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Content 365
Suite of Products
Document &
Communication Manager

Stop Digging. Start Doing. On Any Device.
Your focus should be running your business, not digging for information, logging
in to multiple systems, or taking classes to learn to find and manage your content.
Comply365 offers an easy-to-use content distribution platform that gives you the
information you need, to do your job. Our obsession is helping you access,
distribute and act on the content you need anytime, anywhere, on any device.
The Content You Need – Anywhere, On Any Device
It should be easy to get all the information you need to do a great job. No more
digging or sifting through hundreds of emails, recalling multiple passwords or
tens of clicks to get the information you need. Document Communication
Manager (DCM) ensures you have the latest documents, manuals, forms,
communications – the information you need on a tablet, pc or smartphone.
The system lets you know what you need to read, review and act on that day.
With instant access to the documents and communication you need, you can
focus on getting work done. DCM is easy for users at every level to learn in
minutes. User-inspired features like Favorites, Search and Dashboard Reporting
make DCM a must-have solution for every enterprise. With one solution for the
entire enterprise, companies save time, save money and increase productivity.
DCM gives you the power of an enterprise solution with the convenience of an
app. Distribute documents, forms, and communications anywhere, on any device.
Keep employees, contractors, vendors and regulatory authorities in the know
with the information and content they need to do their job.
Out-of-the-Box Easy – easy for users at every level with features that both
business and IT love. It is intuitive, personalized, controlled, and consolidated.
Information each user needs, delivered in one central place.
Line of Sight – management can see who has read and/or acted on documents;
dashboard reporting and audit-ready reports gives graphic view of compliance
across the organization, including vendor and contractor action. Get the insight
you need, in real-time.
Content You Need, On Any Device – DCM gives your enterprise, document
management and revision control, ensuring everyone has the most consistent,
latest information; distribute content instantly, across and even outside your
organization. It automatically links and syncs with myMobile365 app, so users
always have the content they need, on any device.
Track Action On Your Content – track and see who has acted on the content –
in real-time. Audit-ready tracking and reporting, accelerate compliance and
simplify reporting and audits.
Cloud Solution – access on any device, anywhere – both in and out of
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Go Paperless
EFB Solution
Out of the Box Easy
Content & Revision Control
Apps for iOS and Android
Track & See Action
Real-time Reporting
Link & Sync with Enterprise
Leverage Existing Databases & Solutions – leverage existing investments and
data; DCM extends the solutions and databases you already have in place with
integration and automatic link and sync.
myMobile365 – be productive everywhere with a companion app. Experience
the power of an enterprise solution with the convenience of an app. Access and
act on documents and forms on any tablet; automatically link and sync with back-
end databases and existing solutions.
DCM Features
• Instant access to content – anywhere, any device, in and out of connectivity
• Enterprise solution with companion app for iOS and Android platforms
• Link and sync for real-time reporting and insight
• Device agnostic
• Distribute any fle type or size…instantly
• Single sign on – one login
• Tag Favorites
• Quick search & advanced search
• Automatic revision control
• Track action and compliance
• Integrates with existing solutions
• Dashboard reports – for real-time status across your enterprise
• Drill down reports – for focused action, trending, gap analysis; audit-ready
reporting and compliance
• Out-of-the box easy – one place to go for all your content; intuitive features
• One solution for the entire enterprise – role-based, so every user has the
content they need – employees, vendors, contractors and regulatory authorities
• Support365 – call center and support for admins and end-users – 24/7
Work Smarter
• Distribute new policies and procedures instantly to operations, customer
services, accounting, other departments or to vendors; control versions
• Ensure sales has the latest product/service pricing and marketing support
• See who read, reviewed and acted on new SOPs or policies
• On board new employees or business units – keep everyone aligned, informed
and productive, on any device
• Keep vendors informed, aligned and accountable with the latest contracts,
policies, procedures, guidelines and reporting
• Keep authorities and agencies in the know, with role-based information
• Keep board members in the loop and accountable for information
• Save time, expense and stay in compliance with dashboard reports for
management authorities
• Add Workfow365 and LMS Learning Manager, Schedule365 and Integration –
for enhanced automation and greater savings
Comply365 makes it easy to mobilize. Call 608.313.1500
or email Learn more at
Highlights of how
DCM helps airlines
Pilots – EFB Solution;
chief pilot bulletins
In-Flight – Documents, alerts,
manuals, communications
Ground, Dispatch, &
Maintenance – Stay up-to-date
with manuals, policies and
Tech Pubs – go paperless;
easy, instant updates; revision
control; reduced costs
IT – hosted solution means
no hardware investment;
reduces IT heavy lifting and
tech support to the airline
HR – new hire onboarding;
policy and procedure updates;
audit support
Procurement – vendor
management; keep vendors
and contractors up-to-date
with the latest manuals,
policies and procedures
Regulatory Authorities –
instant reporting and audit-
trails for FAA, IOSA, OSHA
and others
Management – line of sight
with dashboard reporting, drill
down reports, automatic emails
Your One-Stop for Content, Convenience,
Control, Productivity – Everywhere
With myMobile365™ companies have a single, easy-to-use App that gives users
access to core content all they need to do their job each day. Employees can
instantly access the documents, forms, training and tasks they need on any tablet
or mobile device. They can complete forms, training and tasks and access the
information they need instantly regardless of connectivity.
