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The beauty of Cosmology relies o its geerosity ! you are al"ays i #ery goo$ %om&ay e#e
"he you are totally "rog'
Physics is divided in 04 categories :
- Conceptual
- Theoretic
- Experimental
- Observational
This document is a conceptual document.
To become a Theory somebody must rite it in !ath.
Once you have a Theory then e go to one o" the next to levels to see i" the Theory is right.
#nless e have an observation or an experiment that con"irms$ or not$ the theory$ all e have are
endless discussions.
The Infinverses is the ultimate macro structure of everything.
It is composed by The Infinite and The Universes.
There is an Infinite which is dimensionless, timeless, immaterial, continuous, eternal, homogeneous,
isotropic, highly and continuously active and reservoir of an infinite amount of Energy.
Universes are discrete space-time structures in continuous expansion in both space and time with a
pre determined finite existence in time continuously loosing energy at an increasing rate, containing or
not particles, freely floating within the Infinite. The amount of Universes is finite but countless. They
exist within the Infinite.
Permanently and continuously huge amounts of Energy are released through the collapse of a
primordial singularity creating a Universe. reation of Universes is a continuous and eternal
process generating a finite but countless Universes which are discrete and without any
possible communication among them. This process creates a biunivocal relation between a
given Universe and its primordial singularity. !ecause the Infinite is homogeneous and
isotropic, all Universes obey the same laws of Physics.
The communication among the universes is not possible because they "the space time structure# are
expanding at speeds greater than the speed of light and any information travels at the speed of light.
$nother explanation is the biunivocal relation between a given Universe and its primordial singularity.
If communication among them were possible, this postulate was bro%en.
$ny given Universe is composed by two fundamentals entities & the space-time structure "stage# and
all elementary particles with all possible arrangements from atoms to galaxies "actors#. $t the
moment of creation, part of the Energy is used to shape the stage and part to form the actors.
It is possible to exist two different types of Universes & with the stage and actors "'ravity,
Electro((agnetism, )trong *uclear +orce and ,ea% *uclear +orce exist in these universes#
and only with the stage "only 'ravity exist in these universes#.
The ratio between the energy content of the space-time fabric and the energy amount of all particles,
determine if life, as we %now it, is possible at any given Universe.
,hile the +undamental +orces act within the context of particles, 'ravity is a property, not a force, of
the space time fabric. It manifests as a force due to the interaction between particles and space time.
The expansion of the Universe is powered by the energy of the space-time fabric.
-igher the amount of energy of the space-time fabric, more time this universe will exist. The end of a
Universe is characteri.ed by the end of the space-time fabric. +irst, all particles disappear resulting in
a Universe with only space-time which will continue its expansion until the total consumption of its
energy. $t this moment we have what was already called !ig /ip.
$s previous said, the expansion of the Universe is powered by the energy of the space-time fabric.
The conse0uence of a space time with less energy is the decrease of the resistance of deformation
caused by the presence of mass. The same mass will create a bigger deformation of space-time
provo%ing the increase of the gravity with the passing of time.