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A mock conversation [from the jr. high level book Whats Darwin Got to Do With It?

Friendl !onversation Abo"t #vol"tion$%
!reationist % &efore we get started' weve got to clear "( some terms. Words can
be "sed a lot of different was.
#vol"tionist % )hats what we have dictionaries for.
!reationist % )his is a little trickier than that. like' how wo"ld o" define the word
#vol"tionist % ,at"re. -es(onsible. Grown "(. Wh?
!reationist % .o' when o" /as a mat"re' res(onsible grown0"(1 want something
to read' do o" sho( at an ad"lt bookstore?2 I dont think so. We have the same
(roblem here. #vol"tion+ and *creationism+ are both wagon words. *
#vol"tionist % Wagon words?
!reationist % 3eah' o" know' loaded with other st"ff that comes along when o"
("ll the handle [of a wagon$.
#vol"tionist % 4ow do o" mean?
!reationist % Well' take *evol"tion.+ .ome (eo(le talk as tho"gh all it means is
*change over time.+ If that were all it meant' Id b" it.
#vol"tionist % 3o" mean I win alread?
!reationist % 5o' of co"rse not. All Im saing is that nobod in their right mind
6"estions that some animals have changed some thro"gh the co"rse of their
e7istence on earth. What I find' tho"gh' is that when I grab the [wagon$ handle'
all sorts of other things come along with it. )hings like a belief that an "ng"ided'
("r(oseless (rocess can ca"se the acc"m"lation of minor changes and cascade
them into major com(le7 innovations.
#vol"tionist % What abo"t *creationism?+
!reationist % Well' I (refer to be called a design theorist. , major (oint is that
some things in the nat"ral world are so com(le7 that it seems more likel that
the were designed rather than arose b chance. 8nfort"natel' when I ("ll this
handle2 o" find that o"re also st"ck with defending a geologicall o"ng
earth2 and the idea that everthing we see on earth was created in si7 calendar
#vol"tionist % .o o"re saing that the terms are too broad?
!reationist % 3eah. Ive seen (eo(le "se *evol"tion+ to refer to something as
sim(le as minor changes in bird beaks. Ive also seen (eo(le "se the term to
mean the s(onatanio"s a((earance of life2 its "ng"ided creation of major
innovations /like the birds themselves12 and its ("r(oseless (rogression into
incredible com(le7it /like the h"man brain1.
#vol"tionist % And Ive seen (eo(le "se the term *creationism+ for everthing from
a strict literal reading of Genesis2 all the wa to the idea that God started the
ball rolling and then let nat"re take its co"rse. 3eah' I g"ess o"re right 9 the
terms are too broad.
!reationist % ,a I s"ggest that we "se these terms so that we dont end "(
("lling more than we want?
)his )erm2
will mean this.
!reation or !reation0science
)he belief that the earth is no more than :;';;;; ears old' and that all biological
life forms were created in si7 calendar das and have remained relativel stable
thro"gho"t their e7istence.
Intelligent Design or Design )heor
)he belief that the earth and biological life owe their e7istence to a ("r(osef"l'
intelligent creation.
)he belief that "ndirected mechanistic (rocesses /(rimaril random m"tation and
nat"ral selection1 can acco"nt for all the diverse and com(le7 living organisms
that e7ist. Insists that there is no long range (lan or ("r(ose in the histor of life
/i.e.' that changes ha((en witho"t intent1.
-efers to minor variations that occ"r in (o("lations over time. #7am(les incl"de
variation in moth (o("lation and finch beaks' and the emergence of different
breeds of dogs.
-efers to the emergence of major innovations or the "ng"ided develo(ment of
new str"ct"res /like wings1' new organs /like l"ngs1' and bod (lans /like the
origin of insects and birds1. Incl"des changes above the s(ecies level' es(eciall
new (hla or classes. [s(ecies and classes are a hot 9 debatable 9 to(ic.$
!ommon Descent
)he theor that all c"rrentl living organisms are descended from a common [or a
few common$ ancestor[s$.