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Coolant and Washer Fluid Filling Machine

Operating Instruction

Adress:No.56 General Road in Jinan, Shandong province Post Code:250108
Tel: 0531-88266622 General Phone
Fax: 0531-88772200 0531-81206707
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JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

Company Introduction

CJIERUI ELECTRIC CO., LTD, which integrates design and development,
manufacture, installation and sales services as one. This manufacture has higher
competitive in intelligence professional electromechanical equipment in China.
Also it is certified high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province.
JINAN JIERUI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was established in October 1995
and its register fund was one million yuan; JINAN CJIERUI ELECTRIC CO.,
LTD. was established in June, 2003 and its register fund was five million yuan.
The enterprise is located No.56 in General Road of Jinan city and covers 8700
. In 2010 the company's income of annual sales was more than 80 million
yuan, with an annual taxes was more than 6 million yuan, and fixed assets was
50 million yuan, and current assets was over 38 million; The company has
maintained a 40% average annual growth since it was founded.
At present, the numbers of employees are 156 persons, 53 technical
engineers who have rich experience in the application of vacuum technology,
automatic control, gas and liquid transmission technology, electro-hydraulic
integration technology and other fields professionals. CJIERUI ELECTRIC
CO., LTD. establishes expedite communication and business contacts with
well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions such as the U.S.
GRACO. Germany BURKERT, LEYBOLD, WILO, Britain SPIRAX likelihood,
Sweden ORION, Shandong University, Harbin Institute of Electrical and
Mechanical College, Tianjin Industrial University of Technology and so on.
From 1999 to 2001, JIERUI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. made the first
completely automatic power steering vacuum filling machine of China
proprietary intellectual property rights with China First Automobile Group and
the Chinese Automobile Research institute, which supplied prologue of the
automobile assembly line to high, fine, excellent on mechanical and electrical
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

numerical control equipment domestically; And it seized the domestic and
foreign markets rapidly in afterwards several years.
Currently, the brand of JIERUI and CJIERUI vacuum filling equipment,
quantitative filling equipment and automobile assembly line of mechanical and
electrical equipment have occupied more than 60% market share in domestic
market. In Volkswagen, Hongqi, FAW, DFAC, Chery, Chang'an, Great Wall
Changfeng, HuaTai, KIA, Nissan and other famous auto company's product line
to replace the imported equipment, and successfully exported to Russia,
Vietnam and other foreign markets. It received customers recognization at
home and abroad as a stable quality, excellent cost performance and improved
customer service system.
When consolidating the existing products and markets, CJIERUI
ELECTRIC CO., LTD. always sticks to technology and quality as top of the
enterprise development, continuously improves products system and explores,
develops new products; gradually transfers to non-standard industry. In 2006 the
company successfully developed hermetic leak detection, attack started, Helium
recycling etc. a series of automatic electrical and mechanical equipment for
Emerson Group, and quality of products transcended the Emerson Group of the
United States suppliers, and successfully exported to the Vietnamese company
of Emerson Group. At present, the company has already established business tie
with foreign-funded enterprise of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and
the Bohai - rim areas and successfully operates a large number of non-standard
equipment items.
The concept of JIERUI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. is "integrity, dedication,
efficiency, innovation". The company adheres to the people-oriented,
market-oriented, innovative technology standpoint, and reliable products quality
management system to provide our customers with high performance and low
cost of products and first-class technical services, which will become best
Intelligent electromechanical equipment suppliers in China.

JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

JIERUI Products Brief
Standard Products
JRJZ-V series Vacuum Filling products
JRBJ series Intelligence Industrial Identification products
JRBJ series Intelligence Industrial Gelatinizing products
JRJZ-N series Quantitative Filling products
JRJZ-S Concentrated Fluid Transportation system
JRJZ-H series Lubricant Coating system
JRJL series Hermetic Leak Detectors
JR-XX series information gathering of production lines,
monitoring system.
Non-standard products
Industrial non-standard equipment, engineering and construction solutions
consulting, design, production, services on site
Automobile assembly line specialized non-standard work, clamp, and
automation solutions
Various production lines specialized non-standard equipment, automation
Various production lines used to retrofit, manufacture and sale solutions in
China with imported equipment

Special Notice: CJIERUI, JIERUI ELECTRIC, JIERUI etc. relating
brand, mark, trademark are CJIERUIS register brand, its property and
ownership governed by CJIERUI ELECTRIC CO., LTD., and protected by the
relevant laws and regulations.
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

