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The industrial scenario of economy is highly competitive and constantly
changing. To serve this highly competitive scenario practical studies are
much more important with theoretical studies. In India the significance of
MBA course is increasing drastically. Amongst all the PG courses MBA is
most favored. As a partial fulfillment of third semester the students have to
take a summer training of 6 to weeks at any company and prepare a pro!ect
report on the "asis of that practical e#perience.
Indian economy is growing at a considera"le rate. The growth of G$P in
India is %& per annum. The ma!or sector contri"uting to the growth of G$P
is service sector and it is appro#imately 6'& to G$P. Banking is one of the
main pillars of service sector. (o I have decided to take e#posure of "anking
sector "y taking practical training at )*TA) MA+I,$-A BA,) which is
one of the reputed private "anks.
The aim of )*TA) MA+I,$-A BA,) is customi.ation / people
cantered "anking. 0ustomi.ed "anking system can "e achieved "y provided
what customer actually wants. (o we want to check weather )*TA)
MA+I,$-A BA,) is successful or not. As a part of this study I have
decided to prepare a pro!ect report on 1A 0*MPA-ITI23 A,A45(I( *6
$I663-3,T P-*$70T A,$ MA-)3TI,G (T-AT3GI3( *6 )*TA)
MA+I,$-A BA,) 8.-.T *T+3- BA,)(9.
The study of this topic is helpful to me in customer satisfaction /
loyalty to the services which they are using at the )*TA) MA+I,$-A
BA,). This study will also "e helpful to us in the information
a"out what change customer want from the e#isting services. This report
also gives me the overall satisfaction level of customer from the )*TA)
MA+I,$-A BA,) / how the customers are loyal to the "ank. This report
also includes graphical representation wherever it feels necessary. 6inally: it
is indeed e#cellent opportunity for us to present this report and a matter of
esteem honors itself. After successful completion of training it is golden
e#perience for me of "anking sector. And I also know how the different
departments are working.
6irst of all I am thankful to )*TA) MA+I,$-A BA,) and Branch
Manager Mr. Pranaya Thapliyal for giving me permission to take the
summer training and my pro!ect guide Mr. $hirendra (ingh for his support
in this pro!ect. I would also like to thank the staff mem"ers of the "ank for
providing us information a"out the different departments of the "ank. I
would like to
6inally I am glad to thank our all faculties who have provided me su"stantial
guidance / support in preparation of this pro!ect. This successful completion
of this pro!ect could not have "een possi"le without their co;operation and
The pr o! ect i s "ased on t he sal es st r at egi es for t he
Banki ng pr oduct s wi t h a speci al r ef er ence t o )*TA)
MA+I ,$-A BA,) and t he consumer per cept i on a"out
t he same.
6i r st and 6or emost : t he pur pose of )ot ak Mahi ndr a
Bank i s t o ful f i l l t he needs for i nvest ment under one
r oof .
Thi s pr o! ect shows: t he common man has st ar t ed
capi t al mar ket t er m l i ke "ul l and "ear e#pl ode new
t i me.
I t gi ves t he det ai l vi ew of t he r egul at or y fr amewor k
f or t he )ot ak Mahi ndr a Bank
The focus shi f t t o var i ous pr oduct s of )*TA)
MA+I ,$-A BA,) t o cat er t o t he needs such as
r et ur n e#pl anat i on: fi nanci al posi t i on: r i sk t ol er ance:
et c.
The ne#t phase l ook up t he i nvest ment i n gr owt h
or i ent ed st ock whi ch ar e avai l a"l e at at t r act i ve
r el at i ve val uat i on.
6ur t her t o t hi s: pr o! ect pr oceeds wi t h t he r esear ch
desi gned i n t he l i ght of t he cor e o"! ect i ves of t he st udy
al ong wi t h t he su" o"! ect i ves t hat ar e gi ven due
consi der at i on t hr oughout t he r esear ch. I t al so enl i st s al l
t he dat a sour ces as t o "y whi ch means t he st udy has
gai ned moment um. The dat a has "een col l ect ed "y
vi r t ue of <uest i onnai r es and we"si t es: r espect i vel y. The
scope of t he st udy i s suggest ed i n f avor of t he
compani es st r i vi ng t o emer ge as super power s dr awn
out "y t he sur vey. These compani es can fi ne t une t hei r
pr ospect i ve ones and can gr a" t he oppor t uni t i es of t he
t r ansf or mi ng t he weakness of ot her i nt o t hei r own
st r engt h.
2arious *"!ectives for conducting the research and analysis are listed as
Access the Market Potential of )otak Mahindra Bank (aving Account with
the help of a survey conducted on a total of >? -espondents .
(tudy how new distri"ution channels such as Internet Banking: ATM
facility: Phone Banking have changed the face of the Banking industry.
(tudy the impact of a customer centric approach "eing followed "y the
Bank: and what is its "enefit.
0ompare the services offered "y )otak Mahindra Bank and the customer@s
satisfaction level of the same with that of other Banks in the Private sector:
and to access where the Bank has to improve.
0onsideration of various promotional and marketing and advertising
strategies of )otak Mahindra to the satisfaction among its
ultimate users and consumers
6inally to draw the various conclusion and recommendations on the "asis of
the study conducted on specifically taking to consideration the services:
advertising and marketing strategies of the Bank.

This study helps in finding out the satisfaction of most important resource
that is human resource in )otak Mahindra Bank.
This also helps in finding the effect ness of human resource policies in
The study provides knowledge of various products/ investment services
of )otak Mahindra Bank
The study helps to learn of work culture of organi.ation.
The study of also helps to learn what as the various "enefits availa"le to
the advisor in an organi.ation.
The study also helps the company to "e aware of important that it@s has to
make in its incentives plan.

The study could not "e made that comprehensive due to time constraints.
(ome customers feel uncomforta"le to reveal some personal information
relating to income etc. it might have happened that some more essential
information could have "een collected.

Time constraint.
Biases and non;cooperation of the respondents.
6inancial constraint.
Geographical selectivity in study limiting to $elhi city only.
BA,)I,G (T-70T7-3 I, I,$IA
Schedued B!"#$ %" I"d%!
&A' Schedued C())e*c%! B!"#$
Pu+%c $ec,(*
P*%-!,e $ec,(*
F(*e%." B!"#$
%" I"d%!
Re.%("! Ru*!
*ther Pu"lic
(ector Banks
(BI and its
*ld Private
Ne/ P*%-!,e

&B' Schedued C((0e*!,%-e B!"#$
Schedued U*+!" C((0e*!,%-e
B!"#$ &11'
Schedued S,!,e C((0e*!,%-e
B!"#$ &23'
+ere we more concerned a"out private sector "anks and competition
among them. Today: there are B private sector "anks in the "anking

