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Fundance Foreign Film Festival is sponsored by the Brunswick Parents

Association. Its purpose is to show films about the lives of children and

young adults from around the world, hoping to open minds, link
hearts, and provoke curiosity.



Fundance 2008
All films are shown in Massey Theater at Greenwich Academy
unless otherwise indicated
Admission and food are free

For questions regarding film ratings and content

please contact:
Priscilla Masselink
Jessie Jamar April 11-13, 2008
at Massey Theater, G.A.

Program cover des igned by June Einhorn

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...FREE FILMS..........FREE FOOD!..........FREE FUN...

Friday, April 11 3:00 pm War of the Buttons
Ireland, 100 minutes, ages 10+
12:30 pm Taina 2 The children of Ballydowse and Carrickdowse (public vs. private schools)
Brazil, 76 minutes, all ages engage in turf battles. Losers’ buttons and shoelaces are cut, punishment
A courageous Indian girl, Taina, with her little friend, Catiti, and monkey, Catu, designed mostly to enrage their parents. A grudging admiration develops
meet many challenges and exciting adventures while carrying out her mission between the warriors and new friendships emerge.
to protect the breathtaking Amazon against animal poachers. Winner English
Children’s Jury Award Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2004
Portuguese, with subtitles 4:45 pm God Grew Tired of Us
Sudan/USA, 90 minutes, ages 10+
1:00 pm Taina 2 This documentary follows the lives of three “Lost Boys from Sudan” who
See above for description leave their homes due to civil war. They relocate to America where they
Shown in the Brunswick Middle School Auditorium triumph over adversity to build active and fulfilling lives. Meanwhile, they
remain committed to helping friends and family left behind. Narrated by
2:00 pm Shorts Program Nicole Kidman. Winner, Grand Jury, Best Documentary, Sundance 2006
30 minutes, all ages English

2:30 pm Leaps and Bounds 6:45 pm Upper and Middle School Student Films
Iraq/Sweden, 86 minutes, ages 10+ Jury and Audience Awards will be presented immediately following films.
Two Iraqi brothers, Azid and Tigris, dream of becoming high jump champions. Come and vote for your favorite student film!
The family attempts to escape the politics of Iraq and the brothers mistakenly
end up alone in Sweden. Through the help of a hot-dog vendor and a 8:30 pm The Kite Runner Special Screening
sympathetic coach, many surprises await the brothers in their quest. Winner, Afghanistan/USA, 122 minutes, ages 13+
Best Action Feature Film, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2007 Guest introduction by literary and film agent for author, Jody Hotchkiss,
Farsi and Swedish, with subtitles a Brunswick alumnus.
Award winning and Oscar nominated, this film tells the story of a young
6:30 pm King of Masks man, Amir, who immigrates to California with his father during the Russian
China, 100 minutes, ages 10+ invasion of Afghanistan. He receives word to return to his home, now
An aging street performer in China, known as the “King of Masks”, yearns for a controlled by the Taliban, to rescue the son of his former servant and best
male descendent to learn his act before dying. When he finally finds “Doggie” friend. Haunting secrets are revealed and ultimately a chance to find
both lives are changed forever. A favorite at many festivals. forgiveness.
Chinese, with subtitles English, Dari, Pashtu, Urdu and Russian

8:30 pm Cautiva Sunday April 13

Argentina, 109 minutes, ages 13+
The world of a teenage girl in Argentina is turned upside down when she is 1:00 pm Selection of Shorts From Around the World
pulled from class one day and told about her true identity. Confused, and See Saturday for program
trusting no one, Christina begins her own investigation of Argentina’s dirty war
in the early 80’s and the many dissidents who were “disappeared.” 2:45 pm The Rocket
Spanish, with subtitles Canada, 124 minutes, ages 10+
Maurice Richard, “The Rocket”, is Quebec’s most famous hockey player. Despite
Saturday April 12 his great talent and success playing with the Montreal Canadiens, he faces
constant discrimination by English speaking players and coaches. Ultimately, he
1:00 pm Selection of Shorts From Around the World speaks out with inspirational results. Great hockey scenes.
89 minutes, all ages French, with subtitles, and English
Rocks and Chocolate Bulgaria, 12 minutes
Snakebite Scotland, 10 minutes 5:00 pm The Italian
Melancholy Puff Machine USA, 5 minutes Russia, 97 minutes, ages 13+
Ousmane Senegal, 13 minutes Vanya, a 6-year-old Russian orphan, is about to be adopted by a wealthy Italian
My Greatest Day Ever Australia, 9 minutes couple. Vanya learns that his birth mother is still alive, and escapes his
Hashi’s Film Sri Lanka, 11 minutes rundown orphanage in the bleak Russian countryside to find her. Inspired by
Little Shaolin Monks China, 2 minutes true events, Vanya will capture your heart during his adventures.
Wooden Dog Poland, 27 minutes Russian, with subtitles
Parents and obscure relatives welcome and encouraged to attend

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