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MedWise : An Innovative Public Health Information System Infrastructure

This is the summary based on above journal. First of all, MedWise is a system that
collects reliable evidence based health data and then sort out, construes and keeps it into a
particular database. It consists of Providers, Security and Refinement Ring and
Three Dimensional Inference Engine. The Providers layer collects information from
data providers constantly or when Inference Engine requests them to do so. The Security
and Refinement Ring (SRR) defends system from intruders, rendering and authentic
data to the inference engine while the Three Dimensional Inference Engine (3DIE)
acquire, sort and store the data and give information to stakeholders when required by
categorizing the request, find out, transmit, integrates the knowledge with data, dissects
results, and finally send off results to the application layer.

MedWise provide plenty of medical historical data about patients with minimal
consultation, thus physicians can access Patients Ancillary Data (PAD) easily. This
system can assist in lessen misdiagnosis situation due to language barriers. In addition,
time for diagnosis and consultations with patients can be shorten and therefore improve
quality and quantity of the physical examinations of patients. Furthermore, medical
students can be benefited in improving their skills and physicians can access accurate
information about patients, without searching files for consultations. Besides that, it will
be easier to compute with other clinical support and countrys e-health system due to its
flexible design feature. Physicians can use the data anytime as MedWise has many data
entry interfaces. It can be used also for scientific surveys to upgrade existing or current
healthcare system.

However, MedWise is a long term project, it may use up to ten years to implement
the system due to political problems, resistance of stakeholders, and it is time consuming
to collect patients data. Moroever, MedWise system burdening physician to key in data
and updated the system and system may down due to hardware, software and
communication failures and it may consider as unreliable in the view of physician.

In my opinion, MedWise system should be implemented although it is time
consuming as the benefit will last longer than the time physician use to implement it. The
future generation can have a healthier and longer life as there is no issue of misdiagnosis
as they can access to PAD and physician can examine more patient in a short period as
there is less time needed for consultation.