'o$i
Sel--(ealiIation Aello%ship" 45:F" p 45F-5;
#MCG?0 K'I.'S
Bith its -our -acades -acing north" east" south" and %est" Mount Kailas looks like an enor!ous dia!ond Seventy--ive
percent as high as Mount 8verest" the !ountain is one o- the tallest peaks in the Hi!alayas ?ear)y is the source o- the
Indus" Sutlej" and 7rah!aputra (ivers 0he source o- the 2anges is not -ar a%ay Cn its southern -ace" a vertical gash
crosses horiIontal layers" creating the i!age o- a s%astika 0he %ord co!es -ro! svastika" Sanskrit -or %ell-)eing and
good -ortune 7uddhists regard the !ountain as a !andala -— the sacred circle -ro! %hich the sacred rivers -lo% like the
spokes o- the eternal %heel#
+olin Bilson" The Atlas o& Hol" (la)es * Sa)re+ Sites
,enguin 7ooks .td" 455J p 445
#Cne o- the greatest and !ost austere pilgri!ages" Mount Kailas" Hi!alayan a)ode o- .ord Siva" is sacred to -ive religions
,ilgri!s per-or! a three-day" HH-!ile circu!a!)ulation o- the peak 't the -oot o- Kailas lies .ake Manasarovara"
sy!)oliIing a 1uieted !ind" -ree -ro! all thought Kailas is the Mount Meru o- Hindu cos!ology" center o- the universe
Bithin ;< !iles are the sources o- -our o- India/s auspicious rivers#
Hinduis! 0oday" May 455:
Mount Kailash, Tibet
#Mount Kailash" or Kangrinpoche" %here Shiva and ,arvati lie together in )liss and %here eternity !eshes %ith ti!e" lies
hidden at the %estern end o- the 2reat Hi!alayas 'll o- the pilgri! routes to the#precious je%el o- eternal sno%#cross at
least one pass a)ove 4:"<<< -eet
Kailash stands alone" )ehind a sea o- !ountains %here 0i)et and India !eet" its -our -aces to the -our directions" %ith a
great river -lo%ing -ro! each& the Indus" 7rah!aputra" Sutlej" and Karnali" a tri)utary o- the holy 2angga Here is the
a)ode o- Shiva" %here the %aters o- heaven pass through the god/s !atted hair and )eco!e healing springs@ the tirtha"
the place %here the %aters !eet" the -ocus o- all Hindu pilgri!age So!e devotees say the Kailash is the Shivalinga@
others that it is Mount Meru" the presence o- eternal in ti!e
,ilgri!s take three days to circle Mount Kailash" a %alk o- just over H< !iles 8very step is rich %ith prayers and praise o-
those %ho have %alked the %ay )e-ore" -or !ore years than hu!ankind can recall
0i)etans !ake three" -ive" or thirteen circu!a!)ulations o- Mount Kailash" or even !ore So!eti!es they prostrate
the!selves" rising to %alk the length o- one prostration only" then once again -alling to the ground 0o circle the !ountain
in this %ay !ay take up to -our %eeks o- patient and !editative !ove!ent 0hese pilgri!s !ay then turn and return" rapt
in their a%areness o- the eternal 0he %ay has no )eginning and no end#
>enni-er Best%ood" Sa)re+ ,ourne"s
Henry Holt and +o!pany" Inc" 455: p:6
0he disciple leads the prana until Mooladhara
0he air thus inspired a%akens the lo%er Aire %hich %as asleep" !editating on ,ranava that is nothing else than 7rah!an"
'nd concentrating his thought" he rises the )reath until to the lo%er Aire" until the navel and )eyond" %ithin the su)tle
Cn the top o- the )ody" over the head there is the lotus %ith thousand petals" shining like the heavenly .ight
It/s that %hich gives the li)eration Its secret na!e is Kailash" the !ountain %here Shiva a)ides
0he one %ho kno%s this secret place is delivered -ro! sa!sara
'!ritananda Gpanishad
#Mountains of Mystery
0he 8arth/s !ost dra!atic -eatures" !ountains are to Hindus the a)ode o- 2ods" the haunt o- holy sages and the supre!e
pilgri!age destination
