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Strategic Plan

B u i l d i n g o n T h e N e w F o u n d ation
The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, January 23, 2008
Our Community’s Vision*
Life–and business–is better here!

Located on the north shore of Lake Superior, under the protective watch of the Sleeping Giant,
Thunder Bay is rich in people and resources, and connects Northwestern Ontario to the world.

We will create a positive climate for growing a diversified economy driven by world-class
information technology and skilled human resources.

We value our high quality of life and will promote a healthy community that provides economic
opportunity, respects diversity and provides affordable and safe neighbourhoods that are accessible
to all.

We will work with partners in Northwestern Ontario to develop mutually supportive relationships
that strengthen the region.

* Developed through Fast Forward, a broad-based community partnership and extensive consultation

Our Community’s Strengths

Thunder Bay is:
• One of Ontario’s largest cities
• The service centre to the North with world class health, medical and research facilities
• Home to an international airport, one of the busiest in Ontario
• Strategically located in the centre of Canada
• Close to the U.S.  border with excellent access to the U.S.  market
• On Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world
• Largest outbound Port on the St.  Lawrence Seaway System
• A transportation hub for Canada and the principal north-south routes from the Upper
Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico
• A major education centre with Confederation College, Lakehead University,
the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and outstanding elementary and
secondary schools
• Owner of the largest independent telecommunications company in Canada
• Skilled labour
• Rich in natural resources: boreal forest, minerals and fresh water lakes
• A manufacturing sector anchored by Bombardier Transportation
• Developing a growing cluster focus in Molecular Medicine (research
in mitochondrial DNA, genetic DNA analysis, and cancer research and

2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 S t r at e g i c P lan • 
Building on the New Foundation

Life–and business–is better here!

To meet the future needs of our community, Thunder Bay is taking a strategic approach that makes
the most of our City’s strengths.  Following are just a few of the key issues we are addressing:
• diversifying the economy to retain and create jobs
• maintaining and enhancing our infrastructure
• keeping pace with changing needs in human and social services.

With the 2004-2006 New Foundation Living Strategic Plan, we put in place the foundation – the
policies, programs and new ways of doing things.  We are now building on that foundation.

As our principles state, we value informed and involved citizens.  This plan is based on input from
the public through the 2007 citizen survey.  We have listened. Now we will act. We will work with
our community partners to pursue the initiatives and actions in this plan.

Together, we will build:

• a stronger and more diversified economy

• a cleaner, greener, more beautiful and proud
Thunder Bay
• a high quality of life
• one of the best-run cities in Canada.

Life – and business – is better here in our City that’s Superior by Nature.


Lynn Peterson Robert Petrie

Mayor Chief Administrative Officer

 • 2007-20 1 0 S t r at e g i c P l a n
O u r M i s s i o n , Go a l s & P r i n c i p l e s
Life–and business–is better here!

The City of Thunder Bay provides a balance of services that improves our quality of life and
supports our economy in a responsible manner.

We will stabilize, grow and diversify our economy.  We will explore all opportunities and facilitate
those that provide good value and maximize economic growth.  We will accelerate economic
development by initiating partnerships, providing infrastructure and maximizing Provincial and
Federal support.

We will be leaders in the provision of a balance of social, cultural, recreational and sports
opportunities.  These services will enhance the attractiveness and well being of our community
at reasonable cost and be available to all.  We will provide a high quality of life and protect the

We will provide essential services that meet our standards and support our community. 

• Economic Growth and
• Fiscal Responsibility
• Cost Effectiveness
• Partnerships:
• Innovation
• Work with the Private Sector
• Informed and Involved Citizens
• Safe Neighbourhoods
• Cultural Diversity
• Environmental Stewardship
• Sustainability
• Accountability

2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 S t r at e g i c P lan • 

Life–and business–is better here!

STRATEGIES 2007-2010
These four strategic priorities represent the issues Council wants to see action on during its term:
A stronger and more diversified economy: A cleaner, greener, more beautiful and proud Thunder
Bay; A high quality of life; One of the best-run cities. Through these priorities, Council provides
overall direction to Administration regarding the delivery of City services and the allocation of

Thunder Bay will:

Have a stronger Be cleaner,

and more greener, more Have a high Be one of the
diversified beautiful and quality of life best-run cities
economy proud

We Will Make It Happen Through:

Stategic Initiatives
(see pages 8-15)

Implementation Plans

Annual Report Card

Annual Update to Plan

 • 2007-20 1 0 S t r at e g i c P l a n
WORK Has Started
Life–and business–is better here!

