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Class 2 Working with the Twelve Planetary Rays

Begin with the standard opening. Then call forth Lord Buddha, Lord aitrieya, !llah
"o#i, $l orya, %uthu&i, 'erapis Bey, Paul the (enetian, )ilarion, 'ananda, 'aint
"er&ain. *+whal %hul, )elios and (esta, (irgin ary, ,uan -in, .sis,
Laksh&i and Pallas !thena. !sk these #eloved &asters to overlight and guide the reading
of the chapter, the discussion and the later &editation.
Take turns reading chapter /0, 1$soteric Psychology and the 'cience of the Twelve
Rays,1 in The Co&plete !scension anual 2(ol. .3. Take ti&e for sharing and
Take a #reak. Play the audio4tape &editation, 15lti&ate Cos&ic Ray editation,1 or lead
it, #eginning on page 6/. Take ti&e for sharing. *o the closing. 'ocial ti&e.
The Co&plete !scension anual 2(ol. .3
Chapter /0 $soteric Psychology and the 'cience of the Twelve Rays
%now Thyself
Carved a#ove the gate of the 7racle of *elphi
The seven rays are the first differentiation of "od in &anifestation and they provide the
entire field of )is e8pression in &anifested for&. The seven rays are e&#odi&ents of
seven types of force which de&onstrate seven 9ualities of "od.
These seven 9ualities have a sevenfold effect upon &atter and for& in all parts of "od:s
infinite universe. The seven great rays are e&#odi&ents of seven great #eings. These are;
/. The Lord of Power or Will
2. The Lord of Love<Wisdo&
6. The Lord of !ctive .ntelligence
=. The Lord of )ar&ony, Beauty, and !rt
>. The Lord of Concrete %nowledge and 'cience
?. The Lord of *evotion and .dealis&
@. The Lord of Cere&onial 7rder or agic
The rays are, in truth, 9uite a co&ple8 su#+ect and there are &any ways of and fra&es of
reference for understanding
the&. The study of the rays is al&ost an unknown science in our world. . a& a serious
student of the field and have #een
involved with +ust a#out every religion and &ystery school on the planet, #ut it was only
when . read the !lice Bailey
#ooks on esoteric psychology that the profound significance of the rays ca&e to &y
awareness. The rays are even &ore
i&portant than astrology, yet what . a& going to share with you in this chapter is not
talked a#out #y those involved in
AA.AAB of the spiritual paths on $arth. The understanding of the rays &ay #e the single
&ost i&portant spiritual science
for understanding oneself and the world as a whole. .t is these rays that govern all of
The Rays of !spect and the Rays of !ttri#ute
*+whal %hul, in his writings, has divided the seven great rays into two categories called
the rays of aspect and the rays of
Rays of !spect;
/st ray of Power, Will or Purpose
2nd ray of Love<Wisdo&
6rd ray of !ctive, Creative .ntelligence
Rays of !ttri#ute;
=th ray of )ar&ony through Conflict, Beauty or !rt
>th ray of Concrete 'cience or %nowledge
?th ray of !#stract .dealis& or *evotion
@th ray of Cere&onial 7rder, agic, Ritual or 7rganiCation
The Ray of 'tructure
$very soul e8tension who incarnates onto the $arth plane is &ade up of si8 rays.
$veryone has a separate ray for the
&onad, soul, personality, &ind, e&otions, and physical #ody.
The &onadic ray and soul ray are #asically the sa&e throughout all of the person:s
incarnations. The rest of the rays can
change fro& lifeti&e to lifeti&e. $very incarnated personality is found upon one of these
seven rays. 'oul e8tensions with
soul rays found upon the fourth, fifth, si8th and seventh rays &ust #lend with the first
three &a+or rays after they pass the
third initiation. )owever, the &onadic ray of every incarnated personality is one of the
first three rays.
.n the unevolved person, the rays of the physical, e&otional, and &ental #odies do&inate.
!s the person develops a
&ore self4actualiCed personality, then the personality ray #eco&es do&inant and the three
#ody rays #eco&e
su#ordinated to it.
!s the person continues to evolve he #egins to #eco&e polariCed in the soul. ! #attle
occurs #etween the lower self and
the higher self, or #etween personality ray and the soul ray. !s the soul ray #egins to
do&inate and win this #attle, and
the disciple #egins to gain self4&astery over the personality, then the personality ray
#eco&es su#ordinate to the soul ray.
The process continues until, after the third initiation, the &onadic ray #egins to pour in.
!s the disciple learns to #eco&e
polariCed in the &onad, the soul ray #eco&es su#ordinate to the &onadic ray.
Dow each of the seven groups of souls is responsive to the ray of the Planetary Logos
2'anat %u&ara3 who is on the
third ray. .n truth, we are all on a su#ray of his ray, +ust as he is on a su#ray of the 'olar
Logos 2)elios3 who is on the
second ray. )elios is on a su#ray of the "alactic Logos, and the "alactic Logos is on a
su#ray of the 5niversal Logos
2elchiCedek3. This process continues all the way #ack to the "odhead. !ll of creation is
on a su#ray of the "odhead.
$ach level is stepped down in hierarchical fashion.
People who are on the sa&e ray tend to see things in a si&ilar fashion. This can change,
however, depending on which
ray and initiation they are identified with. Two people during college &ay #oth have
fourth ray personalities and hence
have a lot in co&&on. This could change as they open to their soul rays if they are on
different soul rays. This is not to
say that people of different rays don:t get along. There are a lot of factors that play into
this. The rays do have a great
effect and influence, however.
People who have a two, four, or si8 ray structure usually tend to #e &ore introverted and
spiritually focused. People with
a one, three, five, or seven ray structure tend to #e &ore e8troverted and focused on for&
and the concrete world level.
When a soul e8tension is two4thirds along his or her spiritual path, the soul ray #egins to
govern the personality. .t is to
the #enefit of every aspirant and disciple to try to co&e to an understanding of the si8
rays that &ake up his spiritual
The personality ray finds its &a+or activity in the physical #ody. The soul ray finds its
specific influence in the astral #ody.