Eie%ed through the eyes o- a 7uddhist or Hindu" !ountains are !ystical real!s o- 2ods" heavens" spirits and spiritual
!asters InSa)re+ Mountains o& the Worl+" a re!arka)le )ook )y 8d%in 7ern)au! 9Gniversity o- +ali-ornia ,ress" 455:="
the perspectives o- !ountains and lore -ro! disparate cultures o- the %orld are e3plored Aocusing solely on the pro!inent
peaks o- the Hi!alayas" the -ollo%ing article is e3cerpted -ro! 7ern)au!/s %ork
7y 8d%in 7ern)au!" 7erkeley
'n enor!ous range 4";<< !iles long" the Hi!alayas rise in the !onsoon- drenched jungles north o- 7ur!a to s%eep in a
great arc o- sno% and ice north%est along the )orders o- India and 0i)et" through 7hutan" Sikki! and ?epal" up to the
dusty glaciers o- the Karakora! on the re!ote desert -rontier )et%een ,akistan and +hina 's the lo-tiest !ountains on
8arth" the Hi!alayas have co!e to e!)ody the highest ideals and aspirations 0he sight o- their su)li!e peaks" soaring
high and clean a)ove the dusty" congested plains o- India" has -or centuries inspired visions o- transcendent splendor and
spiritual li)eration Invoking such visions" the ,uranas" ancient %orks o- Hindu !ythology" have this to say o- Hi!achal" or
the Hi!alayas& In the space o- a hundred ages o- the 2ods" I could not descri)e to you the glories o- Hi!achal@ that
Hi!achal %here Siva d%ells and %here the 2anges -alls like the tendril o- a lotus -ro! the -oot o- Eishnu 0here are no
other !ountains like Hi!achal" -or there are -ound Mount Kailas and .ake Manasarovar 's the de% is dried up )y the
!orning sun" so are the sins o- !ankind )y the sight o- Hi!achal
Millions o- years ago the su!!it o- Mount 8verest" today the %orld/s highest !ountain" lay )eneath the 0ethys" an ancient
sea separating 'sia -ro! the Indian su)continent 0hrough the gradual !ove!ent o- the 8arth/s tectonic plates — till
ongoing today — the t%o great land !asses collided to -old and thrust up the peaks o- the Hi!alayas and the 0i)etan
,lateau Aossils -or!ed in sedi!entary rocks near the tops o- the highest !ountains attest to the su)!arine origins o- the
range 0he -racturing o- the 8arth/s crust also led to injections o- !ag!a" -or!ing here and there" as a result o- glacial
action" !agni-icent %alls and peaks o- granite" )ut no volcanoes 0he youngest !ountains on 8arth" the Hi!alayas have
risen so recently %ithin the last -e% !illion years that the %atershed lies a hundred !iles north o- their crest 's a
conse1uence" pree3isting rivers have cut through the range" creating the deepest valleys in the %orld" such as the Kali
2andaki Ealley )et%een 'nnapurna and Dhaulagiri in central ?epal" nearly -our !iles deep
0he Hi!alayas are sacred -or -ollo%ers o- -ive 'sian religions — Hinduis!" 7uddhis!" >ainis!" Sikhis! and the indigenous
7on tradition o- 0i)et 0hese religions revere the !ountains as places o- po%er %here !any o- their !ost i!portant sages
and teachers have attained the heights o- spiritual realiIation 'ccording to >ain !ythology" (isha)hanatha" the -irst o-
t%enty--our saviors o- this age" achieved enlighten!ent on Mount Kailas" the !ost sacred peak in the Hi!alayan region
0here" in the vicinity o- the sa!e !ountain" Shenra)" the legendary -ounder o- 7on" is said to have taught and !editated
Sikhs" -ollo%ers o- an Indian religion that developed -ro! the interaction o- Isla! and Hinduis! in the -i-teenth century ce"
revere He!kund" a !ountain lake near the source o- the 2anges" as the place %here 2uru 2o)ind Singh" the last o- their