CJIERUI Sales Services Introduction
CJIERUI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. not only provides high-class products, but
also provides top-notch service for customers from various levels; during
pre-market, performance, sale provides elaborate technical services and
meticulous, effective, comprehensive communication with customers to ensure
that manufacturers of products are to customers and themselves satisfaction. As
for sold products, we grant whatever is requested and reply whatever is asked
and overall track, in order to pursuit dual-perfect of products quality and
technical services.
Service Concept
Sincerity, specialty, prompt, careful
Service support
After-sales service department directly is responsible for customers and the
general manager, with implementing Initial Consultation system to ensure that
the service got an effective response;
Perfect services database, the maturity clients, equipment archives, digital and
network management, which effectively coordinate the relevant departments,
and to ensure timely and accuracy;
In In In In Nationwide distribute after-sales service Office and to ensure service
response timely and efficiency;
The 24-hour direct dial service hotline and complaint hotline, inspect and
supervise services to ensure customers satisfaction
Service team
Make a good use of talents and establish a high standard, high quality, efficient
service team, and use a full service system;
Specialty engineers president over replying technical problems from
The leader, technical deputy and professional maintenance staff of the
company regularly or irregularly visit customers;
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

We set permanent office in FAW (Changchun), DFAC (Shiyan), Chongqing,
Suzhou, etc. area, specialty personnel are responsible for after sales service.
Service promise
All the sold equipments are used for warranty within one year and lifetime
We can guide installation on-site according to the needs of its customers and
ensure the correct installation of equipment;
To ensure that users have qualified personnel to operate and maintain with
systematic operation training.
Receipt of a notice should be given treatment response within one hour.
Service personnel serve on-site with the average area 12-hour and special area
within 24 hours
Make a customer archives to provide regular visit.

JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

Introduction of other area agencies

Office in China First Automobile Group
Address: FAW factory No. 665, 38 blocks
Tel: 0431-5986108 13944179631
Office in DFAC Group
Address: Dongfeng Group office, Shiyan city
Tel: 0719-8264988 13617195365
Office in Chongqing
Office in Suzhou
Office in Tianjin

JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

Caution before using

Safety Note
Misuse Equipment hazardous:
The equipment used exclusively for professional use and avoid misusing of
Please read carefully manual equipment instructions and all components
instructions, warning etc before using.
No moving or changing equipments.
All the equipment parameters are set before leaving factory, and
non-professionals avoid amending.
Before changing parameters, please record original parameters.
Check and maintain the equipments daily, and replace the worn components
Fire and Explosion hazardous
The equipment is the three-phase 4-wire 380V AC power equipment, which
should be grounded line before using, solidly and reliably connect to the safety
standards protection grounded line after electricity switched on.
No smoking in the working area.
Keep well ventilation of equipments.
If accidents occur, please immediately shut down, until maintain equipment
to normal before the boot.
Spraying hazardous
1. Avoid any part of the body close the pipeline system components during
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

operations and maintenance.
2. Do not use hands and any other part of the body to prevent the leakage.
3. Please carefully check equipment pipeline and connecting whether to be
normal, when you find the worn parts and replace them immediately. When
maintaining equipments, you must keep the pressure relief.
Personal Safety
1. Working uniform: Workers must wear protective uniform, do not
wear earrings, bracelets, necklace and other jewelry ornaments!
2. Protective gloves: Workers must wear protective gloves to prevent
3. Protective glasses: Workers must wear protective glasses to protect
their eyes from harming!
4. Safety boots: Workers are required to wear protective boots!

JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction

JRJZ-V04/N11P Coolant and Washer fluid filling machine
Operating Instruction

1 EQUIPMENT OVERVIEW.................................................................................................... 1
1.1 Constitution and Function of Equipment -------------------------------------------------------- 1
2 PRINCIPAL OF WORKING................................................................................................... 6
3 MAIN TECHNICAL INDEX.............................................................................................. 6
4.1 Preparation------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
4.2 Evacuation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
4.3 Leakage check--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
4.4 Re-evacuation --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
4.5 Filling process --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
4.6 Suction process-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
4.7 Complete --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
4.8 Suction against drop-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
4.9 System supply --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
5 OPERATING........................................................................................................................ 9
5.1 Start/stop Operating System----------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
5.2 System Parameters Set ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
5.3 Filling operation----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13
5.4 System Monitor ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16
5.5 Manual Debugging ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
5.6 Date Query Function ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18
5.7 Warning Relating Operations ------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
6 FAULTS AND REMEDY ..................................................................................................... 20
7 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR.......................................................................................... 21
7.1 System Maintenance Daily ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
7.2 System Maintenance:----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
ANNEX ONE........................................................................................................................... 22
MAIN COMPONENTS LIST.................................................................................................. 24
JRJZ vacuum filling equipment 1

