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Name: ___________________________________________________

Job Title: Head of Education

Reporting Relationships: Director of Services

Governing Body

Responsible for: Educational Services Staff


1. To be responsible for the day to day running of all aspects of the

education provision of the school.

2. To be responsible for the 24 hour education programmes throughout

the school.

3. To ensure the formulation and implementation of policies and

procedures relating to the provision of education and care of pupils for
all staff at the school.

4. To meet the conditions of employment of headteachers as set out in

the current School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document and any
subsequent additions or variations of the same.

5. To manage the school in accordance with the National Standards for

Headteachers together with the National Minimum Standards for Care
as laid down by Ofsted Care.

6. To ensure strict adherence to the school’s Child and Vulnerable Adult

Protection Policy.

7. To ensure that the mission statement, aims and objectives of the

school are known and implemented by staff.


1. To participate in the formulation and development of future strategy for

the organisation in conjunction with the Director of Services, Governors
and the Board of Trustees.

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2. To ensure that at all times the health, education, welfare and safety of
the pupils is maintained.

3. To maintain and develop a system of assessment reporting and

recording as appropriate to each child and across the full range of

4. To formulate and update a detailed training and employment

programme to suit the requirements of the school in terms of individual
needs and abilities of pupils.

5. To carry out professional duties in accordance with and subject to

current legislation.

6. To have responsibility for health and safety within the school.

7. To ensure adherence to well established and maintained boundaries of

behaviour (staff and pupils).

8. To communicate courteously, clearly, accurately and regularly with

parents, Local Authorities, the local community and other outside



1. Ensure the existence of an appropriate coherent philosophy which all

staff accept, understand and put into practice.

2. Together with the Head of Residential Services to formulate and

implement a general structure of care, in accordance with policy and
objectives for the school.

3. To agree each year the dates of school closure.

4. To maintain a high level of care, safety, housekeeping and general


5. To keep under review the work and organisation of the school.

6. To update and agree a detailed educational policy to suit the needs of

the school.

7. Together with the Director of Services to draw up a detailed school

development/improvement plan indicating the short and long term aims
and objectives of the school. This plan should be costed, timed and
identify key personnel.

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8. In the short-term absence of the Director of Services, to take full
responsibility for the school.

9. To liaise with the Chair of Trustees in the event of long-term absence

of the Director of Services.

Leading Learning and Teaching

1. To ensure the formulation and delivery of appropriate Individual

education, care, behavioural and skills programmes at appropriate
levels for all pupils.

2. To monitor and progress, maintain records and issue periodical reports

on pupil progress.

3. To consult with the staff, consultant psychiatrist and trustees about the
exclusion of a pupil.

4. To discharge duties as laid out in the current Education Acts.

5. To ensure that all pupils in attendance at the school take part in daily
collective worship as per current legislation.

6. To ensure a consistent and continuous school-wide focus on pupils’

achievement, using data and benchmarks to monitor progress in every
child’s learning.

7. To ensure that learning is at the centre of strategic planning and

resource management.

8. To establish creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning

and teaching.

9. To ensure a culture and ethos of challenge and support where all

pupils can achieve success and become engaged in their own learning.

10. To demonstrate and articulate high expectations and set stretching

targets for the whole school community.

11. To implement strategies which secure high standards of behaviour and


12. To determine, organise and implement a diverse, flexible curriculum

and implement an effective assessment framework.

13. To take a strategic role in the development of new and emerging

technologies to enhance and extend the learning experience of pupils.

14. To monitor, evaluate and review classroom practice and promote

improvement strategies.

U:\School Documents\Recruitment\Job Descriptions\Head of Education.doc

15. To challenge underperformance at all levels and ensure effective
corrective action and follow-up.

Care of Pupils

1. To be responsible for safeguarding and protecting the welfare of all

children resident at the school.

2. To devise with the staff a full programme of out of school activities for
boarding and respite pupils, designed to complement and extend the
educational programme (sometimes referred to as ‘the 24 hour

3. To liaise, as appropriate, with the parents of pupils concerning their

wellbeing and continuing development.

4. To liaise with external agencies (eg Local Authority, GPs, psychiatrists,

psychologists etc) in determining individual requirements.

5. To organise and participate in the selection of pupils for the school, the
Director of Services normally having the determining voice.

6. To ensure that full and comprehensive records are maintained for each
pupil admitted to the school.

7. To be responsible for obtaining from appropriate sources detailed

records of each pupil awaiting admission.

8. To arrange with sponsoring authorities, parents and all other interested

parties, regular reviews on all pupils and amend their programmes as

9. To ensure that, wherever necessary and subject to parental

permission, pupils receive appropriate medication and that a record of
such treatment is accurately and regularly maintained and monitored.