ten principal teachers" practiced !editation in a previous li-e 0he Hi!alayas a)ound %ith caves and shrines %here
7uddhist sages" such as the 0i)etan yogi Milarepa" have !editated and attained enlighten!ent
Hindus" )y -ar the largest group in India %ith !ore than 6<< !illion adherents" regard the entire range as the 2od
Hi!alaya" -ather o- ,arvati" the %i-e o- Siva King o- the !ountains" Hi!alaya lives high on a peak %ith his 1ueen" the
2oddess Mena" in a palace a)laIe %ith gold" attended )y divine guardians" !aidens" scent-eating creatures and other
!agical )eings His na!e" co!posed o- the %ords hima andala"a" !eans in the Sanskrit language o- ancient India
the#a)ode o- sno%#'s a reservoir o- -roIen %ater" the )ody and ho!e o- the 2od Hi!alaya is the divine source o- sacred
rivers" such as the 2anges and Indus" that sustain li-e on the hot and dusty plains o- northern India 0he ancient poets and
sages regarded the range as !ore than a real! o- sno%@ they sa% it as an earthly paradise sparkling %ith strea!s and
-orests set )eneath )eauti-ul peaks ')ove and )eyond the earthly paradise o- the Hi!alayas lie the heights o- heaven
Mount Kailash, South side
Mount Kailas& Cne peak in the Hi!alayan region stands out a)ove all others as the ulti!ate sacred !ountain -or !ore than
hal--a-)illion people in India" 0i)et" ?epal and 7hutan Hidden )ehind the !ain range o- the Hi!alayas at a high point o-
the 0i)etan ,lateau north%est o- ?epal" Mount Kailas rises in isolated splendor near the sources o- -our !ajor rivers o- the
Indian su)continent — the Indus" 7rah!aputra" Sutlej and Karnali Hindus also regard Kailas as the place %here the divine
-or! o- the 2anges" the holiest river o- all" cascades -ro! heaven to -irst touch the 8arth and course invisi)ly through the
locks o- Siva/s hair )e-ore spe%ing -orth -ro! a glacier 4F< !iles to the %est ?ot -ar -ro! the -oot o- the peak itsel-" at
nearly 4;"<<< -eet a)ove sea level" re-lecting the light o- its sno%s" repose the cal! )lue %aters o- the !ost sacred lake o-
Hindu religion and !ythology — holy .ake Manasarovar"#.ake o- the Mind#0he hardiest o- Hindu pilgri!s aspire to take
the long and dangerous journey over high passes to )athe in Manasarovar/s icy %aters and cleanse their !inds o- the sins
that threaten to conde!n the! to the su--ering o- re)irth
't only $$"<$6 -eet" Kailas is thousands o- -eet lo%er than 8verest and other Hi!alayan peaks *et its e3traordinary setting
and appearance !ore than !ake up -or its !odest height Kailas retains its grandeur %hen vie%ed -ro! a distance More
than any other peak in the Hi!alayas" it opens the !ind to the cos!os around it" evoking a sense o- in-inite space that
!akes one a%are o- a vaster universe enco!passing the li!ited %orld o- ordinary e3perience It has served as an
inspiration -or nu!erous Hindu te!ples and shrines in the distant plains o- India 0he sight o- the peak has a po%er-ul
e--ect" )ringing tears to the eyes o- !any %ho )ehold it" leaving the! convinced that they have gli!psed the a)ode o- the
2ods )eyond the round o- li-e and death ?either Hindus" 7uddhists" nor any 0i)etans %ould ever conte!plate trying to
cli!) Kailas
Hindus vie% Kailas as the divine d%elling place o- 2od Siva and 2oddess ,arvati 0here" as the Supre!e *ogi" naked and
s!eared %ith ashes" His !atted hair coiled on top o- His head" He sits on a tiger skin" steeped in the indescri)a)le )liss o-
!editation Aro! His position o- aloo- splendor on the su!!it" His third eye )laIing %ith supernatural po%er and