1 Equipment Overview
JRJZ-V04/N11P coolant and washer
fluid filling machine is for the needs of
filling coolant and washer fluid in
production Line, designed and
manufactured by JINAN CJIERUI
ELECTRIC CO., LTD, as a new type of
mechanical-electrical integration, special
vacuum quantitative filling equipment.
Fig 1.1.1
When filling coolant , JRJZ-V04/N11P coolant and washer fluid filling machine
can synchronous detect power steering fluid pipeline system pressure reliably and deal
with statistics about the filling volume, vacuum and pressure data parameters when
filling powering steering oil. It provides reliable quality assurance for production
management and performance testing.
1.1 Constitution and Function of Equipment
The equipment consists of coolant proportion vacuum filling and clear fluid ration
filling two parts.
1.1.1 The internal pipeline and components of the equipment as shown in Figure 1.1.3,
internal piping system consists of vacuum tube fill pipe, suction pipe and fluid tube
for coolant filling unit and the fill pipe, supply pipe for clear fluid filling. The symbol
of pipelines indicated in Figure 1.1.2.

Vacuum pipeline
Exhaust pipes
Compressed air
Fluid Pipeline
Suction line vacuum filling system
JRJZ vacuum filling equipment 2

1) Vacuum systemmainly is used for vacuuming with imported vacuum pump in
shortest time, which consists of vacuum pump, vacuum tank, water and air
separated tank, vacuum sensor, vacuum pressure gauge , The control and
adjustment valves with visual position control. Use SV25B pump as vacuum
pump to complete system vacuuming.
2) Filling System: system filled using constant-current electric vane pump and
shorten fluctuations time in the pipeline system under pressure and can more
accurately reflect filling pressure. Regulating pressure by fluid regulate valve.
Mainly consists of the storage tank, filling pump, regulator valve, flow meter,
filters, pressure sensor, pressure gauges, the control and adjustment valves with
visual position control. The main water tank filling is controlled by pressure, and
the subsidiary water tank is controlled by flow.
3) Supply system: including original fluid pipe and storage tank, water supply and
storage tank, and decide supply by time delay and flow switch. This system consists of
supply pump and control and adjustment valves with visual position control etc.
Suction system: the main function is to adjust fluid level and suction fluid remained in
pipeline to storage tank after filling complete. This system consists of control and
adjustment valves with visual position control etc.

JRJZ vacuum filling equipment 3

Fig 1.1.3 inter pipe Cleaning fluid filling system
1Filling system: make filling by American GRACO dissepiment pump, regulate
pressure with manual gate valve. This system mainly consists of storage tank, filling
gun ,gate valve, pressure meter, control and adjustment valves with visual position
control etc.
2Supply system: there are two roads for supply with automatic switch. Supply fluid
by American GRACO dissepiment pump. This system mainly consists of supply pump,
control and adjustment valves with visual position control and flow switch etc.
1.1.2 Control panel: the main operating control panel. Operator can make
man-machine conversation on control panel.

Coolant proportion
Original fluid,
water, proportion
fluid supply
Clear fluid
Supply pump

Clear fluid
Clear fluid
Filling pump
Clear fluid
Filling pipe
JRJZ vacuum filling equipment 4

Fig 1.1.4
Main operating control panel mainly consists of switch indication control panel,
process indication lamp panel and touch screen. When vacuum filling equipment is
running and instructed by indicator light in addition to color LCD display relevant data
to ensure that operators in remote monitor the state of filling.
Switch control panel is composed of Emergency stopPower onwith
lightPower stopManual/AutoStartStopSupplyResetFormula
type1Formula type2.
Switch indicator panels is composed of ReadyFirst vacuumVacuum
leakPost vacuumFillingSuctionOver.
Type selection button is composed of High lowType 1Type 2Type
3Type 4Type 5.
1.1.3Pneumatic Control Unit: located on the right door of cabinet, the main function
is to provide an effective source of compressed air. Before compressed air coming into
the equipment, firstly processes unit (triplet) filter, lubrication etc., and then gas
sources will be available to provide to the aerodynamic components. Control the sol
valves by PLC to achieve pneumatic control functions. Mainly consists of solenoid
valve group, valve board, air disposal unit (triplet), and regulator etc.
JRJZ vacuum filling equipment 5