Actions and initiatives are already underway to achieve the community’s vision and Council’s

• Investing in the Molecular Medicine Research Centre

• Investing in a Protective and Emergency Services Training Facility
• Investing in the development of a Senior’s Centre of Excellence
• Funding the Community Economic Development Commission to retain, expand and attract
• Enhancing and maintaining our infrastructure and leveraging opportunities for new
• Implementing opportunities to generate energy from biogas at the Landfill and Water
Pollution Control Plant
• Implementing Prince Arthur’s Landing at Marina Park
• Expanding cycling and pedestrian trails and corridors along the lake and within the City
• Enhancing tourism marketing to attract more visitors to the community
• Using sustainable development principles to make Thunder Bay greener including pilot testing
of Greening the Fleet
• Improving accessibility through an Annual Plan
• Developing a Recreation and Parks master plan to meet the immediate and future needs and
priorities of the community
• Planting more trees
• Celebrating Our People Our Success in Your City
• Creating a succession plan to prepare for the City’s future staffing needs
• Conducting Citizen Surveys to gather input on service delivery

2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 S t r at e g i c P lan • 
M e a s u r i n g O u r S u cc e s s

Life–and business–is better here!

How will we know we are successful in 2010?
We will have a stronger and more diversified economy – Every job created will be valued,
whether it’s in our traditional resource strengths, our emerging knowledge sector, or our important
service sector.  Our existing businesses will be retained and more of them will expand.  Prince
Arthur’s Landing at Marina Park will be well on its way to becoming a centre for Thunder Bay and a
catalyst for revitalization.

We will have a cleaner, greener, more beautiful and proud Thunder Bay – Our commitment to
the Clean, Green, Beautiful and Proud initiative will put a new face on the City and there will be a
greater sense of community pride and civic involvement.  We will have cleaner air because we will
reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a variety of initiatives. 

We will have an improved quality of life – We will have the recreational facilities that are
appropriate to our neighbourhoods and districts.  We will have trail infrastructure that supports
healthy, active transportation.  We will enhance community safety.  We will have achieved full
accessibility where it’s most crucial.  We will have established an Aboriginal Liaison Office to work
inclusively with Aboriginal people.  We will have developed our distinct neighbourhoods as part of
a dynamic and cohesive city. 

We will be one of the best-run cities in Canada – We will provide value for tax dollars.  We will
make best use of tax dollars today and plan for the future investments required
to maintain and enhance our infrastructure.  We will meet or exceed
benchmarks for key service indicators.  We will use technology to
improve service and timeliness. 

 • 2007-20 1 0 S t r at e g i c P l a n
Thunder Bay Will Have a Stronger and More Diversified Economy
Strategy: Create and sustain jobs through partnerships
Life–and business–is better here!

1 Invest in Community Economic Development Commission to Annual (F)

grow and diversify our economy through business attraction
and retention
2 Invest in expansion of Molecular Medicine Research Centre 2006-2010 (F)
3 Invest in Protective and Emergency Services Training Facility Q3 2008 - Fire Site (FR)
Q1 2009 - Use of Force / Terrain
2009 - Classroom / Research
tbd - Children’s Safety Village
4 Invest in development of Seniors’ Centre of Excellence tbd - Long term care
tbd - Supportive housing
tbd - In home care (ComS)

Strategy: Improve business tax competitiveness

5 Develop Long-Term Tax Strategy to make Thunder Bay more Q2 2008 – strategy
competitive in attracting and retaining business 2009 – implementation starts (F)

Strategy: Improve and maintain infrastructure and leverage opportunities

for new infrastructure
6 Update Infrastructure Plans Annually Q3 Annually (TW)

Strategy: D
 evelop our waterfront as a spectacular public space and
catalyst for revitalization
7 Develop Prince Arthur’s Landing at Marina Park Q1 2008 - Phasing Strategy (ComS)
2011 - Construction substantially
complete (ComS)

Strategy: Attract and retain visitors to the community

8 Develop Sport Tourism opportunities Q2 2008 – Policy (ComS)
2008 – Implementation (ComS)
9 Enhance Tourism Marketing Q4 2008 (ComS)
10 Develop a Full Service Recreation Vehicle Park to provide Q2 2009 (ComS)
services for motoring visitors at Chippewa Park
Department Codes:
CAO Chief Administrator’s Office
ComS Community Services
CS Corporate Services
DS Development Services
F Finance
FF Facilities & Fleet
FR Fire & Rescue Services
P Police Services
TW Transportation & Works

2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 S t r at e g i c Plan • 
Thunder Bay Will Be Cleaner, Greener, More Beautiful and Proud
Strategy: Make Thunder Bay cleaner

Life–and business–is better here!