sector= ED old private sector "anks and % new private sector "anks.
These new "anks have "rought in state;of;the;art technology and
Aggressively marketed their products. The Pu"lic sector "anks are
6acing a stiff competition from the new private sector "anks.
The "anks which have "een setup in the EDD?s under the guidelines
of the N!*!$%)h!) C())%,,ee are referred to as ,38 P-I2AT3
(30T*- BA,)(.
Ne/ P*%-!,e Sec,(* B!"#$
(uperior 6inancial (ervices
$esigned Innovative Products
Tapped new markets
Accessed 4ow cost ,-I funds
Greater efficiency
The Indian "anking market is growing at an astonishing rate: with
Assets e#pected to reach 7(FE trillion "y B?E?. An e#panding
economy: middle class: and technological innovations are all
contri"uting to this growth.
The country@s middle class accounts for over 'B? million people.
In correlation with the growth of the economy: rising income levels:
increased standard of living: and afforda"ility of "anking products
are promising factors for continued e#pansion.
The Indian "anking Industry is in the middle of an IT revolution:
6ocusing on the e#pansion of retail and rural "anking.
Players are "ecoming increasingly customer ; centric in their
approach: which has resulted in innovative methods of offering new
"anking products and services. Banks are now the
importance of "eing a "ig player and are "eginning to focus their
attention on mergers and ac<uisitions to take advantage of
economies of scale andGor comply with Basel II regulation.
1Indian "anking industry assets are e#pected to reach 7(FE trillion "y
B?E? and are poised to receive a greater infusion of foreign capital:9
says Prathima -a!an: analyst in 0elentHs "anking group and author of
the report. 1The "anking industry should focus on having a small
num"er of large players that can compete glo"ally rather than having
a large num"er of fragmented players.I
0urrent "ank account is opened "y "usinessmen who have a num"er of
regular transactions with the "ank: "oth deposits and withdrawals. It is also
known as d
0urrent account can "e opened in co;operative "ank and commercial "ank.
Incurrent account: amount can "e deposited and withdrawn at any time
without giving any notice. It is also suita"le for making payments to
creditors "y using che<ues. 0he<ues received from customers can "e
deposited in this account for collection.
In India: current account can "e opened "y depositing -s.>?? A7( F EEC to
-s.E:??? A7( F BBC. The customers are allowed to withdraw the amount with
che<ues and they generally do not get any interest. In India 0o;operative
"ankmay allow interest upto E&.
0urrent account holder get one important advantage of overdraft facility.
Fe!,u*e$ (4 Cu**e", B!"# Acc(u",
The main o"!ective of current "ank account is to ena"le the "usinessmen to
conduct their "usiness transactions smoothly.
There is no restriction on the num"er and amount of deposits. There is also
no restriction on the withdrawals.
Generally "ank does not pay any interest on current account. ,owadays:
some "anks do pay interest on current accounts.
0urrent account is of continuing nature and as such there is no fi#ed period.
Think Investment Think Kotak
Banks like K(,!# M!h%"d*!5 standard chartered: I0I0I: +$60: and
0iti"ank now "ring your Bank Account and $e"it card to your fingertips.
8ith Mo"ile commerce: you can perform a wide range of <uery;"ased
transactions from your Mo"ile Phone: without even making a call.
)otak Mahindra is one of IndiaHs leading financial institutions: offering
complete financial solutions that encompass every sphere of life. 6rom
commercial "anking: to stock "roking: to mutual funds: to life insurance: to
investment "anking: the group caters to the financial needs of individuals
and corporate.
The group has a net worth of over -s.E: %?? crore and employs over J:J??
employees in its various "usinesses. 8ith a presence in %B cities in India and
offices in ,ew 5ork: 4ondon: $u"ai and Mauritius: it services a customer
"ase of over >: ??:???.
)otak Mahindra has international partnerships with Goldman (achs Aone of
the worldHs largest investment "anks and "rokerage firmsC and *ld Mutual Aa
large insurance: "anking and asset management conglomerateC.
The )otak Mahindra Group was "orn in ED%> as )otak 0apital Management
6inance 4imited. This company was promoted "y Ud!6 K(,!#: (idney A.
Pinto and )otak / 0ompany. Industrialists +arish Mahindra and Anand
Mahindra took a stake in ED%6: and thatHs when the company changed its
name to )otak Mahindra
6inance 4imited. (ince then itHs "een a steady and confident !ourney to
growth and success.
3789 : )otak Mahindra 6inance 4imited starts the activity of Bill
378; = )otak Mahindra 6inance 4imited enters the 4ease and +ire
Purchase market
377< = The Auto 6inance division is started
3773 = The Investment Banking $ivision is started. Takes over
6I0*M: one of India@s largest financial retail marketing networks
377= = 3nters the 6unds (yndication sector
3771 = Brokerage and $istri"ution "usinesses incorporated into a
separate company ; )otak (ecurities. Investment Banking division
incorporated into a separate company ; )otak Mahindra 0apital
3779 = The Auto 6inance Business is hived off into a separate
company ; )otak Mahindra Primus 4imited. )otak Mahindra takes a
significant stake in 6ord 0redit )otak Mahindra 4imited: for
financing 6ord vehicles. The launch of Matri# Information (ervices
4imited marks the Group@s entry into information distri"ution.
3778 = 3nters the mutual fund market with the launch of )otak
Mahindra Asset Management 0ompany.
=<<< = )otak Mahindra ties up with *ld Mutual plc. for the 4ife
Insurance "usiness.
)otak (ecurities launches ; its on;line "roking site.
6ormal commencement of private e<uity activity through setting up of
)otak Mahindra 2enture 0apital 6und.
=<<2 = )otak Mahindra 6inance 4td. 0onverts to "ank
3sta"lished in ED%J: The )otak Mahindra Group has long "een one of
India@s most reputed financial organi.ations. In 6e" B??': )otak Mahindra
6inance 4td.: the group@s flagship company was given the license to carry on
"anking "usiness "y the -eserve Bank of India A-BIC.This approval creates
"anking history since )otak Mahindra 6inance 4td is the first company in
India to convert to a "ank. The license the "ank to carry on
"anking "usiness has "een o"tained from the -BI in tune with (ection BB of
the Banking -egulation Act EDJD.
)MB4 was promoted "y Mr. 7day.(.)otak: )otak and 0ompany 4td and
Mr. (idney /A.A.Pinto under the name of )otak 0apital Management
6inance 4td on BEst ,ov ED%> and o"tained a 0ertificate of 0ommencement
of Business on EE
6e" ED%6.
The "ank customers have access to entire 2I(A network of J>?? ATM@( in
India and %?????ATM@( worldwide accepted in more than >6???
esta"lishments across India and E? million worldwide. The customer also
has access to over %?? ATM@s with sharing arrangements with 7TI BA,):
of these EB> are in the ,0-.
Ke6 .*(u0 c()0!"%e$ !"d ,he%* +u$%"e$$e$
)otak Mahindra Bank
The )otak Mahindra GroupHs flagship company: )otak Mahindra 6inance
4td which was esta"lished in ED%>: was converted into a "ank; )otak
Mahindra Bank 4td in March B??' "ecoming the first Indian company to
convert into a Bank. Its "anking operations offer a central platform for
customer relationships across the groupHs various "usinesses. The "ank has
presence in 0ommercial 2ehicles: -etail 6inance: 0orporate Banking:
Treasury and +ousing 6inance.
)otak Mahindra 0apital 0ompany
)otak Mahindra 0apital 0ompany 4imited A)M00C is IndiaHs premier
Investment Bank. )M00Hs core "usiness areas include 3<uity Issuances:
Mergers / Ac<uisitions: (tructured 6inance and Advisory (ervices.
)otak (ecurities
)otak (ecurities 4td. is one of IndiaHs largest "rokerage and securities
distri"ution houses. *ver the years: )otak (ecurities has "een one of the
leading investment "roking houses catering to the needs of "oth institutional
and non;institutional investor categories with presence all over the country
through franchisees and coordinators. )otak (ecurities 4td. offers online and
offline services "ased on well;researched e#pertise and financial products to
non;institutional investors.
)otak Mahindra Prime
)otak Mahindra Prime 4imited A)MPC Aformerly known as )otak Mahindra
Primus 4imitedC has "een formed with the o"!ective of financing the retail
and wholesale trade of passenger and multi utility vehicles in India. )MP
offers customers retail finance for "oth new as well as used cars and
wholesale finance to dealers in the automo"ile trade. )MP continues to "e
among the leading car finance companies in India.
)otak Mahindra Asset Management 0ompany
)otak Mahindra Asset Management 0ompany )otak Mahindra Asset
Management 0ompany A)MAM0C: a su"sidiary of )otak Mahindra Bank:
is the asset manager for )otak Mahindra Mutual 6und A)MM6C. )MM6
manages funds in e#cess of -s B?:%?? crore and offers schemes catering to
investors with varying risk;return profiles. It was the first fund house in the
country to launch a dedicated gilt scheme investing only in government
)otak Mahindra *ld Mutual 4ife Insurance 4imited
)otak Mahindra *ld Mutual 4ife Insurance 4imited is a !oint venture
"etween )otak Mahindra Bank 4td. and *ld Mutual plc. )otak 4ife
Insurance helps customers to take important financial decisions at every
stage in life "y offering them a wide range of innovative life insurance
products: to make them financially independent.
Mr. ).M.Gherda K 3#ecutive 0hairman
Mr. 7day )otak K3#ecutive 2ice 0hairman and Managing $irector
Mr. Anand Mahindra K0o Promoter of )otak Mahindra Bank and
2ice 0hairman and Managing $irector of Mahindra and Mahindra
Mr. 0yril (hroff K0o Promoter
Mr. Pradeep , )otak KAgri $ivision of )otak and 0ompany 4imited
$r. (hanker Acharya
Mr. (hiva!i $am KManaging $irector )otak Mahindra *ld Mutual
4ife Insurance 4imited
Mr. 0.Layaram K3#ecutive $irector
Mr. $ipak Gupta K3#ecutive $irector
P*(duc, De,!%
)ot ak Mahi ndr a Bank i s one of t he pr omi nent su"si di ar i es of
)ot ak Mahi ndr a gr oup. The act i vi t i es of t he company "ei ng
par al l el t o i t s o"! ect i ve ar e ver y wi de and cover al l t he
component s of a Bank. The Basi c ar ea of *per at i ons i s t he
Banki ng "usi ness: ot her pr oduct s ar e meant for t he r egul ar
r evenue gener at i on. Bei ng a Banki ng house: t he company i s
i n r egul ar t ouch wi t h B!"#% ". Acc(u", $5 I"-e$, )e",
Se*-% ce$5 C("-e"% e"ce B!"#% ". !"d O, he* Se*-% ce$.
They offer complete solutions that address all your financial re<uirements:
whether youHre an individual or a firm. 6rom everyday "anking to long term
investments M their offering covers it all. This wide range of products is
delivered to you with a genuine understanding of your specific need and
warm: personalised service.
)otak Mahindra Bank: itHs not a"out selling you many different products M
itHs a"out working out a holistic: pragmatic solution that addresses your
financial needs. Through their varied products:they commit themselves to
"ecoming 1"anker9 to the customer rather than "eing 1asset financier9 to our
B!"#% ". Acc(u", $
There are three types of "anking account=
S!-%".$ Acc(u",
Cu**e", Acc(u",
Te*) De0($%,
Choose from our range of Savings Accounts
)*TA) MA+I,$-A has got a variety of options of savings accounts to
choose from for its customers according to their convenience and
re<uirements .These savings accounts offer attractive returns along with
personali.ed "anking services at three convenient average <uarterly
"alancesAANBClevels of -s. E???? A)*TA) 3$G3 (A2I,G(
A00*7,TC:-s. B???? A)*TA) P-* (A2I,G( A00*7,TC and at
-s>???A)*TA) A03 (A2I,G( A00*7,TC.The average <uarterly
"alance levels as well the corresponding services and "enefits try to ensure
the various customer needs and re<uirements.
Thus the three account opening options in savings account are as mentioned
EDGE SAVINGS ACCONT! )otak Mahindra BankOs 3dge
(avings Account is a complete financial package customi.ed to suit
individual "anking needs. Its constant endeavour is to ena"le regular
financial transactions through online platform so that most of
payments can "e made directly through your account or card.
Fe!,u*e$ @ Be"e4%,$
W%de ATM !cce$$ ,h*(u.h ,he K(,!# M!h%"d*! B!"# De+%, C!*d
*ne can walk into any )*TA) or +$60 Bank ATMs to withdraw cash or
en<uire "alance at no e#tra chargeP
Mu,%0e Acce$$ Ch!""e$ Acce$$
An account through phone: mo"ile phone or internet to get information
a"out account "alance or track transactions. *ne can even transfer funds
through Phone Banking or ,et Banking.
F%"!"c%! 0!6)e",$ 4!c%%,!,ed ,h*(u.h ,he $!-%".$ !cc(u",
7se the free Payment Gateway to make online payments for utility "ills:
credit cards: online trading of shares or even online shopping.
Au%c# !"d e!$6 4u"d$ ,*!"$4e*
Nuick funds transfer to a third party account with another Bank is availa"le
across E> locations through ,et Banking. Also get a multi;city che<ue "ook
so that money from account is received "y the "eneficiary in the fastest
possi"le time.
F*ee %"-e$,)e", !cc(u",
*ne can open an investment account: and use the ,et Banking facility to
purchaseGredeem mutual funds online while directly de"iting G crediting your
Bank Account. Besides this you get a consolidated view of all your mutual
fund investments across schemes with updated returns status: latest ,A2
information and research reports.
A,,*!c,%-e *e,u*"$
3arn "etter returns in your savings account: with our B;8ay (weep facility
that automatically sweeps out idle funds: a"ove a threshold: from your
account into Term $eposits. These Term $eposits sweep "ack into your
account to meet fund re<uirements when your withdrawals e#ceed the
"alance availa"le in your account: there"y providing you ma#imum
)otak Mahindra BankOs Pro (avings Account is an account packed with
powerful features to provide a superior "anking e#perience at a very
comforta"le "alance re<uirement. They provide a relationship manager who
will specifically take care of "anking and investment needs.
Fe!,u*e$ @ Be"e4%,$
F*ee ATM !cce$$ ! d()e$,%c VISA ATM "e,/(*#
8alk into any 2I(A ATM in India to check "alance or withdraw cash
a"solutely free. no longer have to worry a"out locating your Bank or Partner
Bank ATM K 7se the first 2I(A ATM that you spot: for cash withdrawal or
"alance en<uiry transactions.
Mu,%0e !cce$$ ch!""e$
Access your account through phone: mo"ile phone or internet to get
information on your account "alance or track your transactions. 5ou can
even transfer funds through Phone Banking or ,et Banking.
F*ee %"-e$,)e", !cc(u",
*ne can open an investment account: and use the ,et Banking facility to
purchaseGredeem mutual funds online while directly de"iting G crediting
"ank account. Besides this get a consolidated view of all the mutual fund
investments across schemes with updated returns status: latest ,A2
information and research reports.
F%"!"c%! 0!6)e",$ 4!c%%,!,ed ,h*(u.h ,he $!-%".$ !cc(u",
7se our free Payment Gateway to make online payments for utility "ills:
credit cards: online trading of shares or even online shopping.
Au%c# !"d e!$6 4u"d$ ,*!"$4e*
Nuick funds transfer to a third party account with another Bank is availa"le
across E> locations through ,et Banking. Also get a multi;city che<ue "ook
so that money from account is received "y the "eneficiary in the fastest
possi"le time
A,,*!c,%-e *e,u*"$
3arn "etter returns in your savings account: with our B;8ay (weep facility
that automatically sweeps out idle funds: a"ove a threshold: from your
account into Term $eposits. These Term $eposits sweep "ack into your
account to meet fund re<uirements when your withdrawals e#ceed the
"alance availa"le in your account: there"y providing you ma#imum
Ded%c!,ed *e!,%("$h%0 )!"!.e*
5ou get a one point contact for all your "anking related <ueries and
transactions. 5our relationship manager will also help you with financial
planning and sound investment decisions.
F*ee +!"#%". ,*!"$!c,%("$
5ou can issue demand drafts or send che<ues for collection on "ranch
locations without any charge to your account.
)otak Mahindra BankHs Ace (avings Account has "een designed as a
gateway to a world of financial "enefits and privileged "anking transactions.
The account carries "enefits ranging from personal investment advisory
services to concierge services to free "anking transactions. *newill find that
this package of services and privileges is unmatched "y any other savings
account in the market.
Fe!,u*e$ @ Be"e4%,$
F*ee !cce$$ !, ! d()e$,%c !"d %",e*"!,%("! VISA ATM$
,o longer have to worry a"out locating your Bank or Partner Bank ATM ;
7se the first 2I(A ATM that you spot: for free cash withdrawal or "alance
en<uiry transactions. (o walk into any 2I(A ATM in India or a"road to
withdraw cash or for "alance en<uiry.
Mu,%0e !cce$$ ch!""e$
Access the account anytime through land line: mo"ile phone or internet to
get information on account "alance or track transactions. *ne can even
transfer funds through Phone Banking or ,et Banking.
F%"!"c%! 0!6)e",$ 4!c%%,!,ed ,h*(u.h ,he $!-%".$ !cc(u",
7se the free )otak Payment Gateway to make online payments for utility
"ills: credit cards: online trading of shares or even online shopping. All this
at the click of a mouseP
Au%c# !"d e!$6 4u"d$ ,*!"$4e*
Transfer funds easily and with speed: to a "eneficiary account at another
"ank. *ne can avail of this facility "y walking into any of "ranches or "y
simple logging on to ,et Banking. Also get a free multi;city che<ue "ook so
that money from your account is transferred to the "eneficiaryHs account at
any of "ranch locations: in the fastest possi"le time.
F*ee +!"#%". ,*!"$!c,%("$
*ne can issue demand drafts or send che<ues for collection at all "ranches
for no e#tra charge.
A,,*!c,%-e *e,u*"$
3arn "etter returns in your savings account: with our B;8ay (weep facility
that automatically sweeps out idle funds: a"ove a threshold: from your
account into Term $eposits. These Term $eposits sweep "ack into account
to meet fund re<uirements when withdrawals e#ceed the "alance availa"le in
the account: there"y providing ma#imum li<uidity.
)otak Mahindra Bank offers unparalleled advantages with its three 0urrent
Account offerings. 8hether smallG mid si.e "usiness or an enterprise spread
across multiple locations in the country: would find a 0urrent Account thatHs
!ust designed for you. These 0urrent accounts offer attractive returns along
with personali.ed "anking services at three convenient average <uarterly
"alancesAANBClevels of -s. B>??? A)*TA) 3$G3 (A2I,G(
A00*7,TC:-s. >???? A)*TA) P-* (A2I,G( A00*7,TC and at
-sB>????A)*TA) A03 (A2I,G( A00*7,TC.The average <uarterly
"alance levels as well the corresponding services and "enefits try to ensure
the various customer needs and re<uirements. 8ith features ranging from
6ree $$s: 6ree 0he<ue 0ollection: 6ree At ;Par 0he<ue facility to 6ree
Trading Account / free $emat Account: and moreP
Thus the three account opening options in savings account are as mentioned
E$ge Current Account
In need of a well e<uipped "ank account to keep pace in all the "usiness
endeavors. They offer the )otak 3dge 0urrent Account: armed with )otak
B;8ay (weep and the entire gamut of Banking Privileges: providing that
e#tra edge to get ahead. The feature rich )otak 3dge 0urrent Account is the
ideal way to make money work harder.
Fe!,u*e$ @ Be"e4%,$
Mu,% C%,6 B!"#%".
0urrent accountGs with )otak Mahindra Bank will "e recogni.ed in every
other "ranch. *ne can !ust walk into a )otak Mahindra Bank "ranch in any
of our "ranches across country to satisfy all the "anking needs.
= > W!6 S/ee0B : Te*) De0($%, %"#ed Cu**e", Acc(u",
)otak B;8ay (weep ensures that money never stops working for you. $aily
"alances: a"ove a threshold level: in 0urrent Account are automatically
swept out into Term $eposits AT$C. This Hswept out amountH is "rought "ack
into account to meet fund re<uirements when withdrawals e#ceed the
"alance availa"le in the account Aor when the account "alance goes "elow
the specified threshold level.C 8ith )otak B;8ay (weep you en!oy the twin
advantages of attractive returns / ma#imum li<uidity.
F*ee De)!"d D*!4,$ !"d P!6 O*de*$
3n!oy the "enefit of our free $emand $rafts: paya"le at )otak Mahindra
Bank Branch location in India.
A,>0!* CheCue$
Get free At;par 0he<ues that are treated as Hlocal clearingH che<ues across all
"ranch locations. All these at nominal costs.
CheCue C(ec,%("
All *utstation che<ues: drawn on any of "ranch locations: are collected Hat
nominal chargeH for you. The strong network of correspondent "anks ena"les
us to collect che<ues from E6?? locations across India at faster speed and
minimal cost
M(+%e B!"#%". !"d Ae*,$
*ur Mo"ile Banking / Alerts service ena"les to access "ank account on
Mo"ile Phone. *ne can access all your standing instructions A(IC: any large
credits or de"its: availa"le "alance: "alance "elow ANB: any (I failure and
(Is successfully e#ecuted will "e intimated to you via (M(
"ro Current account
5ou need a well e<uipped "ank account to keep pace with you in the ever
changing "usiness scenario. 8e offer you the )otak Pro 0urrent
Account: armed with )otak B;8ay (weep: as well as an entire gamut
of Banking Privileges and Huser;friendlyH 0onvenience Banking
facilities. The feature rich )otak Pro 0urrent Account is the ideal way
to make your money work harder.
Ke6 Fe!,u*e$
$edicated -elationship Manager
6ree $emand $rafts / Pay *rdersQ
6ree At +ome (ervices
Better 6ore# rates and 3fficient Trade (ervices
ACE Current Account
In the need of a well e<uipped "ank account to keep pace with you in the
ever changing "usiness scenario. They offer you the )otak Ace 0urrent
Account: armed with Business "enefits and e#clusive Ace Privileges and an
entire gamut of "anking conveniences especially designed for you. The
feature rich )otak Ace Account is the ideal way to make money work harder
Te*) De0($%,$

