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Small scale & peak shaving plant

LNG production: 10-12 k t/yr (30-500 t/day)

Hamworthy delivered a small scale LNG plant on an EPCIC
basis to Gasnor of Norway in 2003. The plant, named
Snurrevarden LNG has:
A design capacity of 60 ton/day of LNG, that can be
turned down towards 0 ton/day without affecting the
calorific value of the produced LNG.
Unmanned operation with minimum need for inspection
outside the routine maintenance schedules. Start-up
from warm condition is done by one man in three hours.
After start-up in March 2003, the feasibility of the
technology and equipment has been proven during several
thousands hours of unmanned operation under varying
climate conditions.
The LNG plant receives pipeline-spec natural gas from the
main trunk line running from the North Sea offshore
platforms to one of the major gas treatment facilities in
Norway. Before liquefaction, substances that can solidify at
LNG-temperature are removed. The plant consists of the
following basic parts:
Natural gas dehydration unit
Natural gas CO
removal unit
Cryogenic cooling circuit
Main liquefier (cold box)
LNG storage tank and truck loading station.
In the LNG plant, a closed nitrogen expansion loop provides the
required cold duty to liquefy the natural gas. Nitrogen is
compressed in three stages with inter-stage cooling by air
coolers, and expanded in a single-stage expander. The
refrigerant is kept in the gaseous phase throughout the cycle.
Small scale LNG plants using this technology can be offered for
capacities ranging from 30 500 tons per day.
Gas Systems: Product Information
Small Scale & Mini
LNG Liquefaction
Snurrevarden plant at Karmy, Norway



Small Scale & Mini LNG Liquefaction Systems
Mini LNG plant
LNG production: 2-18 k t/yr (5-50 t/day)
Mini LNG plant for utilization of natural gas in areas without
central pipeline distribution system. Gas coming from pipeline,
local reservoir or landfills can be liquefied. Depending on the
source of gas, pre-treatment may be required before
Hamworthy has license right to the SINTEF developed and
patented system.
Energy and cost effective modularized mini LNG plant with the
following features:
Capacity 5 to 50 tons/day
Modularized LNG plant, in frames
LNG liquefaction
Gas engine
Truck terminal
Main advantages:
Using standard equipment for low investment cost and
fast manufacture of the liquefaction unit
Movable plant
Capacity of the plant can easily be adjusted
Refrigeration cycle with mixed refrigerant for low
energy demand
Fully instrumented pilot plant liquefying methane in a closed
circuit has been in operation since October 2003.
Production: 1 ton LNG/day
Long term test during autumn 2004 successful with two
months of continuous 24-7 fully automated operation.
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specification and data to incorporate improvements in design.
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