1.1.4The electric control systemthe main electric control loop. Inside electric
cabinet there are PLC, A/D module, mini breaker, motor protective switches, mini
relay, contactor, switch electric source, connection terminal etc. PLC shall make logic
operation of whole system to assistant each control component action to ensure normal
working of system. A/D module shall translate the simulation signal of each sensor
pressure, vacuum into digital and input them to PLC, then PLC shall compare
every parameter and program to control filling system and vacuum system. Mini
breaker can be used for manual switch under debugging mode, and protect each loop
form over current under normal mode. Motor protection switch mainly protects each
pump motor form over current and under voltage. Mini relay complete logic
operation with contactor.
1.1.5Filling gun and its house group: the equipment is equipped with one coolant
vacuum filling gun and one cleaning ration filling gun and one coolant filling gun
transition adapter. The vacuum filling gun can be used solely or with transition adapter
to complete filling to complete different vehicle type. Cleaning fluid ration filling gun
completes ration filling of cleaning fluid. The gun houses are located on the ground.
Mainly has the following functions:
A. Gun and the main pipeline joints connecting rapid routing and coated with plastic
B. The gun head is designed with anti-leak, after filling finishes; there is no leakage
when plucking gun head.
C. Gun is set with start and stop button and indicator lighters.
D. Gun head cooperated with oil tank are connected with pneumatic clamping type.
E. Filling oil gun is seated right and left sides of equipment for use, which is made
from aluminum (not including handle), the part of easy-worn connected with oil
tank is considered intension, durability and corrosive resistance.
F. Gun head cooperated with the oil tank, oil tank mouth is without deformation or
injury, and the body without interference.

JRJZ vacuum filling equipment 6

2 Principal of Working
JRJZ-V04/N11P coolant and washer fluid filling machine is composed of fluid
control, pneumatic control and electric control three parts: Fluid control mainly
real-time check and quantitative controls Antifreeze filling and system vacuum
pressure; pneumatic control part mainly finishes the fluid valve supplying pilot gas
supply and controls filling gun clamping; electrical control system mainly finishes
system process control and testing, also deal with process parameters data,
preservation and the system monitoring, data display and failure alarm, etc.
JRJZ series common vacuum filling equipment working principle is based filled
system with vacuum check, vacuum filling, and suction of filling line and purification
etc. process technology integration of intelligent control. And complete vacuum,
checking and filling process with higher operating rhythms.
Vacuum process of JRJZ-V04/N11P coolant and washer fluid filling machine
includes low vacuum and high vacuum stages; suction process includes suction,
ventilation etc. several stages. Filling process of quantitative vacuum filling equipment
consists of preparation, evacuation and leakage detection, re-evacuation, filling,
suction and completing, etc. several sequential process.
Refer to system diagram, see the attachedfigure.
3 Main Technical Index
1) Technical Parameters
system vacuum value (filling gun mouth):20mbar
filling pressure:0.10.4mpa adjustable
filling volume 120L adjustable
coolant filling accuracy: level height2mm
clear fluid filling accuracy1%
Filling cycle :8set /hour
Storage tank90L
Noise <80dB
Equipment shape dimensions: lengthwidthheight: 32008001800mm
2) working environment
JRJZ vacuum filling equipment 7

gas source:0.4-0.6MPa
power: Three-phase 380V5% 50Hz
environment temperature: 040Environment humidity: 2090%RH

4 44 4 Coolant Coolant Coolant Coolant Vacuum Filling Equipment Operation Process

4.1 1 1 1 Preparation
After power on, then system shall enter into working state.
4.2 2 2 2 Evacuation
When first evacuation, vacuum pump M1 runs, vacuum pressure holding valve
V401and gun vacuum valve V422 opens, a few seconds later, vacuum sensor V404.1
opens, until preset time.
4.3 3 3 3 Leakage check
No Process Content
Preparation Electrified, equipment enters preparation after self-check
Automatically clamp
Press the green button on the gun, seal complete
Big leakage checking
If failure to withdraw from filling cycle, sound and light alarm
Constant pressure,
leakage check
Small leakage checking
If failure to withdraw from filling cycle, sound and light alarm
5 Re-evacuation Gun head reach the lowest vacuum
6 Pressure filling
Constant pressure filling, pressure, flow and time triple control. If failure
to withdraw from filling cycle, sound and light alarm
7 Keep pressure Make the filling pressure constant to ensure fill up
8 Suction process Inflatable, and suction to complete level treatment
9 Filling complete State initialization, sound and light alarm
10 Pneumatic loosening Press red button on the gun and unclamp
11 Manually take guns Suction against drop.
JRJZ vacuum filling equipment 8

After first evacuation, vacuum pressure holding valve V401 closes, system begins
leakage checking, until preset time.
4.4 Re-evacuation
Generally, system enters into re-evacuation process after leakage checking, and
opens vacuum pressure holding valve V401 again. The re-evacuation is to repeat
evacuation process, until preset time.
4.5 Filling process
When filling, filling pump M2 runs, and gun filing valve V421 and filling valve
V402 act, meantimes, tank breath valve V507 acts to accelerate filling process, until
preset pressure.
4.6 Suction process
After filling, the oil in pipeline shall be sucked back into tank. During this
process, suction valve V403,gun suction valve and blowing valve V509 act, until
preset time.
4.7 Complete
After suction, the whole filling process ends, system shall give indication signal
for s few seconds.
4.8 Suction against drop
Then, press stop button, suction valve V403 acts to suction against drop until
preset time or after gun returns into its house. The suction against time can be set on
man-machine interface. See details in fig 5.2.3.
4 44 4.9 System supply
Auto supply mode, supply valve V410or V411 acts and supply pump P3 runs to
supply oil into tank.

