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Changelist HO! 1.430
- Publishing a proper release based on 1.429
- Some minor fixes
Changelist HO! 1.429
- Authentication is now done through oAuth
- Added flags for Cuba, O'zbekiston, Cameroon, and Palestine
- Training defaults are updated (thx Art-Frisson for numbers), and the format of
modifying them in options have changed
- Fixed a small error in the Lineup gui with temporary players
- Downloaded matches with individual orders should now display better.
Matches already in the database can be redownloaded from the matches screen.
- Prediction Offset should work again.
- It is no longer possible to set the keeper at set piece taker.
- The set piece taker is no longer automatically first on the penalty shooter li
- Changed formation experience ordering according to Hattrick
- Update Catalan translations (thx CAT-fike)
- Update Finnish translations (thx -Lupi-)
- Update French translations (thx Butboja)
- Update Galego translations (thx OReiDasSachadas)
- Update German translations (thx Werder0405)
- Update Hrvatski(Croatian) translations (thx Bilke5)
- Update Italiano translations (thx silkevicious)
- Update Nederlands translations (thx BrammieG)
- Update Norsk translations
- Update Polish translations (thx aMiUK)
- Update Portugues translations (thx a_cardoso)
- Update Slovak translations (thx zymbo)
- Update Spanish translations (thx Baler0, garcilp)
- Update Spanish_Sudamericano translations (thx Baler0)
- Update Srpski translations (thx dr_Chokky)
- Update Srpski(lat) translations (thx dr_Chokky)
- Update Vlaams translations (thx icarus95)
Changelist HO! 1.428
- The model is switched to the 553 lineup model. This has affected a lot of the
- Linup screen now has 14 position boxes, but only 11 can be filled
- Swap ability is added to subs
- Moved positions of captain, set piece taker and reserves to match the HT layou
- Moved buttons for categories, and flips with friends compact the layout
- Small adjustment to output of "copy ratings to clipboard"
- "MiniPosFrame" has indicators for incomplete lineup (and 553 layout)
- Matches screen is updated to display matches in a 553 format
- Use of all CHPP APIs related to match lineups are now at latest API version
- TeamAnalyzer is updated to 553 changes, including lineup screen
- Team of the week plugin interprets the new positions, otherwise no change
- Added crowding penalties in rating calculation. Default is again the default p
rediction set
- Prediction type can again be selected manually in the lineup screen
- Removed some traces of the now gone economists and gk trainers
Changelist HO! 1.427
- automatically select prediction type (thx Smaug)
- allow new position "Extra def. Forward" to simulate lineups with 3 def. forwar
ds (thx Smaug)
- add optional "Nimbus" look and feel, if available
- update some graphics
- fix bug with fraction digit in fanclub size
- fix home/away determination for DBs with illegal matches (announced but never
Changelist HO! 1.426
- fix bug, that prevented HO from starting in special screen configurations
- fix bug in TeamAnalyzer which lead to missing opponent specials and wrong blue
player names
- add option to "re-simulate" an old match
- allow openjdk as alternative for the Debian build (thx salt00)
- lineup screen: add feature to copy ratings into the system clipboard
- allow to quick-switch also the keeper
- quick hack to handle HTs changed lineup data
- add handling for new formation experience data
- add new engine prediction types from cirlama
Language updates:
- fix Spanish specialty names
- update Serbian translations (thx Chokky)
- add Catalan translations for some plugins (thx CAT-fike)
- update English denominations to solve problems in the player parser (thx salt0
- add Hangul (Korean) as new HO language (thx to dodegun!)
- fix Danish 'non-existent' denomination (fixes also player parser problems)
- add Persian as new HO language (big thx to lvl_Rashid_lvl!)
Plugin Updates:
- flagsplugin 3.23 (catch possible exception when getting the country id of an o
- TSForecast 1.01 (fix problems at plugin start with only few datasets)
- add PlayerCompare and HRFExplorer to plugins (thx KickMuck)
Changelist HO! 1.425
- fixed problem of missing match highlights / reports when downloading games wit
h the team analyzer
- fixed problem starting match simulation when own tactic strength is higher tha
n divine
- fixed problems in the transferscout player parser when using IE and the bar st
- added new tactic: Long shots
- updated rating prediction
- updated tactic level prediction
- fixed several problems with HT suddenly adding players without RoleID to XML d
- handle long shot events in match highlights
- show correct tactic strength after loading an stored lineup
- Added a new config option for the default state of the "download matches/sched
ule" checkboxes on the download dialog
- added a database cleanup tool that removes old matches / HRFs
- Fix bug in stadium statistics (>100% usage)
- Using team experience formula by kopsterkespits as default now
- team captain's value in lineup now shows the predicted team experience using t
his player as captain
- improve support for non latin characters
- MacOS: HO now uses a modern JavaApplicationStub (no need for Rosetta anymore)
and the Aqua toolbars (thx to DerKanzler)
Language updates:
- add Slovenian as new HO language (big thx to odemodet!)
