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Welcome to the battlefield of the near future!

Before the Battle

You will need:
- several six-sided dice and at least one ten-sided dice
- a playing surface with plenty of terrain placed upon it (more terrain makes for a better game)
- two armies of equal or similar total points value (agreed upon by both players)
Once the table is ready for play players roll one dice each re-rolling any ties! "he winner chooses must choose to set his army up first and take
the first turn or set his army up second and take the second turn!
#hen setting up an army if possible each unit is placed no more than $%& from the table edge! "he two armies should be no closer than %'&
Playing the Game
On your turn you will have a chance to move and fight with each unit you have on the table! Once you have finished your opponent then has his
turn to move and fight with his units! "his continues until the battle is complete and a victor is declared(
)ote that you may always *pre-measure+ distances in ,attlefield -volution allowing you to check to see if an enemy is within range before
making the decision to fire for example!
)ormally each of your units can do any combination of two .ctions and every model in the same unit will perform the same action! "here are
four types of .ction in ,attlefield -volution:
Move Shoot Charge Ready
Move Actions
-very unit in ,attlefield -volution has a /ove score which shows how far its models can travel across the table in inches with a single /ove
.ction! . model need not move in a straight line and can make any number of turns to face in any direction you wish! . soldier may be able to
move '& for example! Of course if he takes two /ove .ctions he can travel a total of 0& in a turn!
1nits moving through terrain will find their progress hindered! Whenever a model moves across terrain, halve its Move score!
Shoot Actions
,efore you can shoot at an enemy unit the models in your unit must have a Line of Sight to the intended targets! 2n all cases 3ine of 4ight is
traced as a straight line from the centre of each of the firing models to the centre of what is called the Fire Zone (this need not be an enemy
model and can in fact be open ground)! . 5ire 6one is simply a 6 radius 7 when you roll Damage Dice for your unit+s shooting you can only
attack models within this 5ire 6one that are also within 3ine of 4ight! .ll models in the unit must use the same 5ire 6one!
3ine of sight has three possible categories!
Clear: )o terrain or terrain that does not block line of sight exists between attacker and target! )o effect!
!scured: "errain hides part of the target model! "he target gains a 8$ bonus to its "arget score!
"loc#ed: "errain interrupts 3ine of 4ight so neither model may see the other! )o 3ine of 4ight possible!
)ote that attacking models within the same unit will never block or obscure 3ine of 4ight for each other while models not in the same unit will!
#hen a unit takes a Shoot .ction every model with a weapon can use it to attack any enemy that it can see and is within the unit+s 5ire 6one!
-ach model can only use one weapon in a 4hoot action no matter how many weapons it possesses!
9oll :amage :ice for your entire unit! :iscard all :amage :ice that roll a natural *$+! "hese represent missed shots or ammunition ;ams!
"he highest scoring :amage :ice must be allocated to the nearest model within the 5ire 6one the next highest scoring :amage :ice to the next
nearest model and so on! 2f all models within the 5ire 6one have been allocated a :amage :ice then you are free to allocate any remaining
:amage :ice to models as you see fi t!
)ote that friendly models within a 5ire 6one are potential targets as well( <owever a model may not be hit by its own unit+s attack!
.ll models have two scores which you need to aim for when attacking them 7 a $arget score and a %ill score! 2f you roll equal to or greater than
the model+s =ill score it is automatically removed from the battlefield! 2f you merely roll equal to or more than a model+s "arget score then it
may have a chance to use its .rmour to protect itself! Your opponent must roll one six-sided dice and score equal to or greater than his model+s
.rmour score in order to survive!
2f a unit is allocated at least as many :amage :ice in a single 4hoot .ction as it had models then it will immediately lose its next action and
may only /ove as a reaction! 2f this happens more than once during a single turn it will lose a total of two actions! . unit may never lose more
than two actions from Su&&ression!
Cover in ,attlefield -volution is any piece of terrain that models may move through and still have 3ine of 4ight drawn to them! "his includes
low walls woods hedges and ruins! . model has to be touching on the opposite side to the firing model or within suitable terrain to take
advantage of >over! Otherwise the terrain can only obscure or block 3ine of 4ight (see above)!
5or the purposes of 3ine of 4ight a firing model may *see through+ any >over within a number of inches equal to its 4i?e score! 2t may also *see
through+ any >over within a number of inches to the target model that is equal to the target model+s 4i?e score! /odels if within terrain may
always claim >over rather than ;ust have an obscured 3ine of 4ight but not both!
Cover grants a '( !onus to !oth $arget and %ill scores against shooting attac#s)
Charge Actions
#hen a Charge action is made you move your models up to their /ove score towards an enemy unit! 2f you succeed in touching an enemy
model with one of yours they immediately fight in close combat!
9oll your model+s Close Com!at Dice as shown on its unit card! You can potentially attack as many enemy models as you have >lose >ombat
dice so long as your model is touching them! .s with shooting if you beat your enemy+s "arget score you may force an .rmour roll! 2f you
beat its =ill score you will destroy it outright! :iscard all >lose >ombat dice that roll a natural *$+!
.fter close combat has been completed move the model with the smallest 4i?e score %& directly away from the other! 2f both models are the
same 4i?e move the model that was attacked %& directly away! "he model that was attacked if it survives may now react as normal!
Ready Actions
Some units or models may require taking a Ready Action in order to do something unusual, such as set up a weapon or reload. The special rules
are found on unit cards where applicable.
On your opponent+s turn whenever an enemy unit completes an action within $@& of any model in one of your units or when an enemy unit
completes a 4hoot action against one of your units your entire unit may immediately make a free 4hoot or /ove Reaction! You may move in
any direction but any shooting must be aimed at the unit that caused the 9eaction!
. unit may only make one 9eaction each turn no matter how many times an enemy moves close by or shoots it!
2f a unit is in >over and is 9eacting to a >harge action it may make the 9eaction after the target has moved but before >lose >ombat!
"he ma;ority of models do not need to worry about facing when you /ove or 4hoot!
4ome models have special rules that require you to know how it is facing! You will find that some units can only fire weapons into one facing! 2f
a unit has a weapon that is 5ront facing for example it cannot target models that are to its 9ear or 4ides! Your unit cards will tell you whether
this applies to any of your units) *ach of the facings is a +, degree arc measured from the centre of the model!
!ictory and "efeat
Once an army has been reduced to a quarter of the number of models it started with (rounding down to a minimum of one) it is immediately
Shattered! #hen working out whether your army has been 4hattered you may only count models that are actually on the table or carried by
. 4hattered army has lost the battle!
#nit $eaders
-very unit in the game has a unit leader as listed on its unit card! .ll models in the unit must end every action within A& of their unit leader! 2f a
model is ever more than A& away from its unit leader or if the unit leader is killed then it will be out of command losing its next two actions!
/odels that are out of command may only make 9eactions! .fter two actions have been missed you may nominate another model in
the unit to become unit leader so long as the original unit leader has been removed from the table! . unit leader of one unit may not act as unit
leader of another!