The &onadic ray finds its specific influence in the &ental #ody. The personality ray
causes the attitude of separateness.
The soul ray facilitates the attitude of group consciousness and detach&ent fro& the for&
side of life. The &onadic ray
can #e felt only after the third initiation and #rings in the will aspect of the Creator.
These rays have an incredi#ly powerful effect on every hu&an #eing:s life. The physical
#ody ray greatly deter&ines the
features of the physical #ody. The rays deter&ine the 9uality of the e&otional #ody and
greatly affect the nature of the
The rays predispose every person to certain strengths and certain weaknesses. Certain
attitudes of &ind are easy for one
ray type and e8tre&ely difficult for another. This is why the incarnating personality
changes ray structure fro& life to life
until all 9ualities are developed and de&onstrated.
"iven these facts, a knowledge of the rays is a#solutely essential to knowing thyself, and
such knowledge is also essential
to the entire field of psychology. What is a#solutely &ind4#lowing is that in the field of
psychology on the $arth today,
there is a#solutely no understanding of the rays. That is one of the &any reasons
psychology is not very effective at this
The reason the rays are not understood is that there is al&ost no understanding of the
soul. 7f all the for&s of
psychology taught in schools and practised #y licensed professionals, AEB are separated
and cut off fro& soul and
&onadic levels of consciousness. The new wave of the future will #e the study of
transpersonal, or spiritual, psychology.
2. would reco&&end reading &y #ook on this su#+ect called 'oul Psychology.3
.t is not only people who have rays. Countries, cities, groups, and organiCations also have
rays. 5sually, however, these
are li&ited to +ust a soul ray and a personality ray. ost of the countries on $arth, for
e8a&ple, are still operating out of
their personality rays.
When the soul ray is a#le to focus fully through an individual then the disciple is ready to
take the third initiation. The
personality ray is then occultly e8tinguished. The dweller on the threshold has #een
su#+ugated and &astered. .t is the
soul that chooses the rays for incarnated soul e8tensions, or personalities, each lifeti&e.
$ach ray works pri&arily through one chakra. ! knowledge of ray structure provides
great insight in one:s character,
strengths, and weaknesses, in the sa&e way an accurate astrological horoscope can. The
study of esoteric psychology
and the science of the twelve rays is as i&portant as the study of astrology. .n truth, it
&ay even #e &ore i&portant, given
the fact that the rays, on a &ore cos&ic level, even affect, influence, and predate the
creation of stars and constellations
throughout "od:s infinite universe.
.t is i&portant to understand that a person can utiliCe all the rays whether he has the& in
his ray structure or not. 7ne can
call forth any of the twelve rays and their 9ualities for personal and planetary service.
!n !nalysis of the Twelve Rays
The First Ray of Will or Power
The first ray is an energy of will, power, and drive. .t is connected with vitality, initiative,
thrust. .t #reaks down the old
and &akes way for the new. .t is a very dyna&ic energy. The color of this ray is red.
Those upon this ray have a strong
personal power that can #e used for good or evil.
The first ray people will always co&e to the front in whatever line they are working
upon. They will #e at the head of
their professions. They are #orn leaders. The first ray people who are not te&pered #y the
love<wisdo& of the second
ray can #e e8tre&ely cruel and hard.
The literary works of first ray people would #e strong and powerful, #ut these people
often care little for style or finish in
their works. $8a&ples of this type of person would #e Luther, Carlyle, Walt Whit&an.
The approach to the spiritual path
is through sheer force of will.
The first ray people &ake e8cellent co&&anders and chiefs. $8a&ples are Dapoleon,
Winston Churchill, "eneral
"eorge Patton, "eneral *ouglas ac!rthur, .ndira "andhi, Christopher Colu&#us 2'aint
any outstanding sports figures are of this type. 5sually after the first ray &akes its
thrust, the other rays then take over.
The first ray, in a sense, is connected with the energy of !ries. The first ray person #egins
the pro+ects and then has other
things to do.
The first ray is helpful when one is trau&atiCed #y his e&otionsG he can use the will
energy to pull hi&self out of it.
Wearing clothing of red can attune one to this energy. This is a very powerful ray and
&ust #e used with caution and in
the appropriate a&ount.
ost people need a &uch s&aller a&ount of first ray invocation than that of the other
rays. The color red will intensify
whatever condition already e8ists. The first ray will create an al&ost instant effect. !ll
one usually needs is a little #it.
The negative &anifestations of the first ray would #e seen in the e8a&ple of wars on the
planet. The first and second rays
would for& a good tea& to counteract such negative &anifestations. ! person with a first
ray &ind would #e very direct
and intensely focused. ! first ray e&otional #ody would #e very powerful, with intense
e&otional reactions.
! first ray #ody tends to #e tall, strongly #uilt, and large4#oned. ilitary &en and
police&en are often first ray. ! first
ray #ody wills its way through anything. )e would &ake a good foot#all player. ! first
ray personality &ight #e a little
7ther fa&ous people who were of the first ray were )ercules, Ra&a, ao Tse Tung,
!#raha& Lincoln, and Hanet
cClure 2founder of The Ti#etan Foundation3.
The special virtues of the first ray are strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness,
fearlessness, powerful ruling, capacity
to grasp great 9uestions in a large4&inded way, and a#ility to handle people. The vices of
this ray are pride, a&#ition,
wilfulness, hardness, arrogance, desire to control others, o#stinacy, and anger. The
virtues to #e ac9uired are tenderness,
hu&ility, sy&pathy, tolerance, and patience.
The 'econd Ray of Love<Wisdo&
This ray e&#odies the *ivine 9uality of love and desire for pure knowledge and a#solute
truth. The color it e&#odies is a
deep intense #lue. People on this ray are very loving, allowing, considerate, friendly, and
The second ray soul is usually a teacher or possi#ly an architect #ecause of this ray:s
strong conceptual a#ility. This type
of person has great tact and foresight. )e would &ake an e8cellent a&#assador, school
teacher, or head of a college.
