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Penilaian mata kuliah Laboratorium Konstruksi

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For flawless fairfaced concrete
Perfect concrete surfaces can be achieved using RAPID column formwork. Through the unique,
patented clamping principle, the plywood is simply clamped to the frame. This results in high
quality concrete surfaces without any unsightly nail or screw indentations. The chamfer strips
effectively seal the corner areas. Using the RAPID system, rectangular or square column cross-
sections up to 60 x 60 cm can be continuously constructed without requiring any additional
anchors in the concrete. Columns with sharp edges are also possible.

Fast assembly
The plywood is cut to size and clamped between clamping profiles. Screws and nails are things of
the past.
The three frame heights of 3.00 m, 2.10 m and 60 cm provide ideal height adjustments.
Crane-free basic assembly
The lightweight aluminium elements allow basic assembly to be done manually.
Strong frame construction
The robust, practical closed construction of the column frames allows the PERI RAPID column
formwork to withstand rough handling. The ECC powder coating guarantees that cleaning is kept
to a minimum.
High fresh concrete pressure
The RAPID column has been designed for a very high fresh concrete pressure of 120 kN/m
which allows fast concreting. The usually very high pouring speeds for columns can easily be

For any cross section and heights
The column formwork for forming any cross-section and height. With the VARIO GT 24, square
or rectangular cross-sections up to 80 x 120 cm can be concreted the formwork is continually

Continuously adjustable cross-sections
Square or rectangular column cross-sections of up to 80 x 120 cm can be concreted the
formwork is continually adjustable.
Only 2 ties per waler position
Standard components from the VARIO GT 24 range are used. The two halves of the column
formwork are joined together using KZ wedges and SRZ tie yokes.
Permissible fresh concrete pressure
The VARIO GT 24 has been designed for a fresh concrete pressure of 100 kN/m. If required, the
formwork can be specially designed for higher concrete pressures.

TRIO Column formwork
With panels for walls and columns
Apart from its use as column formwork for cross-sections up to 75 x 75 cm, the 90-cm wide
TRIO column elements can also be used together with TRIO wall formwork. A 60 cm height
increment is used.

Rectangular or square columns
With TRIO column elements, cross-sections of up to 75 x 75 cm can be formed in increments of 5
cm. The permissible fresh concrete pressure is 100 kN/m.
Chamfer strip with clamping function
Time-consuming, labour-intensive nailing of chamfer strips is not necessary. The strips are simply
Concreting platform
The concreting platform is continuously adjustable for every cross-section from 20 x 20 cm to 75
x 75 cm.
Access ladder
Integrated ladders provide safe access to concreting platforms on all column formwork.

QUATTRO Column formwork
Moving with one crane lift
PERI QUATTRO columns can be moved as complete units i.e. four column elements together.
Column cross-sections from 20 x 20 cm up to 60 x 60 cm can be concreted in 5 cm increments,
square-shaped or rectangular.

Permissible fresh concrete pressure:
The QUATTRO column has been designed for a fresh concrete pressure of 80 kN/m.

Extensions in 25 cm increments:
The four element heights of 3.50 m, 2.75 m, 1.25 m and 50 cm provide ideal height adjustments.

Saves time during every application
QUATTRO does not require any loose parts for shuttering and striking. The elements can be
opened and closed with a minimum of effort.
Fast adjustment of the column cross-sections
Column cross-sections of 20 x 20 cm up to 60 x 60 cm in 5-cm increments are quickly formed
with QUATTRO regardless whether it is square or rectangular-shaped columns.
QUATTRO transportation wheel
Through the use of transportation wheels, the PERI QUATTRO column formwork becomes even
more cost-effective. Formwork crews are thus in a position to carry out shuttering and striking
manually and without requiring a crane. Complete formwork units can also be moved from
column to column by hand.
Safe working conditions at all heights
With concreting platform and integrated access ladder with ladder safety cage. Even during
moving, safety components remain firmly connected to the formwork.

SRS Steel Circular Column
For perfect concrete surfaces
Manufactured according to the highest quality standards, the SRS circular column formwork
guarantees a perfect concrete surface finish.

Easy to clean:
The ECC powder coating minimises concrete adhesion and reduces cleaning costs.

Column diameters in 5 cm increments from 25 to 70 cm. Special sizes available on request.