Companies can go paperless with confidence. The enterprise App links and syncs
to corporate systems and works for users at every level in every department.
In addition to giving users fingertip access to the latest manuals and content on any
tablet device, myMobile gives management access to real-time reporting and full
back-end operational workflows. Unlike most Apps, my Mobile365 is more than just
a viewer. It links and syncs with the user’s account in the enterprise application,
automatically pushing and pulling information to and from the App. Users simply
log in and the App automatically updates and removes the old version from the
App, guaranteeing that they are always looking at the most recent content. This
App is packed with power. Tag favorite documents for quick reference, control
revisions, and manage your workday.
myMobile365 acts as a container App that holds other third party Apps that
seamlessly integrate to our backend solutions – making myMobile365 an easy,
one-stop shop for all you need for your workday. Access everything you need
from – DCM,

LMS Learning Manager,

AQP Learning Manager,


& Forms365.

Whatever solutions you need, myMobile makes it super convenient
for employees or vendors with one place to go for all their documents,
communications, forms,training, and tasks, and workflow approvals. It can even
host shortcuts for any additional Apps that you need to use and quickly navigate
between multiple Apps.
Enterprise Solution + Mobile Apps = Power Plus Out-of-the-Box Easy
What makes myMobile365 so unique is that it has a powerful back-end enterprise
solution that corporate can use to distribute content. In our world, content is more
than just documents. It is training, forms, and communications – anything users
inside the organization as well as those on the road or working remotely need to
work smarter, anywhere. Even vendors, contractors and outside agencies can get
the content they need. With our easy-to-use enterprise solution, someone can sit at
a computer and load a new document, revision, communication, training, or form.
Instantly, end-users have access to all the content that was loaded on any device.
Plus, you can actually track action on the content you distribute in real-time, giving
management line of sight and ensuring accountability and compliance.
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Getting started is easy.
Leverage the power
of mobile today.
Call Comply365 at
608.313.1500 or
How it Works
Administrators can upload content in 60 seconds. Users immediately receive the
information if connected. If they are not connected, they will receive it the next time
they sync. A confirmation code can be imbedded by the software and the user simply
acts on the content and “complies” by entering the confirmation code. The system
administrator will see in real-time a dashboard report giving them full line of sight of
who has read the content that was distributed.
Out-of-the-Box Easy
Perhaps the greatest thing about myMobile365 is that it is easy-to-use and no one
can mess it up. It’s intuitive for users at all levels use right of the box. No long training
sessions, special weekend courses or PhDs needed. It puts the power of the
enterprise in the convenience of an App – intuitive, anywhere, and even fun.
Automatic sync for hands-free productivity – Users simply log in and everything
syncs automatically. New documents seamlessly push to the App, disappear if expired
or are replaced with a current version. Old documents are automatically removed.
Proprietary App provides peace of mind – Our App gives you security and control.
Users cannot open any content in another App or viewer. Rest assured data is fully
secured and encrypted.
Control and convenience – No delete button ensures users can’t inadvertently delete
something. The content they need is always there.
Customize your App – Star & tag favorite sections with custom bookmarks and even
add shortcuts and other Apps to have everything you need for the way you work.
Search features help you quickly find the documents you need.
One central place to go for content and action
Connectivity – Productivity Anywhere
In many businesses it is just not possible to have access to connectivity at all times.