Ke6 Fe!,u*e$
3ase and convenience of operation
4i<uidity through overdraft or sweep;in facility
,o penalty on pre;mature encashment
,omination facility availa"le
Give your portfolio sta"ility of returns and safety and li<uidity. Invest in
)otak Bank Term $eposit. It offer attractive returns on term deposits and
investing in them is really simple and convenient.
Fe!,u*e$ @ Be"e4%,$
E!$e !"d c("-e"%e"ce (4 (0e*!,%("
6or the first time in India: ,ew to Bank customer can also apply online for
term deposit.
An e#isting customer:can place a term deposit through Phone Banking or
,et Banking. 8hatHs more: one can even renew this deposit "y placing an
instruction over phone. ,eedless to mention: he can do all this and more "y
walking across into any of "ranches.
L%Cu%d%,6 ,h*(u.h (-e*d*!4, (* $/ee0>%" 4!c%%,6
$eposit will "e availa"le to you should you need them in case of an
emergency. *ne can avail upto %>& overdraft against term "y paying B&
a"ove deposit rate. This facility is availa"le for deposits a"ove -s.>?:??? for
a tenure of E%E days or more. *ne can also choose to link term deposit to
savings G current account: where"y if need "e: term deposit will
automatically "e encashed to meet withdrawal re<uirement.
N( 0e"!,6 (" 0*e>)!,u*e e"c!$h)e",
In case term deposit is pre;maturely encashed:one will earn interest at the
rate prevailing on the date of deposit for the withdrawn amount.
N()%"!,%(" 4!c%%,6 !-!%!+e
*ne can avail this facility for each / every account that open with us i.e.
nominate different persons for different term deposit accounts can choose to
change the nominee through a declaration in the appropriate form to revise
the nomination during the term of the deposit.
%aking &our mone& gro'
At )otak Mahindra Bank:can recognise that financial needs vary: not !ust
amongst individuals: "ut across the different stages of your life. They have
years of e#perience in helping people put together an investment portfolio
that works "est for them.
Ke6 Fe!,u*e$
3fficient depository services that allow you to hold your shares in
convenient: IdematI formats
4everage opportunities in the stock;market when you spot
It offers streamlined: efficient depository services that allow to hold shares
in the convenient IdematI formats and leverage opportunities in the stock;
market when you spot them Being a "rokerage house: the company is in
regular touch with the share market and its relative inde#es like ,(3 /B(3:
,0$3R. ,($4: 0($4. 4et @ s under st and t he r el at i ve t er ms =
SEBI A (t ock 3#change "oar d of I ndi aC
I t check out on ,(3 and B(3 and al l t ype of shar e t r adi ng
A Bot h pr i mar y and secondar y mar ket C
NSE @BSE = ; )otak Mahindra Bank al l ows t o cost umer t o t r ade
i n shar e wi t h ,(3 and B(3 "ot h A i n pr i mar y and secondar y
mar ket "ot hC . I n B(3 cost umer can t r ade i n BJ>B st ocks and
i n ,(3 cost umer can t r ade i n D'' compani es. The i nde# of
,(3 i s ,i f t y and for B(3 (ense#
)otak Mahindra Bank al l ow t o cost umer t o i nvest i n mut ual fund
and "onds. ,($4 A ,at i onal secur i t y deposi t or y l i mi t edC and
0($4 A 0ent r al secur i t y deposi t or y l i mi t ed check out on t hi s
t ype of i nvest ment
)otak Mahindra Bank al so al l ow t o cost umer t o t r ade i n
commodi t y "y MCX A Mul t i 0ommodi t y e#changeC and
NCDEX A ,at i onal 0ommodi t y dai l y e#change. In ,0$3R >>
commodi t y ar e t o t r ade
The following are the various products of )otak Mahindra Bank=
The ';in;E account integrates your "anking: "roking and demat accounts.
This ena"les you to trade in shares without going through the hassles of
tracking settlement cycles: writing che<ues and Transfer Instructions:
chasing your "roker for che<ues or Transfer Instructions etc.
I n t he a"ove pr oduct s we have di scussed i nvest ment i n
e<ui t y t hr ough secondar y mar ket s . anot her way of i nvest i ng
i n e<ui t y mar ket s i s t hr ough t he pr i mar y mar ket r out e
. whenever a company comes out wi t h an i ni t i al pu"l i c
off er i ng you may choose t o appl y for t he shar e. Based on
num"er of val i d appl i cat i on r ecei ved: t he company woul d
t hen al l ot t he shar e t o appl i cant s.
The of fl i ne way of i nvest i ng i n an IP* i s "y f i l l i ng physi cal
appl i cat i on for ms: che<ues. And su"mi t t i ng t he f or ms
t hr ough your "r oker . 8i t h )*TA) MA+I ,$-A BA,) al l
you have t o do i s f i l l i ng num"er of shar e on t he si t e and
su"mi t .
0ust omer s wi t h di f f er ent t ypes of r i sk pr of i l e can use
der i vat i ves.
+edgi ng t he cash mar ket posi t i on K i deal f or l ow r i sk
pr of i l e.
Taki ng advant age of ar "i t r age oppor t uni t y i n e<ui t y and
der i vat i ves mar ket s Ki deal for l ow r i sk pr of i l e
Taki ng a vi ew on st ockG i nde# for as l ong as ' mont h
per i od K medi um r i sk pr of i l e
(pecul at i ve t r adi ng; hi gh r i sk pr of i l e
)*TA) MA+I ,$-A BA,) of f er s onl i ne i nvest ment i n
fut ur e and opt i on: wi t h "enef i t of aut omat ed set t l ement s and
onl i ne r i sk moni t or i ng syst em
Mu,u! Fu"d$
Ke6 Fe!,u*e$
Assitance at every step of the investment process
An e#perienced research team to analyse and research the Mutual
6unds availa"le in the market
Portfolio assistance
h team analyses and researches the Mutual 6unds availa"le in the market:
helping you make more informed decisions. The recommendations take into
account all relevant factors including the investment philosophy of the Asset
Management 0ompany: portfolio <uality: risk;ad!usted returns and market
The Mutual funds on advisory list range form $e"t to 3<uity funds and are
drawn from top performing schemes of renowned Mutual 6und houses like
6ranklin Templeton: )otak: -eliance: Prudential I0I0I etc.-elationship
Manager will recommend the funds that suit the investment o"!ectives.
I nst ead of "uyi ng shar es of di f f er ent compani es t r acki ng t he
pr i ce movement @ s per f or mance of t he company: gr owt h
pr ospect s of t he i ndust r i es et c. and t hen t aki ng your own
"uyG sel l deci si on: you may consi der maki ng i nvest ment i n
e<ui t yG de"t mar ket t hr ough t he mut ual fund r out e. Mut ual
fund i s a (3BI r egi st er ed ent i t y t hat pool s t he money of
many i ndi vi dual s@ i nvest or s t o pur chase t he st ocks: "ond or
ot her fi nanci al i nst r ument s . pr of essi onal
Management and di ver si f i cat i on ar e t he t wo pr i mar y "enef i t s
of mut ual fund i nvest i ng. 6or "egi nner s: or for cust omer who
ar e una"l e t o spend t i me on r esear chi ng st ocks t hemsel ves:
mut ual fund i s an i deal r out e for a i nvest ment i n e<ui t y.
I nvest i ng i n mut ual funds off l i ne i nvol ves: t r acki ng down
t he agent s appoi nt ed "y t he mut ual funds AM0s: f i l l i ng
l engt hy for ms: wr i t i ng che<ue: r ushi ng t o t he of f i ce of t he
agent s "ef or e t he cut of f t i mi ng t o ensur e t hat t he desi r ed
,A2 i s al l ot t ed
DA"6/he*e5 A"6,%)e B!"#%".E
In todayHs day and age time is money. 5ou work hard and have a "usy
schedule. $oing "anking should "e easy and convenient and not add to
)otak Mahindra Bank reali.e this and have specially tailored a wide range
of value added products and services to make money work for you. These:
coupled with the highest standard of customer care will make life simpler
and easier.
%u(ti)(e *anking Channe(s
Today the technology driven "anks are finding various means to reduce
costs and reach out to as many customers as possi"le spread over a diverse
area. This has led to using multiple channels of delivery of their products.
AT% +Automatic Te((er %achine, !
An ATM is "asically a machine that can deliver cash to the customers on
demand after authentication. +owever: nowadays we have ATMs that are
used to vend different 6M0G products also. An ATM does the "asic
function of a "ank@s "ranch: i.e.: delivering money on demand. +ence
setting of newer "ranches is not re<uired there"y significantly lowering
infrastructure costs.
0ost reduction is however possi"le only when these machines are used. In
India: the average cash withdrawal per ATM per day has fallen from E?? last
years to ? this year. Though the num"er of ATMs has increased since last
year: it is not in sync with the num"er of cards issued. Also: there are many
dormant cardholders who do not use the ATMs and prefer the teller
counters. In spite of these odds: Indian "anks are increasing the num"er of
ATMs at a feverish pace. These machines also hold the keys to future
operational efficiency
Account holders of )otak Mahindra Bank (aving Account having 2isa
3lectron $e"it 0ard can access other Banks ATM machines unlimited times
per month for free: after that the Account holder has to pay nothing for the
transaction. But also holders of ATM cards cannot access machines
"elonging to other Banks.
The num"er of ATM machines installed "y )otak Mahindra Bank is B? in
$elhi and the All India tally is E>6 machines. 8hen this figure is compared
to I0I0I Bank which has thrice the num"er of machines in $elhi or +$60
Bank which has nearly twice the num"er of machines in $elhi: this is
worrying for )otak Mahindra Bank.
Gro'th In AT% %achine -ith Increase$ se
The Ta"le "elow shows the num"er of ATM machines "elonging to various
"anks in India=;
6rom the a"ove ta"le we can clearly see that +$60 Bank is the Bank which
has highest num"er of ATM machines on All India "asis: this is followed "y
I0I0I Bank: then 7TI.
)*TA) MA+I,$-A
B>? 6?
I0I0I Bank >6? EEB
+$60 Bank 6B> 66
I$BI '>? J'
+(B0 E?' BE
AM, Amro J? E'
7TI >? ;
GTB B>? B?
8hen we look at the concentration of machines in the $elhi -egion we see
that out of I0I0I Bank@s >6? Machines EEB are located in $elhi representing
The corresponding figure for )otak Mahindra Bank is EJ.B&. +$60 Bank
is EE.%&: I$BI Bank is EB.'&: and 0ITIBA,) is E'.>&.
Net *anking!
,et "anking means carrying out "anking transactions via the Internet. Thus
the need for a "ranch is completely eliminated "y technology. Also this
helps in serving the customer "etter and tailoring products "etter suited for
the customer.
A customer can view his account details: transaction history: order drafts:
electronically make payments: transfer funds: check his account position and
electronically communicate with the "ank through the Internet for which he
may have wanted to visit the "ank "ranch.
,et "anking helps a "ank spread its reach to the entire world at a fraction of
the cost
"hone *anking!
This means carrying out of "anking transaction through the telephone. A
customer can call up the "anks help line or phone "anking num"er to
conduct transactions like transfer of funds: making payments: checking
of account "alance: ordering che<ues: etc. This also eliminates the customer
of the need to visit the "ank@s "ranch.
%o.i(e *anking
Banks can now help a customer conduct certain transactions through the
Mo"ile Phone with the help of technologies like 8AP: (M(: etc. This helps
a "ank to com"ine the Internet and telephone and leverage it to cut costs and
at the same time provide its customer the convenience. Thus it can "e seen
that tech savvy "anks are tapping the entire a"ove alternative channels to cut
costs improve customer satisfaction
S%S *anking
)otak Mahindra BankHs (M( Banking service ena"les you to access your
"ank account: investment account and demat account on your Mo"ile Phone.
,ow get latest update on your account "alance: salary credits: large de"its:
large credits: holding value and much more: on your mo"ile anytime.
The Internet "anking is changing the "anking industry and is having the
ma!or effects on "anking relationships. Internet "anking involves use of
Internet for delivery of "anking products / services. It falls into four main
categories: from 4evel E ; minimum functionality sites that offer only access
to deposit account data ; to 4evel J sites ; highly sophisticated offerings
ena"ling integrated sales of additional products and access to other financial
services; such as investment and insurance.
Advantages previously held "y large financial institutions have shrunk
considera"ly. The Internet has leveled the playing field and afforded open
access to customers in the glo"al marketplace. Internet "anking is a cost;
effective delivery channel for financial institutions. 0onsumers are
em"racing the many "enefits of Internet "anking. Access to oneHs accounts at
anytime and from any location via the 8orld 8ide 8e" is a convenience
unknown a short time ago.
The primary drivers of Internet "anking are=
S Improve customer access
S 6acilitate the offering of more services
S Increase customer loyalty
S Attract new customers
)otak Mahindra Bank Account holders have "een a"le to infer that Branch
Banking is the second most 6re<uent Point of Interaction with the Bank. The
Average Banking +ours is a very important aspect associated with any
Bank. In today@s fast paced life where people who hold Accounts with the
Bank are "usy working it is important that they can find a way to visit the
Bank without having to miss out on work.
The Average Banking +ours of )otak Mahindra Bank is from Dam to pm:
the Bank is open to the pu"lic for ten hours. These timings are convenient
for especially those Account holders who are working: these people can visit
the Bank after their *ffice finishes.
Apart from the Average Banking +ours )otak Mahindra Bank offers to it@s
Account holders BJ +our Branch: '6> $ays Branch and the facility of
(unday Banking.
)otak Mahindra Bank is the only Bank which offers a BJ +our Branch in
India: this is a "ig "oon for people who cannot take the time out to visit the
Bank during the normal working hours and is also very handy during
the '6> $ay Branch of )otak Mahindra Bank is also uni<ue and the only
other Bank offering this service is AB, Amro : this Branch is open
regardless of the fact that it is a (unday or a pu"lic holiday.
(unday Banking is very useful for people who are "usy throughout the week
and the only day when they find the time is (unday. *ther Banks offering
this service apart from )otak Mahindra Bank are AB, Amro and
Be$, C()0%)e",$ C!*d F ,he 0e*4ec, .%4,
Introducing Best 0ompliments 0ard ; the prepaid card from )otak
Mahindra Bank. It lets your loved ones choose their own gift or shop or
en!oy at any place that accepts 2isa cards: "e it a shopping mall: a
restaurant or a multiple#. (o go ahead and give someone the perfect giftP
,o )otak Mahindra Bank account re<uired