Fast assembly
Only two column halves with integrated column bolt. The captive column bolts have self-cleaning
hexagonal threads and are mounted to the column formwork halves.
Practical extension process
The PERI SRS circular column formwork has four element heights (3.00 m, 2.40 m, 1.20 m and
30 cm) which allows shuttering in 30 cm increments. The fixing of slab starter bars is made easier.
Easy and simple element stacking
Integrated stacking aids ensure that the column elements are safely stacked and cannot slip. Costly
site storage space can therefore be more efficiently utilised.
Higher fresh concrete pressure
PERI circular column formwork has been designed for a fresh concrete pressure of 150kN/m.
This allows fast and cost-effective concreting.

LICO Lightweight Column Formwork
The lightweight column formwork for
forming by hand
The low individual weights of the elements allow assembly and dismantling by hand. This means
that the formwork crew is still in a position to effectively use crane non-availability in a
productive way.

Practical details simplify the use and lower shuttering times.

The high permissible fresh concrete pressure of 80 kn/m ensures fast concreting cycles and thus
contributes to a very economical utilisation of the equipment.

Height increments 500 mm
Only three different element heights: 3.00 m, 1.00 m and 0.50 m. These allow optimal adjustment
to the required concreting heights.
Column cross-sections
Different cross-section combinations permit rectangular or square configurations from 200 x 200
to 600 x 600 mm in 50 mm increments.

VARIO QUATTRO Column Formwork
For large column cross-sections
VARIO QUATTRO column formwork can be moved as a complete unit, i.e. all four column
elements including push-pull props, concreting platform and access ladder, in a single crane lift

Using two walers with different lengths, the VARIO QUATTRO can be adjusted in 5 cm
increments to suit the required column cross-section. This means rectangular or square-shaped
cross-sections of 20x20 cm to 120x120 cm can be formed with any additional ties.

VARIO QUATTRO column formwork has been designed for a fresh concrete pressure of 100

VARIO QUATTRO does not require any loose parts for shuttering and striking operations. In just
a few steps, the formwork can be closed for concreting to take place and then opened after
concreting has finished.
High fresh concrete pressure
The high permissible fresh concrete pressure of 100 kN/m allows fast concreting.
Architectural concrete surfaces
Through the use of components taken from the proven VARIO GT 24 system, superb architectural
concrete surfaces can be achieved complete with sharp or chamfered edges.
Working safety
By means of the VQ concreting platform and access ladder with ladder cage, concreting work can
be carried out with a very high standard of safety.

RS Push-Pull-Props
A complete range up to 14.00 m.
With the development of the new PERI RS 210, RS 300, RS 450 and RS 650 push-pull-props,
particularly importance was placed on ensuring a long service life, low maintenance costs and
fast handling.

Therefore, all PERI push-pull props are now galvanized and with the exception of the RS 210
telescopic. The available lengths in the push-pull prop programme are complemented by the RS
1000 and RS 1400 props which are already manufactured in the same way.

For use with prefabricated concrete elements
Safe installation of push-pull props on prefabricated concrete elements from the ground is
possible by means of the new PERI Push-Pull Prop adapter RS together with the Quick
Connector Head RS. As a result, working operations become considerably faster because no
ladders etc. are required. Everything is safely assembled from the erection area.

Important for construction crews:
All work is carried out safely from the ground and without ladders, working scaffold or work

Quick adjustment
Rough adjustment in 10 cm increments can be carried out within sec- onds thanks to the
possibility of tele- scoping. The fine adjustment then takes place with only a few turns of the
push-pull prop.
Simple site operations
The RS 210 to RS 650 push-pull props can be handled regardless of the required extension
length from the assembly area. For this, the RS 650 also has a chain guide which makes
attaching and releasing the lifting chains possible without a ladder.
Supporting prefabricated elements
For using PERI RS push-pull props with prefabricated concrete elements, the Push-Pull Prop
Adapter RS and the Quick Connector Head RS are used. As a result, the push-pull props can be
safely and quickly installed and dismantled from the ground.
Base Plate RS
For all PERI push-pull props, the Base Plate-2 RS is used. It is equipped with 2 bolts and thus
allows the connection of the smaller push-pull props in each case as kicker braces.

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