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Death of Nature

By Sophia

“The Scream” by Edvard Munch, 1863-1944

Orange sunset,
Two black figures,
And bald old man,
Wailing and screaming,
In the whistling wind.
The sound is so terrible,
You have to plug your ears,
And the look on his face,
Is so sad,
That you have to close your eyes,
But to close your eyes,
And plug your ears,
Would be a crime,
For you would miss the vermillion sun,
Ducking beneath the horizon,
For the last time
The two black figures,
Are coming close,
To bring this man some hands to hold,
To welcome him to the world of death,
To bring him away,
From his horrible world,
For there it smells like mold,
For the islands are rotting away,
Sinking into the black,
Polluted ocean,
To never come back again,
For a woman just died,
And her husband is grieving,
So time has stopped,
And trees are dying,
As the pallbearers,
Slowly approach,
Mother Nature has died,
And the whole world is…
About to go.