11 Improve the appearance of abandoned and neglected Q1 2008 – Tax Sale Vesting Policy (F)
properties Q2 2008 – Recommend changes
to Property Standards and Yard
Maintenance Bylaws (DS)
12 Provide Litter receptacles at Transit shelters across the City Q2 2008 (TW)

Strategy: Make Thunder Bay greener

13 Review Community Environmental Action Plan from Q3 2008 – Report to Council (TW)
EarthWise Thunder Bay Partnership
14 Generate energy from biogas at Landfill and explore Q4 2008 (TW)
partnership opportunities for surplus heat
15 Generate energy from biogas at Water Pollution Control Plant Q4 2008 (TW)
16 Pursue Green Procurement Q1 2008 – Draft Policy (F)
Q3 2008 – Green Energy
Procurement (TW)
Q4 – 2008 – Policy rollout
17 Green the Fleet Q4 2008 – Pilot (FF)
18 Reduce energy consumption at large City facilities Q4 2009 (FF)
19 Reduce energy consumption by Street Lights and Parking Lot Q4 2009 and annually to 2011 (TW)
20 Plant more trees under accelerated Urban Forestry Program Q3 2007, 2008, 2009 (ComS)
21 Increase Waste Diversion by enhancing education and Q2 2008 (TW) – launch campaign
promotion to increase participation and capture rates in all Q4 2011 (TW) – establish
sectors and establishing EcoCentre for Central Collection of EcoCentre
special household waste
22 Implement UV to improve the quality of effluent and minimize Q3 2008 (TW)
the impact on the water quality of Lake Superior
23 Show Community Expectations for development through Q4 2010 (DS)
Urban Design Guidelines and Illustrations for the Zoning By-

 • 2007-2010 S t r at e g i c P l a n
Thunder Bay Will Be Cleaner, Greener, More Beautiful and Proud
Strategy: Make Thunder Bay more beautiful
Life–and business–is better here!

24 Improve image routes through Site Plan Control Study Q4 2010 (DS)
25 Update Sign By-law Q2 2008 (DS)
26 Design and create Gateways to welcome people to the City Q3 2008 – Gateway 1
Q3 2009 – Gateway 2
Q3 2010 – Gateway 3
Q3 2011 – Gateway 4 (ComS)
27 Improve appearance of Water Street Terminal Q3 2008 (TW)
28 Implement Fort William Downtown Mural Project Q4 2008 (DS)
29 Create Civic Space at City Hall Q3 2008 – Exterior of Building
Q3 2009 – Landscape and lobby (FF)

Strategy: Increase pride in Thunder Bay

30 Develop Awards and Awareness to encourage community Q4 2008 and annually (CAO)
participation in the Clean Green Beautiful and Proud Program
31 Publish Success stories in Your City and on Website Q2 2007 (CAO)
32 Create Newsletter for citizen ambassadors and expatriates Q4 2008 (CAO)
33 Initiate Public Participation Campaign to encourage Q1 2009 (CAO)
involvement in civic decision making

2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 S t r at e g i c Plan • 10
Thunder Bay Will Have a High Quality of Life
Strategy: Enhance community safety

Life–and business–is better here!

34 Develop and Implement Fire Master Plan to improve upon Q4 2009 – Plan
fire safety 2010 – Implementation starts (FR)
35 Identify, develop and implement strategies for a fire safe Q4 2008 (FR)
community with Fort William First Nation
36 Support the Thunder Bay Police Services Board in meeting Q4 2008 (P) – performance
the objectives and priorities for the provision of policing indicators for each objective are
services as stated in the Thunder Bay Police Service’s 2008- referred to in the Police Business
2010 Business Plan Plan
37 Enhance security at Parkades with better lighting Q4 2008 (TW)
38 Enhance security at Transit Terminals Q4 2007 (TW)
39 Introduce Cameras Onboard Buses for safety and security Q2 2009 (TW)

Strategy: Improve accessibility

40 Install Automatic Doors at Parkades to provide full Q4 2008 (TW)
41 Implement Accessibility Improvements through Annual Plan Q3 annually (ComS)