,ot restricted to a single "rand or outlet ; accepted at over ' lakhs
merchant esta"lishments in India that accept 2isa cards
0an "e used at your convenience ; no need to spend the entire value
in a single purchase
Attractively packaged and ready;to;gift
Availa"le at all )otak Mahindra Bank "ranches
2alid for two years from date of issue of card

+$60 BA,)
The +ousing $evelopment 6inance 0orporation 4imited A+$60C was
amongst the first to receive an G%" 0*%"c%0eG approval from the
-eserve Bank of India A-BIC to set up a "ank in the private sector: as part of
the -BIHs li"erali.ation of the Indian Banking Industry in EDDJ.
The "ank was incorporated in August EDDJ in the name of H+$60 Bank
4imitedH: with its registered office in Mum"ai: India. +$60 Bank
commenced operations as a (cheduled 0ommercial Bank in Lanuary EDD>.
As of March 'E: B??%: the Bank@s distri"ution network was at 6E
Branches and ED ATMs in 'B cities as against 6%J "ranches and E:6?>
ATMs in 'B? cities as of March 'E: B??. Against the regulatory
approvals for new "ranches in hand: the Bank e#pects to further e#pand
the "ranch network "y around E>? "ranches "y Lune '?: B??%. $uring the
year: the Bank stepped up retail customer ac<uisition with deposit
accounts increasing from 6.B million to %. million and total cards issued
Ade"it and credit cardsC increasing from million to D.B million.8hilst
credit growth in the "anking system slowed down to a"out BB& for the year
ended B??;?%: the Bank@s net advances grew "y '>.E& with retail
advances growing "y '%.6& and wholesale advances growing "y '?&:
implying a higher market share in "oth segments.
The transactional "anking "usiness also registered healthy growth 8ith
cash management volumes increased "y around %?& and trade services
volumes "y around J?& over the previous year. Portfolio <uality as of
March 'E: B??% remained healthy with gross nonperforming assets at E.'&
and net non;performing assets at ?.J& of total customer assets. The
Bank@s provisioning policies for specific loan loss provisions remained
higher than regulatory re<uirements.
L(!" P*(duc, De0($%, P*(duc, I"-e$,)e", @
Auto 4oan
4oan Against
4oan Against
Personal loan
0redit card
B;wheeler loan
vehicles finance
+ome loans
Tractor loan
8orking 0apital
(aving aGc
0urrent aGc
6i#ed deposit
$emat aGc
(afe $eposit 4ockers
Mutual 6und
General and
3<uity and
Mudra Gold
+ealth 0are
3ducation 4oan
Gold 4oan
C!*d$ P!6)e", Se*-%ce$