This type of person has the a#ility to i&press the true view of things on other people and
&ake the& see things as he
The second ray type would &ake an e8cellent artist as long as he would seek to teach art.
This ray type is highly intuitive.
)e is not rash or i&pulsive. .f anything, he &ight #e slow to act.
The &ethod of approach to the path would co&e through close and earnest study of the
teachings until they #eco&e so
&uch a part of the person that they are no longer intellectual knowledge #ut rather a rule
of spiritual living.
! second ray &ind would #e very receptive. This type is not that co&&on, however. !
second ray e&otional #ody
would #e very peaceful, sta#le, and &ature. ! second ray physical #ody is rather unusual,
although &ore will #e
incarnating in the future. These types of physical #odies are usually s&all and delicately
&ade. They are very refined and
$very ray type has a higher and lower aspect. The lower type of second ray person would
#e trying to ac9uire
knowledge for selfish purposes, and not for selfless service of hu&ankind. The lower self
would lead the& into suspicion,
coldness, and hardness. They are often over4a#sor#ed in study and have conte&pt for the
&ental li&itations of others.
Their special virtues are cal&ness, strength, patience, endurance, love of truth,
faithfulness, intuition, clear intelligence,
and serene te&per. Their virtues to #e ac9uired are love, co&passion, unselfishness, and
.t is also to #e re&e&#ered that all souls incarnated on this planet are connected with the
second ray #ecause we live in a
second ray solar syste&. The second ray is the ray our 'olar Logos, )elios, operates on.
7ther solar syste&s are on
different rays. !ll the other rays are su#rays of this great cos&ic second ray.
The Lord aitreya and the Buddha were #oth on the second ray, as were &ost of the
great world teachers. *+whal
%hul is a second ray teacher as is his teacher, the aster %uthu&i.
The Third Ray of !ctive .ntelligence
This is the ray of the a#stract thinker, the philosopher and &etaphysician. The people on
this ray would #e highly
i&aginative and e8cellent at higher &athe&atics. They are idealistic drea&ers and
theorists. They are a#le to see every
side of a 9uestion in a very clear &anner.
7ne of their &ain characteristics is their perseverance. They have an a#ility to hold on to
so&ething and not let go until
co&pletion, even if it should take a whole lifeti&e. e&#ers of the third depart&ent are
the organiCers of the )ierarchy.
They are the souls #oth in and out of incarnations who 1get things done.1
Their &ethod of approach to the spiritual path is through deep philosophic and
&etaphysical work until realiCation is
reached. Tho&as $dison was one outstanding e8a&ple of a third ray type. 7thers were
$leanor Roosevelt, Para&ahansa
-ogananda, and $rnest )ol&es.
Third ray types are very often perfectionists. They &ay ignore everything #ut their pet
pro+ects which they will do with
great precision. They tend to #e independent. 7n the negative side, they have the
potential to try to &ake everyone
partake of their own perceptions.
They are very focused, concrete, logical, clear4&inded, and organiCedG however, they are
not always aware of
conse9uences. 7ne of their great a#ilities is to #e a#le to hold on to the thought of
perfection and true divinity and not
veer fro& this course until it is realiCed.
The special virtues of the third ray person are wide views on all a#stract 9uestions,
sincerity of purpose, clear intellect,
capacity for concentration on philosophic studies, patience, caution, and an a#sence of
the tendency to worry over s&all
&atters. The vices of this ray are intellectual pride, coldness, isolation, inaccuracy in
details, a#sent4&indedness,
o#stinacy, selfishness, and too &uch criticis& of others. The virtues to #e ac9uired are
sy&pathy, tolerance, devotion,
accuracy, energy, and co&&on sense.
The Fourth Ray of )ar&ony through Conflict
This ray has #een called the 1ray of struggle.1 !s with all the rays it has a lower and
higher aspect. When this ray is
governed #y the lower self, then conflict and havoc ensue. When governed #y the higher
self, har&ony occurs.
The fourth ray is connected with the e&otional #ody and the solar ple8us chakra. .t is
also very connected with physical
e8istence. The fourth ray has a very reflective 9uality which, in a sense, forces one to
look at what one hasn:t finished or
co&pleted yet. .n this sense it reacts rather like a &irror.
The color of this ray is e&erald green. This ray is also very connected with the arts. 'o&e
of the &ost #eautiful art,
&usic, and sculpture on this planet has #een created #y people of the higher aspect of this
ray. oCart, Leonardo da
(inci, Richard 'trauss, and Ru#ens all had a great deal of fourth ray energy. oCart,
#elieve it or not, had a soul,
personality, &ind, and e&otional #ody that were all of the fourth ray in that incarnation.
The danger of this ray is the possi#ility of getting too entangled in the e&otional #ody,
which &ost people have tended to
do. This us why the fourth ray works well with the first ray of will or with the third or
fifth ray, which are &ore &ental in
nature. The fourth ray type of person needs these for #alance.
*+whal %hul has also told us that this ray see&s to have an e9ual #alance of the 9ualities
descri#ed in the $ast as ra+as
2activity3 and ta&as 2inertia3. The average person lives in &ortal co&#at #etween these
two energies until soul infusion
and soul &erger are achieved. $8a&ples of this type are (incent (an "ogh and Pa#lo
Picasso. They had great artistic
a#ility #ut weren:t #alanced with the &ental, e&otional, and soul aspects, which caused
greatness on one level #ut great
tor&ent on another.
The fourth ray person often lives on an e&otional roller coaster until evenness of &ind
and e9uality can #e achieved. The
study of the Bha4gavad4"ita would provide a good teaching &odel for the fourth ray
'ince the fourth ray people are so connected to the $arth and aesthetics, they often have a
hard ti&e &editating and
getting up into the spiritual area. Fourth ray types are often very focused on a lot of
physical activities such as hiking,
&ountain cli&#ing, horse#ack riding, driving of vehicles, and relating to ani&als. This is
fine as long as it is #alanced with
the proper heavenly and spiritual integration.