Stategy: E
 stablish an Aboriginal Office to work inclusively with Aboriginal
42 Develop Aboriginal Liaison Strategy 2008 – Establish Liaison and
Committee to develop strategy
2010 – Implementation (CS)

Strategy: Improve recreational opportunities

43 Develop a Recreation and Parks Master Plan that reflects Q3 2008 – Plan
the immediate (1-3 years) and future (4-10 years) needs and 2008 – address neighbourhood park
priorities of the community deficiencies (ComS)
2009 - implementation starts (ComS)
To be determined - Completion
44 Implement Recreational Trail Development Plan Q2 2008 - Plan
Q3 2010 - Completion(ComS)
45 Develop Implementation Plan for 52 km of waterfront 2008 – Develop strategy (ComS)
46 Improve water quality at Boulevard Lake Q3 2008 – Study
2009 – Implement (ComS)

11 • 2007-201 0 S t r at e g i c P l a n
Thunder Bay Will Have a High Quality of Life
Strategy: Improve active transportation
Life–and business–is better here!

47 Develop Active Transportation Plan for human-powered Q4 2007 – Plan (TW)

transportation corridors Q3 2008 – Construction /
Implementation Starts
To be determined - Completion

Strategy: Revitalize Fort William Downtown

48 Implement Strategy to revitalize Fort William Downtown Q2 2008 – Report to Council to
recommend Implementation Strategy

2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 S t r at e g i c Plan • 12
Thunder Bay Will Be One of the Best-Run Cities

Strategy: Improve efficiency

Life–and business–is better here!

49 Reduce lost time through an enhanced wellness program and Q2 2008 – implement (CAO)
accommodation program Q4 2010 – reassess (CAO)
50 Reduce health & safety risks Q4 2007 – departmental and facility
audits (CS)
Q1 2008 – safety protocol for Water
Inspectors (F)
51 Conduct Development Service Delivery Review to improve Q2 2008 (DS)
timeliness, customer service and contain costs
52 Reduce telecommunication costs in partnership with TBayTel Q2 2007 – Pilot (F)
Q3 2009 – Implement corporate
program (F)
53 Conduct Commodity Tax Review to maximize GST rebate Q2 2008 (F)
and improve related accounts payable processes

Strategy: Improve effectiveness

54 Provide advanced Leadership Training for succession planning Q3 2007 and annual (CAO)

55 Increase Skills and Knowledge Training Q3 2007 and annual (CAO)

56 Review and streamline Annual Budget Process to make it Q4 2009 (F)
more user friendly and to support a faster business cycle
57 Provide more timely and accurate Financial Reporting Q2 2010 (F)
58 Develop Strategic Capital Asset Planning System to conduct Q3 2009 (FF)
Facility Condition Assessments of Facility and Fleet Assets
Long Term (20-year) Capital Programs
59 Conduct Banking Review to improve banking processes and Q4 2008 (F)
increase security and fraud prevention measures
60 Provide Procurement Training Program for City Staff Q4 2008 (F)
and Supply Partners to reduce cost and risk through
standardization and improve opportunity for local vendors
61 Introduce AVL/GPS tracking on Buses to provide a safe, Q2 2008 (TW)
efficient and effective Transit system
62 Update Transit Fare Boxes for Transfers and Smart Cards Q2 2009 (TW)
63 Implement technological improvements for Revenue including Q4 2008 (F)
Smart Cards for tap house users, tax sale module and
streamline tax and water billing process
64 Participate in Information and Technology Collaboration Plan Ongoing (F)
to reduce costs and further regional economic development

13 • 2007-201 0 S t r at e g i c P l a n
Thunder Bay Will Be One of the Best-Run Cities
Strategy: Improve effectiveness (continued)
Life–and business–is better here!

