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Perfect Pizzeria

Q: Identifying issues and problems
 There are no proper selection process for being a perfect pizzeria employees
 No criteria for being a manager or manager trainee
 Lack of professionalism because they are not well educated and no training was given to handle
 Lack of motivation
 Proper Supervision is required
 According to me may be a little bit communication factor is involved
 Absence of respect

Q: Generate alternative solutions
 There should be a formalized selection process of hiring the employees and managers for the
job of perfect pizzeria. There should be a minimum education qualification must be required.
Clear job description should be given to the employees in such a way the employees will know
what is expected from them.

 Managers are always being a role model for the employees in any type of company or business.
Manager should have different kind of qualities along with the leadership skills. Manager should
be an expert but in the case of perfect pizzeria there are no criteria for being a manager or
manager trainee. Perfect pizzeria should hire a manager who knows how people work and
know how to motivate the team.

 One of the most important factors any type of organization is professionalism and in the case of
perfect pizzeria a serious professional employees required who know how stuff works. Manager
should treat his/her employees in a professional way and in order to achieve these managers
should be given proper formalized trainings by perfect pizzeria.

 In the case of perfect pizzeria the employees seem unmotivated throughout the period and that
is because maybe manager doesn’t know how to motivate the employees. Motivation of
employees of perfect pizzeria is a high level requirement in order to resolve the case. Employee
reward system should be introduced e.g Employee of the month for the most effective

 Effective communication should be required from both ends. Manager should communicate in
an effective way and convey his message to the employees well and also a feedback process for
the employees to rate the respective manager should be introduced in perfect pizzeria.

 In perfect pizzeria there is an absence of respect between employees and manager. Respect is
the basic moral value. Manager has to take certain steps in order to gain respect. Treat
everyone equally but no compromise on the objective of the mission is tolerated. And for the
employees proper instructions should be given to them to respect the seniors no matter what’s
the situation.

Q: select plan of action and implementation?
Introducing rules and regulations, goals of the organization and clear instructions how stuff works. A
proper set of rules and regulation will publish on the notice board and given to each employee stating
the organization policy, rules and regulations and work ethics. Formalized trainings will be conducted for
the managers and also for the employees. Start of a proper reward system to the employees such as
employee of the month, bonuses and extra benefit for the employee who worked outstanding
throughout the month in a way to keep employees motivated. No compromise on the respect. Proper
communication channels will introduce from top to bottom (emails, notice board etc). All managers are
required to dress and act professionally and also managers are required to lead by example which
includes (time, dressing and also a give respect to his/her employees and subordinates).