Acce$$ T( B!"#
0redit 0ard
$e"it 0ard
Prepaid 0ard
F(*eH Se*-%ce$
Product / (ervices
Trade (ervices
6ore# service
Prepaid -efill
2isa Billpay
2isaMoney Transfer
eKMonies 3lectronic
6unds Transfer
*nline Payment of $irect
Branch 4ocater
-BI Guidelines
C(*0(*!,e S)! !"d Med%u)
F%"!"c%! I"$,%,u,%("$
!"d T*u$,$
,on 6unded
2alue Added
6unded (ervices
,on 6unded
(peciali.ed (ervices
2alue added
Internet Banking
0learing (u";
-TG( K
6und Transfer
ATM Tie;ups
0orporate (alary aGc
Ta# 0ollection
F%"!"c%! I"$,%,u,%("$
Mu,u! Fu"d$
S,(c# B*(#e*$
I"$u*!"ce C()0!"%e$
C())(d%,%e$ Bu$%"e$$
HDFC BANK M!*#e, S,*!,e.6 E)0h!$%Ie$ The F((/%".:
Increase market share in India@s e#panding "anking and
financial services industry "y following a disciplined growth strategy
focusing on <uality and not on <uantity and delivering high <uality
customer service.
4everage our technology platform and open scalea"le systems to
deliver more products to more customers and to control operating
Maintain current high standardsfor asset <uality through disciplined
credit risk management.
$evelop innovative products and services that attract the targeted
customers and address inefficiencies in the Indian financial sector.
0ontinue to develop products and services that reduce "ank@s cost of
6ocus on high earnings growth with low volatility.
P*(duc,$ !"d Se*-%ce$ F HDFC B!"#
P*(duc, *!".e= The following is the product range offered at +$60=
8hile various deposit products offered "y the "ank are assigned
different names: the deposit products can "e categori.ed "roadly into
the following types. $efinition of ma!or deposit schemes are as under=
3. De)!"d de0($%,$:
I$emand $epositsI means a deposit received "y the "ank which is
withdrawn a"le on demandT
aC (avings Account=
I(avings $epositsI means a form of $emand $eposit which is su"!ect
to restrictions as to the num"er of withdrawals as also the amounts of
withdrawals permitted "y the "ank during any specified periodT
+$60 provides with saving "ank account with the usual facilities:
and one also gets a free ATM card: intr"ranch "anking: "ill payment
facilities: phone "anking and mo"ile "anking.
=. Te*) De0($%,$:
ITerm $epositI means a deposit received "y the "ank for a fi#ed
period withdraw a"le only after the e#piry of the fi#ed period and
includes deposits such as -ecurring G $ou"le Benefit $eposits G (hort
$eposits G 6i#ed $eposits G Monthly Income 0ertificate G Nuarterly
Income 0ertificate.
2. N(,%ce De0($%,:
HH,otice $epositHH means Term $eposit for a specific period "ut which
can "e withdrawn on giving at least one complete "anking dayHs
J. Cu**e", Acc(u",:
I0urrent AccountI means a form of $emand $eposit wherefrom
withdrawals are allowed any num"er of times depending upon the
"alance in the account or up to a particular agreed amount and will
also include other deposit accounts which are neither (avings $eposit
nor Term $epositT The account holder gets a personali.ed che<ue
"ook: monthly account statements: and Inter;"ranch "anking.
1. C(*0(*!,e Acc(u",:>
These are more commonly known as (alary Accounts. These are
account in +$60 "ank with .ero "alance. These are given to salaried
people. These accounts are opened "y the employer for the employees
to deposit the salary of the employee directly to the account.
9. HDFC B!"# P*e4e**ed:>
A preferential (avings Account where in: one is assigned with a
dedicated -elationship Manager: who@s you@re the one point contact.
*ne also get privileges like fee waivers: enhanced ATM withdrawal
limit: priority locker allotment: free $emat Account and lower interest
rates on loans
;. S/ee0>I" Acc(u",:>
A 6i#ed $eposit linked to one@s (avings Account. (o: even if one@s
(avings Account runs a "it short: one can issue a che<ue Aor use ATM
0ardC. The money is automatically swept in to one@s (avings Account
from one@s 6i#ed $eposit Account. The e#cess funds in the account
are directly transferred to the fi#ed deposit account of the account
8. Su0e* S!-e* Acc(u",:
It gives one an overdraft facility up to >& of one@s fi#ed deposit. In
an emergency: you can access your funds while your fi#ed deposit
continues to earn high interest.
7. HDFC B!"# Pu$:
Apart from -egular and Premium 0urrent Accounts +$60 also has
+$60 Bank Plus: a 0urrent Account and then something e#tra for the
+$60 "ank customers. *ne can transfer up to -s. >? lakh every
month at no e#tra charges: "etween the four metros. *ne can also
avail che<ue clearing "etween the four metros: get cash
deliveryGpick;up up to -s. B>???G;: home delivery of demand drafts:
at;par che<ue: outstation che<ue clearing facility: etc.
3<. De)!, Acc(u",:
*ne can conduct hassle;free transactions on the stock market for one@s
shares. The shares held "y the customer are protected from damage:
loss and theft: "y maintaining these shares in electronic form. This
account can "e accessed through Internet too.
33. L(!"$:
There are a variety of loan schemes offered like personal loans: new
car loans: used car loans: loan against shares: consumer loans: two
wheeler loans: and home loans. These are availa"le with easy pay"ack
in monthly instalments. 4oans are sanctioned with easy
documentation and <uick delivery.
H()e L(!" ; +ome loans for individuals to purchase Afresh G resaleC
or construct houses. Application can "e made individually or !ointly.
+$60 finances up to %>& ma#imum of the cost of the property
AAgreement value U (tamp duty U -egistration chargesC "ased on the
repayment capacity of the customer

H()e %)0*(-e)e", (!"
+I4 facilitates internal and e#ternal repairs and other structural
improvements like painting: waterproofing: plum"ing and electric
works: tiling and flooring: grills and aluminum windows. +$60
finances up to %>& of the cost of renovation AE??& for e#isting
customersC su"!ect to market value of the property.
3#ternal repairs
Tiling and flooring
Internal and e#ternal painting
Plum"ing and electrical work
8aterproofing and roofing
Grills and aluminum windows
8aterproofing on terrace
0onstruction of undergroundGoverhead water tank
Paving of compound wall Awith stoneGtileGetc.C
H()e eH,e",%(" (!"
+34 facilitates the e#tension of an e#isting dwelling unit. All the
terms are the same as applica"le to +ome 4oan.
+$60 +ome 3#tension 4oan makes it convenient for you to e#tend
or add space to your home. Be it an additional room: a larger
"athroom: or even enclosing an open "alcony.
M!H%)u) (!"
%>& of the cost of e#tension
M!H%)u) Te*)
B? years su"!ect to your retirement age
A00%c!", !"d C(> A00%c!", ,( ,he (!"
+ome 4oans can "e applied for either individually or !ointly.
Proposed owners of the property: will have to "e co;applicants.
+owever: the co;applicants need not "e co; owners.
AdKu$,!+e R!,e H()e L(!"
4oan under Ad!usta"le -ate is linked to +$60Hs -etail Prime
4ending -ate A-P4-C. The rate on your loan will "e revised every
three months from the date of first dis"ursement: if there is a change
in -P4-: the interest rate on your loan may change. +owever: the
3MI on the home loan dis"ursed will not changeV. If the interest rate
increases: the interest component in an 3MI will increase and the
principal component will reduce resulting in an e#tension of term of
the loan: and viceversa.
I0I0I Bank is the largest private sector "ank / the second largest "ank in
the country in terms of assets. It is a pan;India player with around D>?
"ranches Aincluding recently ac<uired (angli "ankC. The "ank has "oosted
it@s overseas operations in the last three years and now has presence in E%
countries either through su"sidiaries or representative offices .Together with
it@s su"sidiaries : I0I0I Bank offers a complete spectrum of financial
services / products ranging from commercial "anking to investment
"anking : mutual fund to insurance.
I0I0I has a very compelling growth story ahead of it as Indian economy
continues to "oom. The G$P growth in India has "een an average %& for the
last ' years. Although I think that the market has some more downside left to
it: if I were to "uild a new position in I0I0I: I would start "uying here on
dips may"e in one;thirds or one;fourths.
I"-e$,)e", R!,%("!e :
I0I0I Bank will remain a one of the most fancied stocks among the
investors who "elieve in India@s long;term growth story.
-etail "anking though slowed down will remain focus area for I0I0I
Massive scale up in international "anking
Innovate approach to tap potential in -ural / (M3 sector
-o"ust non;interest income compensating for slower growth in ,et
Interest Income
(angli Bank ac<uisition will help the "ank to improve 0A(A
deposits .
India@s second largest "ank
6EJ "ranches and e#tension counters
BB?? ATM@(
Biggest private sector "ank in India
Most valua"le "ank in India in terms of market capitali.ation
$escri"ed "y the competitors and industry e#pert in one word K
F%*$, I" The I"du$,*6
Introduced concept of "randing in the Indian "anking industry
Process: People and Physical evidence K "rought to life "y I0I0I
Product Innovation K Put the Wcustomer first@ in the true sense
0ash on the cele"rity fever K Introduced the concept of "rand
Introduction of $(A@s and $(T@s
7nleashed the power of the internet K introduced the concept of net
"anking and e;mail marketing
6irst "ank to focus on retail "anking as a driver for growth
0omprehensive data centre availa"ility / data protection solutions
In effect K changed and shaped the Indian Banking Industry
F(cu$ A*e!$ O4 M!*#e,%". E44(*,$
Target marketing and customer ac<uisition
(hare of wallet
0hannel strategy and management
-elationship management and data"ase marketing
Product development / innovation
0redit approval
B!$%$ F(* Se.)e",!,%("
X $ifferent products for different occupational segment identified
X Minimum "alance serves as a income segment "arrier
X 0oncentrated on Tier E / Tier B 0ities trying to e#tend reach
X $ifferent products like student account.
D%44e*e",%!,ed )!*#e,%". $,*!,e.6!
Tailors its marketing campaigns to meet the needs of its target
0reates differentiated product offering for different segment
7se of technology in tracking customer segment.
0ore proposition K W+um hain na@ K trust: credi"ility: total financial
solution provider A"rought a"out through its cross selling effortC
Moderni.ation K process and physical evidence K technology as the
"ack"one and accelerator
I0I0I "ank is a"solute appalling. Their slogan of 1+um hain na9 is
very apt: only that it applies to their customers Ai.e. us poor mortalsC.
+um hain na /// to "ank with I0I0I.
I0I0I "ank the most "ank with a punch line as 1+um +ain
,a9: i think they mean 9 +um hain ; ;na Anot availa"leC9
A3arlier I was with I0I0IC I must say they rockT very good "ank with
great customer support.
0ross selling of products as a ma!or area of focus
0reation of concept of $(A A$irect (elling AgentC
0reation of concept of $(T A$irect (elling TeamC
3ffort on the part of the "ank to reach the customer rather than
waiting for the customer
7se of internet: mo"ile: ATM@s and other technological device to
reach and serve the customers

Red> 21L B*!"ch
Bue> J;L ATM
G*ee" F 9L C! ce",e*$
V%(e,> 1L I",e*"e,
Ye(/> ;L COPS

0orporate "randing
Product "randing
B*!"d: *e$u, (4 cu$,()e* %",e*!c,%("$
As Brand e#ists in the customers@ mind: Brand is entirely the product of
customer e#periences. 3very kind of interaction with the customer that they
can relate to our "rand name leaves "ehind some perception that contri"utes
to: or detracts from Brand. +ence: every interface "etween our company
and the customer is a medium for "uilding Brand.
P*(duc, P*()(,%(":
Aimed at generating sales
0ommunicates product features and "enefits
Mainly through print media
Point of purchase promotion tools for different products to reach the
relevant customer segment.
2, "*1IC3 #E1ATIONS !
Purpose ; To deliver communication that is uniform in its message and yet
customised for specific target audiences
Media relations
Press conferences
Press -eleases
E;E interviews
Investor relations
Analyst relations
Government relations
,eed to "e seenYeverywherePP@
3vents at corporate campus
Promotional material at channel partner outlets
)iosks in residential and commercial comple#es

In;film promotions F B!.h+!"
0o;Branding Initiatives
Alliance with Amway India for launch of the international
credit card. The card will ena"le Amway distri"utors to
purchase Amway products and earn and redeem reward points
Indian -ailways 0atering And Tourism $evelopment
0orporation: in con!unction with I0I0I Bank: announced the
launch of mo"ile payments and ticketing system: offering
I-0T0 customers to "ook railway tickets via (M( and make
payments through their I0I0I Bank account.
0ross "rand associations ; ac<uiring data"ases of high net worth
clientele of lifestyle products = Tie;up with W8oven +ues@
5oung (tars Account K Promotion through tie;up with 0artoon
,etwork: and in;series promotion through Tom / Lerry
(eminars in partnership with media channels
P*(duc,$ !"d Se*-%ce$ F HDFC B!"#
I0I0I Bank offers wide variety of $eposit Products to suit customer
re<uirements. 0oupled with convenience of networked "ranchesG over E%??
ATMs and facility of 3;channels like Internet and Mo"ile Banking: I0I0I
Bank "rings "anking at the doorstep.