N NN Note: all parameters of each vacuum filling process can be set on man ote: all parameters of each vacuum filling process can be set on man ote: all parameters of each vacuum filling process can be set on man ote: all parameters of each vacuum filling process can be set on man- -- -machine interface. machine interface. machine interface. machine interface.
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 9

5 55 5 Operating
5.1 Start/stop Operating System
5.1.1 Power On:
Connect with the main power of the JRJZ-V04/N11P coolant and washer fluid
filling machine ; Push the power onbutton in the control panel The indication
light shines and the touch screen enters the original interface(fig 5.1.1)

Fig5.1.1 system original interface
5.1.2 Power off Operation: Shut off the main electric source switch.
5.2 System Parameters Set
System parameters set is completed on the touch screen.
5.2.1 Selection of Working Mode
Switch the manual / automaticswitch to manual location on the control panel,
system enters manual mode; If switching the switch to automatic location, the system
enters automatic work mode.
5.2.2 Operating Parameters Set
N NN Note: this item must be operated by professional person or authorized pers ote: this item must be operated by professional person or authorized pers ote: this item must be operated by professional person or authorized pers ote: this item must be operated by professional person or authorized person by our on by our on by our on by our
company, strictly prohibit other person amend. company, strictly prohibit other person amend. company, strictly prohibit other person amend. company, strictly prohibit other person amend.
1)Technical Parameters Set
In figure 5.1.1 window, press "Parameter set" to access the interface shown as
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 10

figure 5.2.1. After inputting the process password (system default password 1), press
ENT and system firstly enters current parameter set interface one (Figure 5.2.2), press
DOWN to enter technic parameter two(fig 5.2.3) , you can set each control
parameters of vacuum filling process, including the coolant vacuum filling process
parameters and clear fluid ration filling process parameters.
The definition of each parameter can be fund in list 5.2.1.

Fig 5.2.1 password input interface

Fig 5.2.2 technics parameter set interface
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 11

Fig 5.2.3 technics set interface 2
List 5.2.1
No parameters title units parameters signification
Current set
1 Rough vacuum time S
Evacuation process, the time to check vacuum
pipe and coolant pipe whether there is big

2 Rough vacuum value mbar
The big leakage checking value, if it not
to reach the preset vacuum value in first
vacuum time , system will give big
leakage alarm

3 Fine vacuum time S
Evacuation process, the time to check vacuum
pipe and vehicle coolant pipe whether there is

4 Fine vacuum value mbar
Evacuation process, base on the vacuum degree
to judge vacuum pipe and vehicle coolant pipe
whether there is leakage.

5 Leakage check time S The system leakage checking time
6 leakage check value mbar
Estimate whether or not have small leakage
value when vacuum checking

7 Re-evacuation time S The second vacuum time
Filling protection
S the longest time of fill during filling
Main tank filling
The preset value for main coolant tank ration

10 Filling quantity error L The main coolant tank filling quantity error.
12 Filling pressure Bar
Judge pressure value of fill pipeline with
topping up during filling process

Filling pressure
keeping time
The time of keeping the filling pressure preset

Secondary tank
filling volume
The preset value for secondary coolant tank
ration filling

JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 12

Secondary filling
protection time
S the longest time of secondary tank filling.
16 Suction time S suction process time
The original coolant
filling quantity
L The preset filling quantity of original coolant
Drum empty check
S Supply drum empty check time
19 Alarm screen time S
The alarm screen time after pressing reset

Suction against drop
pick up gun and anti-leakage, suction time after
completing filling

The preset value of
clear fluid filling
L The preset value of clear fluid filling quantity.
The filling protect
S the longest time of fill during clear fluid filling
23 Drum exchange time S
Drum exchange time after achieving system
drum empty information.

2)System parameter set
System parameters are for system measurement to ensure the filling accuracy.
Input system parameter password (system default password 1) in the interface shown
as fig 5.2.1, press ENT key and system enters system parameter set interface (fig
5.2.4 ). Continue to flip to enter into system parameter set interface2 (fig 5.2.5).

