Cookout at the Sancho Corral!

Concept for a Facebook App
Developed for a Mexican Restaurant

Mahesh Patwardhan Digital and New Media Consultant

Once upon a time in San Sanchose…

South of the border, in a sleepy little Mexican village called San Sanchose, the dust in the air was suddenly disturbed by the clattering of hooves… the sleepy Senors, Senoras, and Senoritas peered out of their little huts to see five of the badest, meanest, dirtiest bandidos riding into town….. Everyone was scared and pulled down their sombreros even more tightly over their eyes and ears hoping that the bandidos would go away….but they did not… “Give us all your money… we want mucho pesos .. And we are not leaving until we get it……………..and they shot mucho bullets from their pistoleros into the airos… Everyone had almost given up all hopes of being saved when one amigo stepped. Senor Sancho, who owned Sancho’s Corral – a little Mexican Eating House around the corner! Ha ha ha… look who is going to make us sooo scared that we will go away…we will vamoose amigos…..ha ha ha… hey amigo….you better vamoose before we shoot your sombrero and poncho full of holeso…

Once upon a time in San Sanchose…

Senor Sancho spoke up and said….Listen Amigos… Why fight with your pistoleros when I will give you much better weapons to fight with… and the prize is going to be even better…. “What is it?” the mean bandidos asked. Senor Sancho replied – Put down your guns. Instead you will all take part in a contest…. A cookout at the great Sancho Corral… and the winner, the one who cooks up the best meal, will get a free dinner and dance with the wonderful Senorita Tequila Laila…the most gorgeous Senorita in all the land…. The bandidos paused in their tracks and thought about the offer….and then, much to the relief of Senor Sanchos and the other sleepy townspeople of San Sanchose, they agreed to the Cookout at the Sancho Corral….Word soon spread throughout the land about this great contest. Many people came to watch it. And after that it became a tradition. So now, each year on that particular day, the great Chefs from all over Mexico gather at the sleepy town of San Sanchose to participate in the Cookout at the Sancho Corral. The prize - a chance to win a dinner date with the dusky beauty Senorita Tequila Laila….

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Recreating the Sancho Corral…online!

(Facebook / Orkut / Hi5)

Mexican Restaurant

The way in…

Section or link on the website for the Cookout App

The Cookout App Login

Inside the online Sancho Corral

Import User profiles Import User interests

The Cookout App

Invite Friends

Import Friends List

Playing a role….

Senor Sanchos

Salsa Shekar Nacho Nandan

Bala Burrito

Tequila Laila Taco Tandon Pappu Pedro

Putting everything together….
Chefs List

Characters List

Drinks List

Food List Other Ingredients

Cookout App

Cooking up a meal !!

The finished Dish

Judgement Day….what do the others think?

The cookout meter With the votes count




And the lucky one gets to dine and dance with Tequila Laila !

Recipe and Winner featured on the site

And so till next time….adios amigos!

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