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Case Study For Social

networking site for Innovation

Brainvire Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Client Requirement
Client required a virtual science forum for professionals
The application must allow networking with other
scientists,doctors, engineers and colleagues
Keeps you updated with news, trends and events
nlike a trade !ournal, the user gets to talk back
"rofessionals to maintain their open communication
"rofessional #ssistance for the $ollowing:
#ll kinds of %ug fi&es 'minor, ma!or, crashed(
)aintaining the system stability

Features as listed Below:
*mplementing +,reader to show uploaded documents
*mplementing interaction with other sites such as
$acebook. Creating an e&tra interface for -+.
$etching the latest "/$ s from 0oogle similar to 1ews
Cross reference option when uploading paper or press
-ave option to completely save the paper locally on hard
disk and mobile in the converted format

Project Challenges
-etting up an entire e&isting system into our development
/ealing with 2igh Tech, 0reen Tech and )edicine domains
#dding up a new domain came as another impugn
Team also assisted in providing and maintaining the database
+,reader was developed on the fly 3 incorporated

Operating System & Server Management Red Hat Linux OS, Multi-Server
Architecture with Staging & Prductin
!nvirnment thrugh "ersin
#ntrlling releases, Server
Optimi$atin, Security & SSL
%mplementatin, Scheduler &r 'ac(-ups,
Alert Mnitring System %ntegratin,
Server Per&rmance )uning at regular
intervals, S&tware *irewall
#n&iguratin & Maintenance
+evelpment )ls & !nvirnments PHP,-, Apache .e/ Server, A0A1,
0ava Script, H)ML,, #SS2, etc
+ata/ase M3S4L +ata/ase Server, +'
#lustering, +' Optimi$atin, Master
Slave Replicatin, 4uery Optimi$atin,
Scheduler &r 'ac(ups
Technologies Used

"ro!ect 4eader 1
/evelopers 5
/esigners 5
6uality #ssurance Testers 7
-+. 5

)8-64 -erver /atabase, Tables, -tored "rocedures etc
The 0* of the website formed the ser *nterface layer
The data conversion between incompatible type of systems
#ll the business logic procedures for modules

The website was mainly characteri9ed by the social networking nature
"2" was used to develop modules
+ffective access to the database
#n interface translating the ob!ect logic
The access to the database was enabled through the creation
.nly the comple& retrieval of data from multiple tables
*mages, applications and data were called from their respective servers
#ny business logic and scalability was guaranteed by implementing

Deelopment !ighlights
The site architecture enabled the :$aster to )arket; transition
*t involved all the ma!or comple& queries and a simple
#dmin to drill down and track the details of each user effectively
.ptimi9ed query features offered comprehensive search
The maintenance of e&isting and development of new features
<eb usability guidelines were strictly adhered
-earch +ngine .ptimi9ation activities

"ources :
Contact Info : 1-631-897-776
!"ail : info#$rainvire%co"
&e$site : www%$rainvire%co"

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Contact Info : 1-631-897-776
!"ail : info#$rainvire%co"
&e$site : www%$rainvire%co"