A AA Attention: the system parameters have been set right, ttention: the system parameters have been set right, ttention: the system parameters have been set right, ttention: the system parameters have been set right, do not change them without do not change them without do not change them without do not change them without
professional person professional person professional person professional person. .. .

Fig 5.2.4 system parameter set interface
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 13

Fig 5.2.5 system parameter set interface
5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 Filling operation
5.3.1 5.3.1 5.3.1 5.3.1 Coolant vacuum filling
1. First, switchmanual / automaticswitch to the automatic position on the panel,
filling equipment enters preparation state, preparation indicator lights on.
2. Filling operation: base on vehicle type, Take the gun from bracket and point to the
filled nozzle. Push the green FILLING button on the top of the gun or press the remote
control locking button, the three claws in the gun clamps the lip of the pot and the
entire vacuum filling cycle starts as follow. The indication lamps will indicate the each
process; the whole cycle is going on automatically without person. The order is shown
as following:
ReadyFirst vacuumVacuum leakPost vacuum FillingSuctionOver
After the filling of main water tank, start filling secondary water tank with certain
quantity until preset value.
3. After both main water and secondary water tank have completed, press stop button
to unclamp claws, then system starts suction against drop until preset time or gun
returns into its house.
4. Put the gun into its house.
5.3.2 5.3.2 5.3.2 5.3.2 Cleaning fluid automatic ration filling
1. First, switch manual / automatic switch to the manual position on the panel,
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 14

filling equipment enters preparation state, preparation indicator lights on. .
2. Take the gun from bracket and point to the filled pot, press filling button to start
filling until preset value.
3.Put filling gun into its house, the whole filling process completes.
5.3.3 5.3.3 5.3.3 5.3.3 Manual filling
1. First, switch manual / automatic switch to the manual position on the panel,
filling equipment enters preparation state, preparation indicator lights on. .
2. Un-quantitative manual filling: take filling gun and point to filling nozzle, press
filling button to start main water tank, and press stop filling button to stop filling, the
filling quantity can be controlled by operator himself.
a) System shall sync-output fault alarm with the indicator on panel when fault.
b) With automatic mode filling, if pressfilling stop key on the gun or the stop
button on the operation panel, system stops current operation, and then return the
initial state.
c) During filling process, operators can observe the current fill volume, the current
pressure and current vacuum degree by system monitor interface. Detailed monitoring
interface see 5.4.
d) Any filling state, users can adjust filling pressure by the filling pipeline regulating
valve RF1 to regulate the speed of the filling.
5.3. 5.3. 5.3. 5.3.4 44 4 Supply fluid to tank by hand
1. First, switch manual / automatic switch to the manual position on the panel,
filling equipment enters manual state.
2. Pressmanual supplybutton on the panel, supply indicator lights are on, supply
fluid valve open, the system begins supplying oil to the storage tank from. to fill
the required level, again press on the panelmanual supplybutton, and stop
Note: Note: Note: Note: During During During During manual manual manual manual supply supply supply supply, , , , until until until until system system system system set set set set the the the the high high high high level, level, level, level, you need not you need not you need not you need not press press press press
manual manual manual manual supply supply supply supply button button button button , the system will automatically stop , the system will automatically stop , the system will automatically stop , the system will automatically stop supplying. supplying. supplying. supplying.
5.3. 5.3. 5.3. 5.3.5 55 5 Automatically supply fluid to tank
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 15

System monitors the level of the fluid in the storage tank by the fluid level switch.
When the storage tank level reaches the low level, system will automatically open the
valve V410or V411(VB10 or VB11 for cleaning fluid)to supply, when reach to high
level, the system automatically stop supplying, supply valve closed.
5.3.6 5.3.6 5.3.6 5.3.6 State Indicator Instructions
1. Three-color Lamps indicator
1) A red warning light constant on indicated system with malfunction, when checking
generally electricity or equipment preparation state. This warning, system does not
start filling operations. Mainly in the following circumstances lit :
A. Gas source is smaller than set smallest pressure, which is to protect pneumatic
valve dependable motion.
B. The Trip situation of filling pump, vacuum pump motor protector.
C. The liquid level is too low or too high.
2) A red warning light frequent flashes indicating filling process with failure, in this
case, you can choose complete mandatory or restoration re-operation. Mainly in
the following circumstances:
A. Filling time exceeds longest filling time set.
B. When evacuation, you can not vacuum the largest leak vacuum degree in set
time, the system reckons there is big leakage.
C. During leakage check, find leakage greater than the set.
D. When filling, the pipe-distance exceed journey.
3) A yellow light constant on shows system with problem, need to solve with manual
intervention, mainly in the following circumstances:
A. Filters plug, regardless of supply filters or filling filters
B. When complete filling, the actual filling volume is less than the preset least
filling volume.
C. When the edge of oil drum empty.
2) The green light is on expressed filling, extinguishing indicates completing.
2. Sound warning : the following two situations :
A. After filling completed, the buzzer will call a period of time to remind the
operator complete filling. 1HZ frequency, time out or press the "stop" button
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 16

on the gun to stop.
B. System with malfunction, with a red light for state instructions, buzzer
frequency 5HZ, until troubleshooting or by pressing the "alarm reset" button.