65 Redesign Website with a focus on the user Q3 2008 (CAO)

66 Develop 5-year Strategic Business Plan for Information Q1 2008 (F)
Technology to focus and maximize planning and investment
67 Provide Tax and Water information online Q4 2008 (F)
68 Develop a Corporate filing system and incorporate Q4 2008 – selection of strategy (CS)
Electronic Records Management into the Corporate Records
Management Program
69 Improve computer network security and integrity of Ongoing (F)
corporate data
70 Achieve Certification of New Waterworks Authority created Q4 2008 (TW)
to provide a safe water supply
71 Develop long term Land Use Plan for Mission & McKellar Q4 2010 (DS)
72 Conduct Comprehensive Official Plan and Zoning By-law Q4 2009 (DS)
Review and Update to meet legislated requirements and to
make the documents more user friendly and responsive to the
business and development community
73 Update Parkdale Community Plan to reflect current land use Q4 2009 (DS)
needs and provide for development that is sensitive to the
Provincially Significant Wetland
74 Review McKellar/Victoriaville Mall Management Model to Q2 2009 (DS)
maximize fair use of the public asset while containing costs
75 Conduct Citizen Survey to gather input on service delivery in Q3 – 2007 (CAO)
advance of budget and strategic planning Q3 – 2009 (CAO)
76 Improve Employee relations beginning with an Engagement Q1 2008 (CAO)
Survey followed by an action plan that includes a recognition Q1 2010 (CAO)
program and dispute resolution mechanism
77 Support 211 to respond to and track citizen requests for Q2 2008 – launch (CAO)
community, social, health and related government services Q2 2009 – 1st annual report (CAO)
78 Assess model(s) for provision of 311 to respond to and track Q4 2009 (CAO)
citizen requests for city services
79 Review the City’s Boards and Committees Process with a Q4 2008 (CS)
view to providing appropriate resources as well as supporting
recruitment and communication with Council

2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 S t r at e g i c Plan • 14
Thunder Bay Will Be One of the Best-Run Cities
Strategy: Improve accountability

Life–and business–is better here!

80 Review Plan from Diversity Thunder Bay for Participation in Q4 2008 – Council to receive
Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination Proposal for Action Plan from
Diversity Thunder Bay (CAO)
81 Simplify Procedural Rules for Council and Committee Q3 2008 (CS)
82 Streamline Delegation of Authority from Council to Q4 2008 (CS)
Administration to free up meeting time for new and emerging
issues, policy review and development and provide faster
response to community/stakeholder request
83 Redraft Notice By-Law to allow timely, consistent, cost- Q4 2008 (CS)
effective communication with the public
84 Update the Corporate Policy Manual through a review and Q4 2008 (CS)
85 Implement approved Phase-out of the Municipal Code by Q4 2008 (CS)
putting in place new processes to consolidate by-laws and tbd – subsequent cyclical review
keep them up to date (CS)
86 Issue Annual Report to report to the citizens of Thunder Bay Q3 2008 and annually (CAO)
and other key audiences on what we’re doing, how we’re
doing and key outcomes (Corporate initiative)
87 Create Codes of Ethics (Ethics Policy) for Members of Council Q4 2008 (CS)
and Administration