(A2I,G( A00*7,T
I0I0I Bank offers customers a power packed (avings Account with a host
of convenient features and "anking channels to transact through. (o now
customers can "ank at their convenience: without the stress of waiting in
<ueues. I0I0I Bank provides its customers with various types of savings
accounts keeping in mind different needs of different people.
,ormal (avings Account
(pecial (avings Account
(enior 0iti.en Accounts
5oung (tars Accounts
8omen Accounts
Norma( Savings Account!
The ,ormal savings Account that I0I0I offers has the following salient
E. Anywhere Banking= *pening an account with I0I0I is not e#clusive
to the "ranch the customer has walked into: customer en!oy the power
of "anking at any of the "ranches throughout India. 0ustomers have
the power to withdraw cash up to -s. >?:??? and make cash deposits
up to -s. >?:??? as well.
B. Internet Banking= This is a value added service that the customers are
offered free of cost it allows them to check their account "alance: pay
utility "ills: make fund transfers "etween self accounts as well as third
party at the click of the mouse.
'. ,cash de"it cum ATM card= It is an international B;in;E card that
ena"les customers not only to withdraw cash from I0I0I "ut also
from a non I0I0I 2I(A ATM@s further it allows customers to shop at
various merchant outlets accredited to 2I(A across the glo"e.
J. Minimum Balance= 0ustomers need not maintain a daily minimum
"alance in their account. *n a given day "alance in the account may
drop to .ero: this allows customers all their funds at their disposal.
0ustomers need to maintain an average "alance of -s.>:??? per
<uarter. ,on;maintenance of the minimum average <uarterly "alance
attracts a fee of -s.>? per <uarter.
S)ecia( Savings Account!
The (pecial (avings Account has "een designed keeping in mind the
specific needs of organi.ations such as Trusts: Associations: (ocieties:
0ouncils: 0lu"s etc. It provides organi.ations solutions with added
value and is ideal for ta# e#empted entities.
The (pecial (avings Account has the following salient features
E. Multi;0ity 0he<ue Book= This facility allows its customers to skip
the traditional way of transferring funds to other cities through a
demand draft. The (pecial (avings Account holder are issued two
separate che<ue"ooks for local and outstation use: there"y not only
saving on time "ut also saving on draft commission. The che<ues
are paya"le at par at designated I0I0I Bank "ranches across the
country. There will "e no limit to the value of che<ue issued on a
single day at -BI clearing centers. 6or all other centers a cap of
-s.E?: ??:??? on a single day apply. All che<ure"ooks are
B. Nuantum *ptima 6acility= Nuantum *ptima facility com"ines the
li<uidity of a saving account and high returns of 6i#ed $eposit. All
"alances in the saving account a"ove -s.B>:??? are transferred to a
fi#ed deposit in multiples of -s.>:??? for a time period of one
year. The funds however continue to "e accessi"le around the
clock through ATM: and also through che<ues. 8henever the
saving account "alance falls "elow the specified limit: sufficient
amount is transferred "ack from the fi#ed deposit "y "reaking in
units of -s.E:??? on last in first out "asis: the terms of the fi#ed
deposit can "e specified. This facility is availa"le to those
employees who do not use the overdraft facility. +owever one the
overdraft is regulari.ed this facility can "e resumed.
'. *thers=
; Internet Banking .
;6ree Anywhere "anking .
;6ree collection of outstation che<ues.
;6ree monthly account statements.
;Payroll processing for employees of the organi.ation through I0I0I
Bank (alary Accounts.
;Inward remittance through MoneyBIndia for approved trusts.
Senior Citi6en Account!
The (enior 0iti.en Account has a few services that the ,ormal (avings
Account does not offer. The salient feature of the (enior 0iti.en Account
+igher Interest -ates.
$emand 4oan G overdraft against deposits will "e upto D?& of the
The upcountry che<ue collection facility for locations with I0I0I
Bank presence free of charge to the (enior 0iti.en customers.
The I0I0I Bank ,cash de"it card is a de"it;cum;ATM card providing
you with the convenience of acceptance at merchant esta"lishments
and cash withdrawals at ATMs.
Auto Invest Account
Internet Banking is offered free of cost.
Anywhere Banking ; This facility entitles the account holder to
withdraw or deposit cash upto a limit of -s.>?:??? across all I0I0I
Bank "ranches.
5ou can give us various types of standing instructions like
transferring to fi#ed deposit accounts at regular intervals.
An average <uarterly "alance of -s >:??? only. ,on;maintenance of
the minimum average <uarterly "alance attracts a fee of -s >? per
,omination facility is availa"le.
Interest is paya"le half;yearly.
/oung Stars Account!
5oung (tars is a "anking service for children: aged Eday ;E% years: "rought
to you "y I0I0I Bank to help the parents meet the present and future
aspirations that they hold for their child. It offers various savings and
investment options to the parent along with teaching the child to manage
hisGher personal finance in a more responsi"le and independent manner.
5oung (tars will guide your child through the world of "anking ;through
checking the account "alance: fun .ones and special pages on the internet. It
makes "anking a pleasure and of course teaches your child to manage their
personal finances.8ith the pocket money that you transfer to your childHs
account: you can even shop with him G her at 5oung (tars very own
shopping page.
5ou can even open a recurring deposit in your childHs name.
*nce you are done with your H"ankingH: you can access your childHs account
with all the fun links to special .ones designed to suit your childHs area of
interests and also impart knowledge on the current events of the world.
(alient features=
E. *ption of a (avings Bank account: 6i#ed $eposit account or
-ecurring $eposit account.
B. Minimum "alance at -s. >??G; per <uarter for (avings Bank.
'. A special -ecurring $eposit account with additional features as
i The parent would put forward the desired amount to "e earned
at the end of the tenure
ii Based on the prevailing rate of interest: the "ank staff would then
"ack calculate the installments to "e deposited now till maturity.
J. 6ree personali.ed che<ue"ook
>. 6ree $omestic $e"it 0ardV for the child a"ove the age of E? years
with features as "elow=
a $aily withdrawals limits of -s. E:???G;
" $aily spend limits of -s. E:???G;
c (pecial privileges across select alliance partners outlets.
6. 6acility to invest in G*I -elief Bonds and Mutual 6unds: as G*I
-elief Bonds have "een discontinued.
. 6ree Internet "anking.
a (eparate user ids and passwords for "oth parents and children
" Access to special .ones and links to related we"sites for making
internet "anking a memora"le e#perience.
%. 6acility to transfer funds from parent account to kid account to ena"le
parents to inculcate savings ha"it amongst children.
D. 6acility of transferring funds from the 5oung (tars accounts to the
-$ to ena"le the parents to let their child earn more.
E?. Alliances with various partners to meet the childHs needs in varied
interest areas such as clothing: computers: "ooks: music: toys etc.
V Availa"le for children a"ove the age of E? years only.
-omen7s Account!
The features of the account have "een specially designed keeping in mind a
womanHs financial re<uirements. These include
AC -ecurring $eposits
BC 6inancial planning of children
0C 6amily (hield Insurance
In addition to these: all features of the e#isting "ank account are availa"le
with this account as well such as
Z6ree international de"it card
ZInternet Banking
ZPhone Banking
-ecurring deposit
Z A small amount of money saved every month can grow to a large
amount over a period of time
Z,o Ta# deducted at source
Z0an "e used for your future e#penses like your childHs education: marriage:
festivals: or !ust to "uy that gold necklace you always wanted: "y keeping
aside a small fi#ed amount every month
6amily shield insurance
Z3nsures the security of your family through a personal accident insurance
Z6or an yearly premium amount of -s.6?G;: your childGfamily can "e insured
for an amount of -s. B lac Ain case of surface accidentsC or -s.J lac Ain case
of air accidentsC.
6inancial Planning for 0hildren
A I5oung starI account ; special account for kids to promote the savings
ha"it in them can "e opened for !ust for a minimum "alance of -s.>?? per
<uarter. The account has the following features
Z6ree differentiated de"it card for them
Z6ree differentiated che<ue "ook
Z6ree internet "anking
Z6acility to transfer funds from parent account to kid account to ena"le
parents inculcate savings ha"it in children
Cu**e", Acc(u",$:
3very "usiness re<uires efficient "anking facilities to support its "usiness
activities. I0I0I Bank offers premium <uality service: unfolding a wide
array of class products. 8ith technology leadership and service the "ank is
a"le to meet some of the most challenging financial needs of clients.
A 0urrent Account is one that is re<uired "y Businessman: Loint stock
companies: Institutions: Pu"lic authorities: pu"lic corporations
etc. Any "usiness that has numerous "anking tranactions need a
current account as it
Allows running account supporting unlimited withdrawals and
Is meant for convenience and not to save money.
Benefits of current account
7nlimited 8ithdrawal and $eposit
7nlimited 0he<ue "ook
$emand $rafts and Payorders
6unds Transfer A 4ocal or AnywhereC
0ollection of 0he<uesG $rafts
(tatements:Advices: $aily statement "y e;mail
0ash withdrawal and $eposits
0all center
Internet Banking
Added features of Current Account
Multicity 0he<ue payment facility at over E>> centers
Anywhere Banking facility
$oorstep Banking ; Pick up and delivery of 0urrency G
Mo"ile Banking
%a$e 2 or$er Current Account!
MadeBorder current account: unlike the normal current
account which is "ased on the <uarterly "alance: allows the
customer to have customi.ed current account "ased on the
"usiness re<uirement. The madeBorder current account is
totally fle#i"le and can "e adapted to changing "usiness
re<uirement: without having the re<uirement to 0urrent
Accounts have specific re<uirement of Nuarterly Average
Balance ANABC maintenance and inturn offer various facilities
free of cost to the customer "ased on the NAB.
A personali.ed schedule of charges is derived for each
customer "ased on=
Z (ervice -e<uired
Z NAB as agreed to "e maintained in the account
Z 6loat e#pected in the account
The madeBorder customers "ased on the services re<uired
maintain the re<uired NAB or pay scalea"le volume driven
fees for the services utilised.
(ome of the other facilities offered under madeBorder current
account are as mentioned "elow
Z Multi 0ity 0he<ue 6acility
Z Anywhere Banking 6acility
Z 7pcountry 0he<ue 0ollection
Z Pay *rders and $emand $rafts
Z 0orporate 0are (ervice
Z $oorstep Banking 6acility
Z Internet Banking 6acility
Z $e"itG ATM 0ard
Z Mo"ile Banking
Z More 7seful 6acilities
5ou can "e in touch with your (olution Manager for
structuring your current account.
Escro' Account!
An 3scrow Account refers to assets or revenue streams held in
safe custody as safety against a contingent situation of non;
fulfillment of a contract. In simpler words we may say that an
escrow aGc is a third party arrangement to ensure performance of
certain o"ligations "etween certain parties and operated in terms
of an underlying agreement. The account will "e a current aGc
without che<ue drawing facility or a 6i#ed $eposit account: as
defined in the terms of the agreement.
3scrow aGcH s are typically used for lending arrangements: pro!ect
financing: (ecuritisations: M/AH s: Buy;"ack of shares: take;
overs: custody: litigations: purchase / sale of land: (ource code
Aused in softwareC custody: etc. The following reasons enumerate
why 3scrow accounts are opened=
Provides greater security / comfort
Trapping of identified cash flows
-egulatory re<uirements
0ustody of cash G documents
3ase of monitoring
The funds in the 3scrow aGc are held for the "enefit of the
Beneficiary of the aGc rather than person G company in whose
name the aGc is opened. 6or e.g.. in a "orrower lender
arrangement: the aGc name is IBorrower ; 3scrow aGcI and the
funds deposited are that of the "orrower "ut the funds are held in
the escrow aGc for the "enefit of the 4ender .
#oaming Current Account
*nly -oaming 0urrent Account from I0I0I Bank travels the distance with
customers "usiness. 8ith advanced technological features such as M00 and
400: "anking needs are well taken care of: customers can access their
accounts at over >?? networked "ranches across the country.
(o while customers take care of their "usiness: I0I0I Bank@s -oaming
0urrent Account simplifies "anking for them.
Product Features :>
0hoose your account
Multi 0ity 0he<ue 6acility
Anywhere Banking acility
7pcountry 0he<ue 0ollection
Pay *rders and $emand $rafts
Phone Banking 6acilityV
$oorstep Banking 6acility
Internet Banking 6acility
$e"itG ATM 0ard
Mo"ile Banking
#ea( Time Gross Sett(ement +#TGS, s&stem!
-TG( is a payment system in which "oth processing and
final settlement of funds transfer instructions take place
continuously in real time.
It is a gross settlement system where transfers are settled
individually: that is: without netting de"its against credits.
As it is a real;time settlement system: the system effects final
settlement continuously rather than periodically at pre;specified
times provided that a sending "ank has sufficient covering
"alances or credit.
-TG( system can "e characteri.ed as a funds transfer system that
is a"le to provide continuous intra;day finality for individual
transfers. In this system payment instructions "etween "anks are
processed and settled individually and continuously throughout
the day. This is in contrast to net settlements where payment
instructions are processed throughout the day "ut inter;"ank
settlement takes place only afterwards typically at the end of the
In -TG( system: payee "anks and their customers receive funds
with certainty: or so;called finality: during the day: ena"ling
them to use the funds immediately without e#posing themselves
to risk.
The Institute for $evelopment and -esearch in Banking Technology
AI$-BTC: a group esta"lished "y the -eserve Bank of India A-BIC in EDD6:
has planned to set up a national switch to hook up all of the countryHs
E?:???;odd ATMs.
The idea of esta"lishing ATM interconnectivity through a national switch
has "een approved "y the information chiefs of various Banks.
The e#pected cost of transactions routed through the switch is to "e under E?
rupees ABE cents 7.(.C each: due to the high volumes of transactions ;;
almost E??:??? per day.
It is an Alliance "etween 0iti"ank: Industrial $evelopment Bank of India:
)otak Mahindra Bank and 7TI Bank. This is the countryHs first independent
shared ATM network.
I$BI Bank received permission from the -eserve Bank A-BIC to serve as the
networkHs settlement "ank.
0ash net will give access to more than E:'?? ATMs for more than 6 million
de"it cardholders of the mem"er "anks. The Alliance would constitute a"out
a third of the total card "ase and E> percent of the ATM "ase in the country.
Kotak %ahin$ra *ank an$ #EDI889com
-3$ India and )otak Mahindra Bank have entered into an alliance
to provide online and offline "anking and related services to the Indian
The alliance will ena"le information on the entire range of the "anks
consumer "anking products to "e made availa"le to the 6.J million online
customers of
The services offered include detailed information on various deposits: loans
and mortgages: credit cards: mutual funds and insurance products of the
"ank. 7sers will "e a"le to directly interact with the "ank and re<uest for
products online
Su*-e6 C("duc,ed (" 1< Re$0("d!",$
The study of >? )otak Mahindra Bank respondents consisted of a ma!ority
of customers who had "een with the Bank for a reasona"le amount of time.
This is good as these customers have had the opportunity to properly access
the service level of the Bank: and can compare their e#periences of )otak
Mahindra Bank with "anks they have previously and are currently dealing
*ut of the total respondents only 2L h!-e +ee" /%,h ,he B!"# 4(* e$$
,h!" 9 )(",h$5 ,he *e$, 7;L h!-e h!d ,he (00(*,u"%,6 ,( #"(/ !+(u,
,he $,*e".,h$ !"d /e!#"e$$e$ (4 ,he B!"#.
Another inference that we can draw from this study is that couple of years
the Bank has "een actively ac<uiring new customers as from the survey we
can see that a"out %?& of the customers have opened their accounts during
Less than 6
6 months to 1
1 to 2 years
Over 2 years
the past two years. The reason for this could "e that during the past two
years the Bank has "een a"le to convince many prospective customers a"out
the superior service it is a"le to offer in comparison to competing Banks.
Another reason could "e that the customer "ase of the Bank has increased
due to sheer word of mouth of the Banks millions of satisfied customers.
If the Bank could get to know of that very compelling factor that convinced
the customer to open the account then the Bank could use this in its favor to
attract more customers.
6rom the study conducted the factor which has come out strongest in this
regards is the DO,he* Re!$("$E getting JJ& of the responses: going deeper
into this response "y asking the respondent what is the factor they include in
this *ther -easons is that most people are not the deciding factor when they
Recommended by
rand !ame/Re"#tation
o$ ban%
ranch near
Other Reasons
open a saving account: this is done so "y their employers. The customer@s
salary accounts are created "y the companies in which they work.
The Banks are very interested to know the most popular P(%", (4
I",e*!c,%(" with the Bank as if the Bank is lacking in one of these steps can
"e taken to make the situation "etter.
6rom the study we can see more than half &)(*e ,h!" 1<L' of the total
respondents feel that they interact most with the Bank with the help of ATM.
+ence the importance of ATM cannot "e overstated.
The (econd most popular point of interaction that arises from the study is
the B*!"ch with 'B& of the respondents favoring this option. )otak
Mahindra Bank is uni<ue in an aspect that it follows the DA"6 B*!"ch
B!"#%".E wherein the Account holder can use any of the Banks E>6
Branches all over the country.
'isit ranch &() *hone
,ro" o- .nternet
,oor /te"
An aspect that customers really appreciate is the =J h(u* B*!"che$ !"d ,he
291 D!6$ B*!"che$ of )otak Mahindra Bank. The BJ +our Branch of
)otak Mahindra Bank is located at sector E% noida apart from these
Branches in Mum"ai and other cities in India.
)otak Mahindra Bank is the only Bank which has the facility of a BJ +our
Branch. As for a '6> $ay Branch the only Bank having this facility apart
from )otak Mahindra is 7TIBank.
The third most 6re<uent Point of Interaction is Ph("e B!"#%". with EE.>&
of the respondents favoring this medium. Phone Banking is one of the new
age Banking techni<ues. It is in it@s infancy in India and people have not
taken to it as is the case in other $eveloped 0ountries in the 8orld.
In the study it was seen that customers have mi#ed feeling when it comes to
Phone Banking as sometimes they do not find it as an effective alternate to
traditional forms of Banking.
The forth most 6re<uent Point of Interaction with the Bank is I",e*"e,
B!"#%". with J& of the respondents favoring this medium. Internet
Banking is the most modern means of Banking availa"le to the customers
"ut due to the general perception that this medium is not safe it is not used
"y many people.
In our study only 6?& of the total respondents have at least once used
Internet Banking.
The two options which were not favored "y any respondents as the most
6re<uent Point of Interaction are D*(0 B(H F!c%%,6 and D((* S,e0
Any service provider would want their customers to have a high *verall
(atisfaction level. )otak Mahindra Bank has scored very well in this regard.
The most important thing is that "( *e$0("de", h!$ c()0!%"ed ,h!, ,he6
!*e (-e*! d%$$!,%$4%ed /%,h ,he +!"#. This is a very important finding
"ecause this shows the effort )otak Bank puts in providing their customers a
superior service has not gone waste.
More than half of the total respondents A>B&C say that they are somewhat
satisfied with the overall service of the Bank. A+(u, 2<L (4 ,he ,(,!
0 0
'ery /atis$ied /ome0hat
/atis$ied nor
*e$0("de",$ $!6 ,h!, ,he6 !*e Ve*6 S!,%$4%ed /%,h ,he%* O-e*!
EH0e*%e"ce /%,h ,he B!"#.
He"ce !+(u, 8=L (4 ,he Re$0("de",$ !*e S!,%$4%ed /%,h ,he%* O-e*!
EH0e*%e"ce /%,h ,he B!"#.
The $,ud6 %$ $h(/%". ! -e*6 .((d O-e*! S!,%$4!c,%(" Le-e +6 ,he
Acc(u", h(de*$
Banks are institutions which are "acked up "y a large amount of capitalT
today@s Banks are spending a huge amount of money on technology:
improvement in infrastructure: etc. But even today the most lasting impact
a"out any Bank comes from the customers e#perience with the Bank (taff.
Any paining e#perience can have a lasting impact on the mind of the
customer: this can force him to change Banks or even discourage others
from !oining the Bank. +ence Banks should train their employees to
maintain good relations and "e cooperative with the customers.
'ery /atis$ied /ome0hat
/atis$ied nor
6rom the results of the findings we can see that )otak Mahindra Bank has
"een successful in marinating a high level of customer satisfaction with the
employees. *nly JL of the total respondents included in the study were
The num"er of respondents who were Ve*6 S!,%$4%ed represented 2<L of
the total respondents while those who were S()e/h!, S!,%$4%ed were J9L
of the total. The respondents who were Ne%,he* S!,%$4%ed "(* D%$$!,%$4%ed
are =<L of the total.
SATIS8ACTION 1EVE1 -IT0 *ANKING 0O#S +;< am to = )m,
6rom the analysis of the data that has "een collected from )otak Mahindra
Bank Account holders we can see that ma!ority of the respondents are
satisfied with the Average Banking +ours.
('( !) to * +)&
'ery /atis$ied /ome0hat
/atis$ied nor
The respondents who are (omewhat (atisfied with the Banking +ours
consist of JJ& of the total: while B%& of the total respondents studied say
that they are 2ery (atisfied. In all B& of the total respondents are satisfied
with the Banking +ours of )otak Mahindra Bank.
The respondents who are neither (atisfied nor $issatisfied consist of B?& of
total num"er studied: while %& of the respondents are somewhat
6rom the survey of more than hundred respondents "elonging to different
Banks we can to the conclusion that E44%c%e", Se*-%ce (44e*ed +6 B!"#$ %$
c("$%de*ed )($, %)0(*,!", "y account holders 5 9=L of the respondents
felt that the Bank should concentrate more on this service aspect.
1$$icient service
2o#rteo#s /ta$$
,3cor o$ an%
The ne#t aspect which is considered highly important "y the Account
holders of various Banks is the S,!44 (4 ,he B!"#. It is true that today@s
Banking far less of Branch Banking as it was the case a few years ago :
today Account holders have a constant interaction with non;human interface
like ATM machines : Internet Banking : $rop Bo# : 3ven phone Banking
when customers do not interact in a face to face manner with the Bank
But in the minds of the respondents it is very important that the (taff the
Bank employs should "e cooperative: courteous and <ualified to solve the
various pro"lems of the Account holders. The percentage of respondents
favoring (taff <uality as most important was B6& of the entire sample si.e.
The most fre<uent point of interaction with the Bank is ATM facility: the
Account holders whether in PrivateG6oreign sector or the Government sector
have "een provided with ATM facility "y their respective Banks. To !udge
the performance level of any Bank today it is crucial that the ATM service
of the Bank "e studied: this includes not only the num"er of ATM machines
installed "y the Bank : "ut also how technologically advanced the machines
are Anum"er of transaction that can "e done with the ATM 6acilityC: the
effort Bank undertakes to maintain the machines and also the overall
e#perience of the Account holder with the service.
The percentage of respondent considering the ATM $e*-%ce !$ )($,
%)0(*,!", /e*e 3=L (4 ,he ,(,! $!)0e $%Ie.
But from the respondents who were <uestioned "("e (4 ,he) $!%d ,h!, ,he
DMc(*NA)+%e"ce (4 ,he B!"# B*!"ch /!$ )($, %)0(*,!",. *n further
Nuestioning it was revealed that they did want well;maintained
BranchesG*ther Bank Interaction points "ut this was not the most important
The general perception is that the service <uality of Private Banks is superior
to that offered "y Government sector BanksT we wanted to study whether
this is a true phenomenon or whether this was !ust hearsay.
The most important findings would come from the group of respondents
who hold (aving Accounts with "oth Private and Government run Banks: as
these people would "e in the "est position to !udge the service offered "y the
! o
According to this group of respondents the -ange of Products that are
offered "y Private sector Banks are much more diverse than those offered "y
Government Banks.
Also these respondents felt that the Banks in the Private sector were much
more fle#i"le than their Government counterparts when dealing with
customers were concerned.
Private sector Banks are much more proactive when it comes to offering it@s
customers new;age methods of Banking like ATM 6acility : Internet
Banking : Phone Banking: These services make the life of Account holders
much easier.
Another ma!or difference that comes to most of the respondents minds when
comparing the Private and Government sector Banks is the (taff Attitude
towards the customers. (ure Private sector Bank Account holders have had
pro"lems dealing with Bank (taff: "ut they still feel it is much "etter than
how Government employees "ehave. These Government employees show as
if they are doing a favoring on the customer when they do their !o".
Private sector Bank customers are offered many free"ies and incentives to
remain with the Bank: or try new products of the Bank. This is never the
case with Government Banks.
*verall the result of this <uestion very clearly states that 0e(0e c("$%de*
,he $e*-%ce e-e (4 P*%-!,e B!"#$ )uch h%.he* ,h!" G(-e*")e", B!"#$
!$ ;7L (4 ,he *e$0("de",$ !.*ee !"d ("6 =3L (4 ,he *e$0("de",$
E. )otak Mahindra Bank is 4eading Bank in the country: it provides a
variety of products and services to different segments of customers.
B. The Bank aims to serve customers from teenagers to senior citi.ens:
hence different products designed to suit specific re<uirements of the
'. Aims to serve all classes of the society from the salaried middle class
to the high income "usiness class.
0ustomers are categori.ed and segmented according to their
re<uirements and needs.
6or 3#ample: the 3$G3 (aving Account aims to serve middle class
customers so minimum "alance re<uired to "e maintained is -s. E????.
8hile the P-* and A03 (aving Accounts are targeted at high income
customers: the minimum "alance re<uirement is -s. B???? and -s.
J. 0ustomers who are more profita"le to the Bank A+igh 2alue
0ustomersC are provided special facilities. Priority Banking is meant to
serve these high value customers.
>. The Bank prides itself with the a"ility to provide differentiate
products in the crowed market of saving accounts. Bank offers the free
home "aking: special co;"randed de"it cards A(mart fill $e"it 0ardC
which makes its product uni<ue.
6. The Bank is also involved in marketing activities which serves as a
medium of advertisement for the Bank. These are as follows=
3#tended happy hours at certain pu"s in $elhi for the Bank@s account
Gift 2ouchers on making utility payments: such as cell phones:
electricity and MT,4 "ills.
6ree Gifts like caps: pensGwollets to its customers.
6ree add;on cards for relatives.
. The Bank wants it@s customers to transact more through Internet
Banking and ATM: -ather than the customers using the "ranch.
%. The $e"it 0ards provided "y the Bank are Internationally Accepted
around the world: hence giving the customers the convenience to
transact anytime: anywhere.
D. The Bank has tied up with other Banks so that it@s customers can use
other Bank@s ATM facility for free transactions
E?. The Bank also provides $3MAT account and also sells Mutual 6unds:
this provides the Bank and Government additional revenue.
EE. The Bank has "een very successful in enlarging its customer "ase
during the last couple of years.
EB. The ,um"er *ne -eason of people choosing )otak Mahindra Bank is
the Brand ,ameG-eputation of the Bank. +ence it should "e careful that
the Brand name and Goodwill the Bank has earned is not diluted.
E'. The Biggest competitors of the Bank are I0I0I Bank and +$60 Bank
and (TA,$-A$ 0+A-T3-3$.
EJ. ATM 6acility is most popular way to transact with the Bank.
E>. *verall the customers appreciate the service and products offered "y the
Bank and are willing to recommend the Bank to their ac<uaintances :
But more attention has to paid towards=
Increasing the num"er of ATM machines.
Improving Internet Banking 6acility.
E. ATM 6acility is more widely used "y customers "elonging to
PrivateG6oreign Banks as compared to Government Banks.
B. 0ustomers value 3fficient (ervice over every other aspect: this is far
more important than the num"er of ATM machines: (taff: $[cor of
'. -eputation of Bank is most important when it comes to choosing
especially a Private Bank.
J. The general perception is that Private Banks provides "etter services as
compared to a Government Bank.
>. People reali.e that Private Banks are as safe as compared to Government
6. Advertisements and 6ree"ies can "e used to attract more customers.