5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4 System Monitor
Systems with real-time monitoring function, users can fully understand equipment
current work state by this picture.
Touch "system monitor in the initial interface 5.1.1, you can access to the main
monitor window of system (Figure 5.4.1), the operators can observe the current filling
volume, the current cycle time, the current pressure and the current vacuum value and
the current parameters of the changes by this interface etc.

Fig 5.4.1 system monitor interface
In addition, system also has pipeline monitor function through monitor interface.
Press pipe monitor to enter pipeline monitor interface shown as fig 5.4.2,
which can give you the realtime working state of each valve.
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 17

Fig 5.4.2 pipeline monitor interface1
5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 Manual Debugging
The function reserves the use of super administrator. During the system adjusting
or failure checking, divorcing from any PLC mode control, easy to operate and judge
the valve operation more directly on the man-machine interface. But professional
personnel are needed to complete, otherwise you can not properly handled the valve
interlocked relationship and brought the unexpected failure. This function absolutely is
used cautiously.
In 5.5.1 window after input manual debugging password, press the ENT key,
and then the system enters manually debugging window (Figure 5.5.1), users can
manually debugging in this window, "the manual debugging" functions for system
service/ maintenance, an online debugging functions of the main system components
individually, or a combination check.
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 18

Fig 5.5.1 manual debugging window 1

5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 Date Query Function
Data query function is about statistics about the total filling volume and time of
filling, users can access this function window for data inquiries.
In the main menu select "Data Query", the system accesses data query
interface(fig 5.6.1), on which, you can query the latest filling time, vacuum value and
whole filling time.

Fig 5.6.1 data query window.

JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 19

5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7 Warning Relating Operations
1 During systems operation, before operators carry out the next phase of the
operation or change the setting, must complete ongoing operation, or will result
in system disorder or system failures.
2 In all touch-screen interfaces "return" buttons are return the initial interface.
3 In case of emergencies, you can beat emergency stop on the panel,
equipment stop.
Unless an emergency situation, you can not pressemergency stop button,
frequently use emergency stop button to stop power would affect some
components of life, even damage some electrical components.

JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 20

6 6 6 6 Faults and Remedy
The system has fault diagnosis and alarm instructions function. In any working
state, the alarm buzzers ring with failure, while red indicator light on of the top
three-color, the operator can query the current buzz content on the screen, the specific
alarm Table see 6.1.
Failure Alarm, pressalarm reseton the panel to cancel alarm ,users can handle
relating alarm by alarm picture.
Table 6.1 detailed alarm items and treatment
alarm content reason treatment
level too low
Level switches may be
damaged or infusion pump
1check level switch
2adjust infusion pump and filter
level too high
level switch may be
damaged or infusion speed
too fast
1check level switch
2adjust throttle valve of infusion
pressure shortage
pressure switch may be
damaged or Undervoltage
gas supply circuit
1check pressure switch
2Check pressure of the gas supply loop
whether to be enough
filling pump
load may be too large or
system power failure
1protective switch current set whether to
be too small
2check system load whether to be too
3check system distribution electricity
vacuum pump
load may be too large or
system power failure
1protective switch current set whether to
be too small
2check system load whether to be too
3check system distribution electricity
big leakage
Seal system not well, filling
head unclamp, pipeline
leakage, or large leakage
check parameter set too
1remove filling head and clamp
2check system pipeline whether to be leak
3adjust large leakage parameters
small leakage
pipeline with small leakage
or small leakage parameters
set too small
1choose compel filling or cancel filling
2check system pipeline
3adjust system small leakage check
drum empty
level switch damage
drum empty
1check level switch
2change drum prompt
filter alarm
filter damage
pipeline unsmooth
1check filter
2check clean pipeline
filling overtime
set filling volume too large
filling pipeline leak
1check set filling volume and filling
2check and maintain pipelie
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 21