- huge update of the Bulgarian translation (thx stiflar)
- improve French translation (thx Bruno)
- fixed Czech skill names
- add "Greeklish" as new HO language (big thx to Angelos!)
- improve Slowak translation (thx refri)
- add Chinese as new HO languag (thx Ryan Li!)
Plugin Updates:
- SpecialEvents 1.221 (added weather SEs, counters, set pieces...)
- Feedback 0.44 (included in HO 1.425)
- TeamAnalyzer 2.70 (included in HO 1.425, using new formula for rating ratios)
Special Notes:
We changed the minimum Java version starting with this release to Sun Java 1.5 (
aka JRE5).
Please update your Java installation if needed.
Changelist HO! 1.424
- fix problem with "-1" trainings and missing stats
- changed the 5,10 and 50 star symbol a bit (more contrast)
- updated EPV
- reactivated HO auto update
- added training block function
- enhance transfer scout player parser
- added CSV player export
- changed the download process of the match highlights (big thx to GM-Mjoelnir!)
(we are very hopeful that the problem with the missing match reports is
fixed now)
- changed to allow spaces in path name ($HODIR and $HOHOME)
- Language updates:
- small fix in the French translation (thx Bruno)
- updates for several languages (thx -_duke_-, Chokky, LderMax, mikaelmd
, Off_Line, Temur)
Plugin Updates:
- TeamAnalyzer 2.69 (included in HO 1.424, added new "diff%" column to rating co
- Feedback 0.421 (included in HO 1.424)
Changelist HO! 1.423
- fix problem with training subskill calculation on the first update 2009
- adapt transfer scouts player parser for the new design
(tested only with the default (long) style at the moment)
- Translation updates:
- added Georgian as new HO language (thx Temur for his very quick transl
- updated Serbian translation (thx chokky - again!)
- updated Swedish (thx mikaelmd)
Changelist HO! 1.422
- added Windows installer version (thx Flattermann and all translators!)
- Match highlights: added new symbol for indirect free kicks
- added weather SEs to match highlights
- update French language file (thx clemchen)
- stars are now aggregated in groups of 5 stars instead of using single stars
- updated rating prediction
- updated epv
- fix player coloring in match reports after HT redesign
- prevent NPE in match details parser (caused by injury)
Changelist HO! 1.421
- fix a problem with HO! not starting after loading data when there was no leagu
e schedule
- update rating prediction parameters
- update training speed calculation
- use new EPV calculation (early beta!)
- change default to show 2 fraction digits
- change default log level to "debug"
- change bash dependent code in
- fix problem in TransferScout parser mixing injuries and yellow cards
- add Regainer to TransferScout
Changelist HO! 1.420
- adaptions to CHPP interface changes
- language fix German team confidence translation
- fixed a small bug in the implementation to kopsterkespits' team XP formula
- fixed MacOS preferences problem (prefs not saved when using Command-Q)
- fixed regainer problem (regainer in lineup leads to ArrayOutOfBounds-Exception
in RatingPredictionManager)
- Translation updates:
Srpski and Srpski(lat) v3.6 (thx chokky)
Portuguese v3.6 (thx Ldermax)
Turkish v3.6 (thx Yusuf)
new: Hrvatski (thx Dragan)
Plugin Updates:
- TeamAnalyzer 2.68 (included in HO 1.420, adaptions to CHPP interface changes)
- Transfers 0.972 (included in HO 1.420, adaptions to CHPP interface changes)
- Flags plugin 3.21 (adaptions to CHPP interface changes, added coolness summary
- Team of the Week 0.2 (adaptions to CHPP interface changes)
- EvilCard 0.952 (fix sorting by percentages, added Portuguese translation thx L
- Int.Friendly Analyzer 0.95 (adapt to CHPP changes)
Changelist HO! 1.410
- Updated rating prediction (thx Flattermann and many supporters)
- New training speed calculation including minute based training (thx Flatterman
- Added days of players age
- Added the "away derby" option to the match lineup and it's prediction
- Show birthdays in training prognosis (Training Experience plugin)
- Added new star formulas (thx HO forum users, esp. chokky and Xell)
- Use simple star rating to determine players best position
- Fix mixed flags of Oman and Al Yaman
- Updated Dutch language to version 3.5 (thx Jeronim0)
- Updated Serbian languages to version 3.5 (thx chokky)
- Updated French language to version 3.5 - fixes also bugs at player skill parsi
ng in the Transfer plugin (thx guitch)
- Automatically enable options league- and team-schedule in download dialog
- Added team XP formula from kopsterkespits (tooltip over average team XP)
- Arena Sizer: use lower fan factors
Plugin Updates:
- Feedback plugin 0.42 (included in HO 1.410)
- Training Experience plugin 1.25 (included in HO 1.410)
- TeamAnalyzer 2.67 (included in HO 1.410)
- Flags plugin 3.19 (fix flags of Uman + Al Yaman, added Uganda + Maldives, use
internal coolness calculation)
- EvilCard plugin 0.951 (fix exception)
- SpecialEvents plugin 1.21 (fix exception)
Special Notes:
Please start a full subskill recalculation (File / Calculate Subskills) after th
e installation to benefit of the new training speed calculation.
