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Time Capsule

The morning of May 3, 2075 started
out like any other. Rebecca
Childress sat at the dining table
coloring while her mom watched
the morning news. It was these
moments, Rebecca recounted many
years later, that she loved the
most. This day, however, would
stick out in her mind as well as the
mind of every human on the planet.

Excerpt from Rebecca Childress diary:
Mommy made omelettes [sic] again today. I was coloring when I saw Daddy on
the holo. I screamed for Mom. Danny started screaming and running around the
table. Ugh, so annoying. There he was, standing next to the President! They
were talking about space and stuff, which was cool, but he looked so important
standing there. We hadnt seen him for so long. He had a beard now. Mommy
doesnt like it but I think it looks funny.
Whenever Daddy was about to leave, I asked him why he had to work all the
time and he always told me the same thing:
He was trying to give me the stars.
Dr. Scott Childress and his team had completed the first self-sustaining quantum
drive engine, capable of achieving 1/100th the speed of light. For the first time,
humanity could explore the solar system with unprecedented speed.


When Do We Go Too Far?
Unless youve been hiding under a rock the past week, youve no doubt heard of
RSIs latest achievement. So let me recap for the rock-dwellers, they claim to
have designed a machine that can process the atmosphere of a planet to
convert it to a sustained oxygen environment, making it habitable for humans.
In short, theyre talking about terraforming. Yeah, thats right, the stuff of
science fiction. I know everyones excited about the opportunities this presents
but no one seems to be taking a breath and thinking what this really means.
So once again, its up to me to be the voice of reason in this techno hysteria.
Thats right, dear readers, Im going to ask the question that no one is asking.
You ready?
If we can terraform a planet, why should we?
Ill give you a second. Think about that. Ill say it again, just because we can do
something, do we have to? I know the pundits over at SSNtv like to poke fun at
me, make me out to be a technophobe but Ill tell you this, I didnt have a
problem with the cloning initiatives. I didnt even have a problem with gene-
coding to minimize inherited disorders and diseases. Those things were
achievements to help make lives better. What is this for? What is it in aid of? At
what point are we going too far? Seriously, were talking about restructuring the
very air of a planet. The planets were talking about were formed like that for a
reason. Who are we to assume that the universe wants us to mold planets to
benefit us? We arent Gods and playing around with the fundamental fabric of a
planet is arrogant and dangerous.
I know this is probably going to fall on deaf ears. The world is too high, basking in
our own magnificence, but I promise you: Nothing good will come of this.

After years of simulations and tests, the governments of the world pool their
knowledge and resources to attempt the first planetary conversion.
The test subject: Mars.
Teams of surveyors were dispatched to the planet surface to generate
topographical maps, to decide Atmo-Processor placement, and test surface
samples for possible contaminants to the new oxygen environment.
It was our first top-to-bottom exploration of our nearest planet and the
Governments of the World werent going to leave anything to chance

2125: A DARK DAY
Today is a dark day. In the pursuit of human advancement, the history books
tend to favor the brave men and women who succeed. The Wright Brothers, the
John Glenns, the Edwin Pierces distinguished themselves because they were the
ones that did it, that made it through. But around the monolith of every
achievement are the bodies of those that tried and failed. Today is a dark day
and today were going to celebrate the brave men and women who laid down
their lives in the tragedy that struck Mars at 04:38 EST this morning.
While the public waits for an official statement regarding what happened, our
sources have indicated that a chemical miscalculation in the planetary
atmospheric processors made the new atmosphere unstable. [The atmosphere]
didnt stick, said a government official who asked not to be named. The planet
was in the final stages of terraforming. An oxygen-sustaining environment had
been in place for the past two weeks. The scientific community on the planet
were still vetting the system but were two days away from officially declaring the
planet secure.
This confidence in the atmosphere meant that none of the crew were wearing
the appropriate breathing apparatus. While technically a violation of operating
protocol, we are told that there was no indication for the ground crew to assume
that the atmosphere was anything but stable. Whatever was ultimately
responsible happened so fast that no one was able to sound an alarm or seal the
ventilations of the various installations around the planet.
The tragedy will no doubt rekindle the long-standing arguments about the merits
of terraforming. In the Presidents blog-statement this morning, she addressed
the possibility of an International committee to investigate how to move forward
from this. While I understand that the notion of terraforming stirs emotions
both for and against, the four thousand eight hundred and seventy-six souls died
working to push humanity forward, we need to make sure that whatever
decision we come to, we move forward honoring the sacrifice made by the
heroes of Mars.

