%u'e ()* ()+, -'* T/ – TRUE the VOTE, the nation’s leading nonpartisan voters’ rights and
election-integrity organization, today announced a sweeping, countywide “u!!er o" Registration#
pro$ect to register voters in %arris &ounty, Te'as(
The progra! launches )une *+, the "irst day o" u!!er, with a training class "or Volunteer ,eputy
Voter Registrars at +-.-- a(!( presented /y the %arris &ounty Ta' 0ssessor-&ollector’s o""ice( 0
second training class will /e held on 1onday, )une *2, at 3.-- p(!(
45hile %arris &ounty has over * !illion registered voters, as !any as a !illion !ore eligi/le residents
are not currently registered to vote,4 said True the Vote "ounder &atherine Engel/recht( 45e are thrilled
to /e wor6ing with the %arris &ounty Ta' O""ice and their Voter Registrars on this e'citing and
i!portant pro$ect(#
Registration events will 6ic6 o"" on )uly 7, hosted /y civic organizations "ro! around the county, and
TRUE the VOTE-trained volunteers will also /e availa/le to sta"" voter registration drives /y re8uest(
0ll the in"or!ation will /e conveniently posted on a single u!!er o" Registration we/page(
“5e have a great sta"" here at the %arris &ounty Ta' O""ice, /ut serving the voter registration needs o"
the third largest county in the nation is a /ig $o/,# said Ta' 0ssessor-&ollector 1i6e ullivan, who also
serves as Voter Registrar( “5e applaud the service our Volunteer ,eputy Voter Registrars provide in
their co!!unities and our co!!unity partners who help !o/ilize the!( TRUE the VOTE’s u!!er
o" Registration pro$ect will increase the presence and visi/ility o" volunteers throughout the county to
help eligi/le residents get registered well in advance o" the Octo/er 9 deadline to vote in :ove!/er(
;’! e'cited to support the! in their voter registration e""orts in %arris &ounty(#
“5e couldn’t /e happier to /e $oining this su!!er with o""icials, civic organizations, and volunteers
throughout the county to encourage !ore o" our neigh/ors to participate in the electoral process(
Voting is how we !a6e our voices heard, and voter registration is the "irst step,# added Erin 0nderson,
director o" TTV<s u!!er o" Registration progra!(
True the Vote =TTV>, a nonpartisan, voters< rights and election-integrity organization e!powers groups
and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights o" legiti!ate voters, regardless o"
political party a""iliation( ?or !ore in"or!ation, please visit www(truethevote(org(

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