The App holds documents, communications, forms, training, tasks, and even
evaluations...all content can be accessed with or without connectivity. For example,
if you need to fill out a form but have no access to Wi-Fi or cellular service, no worries.
Simply fill out the form, and the App will queue it up to be sent the next time you’re
in connectivity. Content is stored on the App so users are be able to access, read and
act without connectivity.
Security – Peace of Mind
Comply365 solutions are proven in one of the most highly regulated and security
sensitive industries. 256 bit encryption is used and is encrypted at rest and in transit.
CDN technology expedites delivery with the least amount of strain on your network.
Integration to LDAP and other platforms to give users single sign on capabilities and
authentication to add another layer of security.
Control – MCM – Mobile Content Management – Convenience & Control
• Reports the last time the device was synced
• Single sign on; PIN authentication
• “Keep me logged in” settings
• Automatic wipe when device has not been synced
• Remote locking and wiping
• Track devices; link device to a user
• Reserve memory on the device for myMobile365 content so space is assured and
end-users cannot download too many my apps, books, or movies
Stay on Track From Start to Finish
With Workflow365™, you can create your own tasks and work streams that
automatically routes information at the right time. Workflow ensures your
project stays on track from start to finish. Workflow can be used for tasks such
as managing contracts, tech pubs revision process, invoice approval and routing,
vacation approvals, and any other tasks that need coordination of tasks, routing
of the latest information, and approvals.
Workflow365 is an easy-to-use enterprise software application that saves time,
money and keeps everyone in the loop and in step. With this new cloud-based
tool, airlines and other companies can easily create tasks and work streams that
automatically route information to the next person at the right time on any device.
By flowing information and tasks to the right person at the right time, projects
can stay on track. Electronic acknowledgements provide valuable line of sight on
project status. With consistent task allocation, users can focus on what they need
to do at just the right time in the process. With automated email reminders, users
are notified what tasks they need to complete – without needing to log in.
Approvals, routing and coordination of tasks are easier with Workflow365.
Workflow Administrators can design project templates and define tasks within
a template. Users can start a project and assign tasks to the appropriate person
for action. This is perfect for complex approval and routing processes such as
technical publications revisions, invoice approval and routing, vacation approvals
and other repetitive, but important tasks that require tracking.
Plus, everyone has the information they need to improve coordination, reporting
and project completion. Individuals can focus on the task at hand avoiding the
distraction of information overload.
Workflow365 is flexible to fit any workflow environment. Templates make getting
started easy and acknowledgements make compliance tracking a breeze.
• Reduce risk and potential fnes with standardized, repeatable, trackable steps
in your workflows
• Keep everyone in the loop with the information they need, when they need it
• Cut the clutter and noise – so your teams can focus on tasks at hand
• Reduce time wasted on follow ups
• Workfow dashboard reporting give you quick summaries and detailed
reporting for the visibility you need to manage all your projects
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We Make it Easy
• Intuitive set up
• Flexible so you can set up your own multiple workfows
• Easy templates let you quickly set up new workfows
• Tasks can be preconfgured to “pick and choose”
• Automated routing - ensure everyone gets the info they need when they
need it
• Track completed tasks – keep record of compliance along the way
• Peace of mind – know your project or task is done consistently and meets
any regulatory requirements
• See bottlenecks – for quick attention and smarter decisions
Great For
• Managing contracts
• Coordinating new or revised content and managing the approval process
Tech Pubs * Marketing Materials* Employee or Vendor Materials
• Creating new or policies and procedures and managing the approval process
• Invoice approval and routing
• Vacation approvals
….any other tasks that need coordination of tasks, routing of the latest information,
and approvals.
Get Started
Comply365 would be happy to help you automate your work and give you visibility
to all your projects. We make it easy to get started. Give us a call at 608.313.1500
or email

Keep Content Consistent Across Your Organization.
Keeping content consistent across departments and aligned with federal stan-
dards or with internal standards is a breeze with Standards365. Now you can
update a policy, procedure or guideline and instantly compare your revised
content against an OSHA, ATOS, IOSA or other standard. The system automati-
cally compares content and alerts the owner(s) that a change is pending which
may affect the given policy, procedure, or guideline. With Standards365, you
can quickly and easily see related content that may need to be changed to drive
consistency across your company. No more manual digging for weeks for related
information or specific page numbers where a policy is referenced. Instantly print
a report that highlights the location of selected content references as compared
to the proposed change or existing guideline for easy follow up action. Auto-
matic alerts sent to content owners and/or subject matter experts make proactive
follow up a breeze.