While the creation of the RSI Quantum Drive engine has made our solar system
more accessible, it was still the province of governments, the growing Corps
fleets, and the super-wealthy.
That was about to change


After almost forty years of trial and tragedy, mars is officially classified as an
oxygen-sustaining environment. A memorial to those who passed in the great
mars tragedy of 25 is unveiled after the official declaration with senator stephen
nguyen as the keynote speaker.

This is a transcript of his speech:


When RSI announced the next generation of fusion engine, new and exciting
prospects for space travel opened up, but not everyone was so enthused:
Bailey couldnt believe it. Twenty minutes
into Physics class and his Sheet was now
getting a new download. Some new
Engine Tech or something that came out
today. Hed caught a glimpse of it on the
way out the door this morning but these
crappy public school Sheets were just
getting the TextbookUpdate pings now.
Mr. Caro already said that we were gonna be quizzed on it and its updating
now?! Theres no way. Just no way. This is so stupid. How the hell am I
supposed to learn this now?
Screw it. Ill bomb it. Screw this class. Screw Citizenship. Screw this whole
system. I dont need it
Mr. Caro said the quiz would start in ten minutes. Bailey sunk into his seat and
started studying.

The Artemis was the manifestation of a dream. When the announcement came
that a vessel was being constructed for a push to the nearest potentially
habitable planet, the public flipped. Alien worlds and first contact was no longer
the province of sci-fi, it was becoming a tantalizing reality.
The ship would be fitted with stasis couches (known as boots), terraforming
equipment and supplies, and an AI Core at the helm. Maximum capacity: Five
A call went out for volunteers.
No one downplayed the risks, of which there were many. On a slow-burn with
the latest engines, the Artemis would take over two hundred years to reach its
destination. A lot can happen in that time. Regardless, there were over a million
volunteers. Committees filtered the list down, trying to balance the best
combination of skills, trades, and disciplines.
The following are excerpts from Chariot to the Stars, the official companion piece
to the launch, based on the compiled flight logs, personal journals, and witness
accounts of the Artemis and its launch.
TIME STAMP: Launch = -0d14h38m13s
On the eve of the Artemis launch, Captain Lisa Danvers was checking circuit
boards underneath the Comm station on the bridge for the third time.
Arthur Kenlo, Engineering, sat on the arm of the Captains chair. Hed given up
trying to figure out what she was looking for.
Lisa always had an issue with big ships. Sure, shed flown transports before but
this was different. There were a thousand things that could go wrong which
could, in turn, affect a million functions. It was maddening and she probably
screwed herself by even starting down this path.
Are you sure I cant assist you, Captain? A disembodied voice said, murmuring
from dozens of hidden speakers throughout the bridge. It was the AI, helpful as
No, Im okay. She said, Kenlo mouthed along the words of what was clearly a
familiar exchange. Lisa couldnt see anything wrong, out of place, or suspect in
the myriad of circuit boards. She hated pre-flight anxiety. No matter what she
did, it always hit her bad. So she made an executive decision, she cut herself off
and replaced the panel. Kenlo perked up.
You good?
Yeah, I think so. Hey Janus?
Yes Captain? The disembodied voice replied.
Generate another set of contingency actions for the Stasis Boots.
Do you have any specific parameters?
No, use your imagination.
That is a concept of which I only have a external understanding.
Outside the box. Something that we havent thought of.
I will try, Captain.
That night, Janus, the AI Core, tried to imagine.
TIME STAMP: Launch = -0d0h4m21s
The next morning, the world waited. The volunteer population was waiting on
an Orbital Platform. The engineers felt it would be easier that way, save
