... through Bertha Dudde
The correct way of life
is not enough to ature fully ....
!f you consider that only deeds of lo"e ta#e effect on your soul
after the death of your $ody and that all earthly intentions%
thoughts and actions will not result in any #ind of $enefit for the
soul in the s&iritual real% you truly would not li"e your earthly life
so indifferently....
'nd e"en if you faithfully fulfil the duties earthly life deands of
you% e"en if you do e"erything in e"eryday life in order to li"e a
correct life in the &resence of &eo&le.... each and e"ery deed is
without "alue for what alone is e"erlasting.... for your soul.... as it
cannot ta#e any earthly ac(uired &ossessions along% all earthly
#nowledge stays $ehind% all earthly treasures and e"ery &erson)s
re&utation is worthless if the soul enters the #ingdo of the $eyond
de&ri"ed of s&iritual &ossessions.
Only spiritual aspirations and actions of love yield
everlasting spiritual treasures for the soul....
'nd &eo&le are so often conscious of their own i&ortance *ust
$ecause they are leading a correct way of life e"en though they
only ha"e their earthly actions or a certain aount of order in their
li"ing conditions in ind and fail to consider that the &ur&ose of
earthly life is a different one than i&ro"ing their &hysical well+
$eing.... they fail to consider that a huan $eing)s e"ery acti"ity
has to $e su&&orted $y lo"e% that it has to $e oti"ated $y lo"e if it
is to $e of "alue for the soul after the death of the $ody.
'nd if you now o$ser"e all the things that are done and said $y you
or in your en"ironent% and how seldo they are caused $y lo"e%
then you ha"e to adit that e"erything is in "ain and only ser"es
your attainent of earthly &ur&oses. 'nd you would $e shoc#ed if
you could feel your soul)s de&ri"ation as &hysical discofort% for
then you would ne"er $e a$le to en*oy your life again....
,et your soul is una$le to e-&ress itself so o$"iously $ecause then
you would only stri"e to li"e a different #ind of life due to
selfishness so as not to feel this daily and hourly discofort% and
then such stri"ing would also $e worthless.
But you should consider what "alue e"ery earthly attainent has
for you% since you #now% after all% that your stay on this earth won)t
last fore"er....
But you don)t $elie"e in the continuation of the soul)s life after
death% and that is why you are so half+hearted and disregard your
soul. ,ou $elie"e that you will cease to e-ist at the oent of
death and one day will $itterly regret that you ha"e not ade
$etter use of the tie on earth. you will regret not ha"ing lo"ed
ore% which each one of you can do% since a tiny s&ar# of lo"e
soulders inside of hi that he only needs to #indle....
/"ery huan $eing can also e-&erience for hiself the $enefit of a
deed of lo"e done to hi $y a fellow huan $eing.... 'nd thus he
could $enefit his neigh$our too% it would certainly not $e to his
disad"antage% for the inner satisfaction of his action would ins&ire
hi into e"er ore actions of lo"e and his selfish lo"e would
decrease at the sae rate as his lo"e for his neigh$our grows....
0o huan $eing suffers a loss% for whate"er he gi"es out of lo"e he
will recei"e a thousand fold in return on earth or one day in the
s&iritual #ingdo and then $e e-ceedingly $lessed% $ecause the
tie on earth when he should thus rise a$o"e hiself is only "ery
short% whereas the soul in the s&iritual #ingdo can eternally en*oy
the riches it has ac(uired on earth.
1eo&le li"e indifferently% eagerly underta#ing earthly wor#% eagerly
increasing their earthly &ossessions% using all their energy of life for
entirely negati"e actions% $ecause they constantly *ust create
transient "alues....
Their soul)s iortality howe"er.... is not ta#en into account $y
the% they do not ta#e lo"ing care of it% it has to star"e and then
enter the #ingdo of the $eyond in a isera$le state where it only
finds what its lo"e as a huan $eing on earth has &ro"ided for it....
'nd if this life were without lo"e then the soul would $e without
light and strength and would a&&roach a &ainful fate% for only
through deeds of love is it a$le to ature on earth....
'nd therefore &eo&le should not say 2'fter all% ! a not doing
anything e"il....)
The huan $eing has to do good deeds $orn of lo"e in earthly life%
only then will he $e a$le to enter the #ingdo of the $eyond
without self+re&roach e"en if he has not yet achie"ed a high degree
of lo"e% he will surely $e a$le to attain it in the $eyond &ro"iding
that the light has $een #indled so that the soul will not enter the
s&iritual #ingdo in co&lete dar#ness....
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