Standards365 helps you save time, save money and reduce risk.
• Quickly compare content to a database, checklist, or standard and instantly
view other affected content across the organization
• Standards365 fags affected documents and content for follow up action
• Automatic alerts are sent to content subject matter experts or content owners
• View or print reports in an instant showing selected content and the relevant
ties to a standard content database, checklist or other “internal standard”
• Compare to federal or third party databases for comparisons to federal
standards – like OSHA or industry specific standards such as ATOS or IOSA
• Create your own “standards” to benchmark future content
• See potential conficts and implications to other content as you propose
changes or updates
Work smarter with Standards365™
Reduce risk, save time, improve efficiencies and savor more peace of mind,
knowing your content is consistent across departments, with the current standard
databases, or with content that matters to your business. Find out more how
Standards365 can help you – call 608.313.1500, email or
visit to learn more about Comply365’s solutions.
Electronic Forms Made Easy
Comply365’s new Forms365™ product is designed to give you forms and reporting
at your fingertips. Now, you can have powerful yet easy electronic forms anywhere
on any device. With Forms365 you have more than access – you can complete
the form in real time. Forms365 provides the ultimate convenience and flexibility.
Leave the creation to us. Simply scan in your form and the Comply365 team will
create them for you so you can simply distribute and see the real time reporting
you need.
Access & Distribution – Forms on the Go
Forms365 has a separate icon in the myMobile365 App. You can create a Forms365
collection in the App. For example, you can easily group forms for fast reference
with a Forms collection for a “737 Aircraft,” “Maintenance Forms” or a “Company
Forms” collection, for example. Forms can be accessed on the myMobile365 App
or through Comply365’s web applications.
You can distribute to a group, subgroup, or drill down to a specific user. If a form
is edited, it will automatically replace the old form with the new form the next
time the device is synced, making revision control a breeze.
Forms can be completed on the go regardless of connectivity. If a form is filled
out without connectivity, it is queued up and automatically sent the next time
connectivity is established.
Form Reporting – Automatic Workflow & Powerful Insights
Save money and work smarter with forms. Forms365 capture data and information
easily on any device and then automatically flows content into a database for
insightful reporting. Plus, forms content can trigger automatic workflows, populate
automatically into other databases to streamline workflow and enhance reporting
and insight. For example, if the form was an incident report, a supervisor can
review it and route it on to other departments for further review and action.
Or the data around the incident can flow into an HR or Operations database to
automatically record the incident. Finally, data from the incident can drive reports
about the incident or add information to other reports for even greater insight.
• Email the form to an individual or group of individuals
• Mine the report information and content from the database
• Integrate with other databases so your form(s) can automatically feed into
a current database
Each form can be designed to perform one or a combination of any of the
above actions.
Get Started
We’d be happy to help you automate your forms, go paperless, distribute
and track action on your content anytime, anywhere on any device.
Give us a call at 608.313.1500 or email
LMS Learning Manager
Finally a Learning Management System
Designed for the Entire Airline
For years, airlines have been trying to adapt to traditional learning management
systems to fit their needs. It’s like putting a round peg into a square hole. Now
you can simplify the way your airline looks at training. Our flexible, easy-to-use
LMS Learning Manager™ (LMS) enables your entire business to do virtual, global
training, across all departments. Leverage your current content and upload any
file type with no size restriction. Give your employees and even your vendors,
the ability to complete their training anytime, anywhere, on any device.
The LMS Learning Manager allows you to have unlimited users, accessing the
system at the same time, without experiencing any slowness or crashing. It auto-
matically grades tests and lets employees know immediately if they passed
or failed. Consolidating systems saves money and makes it easy for everyone to
know right where to go for their training. No more logins to multiple systems.
Big Benefits. Great Features.
