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Here are a few HR policies that every start-up must have.

1. Work Timings: Mention working days timings for the employees to reach and leave the
office as well as their lunch and tea !reak duration. Many start-ups offer fle"i!le work timings
and #working from home$ options too !ut that$s !ased entirely on your comfort and trust. %or
overtime and night shifts check out the applica!le la!or laws especially when dealing with
women employees.

&. 'eave (pplication: There are several categories of leaves that employees are entitled to
like sick leave casual leave maternity leave annual leave half day leave etc. Make clear-cut
policies for each of them in order to avoid am!iguity and confusion.

). *oining and +"it ,olicies:+sta!lish clear and detailed policies that an employee should
follow while -oining and .uitting your !usiness-concern and also what he could e"pect from the
company. /imilarly you should state that either party can end employment at any time and that
no policy constitutes a contractual o!ligation to employees on the part of the company.

0. /alary and +mployee 1enefits: (n employee should have a thorough understanding of
the salary !reak up !onus structure if any policy regarding o!taining company loan or advance
and its re-payment2ad-ustment overtime pays promotions and pay increase. 3f at all you are
offering life insurance health cover etc. mention them in your policy as well.

4. 5se of 6ompany Resources:%or resources like internet 7accessing emails and social
networking sites like %ace!ook 8ouTu!e and Twitter9 and telephone: define a policy that works
!est for you.8ou may respect personal space of your employees and leave the use to their
discretion as long as they manage their time effectively and deliveror make strict rules
demanding adherence.

;. Work 6ulture: 8ou should make it clear to all employees that ethical !ehavior e.ual
opportunity and respect for other employees are keys to the employment relationship. 'ay
down strict rules for dress code se"ual harassment customer mis!ehavior and disrespect to
colleagues and !reaking confidentiality 7data leakage9.

'astly it should !e clear that the company reserves the right to change any policy at any time.

3t is important that apart from the a!ove-mentioned policies you draft your own detailed policies
as every start-up is uni.ue and one policy does not fit all.( good way is to get people involved
when drafting your HR policy. (sk your employees what they think should !e included. 8ou
might !e surprised with the input and insight they provide.
Areas where policies are commonly established:
1e sure to review relevant federal and provincial employment legislation to understand the
policies that are re.uired for compliance in your -urisdiction. <rgani=ations commonly have
written policies in the following areas:
6ode of 6onduct
6onflict of 3nterest
Working conditions
Hours of <perations
Termination 7>oluntary and 3nvoluntary9
,erformance Management
'earning and development
1enefits and +ligi!ility
+mployee 3nformation
1ereavement 'eave
6ompassionate 'eave
/ick 'eave /hort Term ?isa!ility 'ong Term ?isa!ility
Maternity ,arental and (doption 'eave
5npaid 'eave
*ury ?uty
%amily 'eave
@rievance26onflict Resolution
%ormal complaint process
?iscrimination and Harassment2Respectful Workplace
Health and /afety
(ccident Reporting
Workplace >iolence
(lcohol and ?rug 5se ,olicy
5se of 6ompany +.uipment
@eneral policy on the review and update of organi=ation policies