15 • 2007-201 0 S t r at e g i c P l a n
Vital Statistics
The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay is the most diverse Corporation Emergency Medical Services
in the City. With a gross budget totaling in excess of $400 million, and • D esignated Delivery Agent for Land Ambulance
service with 17 stations covering 15 municipalities
employing approximately 3,100 people, the following provides an overview of & 11 First Nations throughout the District
some of the components of our diverse operation. • 125,000+ sq km of area covered
• 25,000 Patient calls responded to annually
• 160 paramedics, 20 management and support staff
Who We Are • 3 Public Golf Courses - 91,000 rounds/year
• 34 ambulances, 3 emergency support units, 3 wilderness
• Located in the centre of Canada • 5 Satellite Arenas
response units, 4 paramedic response units, 2 administrative
• 323.5 sq km of City Land Area • 7 Alternative Sports Parks (skateboard and/or BMX)
units, 1 training vehicle
• 109,141 Population (2006 Census) • 11 Soccer Fields; 35 Mini-Soccer Fields
• overseeing 30 public access defibrillators
• 14th largest City in Ontario • 14 km of Cross Country Ski Trails
• 17 first response teams
• Port of Thunder Bay is one of the largest grain-handling ports • 15 Volunteer operated Community Centres
in the world and largest outbound Port on the St. Lawrence • 34 km of paved recreation trails
Seaway • 35 Boarded Rinks, 30 Unboarded ‘Ponds’ Our Development Service
• Fort William Gardens - 3,400 seat arena along with 8 sheets • 5 Plans of Condominiums were registered,
of curling ice attached creating 107 new units
Our Infrastructure • 66 Baseball diamonds • 7 Amendments to the Official Plan, and 17
• 1 Landfill Site, Hazardous Waste Depot, Leaf & • 1,100 Children a year active in community programs through Amendments to the Zoning By-law were considered by Council
Yard Composting Area, Tire & Scrap Metal Lay P.R.O. Kids • 5 Site Plan Control Agreements, 2 Development Agreements and
Down Area operated • 3,600 acres of park system - 1,400 maintained at 125 sites & 15 Notification Agreements were finalized
• 3 recycling depots 2,200 unmaintained • 57 Applications for Consent to sever land, and 34 Applications
• 1 Sewage Treatment Plant & 3 sewage pumping stations • 35,000 meals delivered annually through Meals on Wheels for Minor Variances considered by Committee of Adjustment
• 2 Dams, 6 Reservoirs & 7 Booster Pumping Stations • 180,000 annuals planted in City parks each year • 747 Building Permits issued (Construction value $90 million)
• 4 Storm water Pumping Stations • Home of Waverley Park, one of the oldest parks in the • 4,750 Building Inspections performed
• 2 Water Treatment Plants Province • 4,000 Plumbing inspections performed
• 221 corporate buildings and 880 vehicles maintained and • Maintenance of City’s 20,000 Street Tree Inventory • 350 Building Inspection Certificates issued
managed • 1.2 million Visitors to the City, generating $232 million in • 5,205 various Licenses & Permits issued
• 2 Parking Structures, 15 Surface Lots, 300 off-street Parking spending • 1,281 various licenses
Meters, 1525 on & off street Parking Meters maintained • 475,000+ Tourism Web Site hits annually • 1,590 new By-law complaints and 3,814 related inspections
• 117 Bridge/Culvert structures • 182 Lease Agreements administered
• 109 Signalized Intersections • 54 lands transactions (sales/purchase/easements)
• 458.4 km of Sidewalks Police Service • 315+ Adoptions of dogs and cats and 32 animals returned to
• 720 km of Watermains • Over 55,000 calls for service
owners through Animal Services
• 793 km of Storm & Sanitary Sewers • Investigated 10,610 Criminal Code offences
• 2,262 lane km total (Paved & Gravel) roads throughout the • 2006 Crime rate per 100,000 population was 9,136
City • Clearance rate over 45% Our Administrative
• 3,370 Fire Hydrants maintained annually • 9,661 Traffic Offences investigated Service
• 12,972 Streetlights • 7,193 vehicles stopped in R.I.D.E. programs • Corporate A+ Credit Rating
• 21,176 Regulatory, Warning, Street Name & Information signs • 3,000 persons fingerprinted and photographed annually • 37,240+ Water accounts administered annually
throughout the City • 5,000 prisoners transported annually • 40,000 Payments to vendors annually
• 1.4 Terrabytes of data managed annually - equivalent to 3.75 • Police vehicles logged nearly 2 million kilometers • 41,694+ Tax accounts administered annually
million sheets of paper • 229,140+ Payments processed annually
Fire Service
Our Library Service • 8 Fire Stations covering 323.5 sq km &
• 2 larger Resource Libraries & 2 community Fort William First Nations Reserve
Libraries, awarded a 5 year re-Accreditation • 6 & 10 Minute response 90% of the time
in 2006 • 50 interventions undertaken with Juvenile Firesetters
• 344,629 collection items available • 381 Fire Drills completed, with 33,970 participants
• 2,720,320 uses of Your Library in 2006 • 34 Fire Cause and Determination Investigations concluded
• 404 Public Education Sessions with 39,947 Participants
• 2,739 Fire Permits issued
Our Community Services • 2,532 Fire Code Compliance inspections completed
• 1 Marina with 226 Slips • 7,119 Emergency Responses
• 1 Conservatory facility • 4,150 Fire Code Violations noted Find out more and Comment at:
• 2 Older adult centres • 1,266 Smoke Alarms installed in residences
• 1 Volunteer Community Tennis Centre
• 3,687 residences visited during the In-Service Inspection
• 3 Year-round indoor pools Program
• 3 Summer outdoor pools and supervision of Boulevard Lake For more information:
waterfront Email
• 4 special events delivered – Canada Day, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Thunder Bay Transit
Kite Festival & Riverfest • O perates 7 days a week with a fleet Phone (807) 625-3859
• 2 Stadia of 49 accessible low floor buses
• Service 14 interlines routes from 6 am to midnight Mail Karen Lewis
• 2 Cemeteries on 85 acres of property
• 2 Large Regional Parks, 8 District Parks, 1 Wildlife Park, 46 • Frequency of 15 minutes and 30 minutes at peak periods Chief Administrator’s Office
Neighbourhood parks, 52 Parkettes, 2 Campgrounds • Transport 3.2 million passengers per year 2nd Floor, City Hall
• 3 -150 bed Homes for the Aged awarded a 3 Year 500 Donald Street
Accreditation in 2004 Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5V3

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