10. To provide a system for pupils to raise issues of concern to them and
ensure that the school’s complaints procedure Is adhered to at all

11. Safeguard pupils’ health by providing a good balanced diet according

to individual needs, including appropriate medical care where


1. To maintain a friendly, sympathetic, informative and professional

relationship with all parents and guardians.

U:\School Documents\Recruitment\Job Descriptions\Head of Education.doc

2. To provide opportunities for parents and guardians of pupils at the
school to be consulted on a regular basis.

3. To make periodic reports to parents and encourage residential pupils to

maintain contact with their home where possible. Encourage parents
or guardians to feel free to visit the school.


1. To ascertain staffing requirements and consult with the Director of


2. To establish open relationships with all staff whilst maintaining

essential professional authority.

3. To hold regular staff meetings.

4. To define staff duties and ensure that detailed job descriptions are
prepared and agreed with individual members of staff and are kept

5. To deploy and manage all Educational Services staff of the school and
allocate particular duties to them in a manner consistent with their
conditions of employment.

6. To provide cover for absent teachers.

7. To ensure appropriate in-service training programmes are delivered.

8. To ensure that all members of staff are fully aware of the care, safety,
training and occupational objectives for each pupil.

9. To be responsible for the implementation of policies as agreed by the

Board of Trustees and ensure that all staff are familiar with these

10. To ensure regular staff supervision and appraisal.

11. To evaluate the standards of teaching and learning in the school, and
to ensure that proper standards of professional performance are
established and maintained.

12. To adhere to the school’s policy on recruitment and selection of staff

and liaise with the Director of Services on such issues.

13. Carry out the induction process for those newly appointed staff for
whom you are immediately responsible in accordance with the school’s
current induction programme. Ensure that staff know how they
contribute to the school’s success, checking and reinforcing this
whenever possible.

U:\School Documents\Recruitment\Job Descriptions\Head of Education.doc

14. Identify the training and development needs of those staff for whom
you are responsible and ensure that the training and development
needs are identified at their annual appraisal. Communicate to staff
the school’s commitment to develop employees and allocate time to
meet training needs.

Premises and Resources

1. To have knowledge of the up to date plans of the building and grounds

which show usage and details of prevention, detection and equipment
for the fighting of fire.

2. Ensure that systems operate which minimise the risk of damage to

premises and resources.

3. Take steps to ensure that the health, safety and hygiene of pupils and
staff is safeguarded.

4. Create as far as possible and maintain a homely environment which is

age appropriate and permits privacy for individual pupils.

5. Arrange for a range of pupils’ work to be displayed around the school

and changed at regular intervals.

6. Together with the Director of Services, regularly review the contribution

which the premises, grounds and resources make towards achieving
the school aims and objectives.

7. To assist in the development and improvement of the premises,

grounds and resources to maximise their potential in meeting the
needs of all pupils.

8. Acquire the knowledge necessary to perform all the above functions.

Common Responsibilities

1. Carry out any other duties as requested by the Director of Services.

2. Attend staff meetings and parents’ evenings/workshops as required.

3. Attend Governing Body and Board of Trustees meetings as required.

4. Maintain confidentiality for all areas of the school, its staff and its

5. To attend appropriate courses, conferences and seminars.

6. To ensure that your conduct within and outside the establishment does
not conflict with professional expectations of Wargrave House School.

U:\School Documents\Recruitment\Job Descriptions\Head of Education.doc

7. Carry out any other duties as are within the scope, spirit and purpose
of the job, the title of the post and its grading.


It is a requirement upon all staff to report (to the Child Protection Officer,
Director of Services or Board of Trustees, or to the National Care Standards
Commission or other approved inspectorate with which the school has an
agreement for inspection under the Children Act 1989, or to the local social
services authority or to the police) any concerns they may have about
practices in the school, or the behaviour of colleagues, which they consider
likely to put at risk of abuse or other serious harm.

The school provides a guarantee that the procedures will be invoked in ways
that do not prejudice any whistle blower’s own position and prospects if they
have reported an allegation or concern in good faith.

It is a requirement that your job description makes it clear that failure by a

member of staff to report actual or reasonably suspected physical, sexual or
emotional abuse or neglect of a child is a disciplinary offence.


Maintain confidentiality for all areas of Wargrave House School, its staff and
its work. The nature of the work within the school entrusts people with
confidential information about the students, their families and staff. Any
breach of this confidentiality will constitute gross misconduct.

Note: This job description reflects the present requirements of the post. As
duties and responsibilities change and develop, the job description will be
reviewed and is subject to amendment in consultation with the postholder.

Signed and accepted …………………………………………………………..

Date …………………………………………………………..

U:\School Documents\Recruitment\Job Descriptions\Head of Education.doc