• Access and complete learning – anywhere in the world, anytime, on any device
• Leverage current training content and expertise – upload any fle type including
Flash, HTML5, SCORM, PowerPoint, and streaming videos
• Create curriculum to meet your needs your curriculum
• Create, load, and grade tests in minutes for independent learning or classroom
• Build custom rosters
• Test Randomizer
• Create surveys
• Automatically link training data to operational systems – HR, Scheduling, Crew
• Give crews one system to log in to and complete all their training – HR, InFlight,
Flight Ops
• Great vendor training and tracking; great simple tool for vendors to get up
and running
• Automatic alerts – remind employees and vendors until training is completed;
no more endless follow up
• Multiple departments use one system – save money, leverage content,
line of sight
• View dashboard reporting with high level roll-ups and drill-down specifcs –
see training compliance across the airline or view an individual’s test
• Spot trends quickly with real-time reporting of test results
• Stay on track with a single system for training, risk management, compliance
and audit
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One Solution. One Stop Learning.
Here are just a few examples of how airlines are training smarter.
Human Resources
• Automate new hire procedures and on-going training for every department
• Coordinate and schedule required drug and alcohol course training and
OSHA training.
Maintenance / Ground Operations
• Train maintenance and vendors from around the world; create or upload the
appropriate training content and they can train remotely
• Make sure your ground crews have the most recent training before they go
out in the field
• Allows you to have full audit trail and records for your regulatory auditors
• Recurrent training is easy to track with LMS. It can also identify areas where
pilots may be struggling. Integrate LMS to your crew management software and
automatically push the training completion records to it. Dispatch will have real
time information to determine if a pilot is current to fly.
• Combine LMS with live scenario evaluation tools to support advanced
qualifcation training programs – designed specifcally for Pilots – AQP
• InFlight typically takes advantage of different training formats like PowerPoint,
Flash, & Articulate. With the LMS software, you can load any fle type, giving
InFlight crews the flexibility they need.
• Combine LMS with live scenario evaluation tools to support advanced
qualifcation training programs – designed specifcally for InFlight – IQP
Customer Service
• Management can load in the training for customer service departments and
make sure everyone is fully trained and up-to-date
• Leverage content and knowledge across the airline
• Link to other solutions for automated workfows – such as HR, payroll, and SAP
• One solution for the entire airline reduces costs
• Expand revenue streams with private label, turn-key training solutions for clients
• Real-time information gives insight to reduce risk, fnes and audit costs
• Corporate can support brand and culture with a common training platform that
leverages content across the enterprise. Merger integration activities are easier
with a single, easy-to-use solution. Plus, consolidate learning solutions into one
that works for the entire company and external partners to simplify workflows and
save money.
• Corporate can have line of sight to training compliance with dashboard reporting;
drill down reports allows management to see overall training statistics, as well as,
individual test and completion history; LMS reporting gives management the
insight they need to improve training curriculum or instruction.
To see LMS Learning Manager
in action, give the Comply365
team a call at 608.313.1500.
Learn more at
Simplify Training & Optimize Schedules in Seconds
Tired of jumping through hoops, spending countless hours working and re-working
schedules to plan the training agendas for your airline? Comply365 has a simple
way to optimize your training calendars. Schedule365 makes scheduling a breeze.
Saving money and frustration has never been easier.
With Schedule365, complex scheduling tasks are a snap. Coordinate time, location,
trainers, and students with a click and drag. Color-coded views help you quickly
see gaps, conflicts or opportunities so you can optimize your schedules. See
employees that due for training then simply match the training schedule with
the appropriate and available trainer and trainer facility.
Integrate with other systems for even greater savings. When you use Schedule365
with other solutions from Comply365, you can see the synergies add up. For
example, certain events can trigger workflows. When a pilot completes his training,
a notice can be automatically sent to HR and his supervisor. Linking with a crew
qualification system can also ensure that crews are scheduled for training in time
and they are in compliance with training policies, procedures and other guidelines.
You can also use Schedule365 to help you with smarter resource allocation and
planning. Running “what if” scenarios are fast and easy with this color-coded tool.
Why Schedule365?
• Simplify resource planning with easy, visual tools
• Save hours of scheduling and re-scheduling
• Eliminate scheduling errors and double-booking
• Avoid cancellation fees, costly instructor or SIM training charges
• Day of Operations – make changes easily
• Automated notifcations for training or schedule changes
• Link and sync to qualifcation, fight scheduling and other programs for even
greater savings
• Arrange and re-arrange events with a drag and drop
• Allocate multiple resources with a drag and drop
• Color-coded dashboard views
• Color codes for events and resources for fast decision making and alerts
• At-a-glance views let you see and address gaps quickly
• See employees coming due for training then match them with
• Automatic crew notifcations for training
• Bulk notifcations to students
• Adjust and move events, trainers, time slots and students with a click and drag
• Run “What if” scenarios for expedited and smarter resource planning
Get Started
It’s time to start scheduling smarter. Call 608.313.1500 or
email and let us help you get started today.