themselves the trouble of having to build launch seating for five thousand if they
didnt have to. So they had been ferried up there in groups over the past few
Today was the launch of the Artemis itself. Danvers and her core crew would
take her up then dock with the Platform to pick up the Civilians and any last
minute supplies. NewsOrgs from around the world were gathered, ready to
capture the moment in every conceivable format and put it on anything with a
Lisa was already strapped in, the nerves and jitters of the past few days melting
away with each passing moment. She stared at the main projection screen,
displaying the front view of the ship. Right now, it was just a sealed launch tube.
She thought about what lay beyond it, the sky. The sky that she loved. It was
waiting for her to come back.
Danvers glided through her pre-flight checks. She was thorough and professional
but couldnt get through them fast enough. Crew departments checked in, it was
green across the board. A final check in with Flight Control. They were set.
It was time.
Klaxons outside the ship began beeping. The massive metal gates of the flight
tube unlocked with heavy thuds.
Captain Danvers, shall I assume launch control? Janus said.
No, I got it.
Are you sure, Captain?
Im sure.
The gates started to move.
But Captain, I have a .002 error quotient to-
Just show me that sky. Ill get us there.
TIME STAMP: Launch = +9d5h12m57s
Janus assumed control and circle for a week once the crew and civilians had
entered stasis to check for any errors or anomalies. Effectively a dry run of how
the ship would run once it started its Push. If there were any problems, Flight
Control could abort and even remotely pilot the Artemis back if need be.
Flight Control finished a final assessment of the checks. Everything looked good.
Justin Cobb, the Mission Director, looked over the bays of technicians, scientists,
and analysts.
Everyone good.
Everyone nodded.
This is our last chance. If anybodys got the slightest hesitation or concern, I
dont care how itll sound or how the people upstairs will flip, you better voice
Silent. Cobb gave it a few moments then nodded to establish contact with the
Good afternoon.
How are you Janus?
I have been running simulations. Contingency scenarios. Examples include;
random Power fluctuation, impact with foreign body, contact with new
uncategorized gas or element, contact with hostile organism, etc.
Any conclusions?
I think well be satisfactory.
Cobb glanced at the nearest Tech, slightly confused by the AIs language. You
I imagine we will be fine, Mr. Cobb.
Twenty-two minutes later, the Artemis blasted its thrusters, starting a full-burn
for a scheduled seventy minutes. It passed the edge of our solar system, into
that great sea of space beyond, into that silent black that surrounds us.
And so we wait, dreaming of the things that they will find, hoping that one day
we will hear back from the brave men and women who boarded the Artemis,
that chariot to the stars, and struck out as the first Ambassadors of this United

Space was becoming a busy place. Ships of all kinds, federal, commercial, and
private, were exploring the edges of our solar system.
In August of 2262, the Goodman, a Type-IV cargo vessel (crew of eight), was
making a routine supply run to an Orbital Platform by Neptune. Approximately
three hours from its final destination, a piece of debris knocked out the
starboard engine array, sending the ship wildly off-course.
The Goodman drifted for several hours before managing to repair the ship to a
crawl. What happened next has been investigated and examined by the greatest
minds on the planet. The following is the last transmission of the Goodman,
speaking with an operator at the nearest CommStation.

Investigations of their last known position yielded no wreckage, nothing. The
Goodman simply vanished.
Over the next few months, two more ships disappeared in the same area in
similar manners. More inquiries were launched but they couldnt determine
what happened.
Ultimately, the area was declared a no-fly zone.