a%areness" the lord o- the !ountain cal!ly surveys the joys and sorro%s" the triu!phs and tragedies" the entire play o-
illusion that !ake up li-e in the %orld )elo% 0he po%er o- His !editation destroys the %orld o- illusions that )ind people to
the pain-ul cycle o- death and re)irth Bhen He rises to dance" He takes on the -unctions o- 7rah!a and Eishnu and
creates and preserves the universe itsel-
0he K7uddhistL !andala o- De!chog on Kailas presents the universe as a circle o- !ountains" oceans and continents
arrayed around a !ythical !ountain at the very center 0his !ountain" called Meru )y Hindus and Su!eru )y 7uddhists"
plays a pivotal role in Hinduis! and 7uddhis! as the divine a3is o- the cos!os 'ccording to Hindu !ythology" 7rah!a"
the supre!e deity in the -or! o- the creator" lives on its su!!it" surrounded )y lesser deities Meru and Kailas appear as
separate !ountains in early te3ts o- 7uddhist and Hindu !ythology" )ut later tradition has tended to )ring the! together
and identi-y the! as one and the sa!e 0oday !any Indians and 0i)etans vie% Kailas as the place %here the invisi)le -or!
o- Meru )reaks through to appear in the physical plane o- e3istence ' pilgri!age to the !ountain" there-ore" represents
-or the! a journey to the very center o- the universe — the cos!ic point %here everything )egins and ends" the divine
source o- all that e3ists and has signi-icance In circling the peak and paying ho!age to a vision o- Siva or De!chog on its
shining su!!it" they !ake contact %ith so!ething deep %ithin the!selves that links the! to the supre!e reality
underlying and in-using the cos!os itsel- Aor !ost Hindus and 7uddhists o- India and 0i)et" the journey to Kailas is" in
-act" the ulti!ate pilgri!age" )oth in ter!s o- the sanctity o- its goal and the di--iculty o- the %ay
2oddess o- 7liss& In addition to the paradise She shares %ith Siva on Kailas" ,arvati has her a)ode on a nu!)er o- other
!ountains 's ?anda Devi" the#2oddess o- 7liss"#She d%ells in )eauty on the lovely peak o- that na!e in the Hi!alayas
northeast o- Delhi 0he highest !ountain in India outside the principality o- Sikki!" ?anda Devi soars in alluring curves o-
rock and ice to cul!inate in a delicate su!!it" poised at $;"JF; -eet a)ove a ring o- sno% peaks that -or! a sanctuary
protecting the 2oddess -ro! all )ut Her !ost deter!ined ad!irers 0he only )reak in their other%ise i!pregna)le %all o-
rock and sno% is the terri-ying gorge o- the (ishi 2anga" one o- the sources o- the sacred 2anges" na!ed a-ter seven
sages o- Hindu !ythology %ho -led the oppression o- de!ons to seek re-uge %ith the 2oddess )e-ore departing this %orld
to )eco!e enshrined as seven stars in the constellation o- Grsa Major Shepherds and porters -ro! near)y villages %ho
venture into the area )elieve that they can so!eti!es hear the sounds o- these sages — dru!s )eating" the )lare o-
tru!pets and the eerie )arking o- dogs 0he -e% -oreign !ountaineers %ho !anage to penetrate the gorge" inching their
%ay along the sides o- sheer cli--s that plunge thousands o- -eet into the river roaring )elo%" -ind the!selves in a paradise
o- gentle !eado%s -illed %ith -lo%ers at the -oot o- the sacred peak" %hich stands like a te!ple in the !iddle o- the
sanctuary itsel-
?anda Devi lies in Gttarakhand" the principal area o- pilgri!age in the Indian Hi!alayas 0his region ranks second only to
Kailas and Manasarovar in the degree o- its sanctity -or Hindus +loser to the lo%lands and !uch !ore accessi)le" it is