Changelist HO! 1.400
- Added first implementation of new rating formulas (new match engine)
BIG THX to Flattermann for his effort - he provided GREAT help!
- Added option to switch between old and new match engine in the lineup panel
- Added correct handling of new fan mood levels
- Added stamina training part (thx Flattermann)
- Changed seat distribution in ArenaSizer (60/23.5/14/2.5)
- Added Quatar and Tanzania and their flags
- Added Srpski (Serbian) [latin and kyrillic] as new HO languages (thx chokky +
- Update Dutch translation (thx jeronim0)
- Prevent possible NPE with red cards (MatchPlayerRetriever)
- Fix minor bug in language update dialog (duplicate entries)
- Catch possible NPE when getting EPV value of certain players
- Minor bugfixes when loading plugins
- Removed EPV splash screen
- Removed HoFriendly as demanded by CHPPs
- Removed player tab from TeamAnalyzer as demanded by CHPPs
- Small updates for all languages (thx to many HO! forum users)
Plugin Updates:
- EvilCard 0.95
- Flags plugin 3.16
- InternationalFriendlyAnalyzer (IFA) 0.93
- TeamAnalyzer 2.66 (included in HO 1.400)
- Training Experience 1.24 (included in HO 1.400)
- Transfers plugin 0.971 (included in HO 1.400)
Special Notes:
HO 1.400 includes a first version to predict the ratings of the new match engine
. The quality proved to be quite good at internal tests, but the differences may
be a bit higher than for the old engine. Use the prediction offset calculation
to get better results and provide feedback in the HO! forum. That way we can enh
ance the accuracy. Thx!
The 2 most active HO1 developers from the lasst months are on vacation for the n
ext 2 respectively 3 weeks. Thats not planned, but a funny coincidence. It might
get a bit silent from HO! side during this time. We expect to have helpful feed
back when we're back - especially regardings the new rating predictions.
Changelist HO! 1.399
- Adaption to CHPP changes (worlddetails)
- Added Turkish and Galician as new HO languages (thx Yusuf and Pablo)
- Lineup panel: fixed bug that lead to a "4-4-2 all normal lineup" instead
of the real last / actual lineup of the team
- Fixed coloring of players in match reports (thx to drake79)
Note: it's necessary to re-download old matches with buggy coloring
- Player overview: use no fraction digits when visualising differences
in TSI, salary and market value. Show thousand delimiter instead.
- Lineup panel: added option to simulate the trainer type (thx drake79)
- fixed a bug that prevented further downloads when a match with more
than 3 injured players occured
- ArenaSizer: 18 Euro income from seats under roof
- Lineup panel: fixed label of Reserve Defender
- HT bug hotfix: copy last supporter mood level to current, if its missing in th
Converter Plugin:
- Adaption to CHPP change (worlddetails)
Changelist HO! 1.398
- TeamAnalyzer: fix a problem with matches with less than 11 players
- ArenaSizer: use correct prices (like in HO! 1.396)
- include all current flags
- compiled using Java 1.4 class compatibility (hopefully fixes some TA issues
for Java 1.4 and Mac users)
- change internal URL for Plugin downloads to
- removed upload of EPV data
- changed version check to allow a newer version in the local installation
- prevent NPE in MatchPopulator (TeamAnalyzer)
- prevent NSEEx in RatingUtil (Commons)
- prevent NPE in HTCalendarFactory (Commons)
Special Note 1:
To those who did not notice yet: with the help of our fellow user Odicin we
were able to fix the 3rd party plugins "International Friendly Analyzer" and
"Flags plugin". Both plugins stopped working after the HT/CHPP change last
November. If you use these plugins and have problems with the update of new
flags, make sure to have the latest version installed.
Check this menu: File -> Update -> Plugins -> Normal.
Special Note 2:
Thanks to the work of two HO! users Yusuf and Pablo we can offer "Turkish"
and "Galician(Galego)" as new HO! language soon. Unfortunately both didn't
make it into HO! 1.398, we're very sorry! But in the next days both should
be available using the HO! update for language files.

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