7ne of the dangers of fourth ray people is that they can tend to #e &anipulative. They
often like everyone to e8perience
the sa&e focus in life that they have. .t is essential for the fourth ray types to dedicate
their lives to their spiritual path. .f
not, they tend to #e &anic4depressive. The &ethod of approach on the spiritual path will
#e through self4control which
leads to evenness of &ind and e9uili#riu& of the warring forces of their nature.
The special virtues of the fourth ray type are strong affections, sy&pathy, physical
courage, generosity, and 9uickness of
intellect and perception. The vices of the fourth ray are self4centeredness, worrying,
inaccuracy, lack of &oral courage,
strong passions, indolence, and e8travagance. The virtues to #e ac9uired are serenity,
confidence, self4control, purity,
unselfishness, accuracy, and &ental and &oral #alance.
The Fifth Ray of the Concrete ind
This is the ray of science and research. The person of this ray has a keen intellect and
likes great accuracy of detail. This
ray is connected with the &ental #ody. any people, at this ti&e in our history, are stuck
in the &ental #ody and have
not allowed the&selves to open to their intuition and soul #ody. This is a danger of this
ray type.
Being stuck in the &ind prevents a person fro& #eing interested in esoteric studies. 7nce
the fifth ray person opens to the
spiritual path and #egins to study in this area, he is a#le to understand it &uch #etter than
so&e of the other ray types.
The fifth ray is very i&portant on the $arth at this ti&e. People who are &ore e&otionally
#ased tend to #e cut off fro&
fifth ray energy. They have not learned how to use this energy to #alance their e&otional
#odies. 7n the other side of the
coin, the fifth ray type &ust learn how to shut off the &ind at ti&es, also. For this reason
&editation is e8tre&ely
i&portant for this type. The color of this ray is orange.
The fifth ray person is e8tre&ely truthful and full of knowledge and facts. The danger
here is of #eco&ing pedantic and
too focused on the &ost trivial details. .t is the ray of the great che&ist, the practical
electrician, the first4rate engineer, the
great surgeon, or the head of so&e special technical depart&ent.
!n artist on this ray is very rare, as the energy here is so scientific. The fifth ray approach
to the spiritual path is through
scientific research pushed to ulti&ate conclusions. This type of person can thrust to the
very heart of a &atter.
! fifth ray &ind can pro#e any learning e8perience and dig out the very essence of it. The
third ray person has a very
e8cellent &ind, #ut does not have the a#ility to pierce into the very essence and core of
things as the fifth ray person can.
Wherever there is a lot of fifth ray energy there will #e a lot of Dew !ge churches. These
churches are connected with
the 1new thought1 &ove&ent which is a strength of the fifth ray. The hope of the
)ierarchy is that the tre&endous a&ount
of fifth ray energy on the planet now will lead people into the core and essence of things,
which is ulti&ately the soul and
spirit. .n this sense the fifth ray is helping to focus the Dew !ge. The fifth ray puts the
focus of the &ind there, and the
seventh ray and higher rays ground it and cause the activity.
!nother one of the 9ualities in the pattern of the fifth ray that &any people are not aware
of is unconditional love. This is
#ecause the fifth ray accesses the higher &ental #ody which is the real& of the soul. The
fifth ray helps in the process of
finding #alance and integration within the psyche.
The special virtues of the fifth ray include the &aking of strictly accurate state&ents,
+ustice, co&&on sense, uprightness,
independence, and keen intellect. The vices of the fifth ray are harsh criticis&,
narrowness, arrogance, unforgiving
te&per, lack of sy&pathy and reverence, and pre+udice. The virtues to #e ac9uired are
reverence, devotion, sy&pathy,
love, and wide4&indedness.
The 'i8th Ray of *evotion
The si8th ray is the ray of devotion and idealis&. The person on this ray is full of
religious fervor. $verything is seen as
either perfect or intolera#le. .t is an e&otionally #ased ray that is also very connected
with the su#conscious &ind. .ts
color is indigo. .t has the a#ility to help individuals go #eyond a &ere $arth4oriented
This type of person also needs to have a personal god or incarnation of a deity to adore
and devote hi&self to. The
higher type of person on this ray #eco&es a saint. The lower, personality4#ased type of
person #eco&es the worst kind
of #igot and fanatic. The funda&entalist Christians are very connected to this ray. !ll
religious wars and crusades have
originated fro& the &isuse of this ray.
The person on this ray is often very gentle #ut can &ove into intense anger and
wrathfulness 9uite easily. )e will give up
his life for his chosen ideal of devotion. This type of person, as a soldier, would hate
fighting e8cept if roused to #attle
over so&e great cause he #elieved inG if this is the case he will fight like a &an possessed.
The si8th ray type &akes a
great preacher and orator #ut a poor statesperson and #usinessperson.
The si8th ray person is often a poet or a writer of religious #ooks in either poetry or
prose. )e en+oys #eauty and
aesthetics #ut is not always great at producing. The &ethod of healing for this type of
person would #e through faith and
prayer. The way of approaching "od would #e prayer and &editation that ai& at union
with "od.
The si8th ray is &oving out of incarnation at this ti&e. .ts highest &anifestation was the
life of Hesus Christ and the Lord
aitreya. The si8th ray was &ade availa#le two or three thousand years ago #ecause
hu&anity was only at a
1ten4year4old stage1 of evolution. "iven this fact, the si8th ray was the perfect ray to take
hu&anity to the ne8t step.