visited )y !any !ore pilgri!s" %ho co!e )y the tens o- thousands to )athe at 2o!ukh" the glacial source o- the 2anges"
and to %orship at Kedarnath and 7adrinath" lo-ty te!ples o- Siva and Eishnu se1uestered in narro% valleys )eneath the icy
thrones o- the 2ods the!selves 0he region is also the -avorite haunt o- holy !en and %andering yogis" %ho co!e to
-ollo% the e3a!ple o- Siva and !editate in the sharp clear air o- the heights" %ithin sight o- the peaks that lead to heaven
and the goal they seek
's the 2oddess %ho resides on the highest !ountain in the region" ?anda Devi has !any shrines and te!ples dedicated to
Her Cne o- the )etter-kno%n ones is in the hill station o- 'l!ora" %hich a--ords one o- the )est vie%s o- the peak itsel- and
the !ountains that surround it 'lthough pri!arily a )enevolent deity" ?anda can take on the -or! o- Durga" the %rath-ul
2oddess 0he people o- the region also vie% ?anda Devi as a )enevolent source o- li-e and rene%al
'ccording to ancient Hindu !ythology" a -lood once covered the entire %orld ' sage na!ed Manu %as %arned o- the
i!pending disaster and )uilt a )oat in %hich he survived Eishnu incarnated hi!sel- as a -ish and to%ed the cra-t to sa-ety
on a !ountain peak 's the %aters receded" Manu together %ith his -a!ily and the re!nants o- all living creatures %ent
do%n the slope to repopulate the 8arth
0he people o- Gttarakhand identi-y the !ountain o- the -lood as ?anda Devi" and one local group" the (ajis" still regard the
peak as the a)ode o- their ancestors 'ccording to one legend" the seven sages acco!panied Manu and re!ained )ehind to
d%ell in the co!pany o- the 2oddess
'nnapurna and Machapuchare& 2oddess ,arvati d%ells in yet another -or! on sacred 'nnapurna Cne" na!ed like ?anda
Devi -or the deity said to reside on its su!!it ' range o- peaks that includes 2angapurna" Machapuchare and 'nnapurnas
Cne through Aour" 'nnapurna rises in one long s%eep a)ove the lush green hills o- central ?epal Seen -ro! the tropical
valley o- ,okhara in the t%ilight )e-ore da%n" the range/s peaks appear to -loat like )luish-gray ice)ergs on a sea o- li1uid
shado%s 8tched %ith shado%ed -lutings" the corrugated -ace o- 'nnapurna Cne — the highest su!!it at $J";F;--eet —
)eco!es a golden )ackdrop to the slender pointed peak o- Machapuchare" the#Aish/s 0ail#
'nnapurna !eans in Sanskrit#She %ho is -illed %ith -ood#Gnlike ?anda Devi" %ho can take on the %rath-ul -or! o- Durga"
'nnapurna is regarded as a purely )enevolent deity ' kindhearted 2oddess o- plenty" She is the Mueen o- 7anaras" the
holy city o- the Hindus on the )anks o- the 2anges south o- ?epal 8ach year" a-ter the autu!n harvest" the people o-
7anaras cele)rate a -estival dedicated to Her called 'nnakuta" the#Aood Mountain"#in %hich they -ill Her te!ple %ith a
!ountain o- -ood — rice" lentils" and s%eets o- all kinds to )e distri)uted to those %ho co!e to receive Her )lessings#
Hinduis! 0oday" Ae)ruary 4555
MOUNT KAILAS - the a!ode of Lord Mahes"ara
Magnificent circumambulation view of Mount Kailash
'nyone %ho recogniIes the Divine Aorce i!plicit in nature and vie%s its sportive play cannot )ut praise its glory
saying"#*ou are o!niscient" *ou are o!nipotent" *ou are )ehind every !iracle o- nature/ It is only %hen a Sadhaka
realises that the %hole %orld is the stage -or 2od/s cos!ic play and surrenders to 2od/s %ill that his Sadhana %ill )eco!e
-ruit-ul - S%a!i Eivekananda
Aor !ost people" a trip to Bestern 0i)et is virtually synony!ous %ith a visit to Mount Kailash 0he po%er o- this strange"