Check \Audio\Time_capsule2262.ogg that comes with this document

By. Kevin Lazarus
When Global/Nexus announced last year that it was embarking on yet another
biopic of famed astro-pioneer Nick Croshaw, it seemed preposterous. Everybody
and their mother knows his story; from his relentless study of the space anomaly
that seemed to swallow ships whole to finally becoming the first man to discover
and successfully navigate through a jump-point. Weve all been here before.
Seen it done on Vid, in song, Im sure someones painted it, but heres the thing
this ones really good.
Starting with a script from newcomer Thomas Goss, Prods were able to attract A-
list talent like Michael Forbe (Croshaw) and Lima Hannigan (Baxter) and director
Ariel Kalil (Requiems Run). Text and Vis has a vrit feel that doesnt patronize.
It adds a vitality and urgency to what had always been the stumbling block for
earlier attempts at the same story; the early days. This period of Croshaws life
was effectively trial and error, attempting to understand what caused and how to
consistently trigger the anomaly to open is pretty dry stuff, essentially boiling
down to arguments about astrophysics and folds in time/space. Somehow the
Makers tone it down just enough to make it accessible and get you emotionally
involved but without losing the intellectually challenging elements of the
Once the film moves into Croshaws attempt to cross the Fold for the first time, it
shifts into a more conventional adventure story but since it had done such a
wonderful job setting up everything thats at stake, youre ready for something a
little more fast-paced, which brings us to probably the stand-out set-piece in the
entire Vid. Everyone knows the dangers of jump-point navigation, its like
piloting through an asteroid field with afterburners on. Thats what were told.
Now we can experience what it must feel like; the blinding speeds, the abject
terror, but also that rush, that insane high of skating to the edge and coming out
the other side. It makes it all the more insane and incredible that this actually
The Vis once Croshaw comes out the other side of the jump-point are impeccably
done, regressing what we all know as the Croshaw System into what it probably
looked like when he saw it for the first time with all the wonder that Im sure he
Tech achievements are top-notch across the board. William Kurtzs score is both
sweeping and intimate.
Vid will appeal to multi-demo crowd though young children probably wont like
the science-speak. Available for Dish and Wave set this week, standard ul/dl
costs apply.

2438: HELLO

By. Shelley Field
We always wondered. Since striking out into the universe, we felt awfully alone.
Through discoveries of jump-points, alien systems, it felt awfully lonely in the
Black. Now everything changes. Because now we know.
At approximately 3:13 SET, Vernon Tar, a thirty-six year old Explorer, was
scanning for undiscovered jump-points in the Davien System. Drifting through
the Black with only the hum of his deep-range scanners to keep him company,
Tar suddenly got a hit.
When youre in the quiet for that long, any kind of ping scares the hell out of
you for a second, Tar relayed via DataCom, so I checked my display and, well, it
wasnt a jump-point.
It was a ship. Initially thinking it was simply another Explorer or a lost vessel, Tar
barely acknowledged it.
I almost didnt want to look at it. I was sure it was some other Jumper out here,
looking for the same thing as me. Only when the ship drew closer, did he realize
what he was looking at; the first member of an alien race. After I got over my
shock, I knew it was a delicate situation. We just stared at each other for a
Tar contacted UNE SOC and relayed his coordinates. A delegation party was
quickly assembled and rushed out to the scene. Military forces were on hand in
case they turned out to be hostile. The meeting lasted about forty minutes. UNE
forces were left to wait for a response from the Alien Race.
Scientists are currently scrambling to devise programs to facilitate translation
and communication but after millennia of civilization, we can all say that we
handled First Contact with the grace and dignity of a truly advanced race. From
here, now we know for sure that theres another race out there, another
civilization to share and grow with.
Incident Report
Submitted to H-Soc Central
Author: Gen Neal Socolovich
Authorized Users Only

