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July 1-31, 2013

Name: Monica Lyka G. Bancale Province: Cebu
Area/Unit of Assignment: Ward VI Female Surgical Ward Hospital:VSMMC


For the whole month of July, I was assigned to do my job at the Female
Surgical Ward. Being assigned in this area, we were obliged to participate in
all the activities rendered by the institution. Our daily activities included taking
vital signs, environmental care, referring patients accordingly, attending
needs of the patients, giving of medications, changing IV fluids, shifting IV
fluids to heplocks, terminating those IV fluids that need to be terminated,
assisting the doctors, carrying out orders and charting information that is
necessary for total patient care. During this rotation, I have already adjusted
to the pace of the ward that I am being assigned to. Its now easy for me to
manage my time well. Aside from those, every week, we never forget to hold
ward class for the benefits of the patients. We had hand washing and ward
policies as our topic for health teaching. We are also responsible on the
safety and comfort of all the patients while they are under treatment in the

Dealing with different patients is not that easy. It entails a lot of effort,
patience and perseverance. It is full of challenges, trials and stress but it also
gives us the happiness and the satisfaction especially when we see our patients
recovered from their illnesses. I have also learned to become flexible in the
sense that whatever environment you are in to, you need to adjust to it and you
have to mingle to different kinds of people, both patients and co-workers in a very
nice way you can.


In every institution, we could not deny the fact that problems or concerns
also arise. My concern is about problems on supply. Though the supply in the
institution can still handle the needs of the patients, I think it is not yet enough to
render the best quality of service. A valid example is BP apparatus. There is only
one BP apparatus available. Though we could easily adjust on the unavailability
of such instruments, we need to have more especially when there are a lot of
patients and when the instruments are torn and worn already. I think the quality
of service that we render will be affected. Also, supplies for cottons and OS are
just minimal.
For the betterment of the quality of care we render to our clients, we need
to do or plan actions on how to improve our service. With my first concern
regarding gadgets like BP apparatus, the institution could solicit funds from
Government Organizations or from people who are wholeheartedly willing to
share their blessings to the community. In my second concern, supplies for
cottons, and OS; the institution could have allotted budget on it. I think it will not
be a big lost on the budget since it is not that costly to provide those supplies.
With this, the quality of care and service to our patients will be further enriched
making the institution a very conducive ground for health restoration and
prevention of illnesses.


Bancale, Monica Lyka G. Mrs. Nina Claire Potot
RN Heals Nurse Area Nurse Supervisor