)u&anity has &atured now and this ray is no longer useful. .t is really #eing replaced
now with the seventh ray energy on
a large scale. The positive side of the si8th ray in our history focused hu&anity on
devoting itself to "od and to #eco&ing
o#edient to )i& and )is laws. .t facilitated hu&anity:s co&ing out of a pattern that it was
stuck in. !t this present period
of history the si8th ray has a heavier energy #ecause its purpose has really #een
co&pleted. ! lot of the work in the si8th
depart&ent, which the aster Hesus heads, is a#out uniting the world:s religions.
!s the $arth &oves fully into the Dew !ge after the turn of the century, there will not #e
a focus of the si8th ray on $arth.
.t will have co&pleted its service. ost churches in our world today are utiliCing this
si8th ray energy in their services.
The si8th ray was also connected to devoting oneself to a guru, teacher or aster. .n the
Dew !ge and seventh ray
cycle, the ideal will #e &ore to own one:s power and recogniCe one:s inherent e9uality
with the spiritual teachers, for all
are the eternal 'elf, in truth.
'o&e e8a&ples of si8th ray souls are Hohn Calvin, cister $ckhart, and 'aint Francis
2%uthu&i3. 'aint Francis had a
si8th ray soul, a si8th ray &ind, and a si8th ray personality.
The special virtues of the si8th ray person are devotion, single4&indedness, love,
tenderness, intuition, loyalty, and
reverence. The vices of this ray are selfishness and +ealous love, over4dependence on
others, partiality, self4deception,
sectarianis&, superstition, pre+udice, over4rapid conclusions, and fiery anger. The virtues
to #e ac9uired are strength,
self4sacrifice, purity, truth, tolerance, serenity, #alance, and co&&on sense.
The 'eventh Ray of Cere&onial 7rder and agic
The seventh ray energy is connected to the violet trans&uting fla&e. The head of the
seventh ray depart&ent is 'aint
"er&ain. This is the ray of the high priest of high priestess, the co&&unity organiCer, or
the court cha&#erlain. The &otto
of this type of person is 1get all things done decently and in order.1
.t is 'aint "er&ain who is in a sense turning the key that is unlocking the new "olden
!ge on this planet. )e is using his
violet trans&uting fla&e to transfor& and trans&ute trou#le spots around the planet.
The seventh ray helps to integrate heaven and $arth and ground spirituality into the
physical &aterial world. .t is the ray
of for&, and hence a person on this ray &akes the perfect sculptor. The co&#ination of
the fourth ray and the seventh
ray would &ake the highest type of artist. Leonardo da (inci had a soul ray of four, a
personality ray of seven, a &ind
ray of seven, an e&otional #ody of four, a physical #ody of seven. )ere we have the
ulti&ate e8a&ple of *+whal:s
The literary work of the seventh ray person would #e re&arka#le. The seventh ray person
delights in cere&ony,
o#servances, ritual, processions and shows, reviews of troops and warships, genealogical
trees, and rules of precedence.
The unevolved seventh ray person is superstitious and will #e too influenced #y o&ens,
drea&s, and spiritualistic
pheno&ena. The &ore evolved seventh ray type is deter&ined always to do the right
thing and say the right thing at the
right &o&ent. )ence, he has great social success.
The seventh ray type of person approaches the spiritual path through the o#servance of
rules of practice and ritual and
can easily evoke the help of the ele&ental forces. )e also very &uch en+oys the practice
of disciplining and ordering
every aspect of his life in service to and in har&ony with "od.
The special virtues of the seventh ray person are strength, perseverance, courage,
courtesy, e8tre&e care in details, and
self4reliance. The vices of this ray type are for&alis&, #igotry, pride, narrowness,
superficial +udg&ents, and
over4indulgence. The virtues to #e ac9uired are realiCation of unity, wide4&indedness,
tolerance, hu&ility, gentleness, and
!nother e8a&ple of the seventh ray person is Dicolas Roerich, the channel for the
!scended aster $l orya, who
#rought forth the #ooks on !gni -ogi. )e had a seventh ray soul, a seventh ray
personality, a seventh ray &ind, and a
seventh ray #ody.
The )igher Rays
.n the early /A@0:s a divine dispensation of five higher rays were granted to this planet
#ecause of its i&pending
&ove&ent into the fourth di&ension and into the Dew !ge. These higher rays are
co&#inations of the first seven rays
with a touch of 'ource Light, or white Light, which gives the& a lu&inous 9uality.
any newly inco&ing soul e8tensions now have these higher rays in their ray structures.
7thers are now #eginning to
access the& in a very integrated &anner. They are wonderful rays, and . highly
reco&&end that you call the& forth on a
regular #asis for personal and planetary healing.
!ll these rays co&e through our Planetary Logos, 'anat %u&ara. There are actually rays
#eyond these twelve that e8ist
in the universeG however, these are all that are planned for $arth at this ti&e. )elios, our
'olar Logos, directs the& to
'anat %u&ara who &akes the& availa#le to us.
The $ighth Ray
Ray nu&#er eight is a cleansing ray. .t helps clean out those characteristics and 9ualities
within self that one no longer
needs and wants to get rid of. This ray has a green4violet lu&inosity. .t is co&posed of
the fourth ray, the seventh ray,
and the fifth ray with a touch of white Light, all &i8ed together.
Before #ringing in the ne8t ray which #egins to attract on the #ody of Light, it is
i&portant that the four4#ody syste& #e
clean and pure. The eighth ray is good for cleansing the su#conscious &ind. .t helps to
raise one to a higher vi#ration
level and fre9uency.
The Dinth Ray
The &ain 9uality of the ninth ray is +oy. .t is also the ray that attracts one:s full potentials.
.t is the ray that #egins to attract
the #ody of Light. .t also continues the cleansing process that the eighth ray started so
effectively. .t is co&posed of the
first ray, the second ray, and white Light.
The color of this ray is greenish4#lue lu&inosity. The #ody of Light is a #eautiful,
&agnetic, transparent, white, lu&inous,
electrical, life4force4filled, rain#ow4like ro#e or #ody of energy that, ideally, one dons to
#egin each day. 7ver ti&e it
#eco&es integrated as a regular part of one:s #eing.