Re: Alien Contact

At approximately 3:00 this afternoon, first contact was established with an alien
civilization in the Davien system. Here is an outline of what happened:
Vernon Tar was searching the system for jump-points when his systems picked
up a Contact. Assuming it was just another explorer, he opened fire before
realizing that it was, in fact, an alien vessel. He got scared and called it in. We
isolated the Comm to keep a lid on the situation and rushed to the scene as quick
as we could and immediately enacted standard containment protocol and media-
As best as we could tell, the alien [hereafter JERRY] seemed shaken up and
annoyed at being fired upon by Tar. We didnt want to press the issue so we
tried to calm Jerry down using pantomime techniques. Immediately notified the
TECH-Div to start working on some kind of translation device. Jerry let them
record some of his language. We also ran cursory scans of his ships. Nothing
overt as did not want to arouse suspicion but Data is attached.
Weve released some info to the press and used one of our personnel to pose as
Tar for the interview to make sure he towed the line. We dont think Tar will be
a problem. We bluntly explained to him that if he keeps quiet, he gets to be the
hero who made first contact rather than the idiot who nearly sparked the first
interstellar war. Tar understood.
In the meantime, we deployed Scan-Arrays to Davien to keep an eye out but will
anticipate more contact in the coming days or weeks. Im sure theyre probably
just as curious as us.
They were curious. Two weeks later, an alien delegation appeared in the Davien
System and established contact with Socolovich. Over the next few months, the
two races worked to break through the communication barrier. When we could
finally interact, we learned that they were the Banu. A collective race of planet-
states who had also just started to explore the universe.

In October of 2438, Socolovich and the other delegates signed the first
interstellar Peace and Trade accord with the Banu.

Earth is overcrowded.

Through expansion and terraforming, there are vast amounts of territory for
humanity to move to but there is still an apprehension among the public. It
wasnt until RSIs The Air You Breathe campaign that people began to trickle
out into the universe, eager to start over on a new world.

Message Exchange between:
Mark Carl [Willet & Ngo Advertising]
Francois Kelsen [RSI, Corp]
Re: Ad Campaign
MC: Hey Francois, legal has cleared the contract and the design team has signed
the NDAs so it looks like were in business.
FK: Outstanding. When can we start brainstorming?
MC: Were at your disposal now. What sort of campaign were you thinking?
FK: Well, I dont know. You tell me.
MC: Off the top of my head, I think we play up the feeling of opportunity. Earth
will always be Earth but weve kinda blasted the resources here.
FK: Indeed.
MC: You go to a new planet. The air will be cleaner. I dont know. Im just
spitballing here.
FK: Of course, I think theres something there. Everythings new. I mean when
was the last time you sat in a field?
MC: A real one?
FK: See what I mean?
MC: So its the chance. The chance of rebirth. Of starting over. Its about
possibilities. The excitement of not knowing what to expect.
FK: But I dont want it to sound like its savage. There is civilization and
MC: Right. But theres space. Room.
FK: Right. I want people to understand that they can have a new life. Thats
what the universe is offering us. A chance to start again. We want to give them
the opportunity to realize that chance.


By 2516, the UNE had expanded into twelve systems. While jump-points and
data relays allowed for quicker travel, to the systems on the edge, Earth was
starting to feel quite far away.

Wei-Yin Song, one of the lead surveyors for the UNEs Eastern Expansion
Program, came across a discovery in a new system and drafted a message with
an interesting idea.