do!ed peak has gripped the i!agination o- the people o- India and 0i)et since ti!e i!!e!orial" %ith the result that it has
long )een one o- 'sia/s !ost i!portant 9and re!ote= pilgri!age destinations More recently" Mount Kailash/s reputation as
a sacred !ountain as %ell as a place o- natural )eauty has )egun to lure travelers and pilgri!s -ro! around the %orld
7eginning in 456F" %hen the +hinese authorities -irst opened 0i)et to the outside %orld" Bestern visitors 9the -irst since
.a!a 2ovinda in 45F5= have )egun to !ake their %ay into the area in trucks" land cruisers" and even a horse)ack and )y
-oot 0oday" it is still e3tre!ely di--icult to reach the region" and the o)stacle that people !eet in trying to get here are
-re1uently attri)uted to the sacred po%er o- the !ountain itsel-" %hich allo%s only those %ith su--icient spiritual preparation
to gain a gli!pse o- its !agical presence
Mount Kailash is re!arka)le in that -our o- the largest rivers in 'sia have their sources %ithin 4<< k! 9J$ !iles= o- it@ the
Indus -lo%ing to the north" the 7rah!aputra to the east" the Sutlej to the %est" and the Karnali 9leading to the 2anges= to
the south 's a !ountain in this part o- the %orld it is not particularly high" a !ere J":4F! yet it is striking in the %ay it
rises a)ove the surrounding range and re!ains perpetually sno%-capped 0he stunning i!age o- this %hite peak against
the clear )lue sky helps to e3plain the !ountain/s na!e in 0i)etan" 2ang (inpoche" or >e%el o- Sno%
8ach o- Mount Kailash/s -aces re-lects di--erent !oods 0he southern -ace re-lects !ajesty or splendour@ it is -ully covered
%ith sno% 0he %estern -ace is enveloped in an aura o- co!passion and )enevolence 0he northern -ace is stark" -or)idding
and daunting" %hile the eastern" only visi)le -ro! a long %ay o--" is !ysterious and distant
0raditional 7uddhist cos!ology has o-ten connected Kailash %ith Mount Meru" the great !ythological !ountain that -or!s
the a3is o- our %orld syste! 's the center o- this %orld syste!" Mount Meru is o-ten visualiIed surrounded )y the various
continents and adorned %ith the sun and !oon and then o--ered to the )uddhas and )odhisattvas as a !andala In
addition to 7uddhists" Hindus" >ains and 7on practitioners all hold Mount Kailash to )e sacred Hindus !ost -re1uently see
the !ountain as the a)ode o- Shiva and his divine entourage ' %ell-kno%n Sanskrit lyrical poe! -ro! the -i-th century"
0he +loud Messenger )y Kalidasa" pays tri)ute to the !ountain and its surroundings through a !essage sent )y an e3iled
deniIen o- Kailash to his %i-e via a passing cloud
0he >ains" %hose o%n -aith %as -ounded at the ti!e o- the 7uddha in India" regard Kailash as the place %here the -irst >ain
saint gained e!ancipation Aollo%ers o- the 7on tradition in 0i)et %orship the !ountain as the spiritual center o- the
ancient country o- Shangshung and as the place %here their -ounder" Shenra)" descended to the earth -ro! the sky
7ecause o- these and other religious association" Hindu" 7uddhist" >ain and 7on ascetics and pilgri!s have )een dra%n to
the !ountain -or thousands o- years Cnce they arrive they gaIe upon it" circu!a!)ulate it and so!eti!es settle do%n to
practice austerities and !editation 0he 44th century 0i)etan 7uddhist saint Milarepa is said to have resided there -or 44
years ,ad!asa!)hava is also associated %ith the !ountain" particularly the valley on the %estern side" %here he stayed
in a cave
#(atnasanu sharaasanu! (ajatadri Shrunga ?iketana!
