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Muslims should leave India and take the

Christians along with them
Christians are told to make disciples of all nations, but missionaries have done this so
aggressively in recent years that churches now want a code of conduct to spread their
faith without antagonizing any others.

A missionary boom in developing countries, funded by United States evangelical and
Pentecostal Protestants, has brought Christianity into total conflicts with majority
populations that follow faiths such as Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Overzealous and highly paid preachers stand accused of linking humanitarian aid with
baptism and insulting local faiths. Some local Christian minorities, who lived in peace
before the boom, now feel a backlash as suspicion mounts against all Christians.

Representatives from the main sects of christianity met in Geneva in January 2007 to
discuss guidelines to curb aggressive evangelists. Presently Christian missionaries are
out to convert using money, fake miracles, outright dirty books that discredit deities of
other religions and even political and even violent methods. "Due to increased
proselytism even using violent methods in some parts of the Christian groups, the fiber of
living together is jeopardized," said the Rev. Hans Ucko, a Swedish Lutheran in charge of
inter religious dialogue at the Geneva-based World Council of Churches (WCC).

Christian leaders at the meeting, part of a three-year effort aiming to produce a code of
conduct by 2009, sought a balance that would let them continue spreading their faith
without discrediting it and antagonizing other religions. The meeting brought together an
unusually broad spectrum of Christianity, from Roman Catholics and the WCC - which
groups mainline Protestants, Anglicans and Orthodox - to the World Evangelical Alliance
and Pentecostal leaders.

Tensions over missionary work have flared up over the past decade or so in several
regions, most notably in Africa, India and in the Muslim world, as globalization opened
up new avenues for religions to spread their views. "India and Sri Lanka are two
countries that have become very sensitive to this issue," said Monsignor Felix Machado,
the Vatican's representative in the discussion.

Hindu nationalists in India have passed anti-conversion laws in some states to stop the
fraudulent conversion methods using money and fake miracles. Missionaries are bribing
poor people to get converted to chrisitanity. In Sri Lanka, Buddhist nationalists have

Political pressure from president Bush himself. the Italian born Antonia Maino now known as Sonia Gandhi was planted in the family of Nehru. This has created what is known as AID EVANGELIZATION or conversion to Christianity for receiving relief aid. with Christian terrorism in North east and fraudulent conversions in Hindu temple towns. have finally stopped Sri Lankans from enacting protective laws from the predatory Christian missionaries with deep pockets. Though only a small minority of people call themselves Christians. The tsunami disaster unleashed the largest wave of donations in history. At least four bishops have been accused of cheating the public of Rs 40 crores in the name of charity. This has led to consolidate the planting theory about Sonia Gandhi by Rome in India. These ruins had obviously only one purpose: to carry shiny big boards with the proud inscription: "This house is a gift of the Providence . Politicians and the lawmakers were bribed by the Americans to prevent enactment of such laws in Sri Lanka. are often not up to the needs of the victims. Hindus are now convinced that the Christian wife of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The stealing of Tsunami Aid money. by some of the Christian bishops in Tamil Nadu and their subsequent arrest and jailing were widely reported in the local and English media. Several cases of betrayal have been registered against Christian priests and bishops in 2006. which was party meant for conversion. They collected huge deposits from contractors after promising them orders for house construction for tsunami victims. The biggest part of this money was in the hands of NGOs of all provenience. who used the same trick.3%. The houses. among them were many Christian organizations. than the terrorist threat from the muslims. there are 1500 independent Christian churches. for example. to help evangelization of India. and almost all are chistians or married to christians. Worldwide more than 12 billion Dollars have been collected from state funds as well as from private purses. In private conversations Indian leaders express that Christians in India are more a threat to India.campaigned for some control on these fraud conversions. who pretended to build houses for Tsunami victims and poor people and thereby cheated the public of huge amounts. The south Indian state of Tamil Nadu has the world’s highest rate of churches per capita. constructed without official permission 70 one-room hutments in Cuddalore that could not be used and had immediately to be sealed by the police as they were in danger to collapse. Aid evangelization was seen in South Indian states like Tamil Nadu. Many of the churches are still collecting money for house construction for tsunami victims in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh and Kerala and the same were widely reported by the local media. even though the Christian community in India is just 2. if they have constructed any. Some other bishops. The Evangelical church of India (ECI). The appointment of the central ministers of the Congress led Government in India. While two bishops of the Moulin Mission Trust in Mahabalipuram and the Calvari Mission Trust in Vellore have been arrested the police is hunting the other two. is decided by Sonia Gandhi. have so far escaped arrest by absconding.

the largest evangelical recipient of US state grants." he said. both sides saw this problem was less pressing than the tensions created by fire and brimstone sermons broadcast over satellite television. through ECI Relief Team". Radical Islamic groups also turned up in mostly Muslim Aceh province. Similarly World Vision. Only a small part of them have so far been brought to court. "The Hindus said they agreed that Muslims should leave India too and take the Christians with them. instead of helping disaster victims.000 cases that have been collected by the lawyers of the Tsunami Committee Legal Action. Many Christian sects have long accused well-financed evangelical and Pentecostal missionaries of angering majority faiths in the developing world." A spokesperson for Robertson said "The 700 Club. This has become a serious issue in post-tsunami Indonesia. In Indonesia. referring to a prominent US televangelist. donated a fleet of new and colorful fishing boats to the fishermen of Nagapattinam that turned out to be completely unfit for use in the sea and were after some days abandoned by the disappointed recipients. NC. almost exclusively American media. This has led the government in Jakarta to block a US evangelical group from placing orphaned Muslim children into a Christian-run home." he said. USA. said Thomas Schirrmacher of the World Evangelical Alliance.Baptist Church. The post-tsunami aid rush to Indonesia showed not only Christians help the poor with a possible double agenda. they were asked to become Christian converts to get the disaster relief. was only a small part of his satellite broadcasting and most of it was "both culturally sensitive and relevant. "They are not linked to local churches and have no idea what effect their broadcasts have." . "I was in India when Pat Robertson said all Muslims should leave the United States. By discussing the issue for the first time. These are only two out of 160. "The main problem is the international." where Robertson has made his most controversial comments about Islam.