.t is the ninth ray that is used to attract the #ody of Light. .t is the tenth ray that allows it
to #e fully anchored it into one:s
#eing. Fully integrating and anchoring the #ody of Light is integral to the ascension
The Tenth Ray
The tenth ray allows all the changes a person has #een seeking to &ake to #e locked in.
*ivinity is truly recogniCed when
one &editates on this ray. .t has a pearlescent4colored lu&inosity. .t helps to facilitate the
soul &erge e8perience. .t helps
to code the pattern of divinity into the physical #ody.
The tenth ray is a co&#ination of the first, second, and third rays &i8ed with white Light.
.t &ust #e understood here that
the $arth as a whole has a #ody of Light, also. !s each person anchors his individual
#ody of Light, this helps the $arth
other to anchor hers.
The tenth ray allows the oneness of self to #e e8perienced and allows the integration of
the yin and yang aspects within
self. The opportunity of the tenth ray is to fully realiCe the #ody of Light while still living
in a physical #ody.
.n the past the #ody of Light has not #een accepted on the $arth and has lived in a higher
di&ension. ! person has to
refine and purify his #eing or raise his vi#ration to allow this integration to take place.
The #ody of Light is not the soul
itself, #ut it is the soul level that contains this aspect of self.
The #ody of Light is also connected to the &onadic level. 7ne can #egin to e8perience
this #efore taking the third
initiation. .t will not #e co&pletely locked in until after this initiation. There is a
&editation at the end of this chapter to
facilitate the anchoring of the #ody of Light.
The $leventh Ray
This ray continues the process and is a #ridge to the Dew !ge. .ts color is an orange4pink
lu&inosity. .t helps one to get
in touch with *ivine love<wisdo&. .t is a co&#ination of the first ray, the second ray, the
fifth ray, and white 'ource Light.
This ray is used to get to the Dew !ge, to &ove up to the ne8t level. 7ne can call this ray
in and #lanket oneself or a
particular area of the $arth that needs this i&pulse to &ove into the Dew !ge. This ray
has one of the &ost penetrating
yet #alanced types of energy &atri8. This ray cleans up anything that was &issed #y the
cleansing eighth ray.
The Twelfth Ray
The twelfth ray is the golden ray of the Dew !ge. This is the ray of anchoring the Christ
consciousness on $arth. .t is the
su&&it of all the higher rays. *+whal %hul and (ywa&us have predicted that the Dew
!ge will officially #egin in /AA?.
The twelfth ray is a co&#ination of all the rays with a sprinkling of white Light and
Christ consciousness.
$ven though it contains all eleven of the rays, the proportions are not all e8actly the
sa&e. For e8a&ple, there is less first
ray than there is second ray. There is also a little less si8th ray since this ray is now going
out of &anifestation.
The twelfth ray also facilitates inner realiCations. .f there is confusion a#out a situation
one can call this ray into
consciousness and into the entire situation and it will facilitate proper understanding of it.
The twelfth ray #rings in the highest invocation of the Dew !ge. .n the Dew !ge, the
&ain focus will #e the twelfth ray. .t
is the highest type of energy &ade availa#le to the $arth e8cept for the energy of the
ahat&a, the !vatar of 'ynthesis,
which is an even higher fre9uency. .t is good to call on #oth of the& on a regular #asis.
)ow to *eter&ine Personal Rays
The &ain way a person can find out what his rays are is #y careful e8a&ination of this
&aterial and #y using #oth the
rational and intuitive &inds. .n con+unction with this a pendulu& can #e used to dou#le4
check left4#rain conclusions.
Thirdly, it is possi#le to have channelings fro& the !scended asters through a 9ualified
channel or fro& a 9ualified
psychic who can give you this infor&ation. . would reco&&end using all three &ethods.
)ow to 5se the Rays
$ach of the twelve rays e&#odies a certain 9uality of energy. The idea now is to study
this &aterial and #eco&e fa&iliar
with the functioning of each ray. Then one can call forth whatever type of energy is
needed at any given &o&ent. .f one
wants &ore will and power he calls forth the first ray. .f he wants &ore love he calls forth
the second ray. .f he wants
&ore devotion he calls forth the si8th ray. .f he wants the violet trans&uting fla&e he
calls forth the seventh ray. .f he
wants cleansing he calls forth the eighth ray. .f he wants the #ody of Light he calls forth
the grand tenth ray. .f he wants
Christ consciousness and the Dew !ge he calls for the twelfth ray. !ll a person has to do
is say, within the &ind or out
loud. 1. now call forth the twelfth ray.1 ! ray can #e called #y nu&#er, #y color, or #y
9uality of energy. For e8a&ple
one could say, 1. now call forth the golden ray.1 7ne could say, 1. now call forth the ray
of love<wisdo&.1 7ne can use
any one of these &ethods or a co&#ination of the&. ! co&#ination &ight #e, 1. now call
forth the golden twelfth ray.1
The energy and ray will flow in instantly, no &atter what a person:s level of evolution.
!ll she or he has to do is ask.
7ne can not only call forth the rays for oneself, one can call forth these rays for world
service work. .t is not spiritually
per&issi#le to send a ray to another person unless one has his per&ission and he has
asked for it. 7ne can send rays,
however, to certain areas of the world for planetary healing. For e8a&ple, one &ight
consider sending the second ray of
love<wisdo& into Bosnia or the iddle $ast. !n area of the world &ight need the violet
trans&uting fla&e or any of the
higher rays. The only two rays that are not appropriate to send for planetary healing
would #e the first ray and the fourth
ray. These should #e used only under the direction of an !scended aster. The first ray
is very e8plosive and has a
destructive 9uality that could #e &isused. The fourth ray of har&ony through conflict is
one &ost people are not currently
dealing with very effectively. .t is an e&otionally #ased ray that, when guided #y the
personality or negative ego, creates
nothing #ut &ore conflict and havoc.
