Declaration of every Sunday as a “No busina day” pushed

A lawmaker is seeking to declare every Sunday as “No Busina Day” to reduce noise pollution in
the country.
Rep. Lucy T. ome! "#
District$ Leyte% said &ouse 'ill #(#) also seeks to give respect to the
religious activities *eing undertaken during Sundays.
“The choice o+ Sunday as the horn tooting,+ree day is perhaps auspicious considering solemn
religious activities are cele*rated during this day$” ome! said.
ome! said the proposed measure hopes to *e patterned with “car,less days” in certain countries
and the num*er coding scheme in the -hilippines$ all o+ which are e.ercises o+ the police power o+ the
State to promote the general wel+are.
“/+ we look at it$ the institution o+ car,less days is an even more radical approach towards smoke
and noise pollution. /+ the latter practice is constitutionally de+ensi*le$ we could$ in the same *reath$
a++irm that a one,day *an against the tooting o+ horns would easily stand the test o+ constitutional
scrutiny$” ome! said.
ome! said it is a +act that many 0ilipinos lack simple road courtesy$ tooting the horns o+ their
vehicles at the slightest sources o+ irritation$ real or imagined.
“Some o+ them do not reali!e that their noisy impatience would not improve tra++ic congestion a
whit. 1orse$ drivers o+ pu*lic utility vehicles actually impede the smooth +low o+ tra++ic *y stopping at
certain road points longer than allowed *y the rules and honking their horns continuously in order to
attract passengers$” ome! stressed.
According to the lawmaker$ it is not +ar,+etched to say that the almost pathological *lowing o+
horns on the part o+ some drivers is a precursor to murderous or homicidal road rage. These practices
contri*ute to the over,all noise pollution in the country.
“The sensitivity o+ the human eardrums to noise is true not only in school and hospital !ones *ut
elsewhere as well. The state must take earnest steps to reduce the incidence o+ dea+ness among our people
which is *rought a*out in part *y persistent e.posure to inordinate levels o+ high deci*els o+ noise$”
ome! said.
2nder the measure$ it is prohi*ited +or drivers o+ all pu*lic and private vehicles throughout the
country the tooting o+ horns o+ their vehicles every Sunday e.cept +or am*ulances and other vehicles
carrying persons re3uiring immediate medical attention$ +ire trucks$ police patrol cars$ military vehicles
and in emergency situations.
A +ine o+ -(44.44 will *e imposed on violator per o++ense$ which shall *e paid at the nearest
*ranch o+ the Local Transportation 5++ice "LT5%.
As de+ined under the *ill$ horn tooting re+ers to the unnecessary *lowing o+ horns or the act o+
*lowing the horn continuously$ or when there is more than a single or a short sound o+ the horn. "64% lvc
NR # 3504
JUNE 21, 2014

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