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The man who makes the world shake

Script by
Hans Nash Production / Art Theatre Club
Miri Technical School

people and traditional ways of living. Emmyline Cecilia Yahya Narrator / Dancer 9. The White Rajah of Sarawak. When the music began. Siti Fatimah Hamdan Technician / Reserve Scene In a ruai at a fort. Sylvia ak Sibat Dancer 14. Ruhaidah Taer @ Sedi Narrator / Dancer 10. Nordin B Madian Syarif Japar 7. Synopsis This is the story of Rentap. SCENE 1 (Music – Sape – On stage.Cast of character 1. Nasrin Abdul Ghani Syarif Masahor 8. Alfairez B Jemurin Messenger 6. Rentap – meaning ‘one who 2 . Kenneth ak Ujak Warrior 3 5. Mohd Faizal Ibrahim Warrior 2 4. one of the Sarawak’s great Iban war chiefs of the nineteenth century. Ricky Yong Dancer 12. Sheldon Jimbau ak Patrick Jawa Rentap 2. Atiqah Wahid Dancer 13.) Narrator This is the story of Rentap. a warrior was standing still. Timothy Jiram Labang Dancer 11. Andy Telasai Warrior 1 3. This story is about all his ups and downs in the battle for his land. one of Sarawak’s great Iban war chiefs of the nineteenth century. Jaminah Jawawi Technician / Reserve 15. He is known as a fearless warrior and his greatest enemy is James Brooke. the warrior started to dance.

He was amused at Brooke’s claim to govern Sarawak. makes the world shake’ first name was Libau and took the name Rentap only after his first head in battle. In common with many other Ibans of his period. what shall we do Rentap? 3 . (Out went the dancer) SCENE 2 (Rentap and warriors come in) Warrior 1 Now that our fort is ready. Rentap did not want Rajah James Brooke or any other foreigner to rule over his people. Rentap spent his time robbing neighbouring villages when he was not engaged in farming hill paddy. He took an active part in the fighting against Rajah Brooke’s men at the Battle of Beting Maru on the 31 July 1849 and when he realized that Brooke had won. he withdrew with many of his followers to the headwaters of the river Saribas. overlooking the river Lang. There he built a strong fort near Tabbat. and was determined to prevent him from interfering with his traditional way of life. His struggle won the respect of his enemy and forced the Government of Sarawak to allow the Ibans to live their own way without much interference from the Government. his people knew him as a fearless warrior. He fought fiercely for a long time against the Rajah’s men. When Rentap first heard of the changes of government in Kuching and the plans Brooke had putting an end to piracy along the Borneo coast he was both amused and angry. on a mountain ridge called Sadok. As a result of these raids.

Warrior 1 Yes Rentap. dancing a welcome home for victory dance) 4 . Rentap? Rentap I think we will go along the banks of Batang Lupar. as it is ready. We will also get ready our men to attack the trade and we must plundered villages for our supply. Warrior 2 Where shall we attack. you can check the stronghold today. Rentap Yes. SCENE 3 Narrator Rentap and his men attack the trade and plundered the villages situated along the banks of the Batang Lupar. This annoyed Rentap so much that he decided to attack the Brooke fort at Skrang in the hope of drawing off the Rajah’s men at Lingga. Rajah Brooke built a fort in Lingga to prevent Rentap from interfering with people in the lower area. Rentap Good.Rentap First we must make sure that our stronghold is ready. Warrior 2 When do we leave? Rentap We will leave in a couple of days. we can counter against any attack from the British. Warrior 1 Then I should get all the men ready for leaving. That should give us some times to prepare for the supplies and our men. (Rentap and his warrior pick up some things and they went out slowly. you get all our supplies ready as well as all the weapons we need for our raid to the villages in Batang Lupar. (Out come the dancers. if the stronghold is tough enough. When the stronghold is ready. In 1852.

Now. was killed. Rentap It was nothing and yet it was a good fight between the Brooke army and us. but if Brooke’s army comes we have to be ready for them. (Out went the dancers. the English Officer in charge of the Lingga reinforcements. greeting Rentap. We might need some time off to mend our good warriors and get their energy back. as well as mending all our weapons. we must get ready for any news about Brooke’s next strategy. leaving only two warriors. Rentap? Warrior 2 Yes. Rentap comes in) Warrior 2 Welcome home Rentap! It is good that you have come home without hurt. which is why we plan the attack on Skrang. Warrior 1 Do you think Brooke might be planning for a next attack. Rentap. what is it? 5 . Rentap We might need the break.Narrator The Rajah’s men were ambushed and Lee. Rentap. Warrior 1 Yes. I am glad we could defeat the fort in Skrang. too for your victory in killing the English Officer. Warrior 2 It is easy because they were too busy involved in building the fort in Lingga Rentap I am displeased with this fort in Lingga. Congratulations. (Warrior 3 comes in) Warrior 3 Rentap! Rentap Yes.