!side fro& these restrictions one is really free to use his intuition and i&agination in this
regard. !ll the higher rays 2rays
eight through twelve3 are e8cellent for personal and planetary service.
The ne8t ta#ulation . would like to share fro& the !lice Bailey #ook on esoteric
psychology deals with the higher and
lower e8pressions of each ray. Hust as each of the astrological signs under which a person
is #orn has a higher and lower
e8pression, so the sa&e is true of each of the seven rays. Which one is #eing e8pressed is
governed #y whether a
person, with his free choice, is serving his personality or his soul in ter&s of the ray:s
Ray ethods of Teaching Truth
Ray . )igher e8pression; The science of states&anship and of govern&ent
Lower e8pression; odern diplo&acy and politics
Ray .. )igher e8pression; The process of initiation as taught #y the
)ierarchy of asters
Lower e8pression; Religion
Ray ... )igher e8pression; eans of co&&unication or interactionG radio,
telegraph, telephone, and &eans of transportation
Lower e8pression; The use and spread of &oney and gold
Ray .( )igher e8pression; The asonic work #ased on the for&ation of the
)ierarchy and related to Ray ..
Lower e8pression; !rchitectural constructionG &odern city planning
Ray ( )igher e8pression; The science of the soul, esoteric psychology
Lower e8pression; odern educational syste&s
Ray (. )igher e8pression; Christianity and diversified religionsG note relation
to Ray ..
Lower e8pression; Churches and religious organiCations
Ray (.. )igher e8pression; !ll for&s of white &agic
Lower e8pression; 'piritualis& in its lower aspects
The Rays and the Corresponding Professions
The following infor&ation shows each of the rays and the corresponding professions. .t
&ust #e understood here that the
type of work one is involved in &ay change depending on whether one is polariCed in the
#ody ray, personality ray, soul
ray, or &onadic ray. This is why &any people &ove into a different profession later in
Ray . "overn&ent and politicsG international relations
Ray .. $ducation and teachingG writing, speaking, radio, T(
Ray ... Finance, trade, #usiness and econo&ics
Ray .( 'ociologyG race and culture cooperation and conciliationG the arts
Ray ( 'ciencesG including &edicine and psychology
Ray (. Religion, ideology, philosophy
Ray (.. 'tructuring of society, ordering of power through cere&ony, protocol and
The Chakras !ssociated with $ach Ray
The Crown Center Ray . Ray of Will or Power
The !+na Center Ray ( Ray of Concrete %nowledge
The Throat Center Ray ... Ray of !ctive .ntelligence
The )eart Center Ray .. Ray of Love<Wisdo&
The 'olar Ple8us Ray (. Ray of *evotion
The 'acral Center Ray (.. Ray of Cere&onial agic
The Base of the 'pine Ray .( Ray of )ar&ony
The Rays !ffecting )u&anity
To de&onstrate the enor&ous influence of the rays on individual lives, the following list
shows all the different rays that
are influencing everyone.
/. The ray of the solar syste&
2. The ray of the Planetary Logos of $arth
6. The ray of the hu&an kingdo& itself
=. The particular racial ray, the ray that deter&ines the !ryan race
>. The rays that govern any particular cycle
?. The national ray, or that ray influence which is peculiarly influencing a
particular nation
@. The ray of the &onad
E. The ray of the soul
A. The ray of the personality
/0. The rays governing;
a. The &ental #ody
#. The e&otional or astral #ody
c. The physical #ody
The Rays and the 'olar 'yste&
.n occult thought it is understood that there are seven progressive solar syste&s that
incarnated personalities evolve
through. Personalities on $arth are evolving through the second solar syste&. The first
solar syste& operated under the
third ray. The current solar syste& operates under the second ray. The ne8t solar syste&
will operate under the first ray.
.n regard to this solar syste&, the seven rays e&anate and are e8pressions of seven great
lives e&#odied #y the seven
stars in the constellation of the "reat Bear. 'ince this solar syste&, governed #y )elios, is
a second ray syste&, the other
si8 rays are really su#rays of the cos&ic second ray.
The rays fro& the seven stars of the "reat Bear reach the sun #y way of the twelve
constellations. $ach ray trans&its its
energy through three of the constellations and reaches the $arth through one of the seven
sacred planets. There are also
seven solar syste&s in the galactic sector of which $arth and its solar syste& are a part.
The Rays and the Planets
The following list shows the eight sacred planets and the rays they are associated with.
'acred status as a planet occurs
when the Planetary Logos takes his third cos&ic initiation.
'acred Planets and Their Rays
$arthI Ray .(
(ulcan Ray .
ercury Ray .(
(enus Ray (
Hupiter Ray ..
'aturn Ray ...
Deptune Ray (.
5ranus Ray (..
The Don4'acred Planets and Their Rays
ars Ray (.
$arthI Ray ...
Pluto Ray .
The oon 2veiling a Ray .(
hidden planet3
The 'un 2veiling a Ray ..
hidden planet3
IThere has now #een a slight ad+ust&ent in this understanding that was #rought forth in
the !lice Bailey &aterial, given
the fact that $arth has now #eco&e a sacred planet.
The Rays and *i&ensions of Reality
The ne8t ta#ulation shows the seven rays and the plane or di&ension of reality each is
connected with. *+whal %hul has
delineated seven di&ensions of reality that hu&anity is working through on what is called
the cos&ic physical plane.
There are also seven cos&is di&ensions. The seven di&ensions listed here are the seven
su#planes of the cos&is
physical, as descri#ed in the !lice Bailey #ook, $soteric Psychology.
Ray . Will or Power Plane of divinity
Ray .. Love<Wisdo& Plane of the &onad
Ray ... !ctive .ntelligence Plane of spirit, at&a
Ray .( )ar&ony Plane of the intuition
Ray ( Concrete %nowledge ental plane
Ray (. *evotion, .dealis& !stral plane
Ray (.. Cere&onial 7rder Physical plane
The Rays that !re in and out 7f anifestation
The ne8t ta#ulation shows which rays are currently active in a planetary sense.