“Scheduling used to take us about two weeks. Now we can schedule in minutes.”
AQP Learning Manager
Easy Technology. Better Data. Smarter Decisions.
Looking for an easy AQP solution that works for Pilots, In-flight and Dispatch?
Comply365 offers solutions tailored to both Pilots and InFlight – AQP Learning
Manager for Pilots & IQP Learning Manager for InFlight. AQP Learning Manager
helps every department get started and accelerate their AQP program. These
innovative solutions are the preferred system for airlines and all departments.
We’ve worked with several departments at multiple airlines to deliver flexible,
high performance solutions that have the functionality you want.
Easy, Time-Saving Benefits
• Submit FAA Report in minutes
• Access AQP training anytime, anywhere on any device – including tablets and
• Grade on tablets with our without Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G
• Fast, easy to read dashboard reporting that lets you drill down for specifcs –
down to the student and/or evaluation
• Perfect for live-grading venues
• Stay on track with a single system for training, risk management, compliance
and audit
• Link and sync AQP training data to operational systems – such as Crew
• Works seamlessly with DCM™, LMS™ to give evaluators one system to access
all their training and materials
High Performance Features for Evaluators
• One system to log into for every department – InFlight & Flight Ops
• Grade individuals, multiple students & even groups simultaneously
• See performance trends with real-time and automatic rollups of evaluation data
for instructors, students Use Reason Codes with free text explanations
• Set Objectives (TPO, SPO, EO)
• Custom look up felds
• Support your brand with customized look and feel
• Each Airline can customize their AQP program using Comply365’s
AQP solution
• Bulk load new or existing Training tasks – get up and running quickly
• Perform Evaluations – on or off-line – stay productive anywhere, anytime,
on any device
• Customized Management Reporting – for sharper insights
• FAA Data Extracts in minutes
IQP Learning Manager
Inflight: Take Your Training Up A Notch
Take your training program to the next level with Advanced Qualification Program
(AQP) designed especially for Inflight. Training to proficiency ensures you have
the best trained crews taking care of your biggest assets – your passengers.
Comply365’s IQP Learning Manager solution is based on the unique training
needs for your InFlight AQP program. This flexible solution can fit your specific
training objectives. With real-time reporting and electronic grade sheets, you can
complete your AQP training anywhere and on any device. Evaluations can even
be done on tablets. With fast and easy-to-use reporting, your management team
can focus on creating a valuable training program instead of spending time
creating reports
Easy, Time-Saving Benefits
• Submit FAA Extracts in minutes
• Access AQP training anytime, anywhere on any device – including tablets
and smartphones
• Grade on tablets with our without Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G
• Fast, easy-to-read dashboard reporting that lets you drill down for specifcs –
down to the student and/or evaluation level
• Perfect for SIM, line checks, live-grading venues
• Link and sync IQP training data to operational systems – such as Crew Scheduling
and Crew Qualifications
• Works seamlessly with DCM™, LMS™ to give evaluators one system to access
all their training and materials
High Performance Features for Evaluators
• One system to log into
• Grade individuals or groups of Flight Attendants simultaneously
• See performance trends with real-time and automatic rollups of evaluation data
for instructors, students
• Reason Codes with free text explanations
• Customize Objectives (TPO, SPO, EO), tasks, scenarios, modules, lessons to ft
your airline
• Custom lookup felds
• Support your brand with customized look and feel
• Each airline can customize their AQP program
• Bulk load new or existing training tasks – get up and running quickly
• Perform Evaluations – online or offine – stay productive anywhere, anytime,
on any device
• Management Reporting – for continuous training improvement
• FAA Data Extracts in minutes
Mobile Content Management
Mobility for Enterprise – The Choice Just Got Easier
Businesses are searching for effective and more cost efficient ways for employees
to access and act on their content on their mobile devices – especially tablets. The
ease, convenience and power of tablets for both personal is undeniable. However,
users are more mobile than ever and they need a solution that lets them move
seamlessly between work and personal. Businesses struggle with how to equip
users with money saving, time saving tablets, yet retain the control they need. Now,
making tablets the device of choice for business just got easier – with myMobile365.