Note: any of the foregoing alarm, according to the screen prompts for the
corresponding inspection and operation. If that does not succeed, please contact with
the manufacturers.
7 7 7 7 Maintenance and Repair
7.1 7.1 7.1 7.1 System Maintenance Daily
1System Pipeline Maintenance: check equipment pipelines daily and tie-in whether
to leak or not, and ensure that equipment is clean and tidy. Carrying out maintenance
every three months with cleaning dust and check whether pipeline and circuit are
2Electric Maintenance: regularly inspect whether connection terminal line loosens
and whether the relay contacts badly and every valve plug contacts badly in order to
ensure signal reliably input and output.
3System Maintenance:System checks vacuum value and flux parameters every half
year and makes them optimization.
4Vacuum Maintenance: perform use methods, safety and maintenance stated in the
operating manual of pump to ensure pump running safely. Regularly checking
and maintain to eliminate possible fault and hidden trouble.
Refer to details see the operating manual.
5Air disposal unit( triple): see appendix one.
7.2 System Maintenance:
1. Fluid control circuit maintenance: every fluid valve can open manual in the fluid
control circuit, during maintenance if you want to operate a valve, you can press
white point in the sol valve manually, and check and maintain the relevant
pipelines, you can operate manually sol valve only on the power off conditions.
2. Electric loop maintenance: Total system logic controls are in the PLC control,
after checking trapezium and know the logic relation, and then observe each
input and output state in the PLC to confirm interior logic with failure or
exterior connector and valve or its perform components problem. During
maintenance process you can refer to system theory chart and electric control
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 22

Annex one
Two conjoined / triple-use (compressed air source processor) instruction
(for reference only difference between models)

1Blow the pipeline by compressed air before installation.
2Triplet required install vertical, and water cup and oil cup are adown, but
pressure relief valve knob install up or adown.
3Arrowhead direction refers to air compress direction, pay attention to it when
1Avoid exposure in the sun
2As a result of water cup and oil cup are made from creosote; Avoid using in
circumstances containing the following chemistry: compound oil, thinner,
chloroethylene, kerosene, acid or aroma hydrocarbon.
1The filter should advert to release water with drainage manually, level does not
exceed level symbol, at least set water once every number of runs
2When adjusting pressure, firstly pull the knob, right rotate with pressure
ascending and left rotate with pressure descending, and then push the knob and
clock on the adjusted pressure.
3The oil level of oil tank should keep between upper limit and lower limit, oil
deficiency, supply oil prompt. use mucosity 2.57E lubricate, we commend
use number 22 steamer oil.
4The minimum air flux in the normally operating should content the minimum
flux request of oil tank.
5Cup and cup cover removed should be operated without pressure.
1Clutch shield cover by hands, press orientation device and rotate right or
JRJZ vacuum filling machine instruction 23

left 45 by thumb, make the arrowhead of orientation device versus the
arrowhead of valve and pull adown to remove.
2Some models can directly tweak down.
6Oil tank can fill oil with stop gas or non stop gas, fill oil step as follows:
1Usually directly fill by opening oil stuff.
2Some model: a. open the block of oil tank and dropt air of cup b. tweak
down oil cup c.add the cup proper oil d. tweak up oil cupe.tweak up
Abstersion of cup and sieve should choose litmusless scour, after washing with
rinsing and co

Main Components List
NO Name Type Quantity Manufactures Mark
1 Vacuum pump 2BV2070 1 SIEMENS

3 Vacuum sensor PTX610 1 DRUCK
4 Pressure sensor A-10 1 WIKA
5 Flow sensor 8030 3

6 Flow valve 1/2 14

7 Regulator Reference 11 1 France AD
Coolant filling
MHI-206 1 Germany WILO

Coolant supply
H716 3 GRACO

Cleaning filling
H716 1 GRACO

supply pump
H716 1 GRACO

Condensation TFHSZ4531FHR
1 France taikang
Flow switch FB21-020GK
3 Shanghai
Freezing point
1 Guangzhou china
15 PLC 1766-L32BWA 1 AB
I/O extending
2 AB

I/O extending
4 AB


A/D extending
1 AB

Touch screen 2711P-T6C20A
1 AB
20 Sol valve VQZ115-5G-C6 20 Japan SMC
21 Reducing valve AR20-02 11 Japan SMC
22 Triple AC30-03 1 Japan SMC
23 Pressure meter 0-2.5MPa 2 Shanghai china

Stainless steel 1

26 Hose 16X13 7m*2 Japan DMZ
Ripple pipe
AD42.5 7m Germany FLEX

28 Fluid filter G3/4,G1/2 10 Haideke
Supply oil
JR001 6 Self-made

30 Storage tank 5 Self-made
31 Cabinet 3200*800*1800 1 china
32 Balancer 1.5-3 2 china
Vacuum filling
J812B-03 1 Self-made

1 Self-made