Singinikruta ,annagesh%ara 'chutanana Sayaka! N
Kshipradagda ,uratraya! 0ridivalaira)i Eandhita!
+handrashekara!ashraye !a!a ki! karishyati vyia!aha NN
In this %ay" Sri!ad Shankaracharya in his +handrashekara 'staka glori-ies the a)ode o- Ish%ara - the Holy Mt Kailash
8ven#*a!a# the li-e taker can not touch the devotees %ho %orship ,arashiva he clai!s 0his is Ku)era/s living place also
'-ter his )rother (avana takes control o- .anke and ,ushpaka Ei!ana" Ku)era %ith the )lessings -ro! ,ara!esh%ara
esta)lishes 'lakapuri in Kailash and )eco!es *aksharaja
It is descri)ed in the Maha)haratha that 7hagavan Krishna %ent along %ith the ,andavas and Dhou!ya Maharshi to Kailas
-ro! 7adrinath Cn reaching there a-ter -i-teen days they %ere %elco!ed )y .ord Mahadeva Hi!sel- %hose darshan and
hospitality !ade the! very happy 0his is an e3a!ple o- the -act that .ord Mahadeva gives darshan only to deserving
#In .i-e" one gets %hat one deserves and not %hat one desires and He kno%s %hat one deserves - S%a!i +hin!ayananda
Cur ancients like Eyasa and great ones o- recent ti!es like Kalidasa have descri)ed this Kailas as the dear a)ode o- .ord
0he Kailas peak -ull o- dark )lack rocks %ith head adorned %ith glittering %hite sno% stood like a leader a!ongst the long
stretch o- )lack !ountains#My )ody e3perienced horripilation and !y !ind i!!ersed in the ocean o- )liss %as overco!e
%ith joy#- Sri S%a!i 0apovana!
I started %alking slo%ly %ith !y eyes pinned on to the lovely -orehead o- the Mount Kailsh I started %alking -or%ard )ut
!y eyes" )eing rooted on the )eauti-ul -orehead o- the Kailasa Montain" %ere incapa)le o- looking here and there or even
deter!ining the path to )e taken - Sri S%a!i 0apovana!
*e sa!prapthaha para! stana! Dyana *ogarata ?araaha N
?a tesha! punravrutti 2rore sa!sara sagare NN
Sarvagra sarvadha shuddha paripurna Mahesh%araha N
Shiva tulya )alopethaha para! Shivapura! 2athaha NN
Ithtanthena theshu Kailaseshu vastu! Shila!asyasthiti Kailasa vasi N
- Shivatatva (ahasya )y +hikkeruru .inga >ois
It is !entioned in /Shiva Dhar!ottra#that there is a separate .oka called /,ara!ashiva .oka/ %hich is accessi)le to only
dyana yogis 0hose dyana yogis %ho e!)race this ,ara!ashiva .oka %ill not return to#sa!sara#sagara 0hey attain -ull
satis-action and live in total 7liss
*o veda dav svara proktho N Eedante cha pratishtithaha N
tasya prakruti .inasya N *a paraha sa ,ara!esh%araha NN
0hose %ho the Eeda svara/s are re-erring to" those %ho are pro-icient in Eedas" His oneness %ith ?ature" %ho is 2(8'0 is
Mahesh%ara Bhen you visit Mt Kailash - the ')ode o- .C(D Mahesh%ara you can e3perience this total truth Be have to
)eco!e one %ith ?ature to get close to .C(D Mt Kailash is Shiva and Shiva is Mt Kailash
'ha! 7rah!as!i" Shivaha kevaloha! - +hidananda (upa! N Shivoha! N Shivoha! N
MCG?0 K'I.'SH - the a)ode o- .ord Mahes%ara

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