Tablets are a great way to give employees up-to-date information at their fingertips.
Just think of the savings in time and cost if employees could complete a form,
take their training, read the latest policy revision, approve a PTO request, or
review new pricing or marketing material – all on the go.
Users want to access and act on our content everywhere. Content is both personal
and business. We want to our entertainment, shopping, learning, and connecting
for personal lives to marry neatly with our business content – content that includes
written materials such as sales materials, policies and procedures, diagrams, and
checklists as well as training content. With myMobile365, organizations can give
employees, vendors, contractors and regulatory authorities access to their business
content anywhere on any device with the ability to read, confirm they’ve read and
understood the materials. They can take training, complete tasks, fill out required
forms….all the work they need to do…on any device. With myMobile365, users
can access, act regardless of network connectivity. Apps sync to the enterprise
solution, giving management line of sight and real-time reporting and tracking
need to reduce risk and make smarter decisions.
So users now have flexibility, mobility and productivity. Management has line of
sight and real time reporting. And now, Comply365 offers corporate the control
of the content with MCM – mobile content management, making mobility for the
enterprise a reality.
MCM Benefits – Mobility for the Enterprise
• Users can use any device – tablets, smart phones
• Support any device policy – BYOD, hybrid policies, individual devices
• Deliver a great user experience with the control corporate needs
• Reduce risk with tracking, visibility, remote content management
• Encourage and support accountability
• Peace of mind with leading security features to protect your data and content
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“myMobile365’s MCM is game-changing.
Tablets now make sense for our entire enterprise.”
Features for Easy Control
• Asset provisioning and tracking – asset tagging
• Link tablet to user profles
• Fully encrypted content with myMobile365
• Remote lock – for added authentication if device may be lost or stolen
• Remote wipe of app content – if device is lost or stolen or employee is no
longer employed with company
• 3rd party apps can be added to myMobile365 container for one-stop, easy
access to all the content your users need
• Parse out and set storage limits to ensure your app and content have the
space they need – gives flexibility for personal use and guaranteed storage
for myMobile365
• Connectivity Alerts to remind users to connect and sync to the enterprise
• Automatic triggers to wipe or lock devices if not synced according to policy

Content Creation & Distribution Simplified
Content365 gives you a new, streamlined way to create, edit and distribute your
content in HTML or XML and distribute it to any device. With one solution and
user inspired features, creating or revising documents is a snap. We can take
manuals from manufacturers, for example, and give you the ability to edit and
publish to the myMobile365 app on your favorite tablet. Making a change to large
manuals is a breeze. No more loading, making the change, converting to a PDF,
uploading, and distributing. Now you can make the change, see a comparison
and instantly distribute the revision to users on any device all in one solution.
Smart, Time Saving Benefits
User Inspired Features

Simplify your content creation and editing, get a little more time back in your day
and a big boost to your productivity and bottom line. Getting started is easy.
Email or call 608.313.1500 to speak with an account manager.
Content365 is an easy-
to-use content creation
solution that lets you author
and edit content in XML
or HTML. You can now
create or edit manuals or
documents and instantly
distribute your content
anywhere on any device.
With Content365 you save
time with a single solution
to create, edit and deliver
• Reduce time from content creation
to distribution – one-stop solution.
Save time by authoring documents
or make revisions and instantly
distribute within the same solution.