Below B> years B> to J? J? to >> A"ove >> years
Business Professional (ervice (tudent *thers
4ess than E.> 4akh E.> 4akh to ' 4akh ' 4akh to J.> 4akh
a"ove > 4akh
E. $o you hold a saving account\
5es ,o
B. If yes in which "anks.

'. *ut of the a"ove accounts which do you use most fre<uently
J. Apart from saving in a "ank account where do you invest your

0apital markets Ashares: mutual funds: etcC
*thers Aplease specifyC
>. $o you get an ATMGde"it card facility from your "ank\
5es ,o
6. +ow many times a week does you use your ATMG$e"it 0ard\
4ess than B time a week
B to J times a week
More than J time a week
. 8hat is your most fre<uent point of interaction with the "ank\
2isit Branch
Phone Banking
$rop Bo#
Internet Banking
%.$o you "elieve that PrivateG6oreign "anks provide superior services
than nationali.ed "anks\

5es ,o
D. $o you agree with the view that your money would "e safer in a
nationali.ed "ank rather than a foreign "ank\
(trongly Agree
,either Agree nor $isagree
(trongly $isagree
E?. Are you influenced "y advertisements in your choice of "ank\
5es ,o
EE. $o additional schemesG"enefits Afree insurance: free de"it card:
privilegesGdiscounts on use of de"it card: etc.C offered "y "anks have a
"earing on your decision when you open a saving "ank account\
5es ,o
There was immense need and flow of the information while conducting the
analysis as well as while writing the thesis report: which was gathered
through various sources mentioned "elow=
V!*%(u$ M!.!I%"e$ !"d Ne/$0!0e*$ $uch !$
6inancial Times
The 3conomic Times
The Times of India
The +industan Times
O,he* Re4e*e"ce$
Nuestionnaires: Lournals: Broachers and various other documents gathered
and collected from "ank and various other sources such as ATM centers and
www. )otak Mahindra Bank. com
www. )otak Mahindra
The central "ank of India is the -eserve Bank= most large commercial "anks
were nationali.ed in ED6D: with more "eing nationali.ed in ED%?. The
$epartment of Banking at the Ministry of 6inance controls all "anking. The
(tate Bank of India: the largest commercial "ank: handles some of the
-eserve Bank@s roles. 0ooperatives and credit societies are an important
supplement to the private "anking industry: especially in rural areas.
The 3ntry of 6oreign Banks in the 3arly EDD?@s has "rought a"out a
-evolution in the Banking industry. The superior service levels of these
Banks have forced even the ,ationali.ed Banks to wake up to the reality that
if they do not live up to the customer@s e#pectation they will soon cease to
Indian Banking Industry today is in the midst of an IT revolution. A
com"ination of regulatory and competitive reasons has led to increasing
importance of total "anking automation in the Indian Banking Industry.
3arlier profita"ility gained only secondary importance: since "anks lived in
the comfort of a controlled environment. +owever: today "anks cannot
survive only with the Government support. They have to set
goals of profita"ility along with service and set targets and evolve strategies
to reach them.
There is certainly a paradigm shift in "anking in India in the recent past. At
present profita"ility: capital restructuring and transparency is considered
important and significant for "anks. Also: "anks in India have started the need to "e Pcu$,()e* 4(cu$ed? that in turn leads to Pcu$,()e*
!00*ec%!,%("?: which is imperative for survival and growth.
The first change along this line was "rought in "y the foreign "anks with
their emphasis on high <uality and efficient service com"ined with
technological advantages like satellite "anking and tele;"anking manned "y
skeletal staff and lesser num"er of "ranches.
6urther: development of special manpower: innovative products: technology
e#ploitation and personali.ed services play a crucial role on the "anking
industry today: since the customer has more options in choosing "ank. Thus
leading to c("$u)e*%$) in the "anking sector. Also: since customers are
"ecoming more sophisticated and educated: their e#pectation from the
neigh"orhood "ank is increasing.
To sum: the new private sector "anks are poised to redefine "anking sector
in India. Though they don@t pose a threat to the e#isting private "anks they
will certainly force them to gear up their strategies to remain in the field.
The last few years have seen a sea change in "anking strategies: with more
focus on <uality. The adoption of a speciali.ed customer;oriented focus is
fast getting wider accepta"ility. In a market that keeps growing in depth and
diversity5 "%che +!"#%". %$ "e/ )!",*! !d(0,ed +6 !. Thus: instead of
targeting an entire market segment: "anks have adopted a specific "usiness
focus to reach their target audience.
*ver the last few years: the communication style too has changed with
respect to the "anking industry. 0ommunication has shifted from "randing
the "ank to "randing "anking products: highlighting service commitments:
convenience: etc. Fu*,he*5 +*!"d%". (4 +!"#%". 0*(duc,$ $uch !$ h()e
(!"$5 c("$u)e* du*!+e (!"$5 ,ee +!"#%".5 ATM$5 "e, +!"#%". e,c
have started taking place: especially after the entry of foreign "anks and
private sector "anks which had the advantage of the latest technology.