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Faculty of Businss A!"inist#ation

Assi$n"nt Co%# S&t
Students must complete all details except the faculty use part.
Dcla#ation an! Stat"nt of Aut&o#s&i'(
1. I/we hold a copy of this assignment, which can be produced if the original is lost/ damaged.
2. This assignment is my/our original work and no part of it has been copied from any other students work or
from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made.
. !o part of this assignment has been written for me/us by any other person except where such collaboration
has been authori"ed by the lecturer/teacher concerned and is clearly acknowledged in the assignment.
#. I/we ha$e not pre$iously submitted or currently submitting this work for any other course/unit.
%. This work may be reproduced, communicated, compared and archi$ed for the purpose of detecting
&. I/we gi$e permission for a copy of my/our marked work to be retained by the 'chool for re$iew and
comparison, including re$iew by external examiners.
I)* un!#stan! t&at
(. )lagiarism is the presentation of the work, idea or creation of another person as though it is your own. It is a
form of cheating and is a $ery serious academic offence that may lead to expulsion from the *ni$ersity.
)lagiari"ed material can be drawn from, and presented in, written, graphic and $isual form, including
electronic data, and oral presentations. )lagiarism occurs when the origin of the material used is not
appropriately cited.
+. ,nabling plagiarism is the act of assisting or allowing another person to plagiari"e or to copy your work

No+ Stu!nt Na" Stu!nt Nu",# Stu!nt Si$natu# Dat
- MD. ABDUL BARI 09-93077-2 15-12-09
For faculty use only:

Faculty co""nts---------------------------------------------------------------------------
)lease submit all assignments to your sub.ect lecturers or the office of the concerned lecturer.
/ssignment Title0 -/ssignment on 1arack 2bama 3 4o$ing from colleague to super$isor
/ssignment !umber0 - 5----- 6ue 6ate0 -1%71272558----'emester0 9all758
'ub.ect !ame0 :eadership 3 4anagement of 2rgani"ation 'ection0 ,
;ourse Instructor0 - Dr. Zakaria Rahman 6egree )rogram0 --41/---
<roup !ame =if applicable>0
Total Ma#3s( 4444444 Ma#3s O,tain!( 4444444