• Push changes or “delta sets”
instantly – no need to edit or
distribute the entire document
• Instantly distribute content to
employees, contractors, vendors and
your entire ecosystem – on any device
• Work offine – highlight, make notes
and view content offine; automatically
syncs when back in connectivity
• Work smarter and more effciently
with offine functionality, faster
downloads, navigation tools
• Maintain consistency with instant
side-by-side comparisons of changes
• Reduce risk and potential fnes –
with enhanced revision control
• Streamline and automate processes –
combine with Document &
Communication Manager,
Standards365 and Workfow365 to
maximize effciencies and boost your
bottom line
• Smart side-by-side comparisons –
see what’s changed
• Bookmarks, highlights and annotations
stay put regardless of changes –
personalize your content on any device
• Real-time indexing and outlines help
you jump right to the page, section
you need making navigation faster
and easier
• Live page content – interact with
content within the page – move
beyond linked pages
• Expand/collapse functionality –
adjust your view of the content to
work easier
• Offine functionality – create, edit,
distribute offine then automatically
link and sync when in connectivity
• Full audit-ready tracking and reporting
of changes and revisions
• Automatic syncing – everything stays
synced on any device – switch devices
• Notifcations/badging proactively
informs you of changes to your content
• Seamless integration to Document &
Communication Manager, Standards365,
and Workfow365 – for instant distri-
bution and content consistency
across the company and automated
Pathways: An Easier Path to Program Success
A Fresh Solution for Program Management
• Get your EFB Approval started on the right track
• Accelerate EFB Approvals
• Stay-up-to-date on the latest FAA advisories, understand the impact they have
on your EFB program and incorporate actions to keep your program up-to-
Do you wish you had a full time person who was passionate and focused on your
EFB program? With so many demands, priorities and interruptions, it’s no wonder
EFB programs never leave the idea stage, or start with a bang yet languish with-
out the right resources. It’s easy for complex approvals to get tangled or stalled
in the massive amount of data and coordination required for each carrier.
A new challenge facing airlines is sustaining the substantial and worthwhile EFB
programs once it’s off the ground. You invested a signifcant amount of time,
energy and money getting it up and running. Comply365 can help guarantee
you realize the full rewards by making it easy to sustain your program while you
re-focus on daily operations.
Introducing Pathways - an easy way to start your program
or revitalize your stalled EFB project
Pathways is an innovative, turn-key service that helps you streamline program
management and ensure critical programs get off to a great start, stay on track,
and deliver the results you expect over the long term. We help manage the
program lifecycle – helping you start a new program, accelerate an existing
program and keep your company agile and compliant. Comply365 offers a fresh
perspective and easy alternative to traditional program management. We provide
a powerful combination of tools and expertise to help you reach your objectives
and goals. Our easy-to-use software solutions provide everything you need to
help you navigate each phase of your project. We include documentation,
pre-program audits, proven templates, audit trails, training, benchmarking and
reporting you need. We also analyze the regulatory guidelines and provide
insight and recommendations to expedite and improve programs and ensure
they keep evolving to keep you current.
• Expert Program Guidance – We can help at any stage – providing program
guidance, vision and planning. We can jump in from the beginning or enter
at any stage in the process. We offer gap analysis and provide action plans
to accelerate and guide your project.
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® by
The Smart, Easy Way to
EFB Program Success
Expert EFB
for Infight & Pilots
Pathways ensures your initial investment delivers the return you expected.
• Software Tools and Services – We offer easy-to-use software tools to manage
your program, provide Pathways Portal with exclusive templates, project work
fows and documentation and training you need.
• Training & Communication – Leverage the power of our prepackaged training
elements and powerful communication tools to ensure users and collaborators
understand the program details from Day 1 – ensuring program success.
• Professional Analysis and Insight – We monitor new industry regulations and
guidance relating to your programs and provide support to help you interpret
relevant rules, policies or guidelines. Our products and services ensure your
content is aligned with the latest guidance, rules or regulations.
• On-going Expert Services – We provide ongoing support to help you stay agile,
compliant and focused. Audits, reporting, trending and continual improvement
plans will help you prepare for the second lifecycle of your program.
Pathways – Your Key to Program Success
Use Pathways to ensure you have the right resources – in terms of personnel,
expertise, management, reporting to keep you on track and your costs in line.
With a predictable fee, you can budget easily and dedicate the resources you
We offer three easy options to meet your needs. Choose the level that works best
for you.
Get Your Program
Up and Running
• Program design
• Program organization
and set up
• Action planning
• Templates for approvals
• Validation guidance
• Ongoing updates including
reporting, benchmarking,
Lifecycle Support
• Issue reports &
• Trending and best
practice tips
• Add new program
Accelerate an Existing Pro-
• We enter your program
details and approvals in
• Gap analysis
• Action planning
• Validation guidance
• Ongoing updates including
reporting, benchmarking,
• Professional consulting
expertise and engagement
To fnd out how Pathways can make
your EFB Program a success, call
Comply365 to schedule a call or
meeting or visit our website.
The average EFB Program
takes 24 months. Costs
can easily exceed $100K
a year. Don’t risk your
investment to delays,
confusion, or re-starts.