Ray . Dot in &anifestation
Ray .. .n &anifestation since />@> !.*.
Ray ... .n &anifestation since /=2> !.*.
Ray .( To co&e slowly into &anifestation after 202> !.*.
Ray ( .n &anifestation since /@@> !.*.
Ray (. Passing rapidly out of &anifestation. .t #egan to pass out in
/?2> !.*.
Ray (.. .n &anifestation since /?@> !.*.
The Rays and Their ethod of *evelop&ent
The following chart fro& the !lice Bailey #ook on esoteric healing shows the seven rays
and their &ethods of
develop&ent. !lso shown are the planets as descri#ed #y !nnie Besant, the for&er head
of the Theosophical 'ociety.
Characteristics ethods of*evelop&ent Planet
Ray . Will or Power Ra+a -oga 5ranus
Ray .. Wisdo&Balance.ntuition Ra+a -oga ercury
Ray ... )igher ind $8actitude in Thought)igher athe&aticsPhilosophy (enus
Ray .( Conflict .ntensity of 'truggle 'aturn
Ray ( Lower ind $8actitude in !ction The oon
Ray (. *evotion Bhakti -ogaDecessity for an 7#+ect ars
Ray (.. Cere&onial 7rder Cere&ony7#servancesControl over Forces of Dature Hupiter
The 'even Types of People and the ain *ivisions of )u&anity
What &akes people so different fro& one anotherJ Why does one person #eco&e an
artist, another an accountant,
another a #usinessperson, and another a priestJ *+whal %hul has elucidated five &ain
categories that &ake people the
way they are.
/. ! person:s 1racial division1G in other words, is he a Le&urian type, an !tlantean type,
an !ryan root race type, or a
eruvian typeJ
2. The twelve astrological groups which greatly affect a person:s focus in life.
6. Whether one is unawakened, awakened to his individuality, awakened to the soul,
and<or &onadically awakened.
This, of course, deals with the person:s level of psychological and spiritual develop&ent
and level of initiation.
=. Whether one is watched fro& a distance #y the )ierarchy, a&ong those awakened and
attracted to the 'piritual
)ierarchy, or a&ong those #eing integrated into the )ierarchy, called 1the Dew "roup of
World 'ervers.1
>. The last category that deter&ines what type of consciousness a person has is the seven
&ain ray types. These are;
a3 The power type full of will and governing capacity
#3 The love type full of love and fusing power
c3 The active type full of action and &anipulating energy
d3 The artistic type full of the sense of #eauty and creative aspiration
e3 The scientific type full of the idea of cause and resultsG &athe&atical
f3 The devotee type full of idealis&
g3 The #usiness type full of organiCing powerG given to ritualistic cere&ony
The Five "roups of 'ouls
*+whal %hul, in his writings through !lice Bailey, has delineated five groups of souls
that hu&anity falls into. 'o&e of the
places the souls originated fro& &ay surprise you.
/. Le&urian egos, our true $arth hu&anity
2. $gos that ca&e in with !tlantis
6. oon chain egos fro& the &oon
=. $gos fro& other planets
>. Rare and advanced egos awaiting incarnation.
-es, so&e souls even developed first on the &oon #efore co&ing to $arth. This is not
uni9ue to *+whal %hul:s writing.
Theosophy speaks of this, as do the channelings of $arlyne Chaney. There are apparently
seven races and what are
ter&ed 1seven rounds.1 *+whal %hul said individualiCation upon the &oon chain took
place in the third round of the fifth
We are now in the fourth round of the fifth root race which is the !ryan root race.
.ndividualiCation in Le&uria occurred
in the fourth round of the third root race. .ndividualiCation in !tlantis occurred in the
fourth round of the fourth root race.
The unfold&ent on the &oon chain occurred &uch earlier than our $arth:s history and
that is why we know very little
a#out it.
!n interesting esoteric fact is that Lord aitreya was the first of $arth hu&anity to
achieve ascension, whereas Buddha
was the last of the &oon chain hu&anity to do so.
7n the &oon chain the souls were @>B third ray and 2>B first and second ray. The
Le&urian souls were @>B second
ray and 2>B first and third ray. The !tlantean souls were E0B first ray and 20B second
'hort 'ynopsis of the Twelve Rays
Ray . Red ............................ Will, *yna&ic Power, 'ingleness of Purpose,
*etach&ent, Clear (ision
Ray .. Blue ........................... Love<Wisdo&, Radiance, !ttraction, $8pansion,
.nclusiveness, Power to 'ave
Ray ... -ellow ....................... !ctive .ntelligence, Power to anifest, Power to
$volve, ental .llu&ination, Perseverance,
Philosophical Bent, 7rganiCation, Clear4indedness, Perfectionis&
Ray .( $&erald "reen .......... )ar&ony through Conflict, Purity, Beauty,
!rtistic *evelop&ent
Ray ( 7range ....................... Concrete 'cience, Research, %een .ntellect,
!ttention to *etail, Truthfulness
Ray (. .ndigo ........................ *evotion, .dealis&, Religiosity
Ray (.. (iolet ......................... Cere&onial 7rder, Ritual, agic, *iplo&acy,
Tact, the (iolet Fla&e, Physicalness and "round
'pirit, 7rder, *iscipline
Ray (... 'eafoa& "reen .......... The )igher Cleansing Ray
Ray .K Blue4"reen ................ Hoy, !ttraction of the Body of Light
Ray K Pearlescent ................ The !nchoring of the Body of Light, .nviting of the 'oul
Ray K. Pink47range ...............The Bridge to the Dew !ge
Ray K.. "old ...........................The !nchoring of the Dew !ge and Christ
For those who want to study this &aterial in real depth, . would reco&&end reading the
three !lice Bailey #ooks on this
su#+ect; $soteric Psychology, (olu&es 7ne and Two, and The Rays and the .nitiations.