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What online learning is available?

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)
Depriving someone of their liberty is a serious issue. This course will give you an
understanding of the key distinction between detaining someone lawfully in their
best interests and unlawfully depriving them of their liberty.

Mental Capacity Act (MCA)
This course looks at the Mental Capacity Act and the key areas of interest to all
staff whose work may be affected by the Act. This includes areas such as what the
aims of the act are, how mental capacity is assessed, the process for establishing a
person’s ‘best interests’, consulting the Code of Practice, and more.

Safeguarding Adults: Basic Awareness
This unit introduces key definitions in safeguarding Adults. Using real-life case
studies, the unit contextualises issues underpinning Safeguarding Adults. It will
help you feel more confident in dealing with situations involving vulnerable adults.
Understanding Basic Awareness will help you to identify vulnerable adults and work
towards protecting their welfare.

Who is this course for?

Everyone working in the social care sector
o All social care staff are required complete all three courses as you
have particular responsibility to safeguard and protect vulnerable
o You need to ensure your training in this area is refreshed every
three years.

How do I register?
1. Go to the Northamptonshire County Council - embrace e-learning site
2. Click on the ‘Register here’ Button on the left
3. Enter your details:
Keep your username and password safely as you will need them
each time you log in.
Within the Location/Department field, please type the name of your
organisation or business.
Please note: the Password and Secret Answer are both case-
Accept the terms and click on the ‘submit’ button at the bottom.
4. Click on the ‘Enrol’ button and in the organisation code field enter the code
below. Please be aware: to access all 3 courses you will need to click
enrol and enter each code separately.

Course name
CVZNDC Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
TKXFYH Mental Capacity Act 2005
Safeguarding Adults: Basic Awareness

5. Select your course from the drop down list and begin learning.

These e-learning opportunities are fully funded by Northamptonshire County
Council, and therefore are of no cost to you.

Additional training Opportunities

There are also two fully funded (no cost to you) face-to-face training courses
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 2 - Recognising and Reporting
Safeguarding Concerns (half-day course)
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 3 - Investigating Skills and Chairing
Meetings (3-day course)

Additional training courses for staff working in the social care sector are:
Dementia (3 day)
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards - Awareness (DOLS) (half-day course)
Mental Capacity Act - Decision Makers
And many more...

Please see our website for details, including dates, venues, costs and how to

Updated Sept 2012

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