(Warrior 3 went out and a messenger comes in.. Rentap Messenger? Who sent this messenger to me? Warrior 3 He says he is a messenger from the white Rajah. Rentap What peace? I will be at peace with him only if he leaves our land. Rentap I refuse to talk to any men who want to conquer our land. I will not come and see him. Rentap Huh! Show him in. Rentap And.. Messenger He only wanted to negotiate with you.. I will show him in.Warrior 3 There is a messenger wanting to see you. and.. (Messenger went out) Warrior 2 What do you think the White Rajah will do now? What will we do? Rentap He will try to attack us sometime in the near future. Rentap James Brooke? What does he say? Messenger He asks me to come and tell you that he is now in Fort Lingga. Tell him that he can bring all his fire guns from England and we will still not be afraid of him. 6 . Tell him.. We must be ready for them.) Rentap What do you want? Messenger I come with a message from the White Rajah. I will relay your message to him. (Angry) Warrior 3 Yes Rentap. And what? Messenger And he wishes to invite you over to Fort Lingga and talk peace. James Brooke.. Messenger Yes.

As long as we are ready for Brooke’s Army. Masahor My dear Rentap.Warrior 1 Then we will be ready for them. to what may I honour this visit? S. Come and sit so we can have something to drink. (In come Warrior 3) Warrior 3 Rentap! Rentap What now? Warrior 3 There are two men out there wishes to see you. my friend. the English Officer. Warrior 2 I have already sent our men to search for the poison. I heard you have the head of the English Officer. get us something to drink. I have a proposition for you. Rentap Yes. It’s one of our greatest weapon for fighting the Brooke’s Army. Rentap. the Malay Chief. 7 . (Out come Warrior 3 and in come Sherip Masahor and Sherip Jafar) S. (Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 went out) Rentap So. Rentap Who are they? Warrior 3 They say their names are Sherip Masahor and Sherip Jafar. Rentap Show them in. Rentap We must go and find the poison for our weapon. Masahor Rentap! Rentap! Congratulation! Congratulations on your victory in Skrang. I have killed and cut the head of Lee. They should be back any days now. we will give them a good fight that they wished they had come to the land of Sarawak. Warrior 1 and Warrior 2. Rentap Good. Warrior 3 Yes.

we think that the ammunition that we supply will be a great help for you. for fighting with the Brooke’s Army. I will only be happy to help you. ammunitions such as fire guns. Rentap Yes. Rentap Ammunitions? S. as it will also benefit my people. He is also going to put the taxes to our people in every longhouses. our people will work with nothing to eat but all the crops will have to be given to the White Rajah as their taxes. Masahor Yes. Masahor And there are sayings that he wishes to raise the tax even further. I have heard of these high taxes the White Rajah is implementing. We will try and keep James Brooke away from our land. with barrels of gunpowder. I want him to leave our country and leave our people and our ways of life alone. Jafar We are thinking of supplying you and your men with ammunitions. Well. Jafar We just want you to defeat the White Rajah. S. (In come Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 bringing water) 8 . I would only be happy that you were willing to help us. If this happen. What can I give to you in return? S. We can supply you with lots of fire guns that are as powerful as the Brooke’s weapon. His high taxes to our people are making our people suffering. my good friend.Rentap Proposition? What kind of proposition? S. We will also supply you with all the gunpowder you will need for your battle. S. Jafar Yes. Rentap I am sure it will.

For Victory! All For Victory! (All went on drinking and laughing heartily. (Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 pass around the water) Come. Charles Brooke led an expedition consist of 3500 Ibans and 500 Malay soldier. Rentap and the two Sherip went out. taking along the Malay leader. assisted by Charles Johnson Brooke.) Narrator Rentap defiance angered James Brooke. 2700 feet high. 9 . so in August 1854. dancing the war dance) Narrator This command was led by Captain James Brooke himself. we must drink to celebrate this. (Rentap and dancers. Charles Brooke decided to retreat. Rentap was wounded. but he managed to escape into the jungle and eventually arrived safely at Sadok. here come our drinks. In 1857.Rentap Ha. The stronghold was so well protected and after spending eight days on the mountain top in very heavy rain. In the fighting that followed. He then began to strengthen Sadok against possible Brooke attack. He began to call himself the ‘Inland Rajah’ and became the centre of all native opposition to Brooke rule. climb to the top of Sadok mountain. Abang Aing. Then Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 gather all things and went out. who is badly wounded. As he left Rentap cried: Rentap It is only we Dayaks who can walk and fight on land and climb up steep mountains. about 7000 Malay and Dayak soldiers was gathered to march on Rentap strongholds.

Narrator He is remembered by the Ibans as a great warrior and a determined defender of the Iban way of life. END 10 .