CC: General Kelso Trask
Senator Patricia Oat

Ladies and Gentlemen:
As you know, my current assignment is to seek out and classify new systems for
prospective terraforming and exploration. The latest system (342A) that my
team and I have discovered is located in what can only be described as a
confluence, a nexus. We have already discovered four jump-points in addition to
the one we entered through with the possibility of a fifth on the horizon.
I am attaching a current map of the system in question with the zones still left for
scanning as well as the already discovered jump-points. One of the planets
(342A.03M) is a super-earth. Scans and scouting missions confirmed the
presence of a naturally oxygen-based atmosphere, indigenous vegetation, vast
oceans, and temperate climates. Deep in the southern region, a scout team
discovered remnants of a rock formation, indicating that they were arranged that
way but we have not discovered any indication of intelligent life.
In short, I would like to suggest that 342A.03M be established as a forward
operating base for terraforming and expansion into the adjoining systems. The
team has named the planet Terra to honor its similarities to Earth.
All of our current data and findings are included in this Comm-packet, I invite you
to see for yourself.
Wei-Yin Song
Chief Surveyor/Engineer
UNE EEP Project
The UNE Congress approved the plan to centralize Eastern system operations out
of Terra. Over the years, cities grew and a new culture was born.

SSN/CAtv Auto-transcript for S&P
Archive and NFCC Submission:
ANNOUNCER: Welcome back to
the hottest Current Affairs show on
the Spectrum. With our panel, Kyle
Black, political analyst, Sheldi Chen,
bestseller author and speaker, and
Ben Feller, futurist. Its time for
another SHOWDOWN!
KYLE: So were back talking about this new bombshell from the UNE, they are
going to restructure to what is it now? UPE?
BEN: United Planets of Earth.
SHELDI: What a ridiculous name.
BEN: Come on. It makes perfect sense. We have a couple dozen planets that
are approaching Earth-size populations with more on the horizon. These people
need to be represented. And seriously, United Nations of Earth is a little
KYLE: From what we can tell, and they released a fifteen hundred-page dossier
outlining the changes so were still sifting through the details, but it looks like the
set-up is pretty much the same.
BEN: It is. The Congress will now be made up of delegates representing planets
rather than the Old outmoded Nations. Its a better system.
KYLE: What do you think about these new figureheads; a High Secretary who
manages infrastructure, a High General for military, and a High Advocate for Law.
BEN: When a government has to manage the sheer number of constituents that-
SHELDI: Sounds like a great set-up for fascism.
BEN: Are you serious?
SHELDI: Anytime you focus the power from the many into the hands of a few,
someones going to learn how to abuse it. And also, how the hell did Robert
Thorn make High Advocate? The man is an idiot and should be thrown out of
office by a mob not promoted. Hes not even a Citizen.
KYLE: Oh stop, its been proven time and time again that he-
SHELDI: I DONT BUY IT. His file could be doctored. Do you have any idea how
KYLE: Look if its that easy to break into FedDataBanks then everybodys
Citizenship standing is suspect. How can I really know that youre a Citizen?
SHELDI: Hey, I served my time in the AF and did twice the necessary community
service to earn my Citizenship. Look it up, you <<INFRACTION>>.
BEN: Right, your parents didnt contribute at all
SHELDI: Shut your <<INFRACTION>> mouth.
ANNOUNCER: Stick around for more SHOWDOWN! After these local

It was like the Gold Rush, planetary prospectors were desperate to stake their
claim on unformed worlds. Most followed the Federal protocols, others dont.
Gaia Planet Services attempted to terraform a planet without authorization.
Turns out the planet wasnt uninhabited. A new race, later discovered to be the
XiAn Empire, showed up while the terraformers were building the equipment.
Needless to say, they were a little perturbed. The XiAn captured the entire crew
and kept them under guard. They released one, the foreman Charles Baxter, as a
gesture of good faith.
Back on Earth, High-Secretary Cho, High-General Volder, and High-Advocate
Machado along with a select sub-committee of Senators gathered to get a clear
assessment of what happened from Baxter and what to do about the XiAn.
HIGH-SECRETARY CHO: If everyones set, Mr. Baxter, please begin. Tell us about
the events of that day.
BAXTER: Ive been advised by the Companys attorney-
HIGH-ADVOCATE MACHADO: Mr. Baxter, this is not a criminal hearing. We are
simply trying to get a clear picture of what happened. There are still two
hundred seventy-five of your colleagues held by an alien civilization. Any help
you provide us today will be taken into account when this crisis is resolved.
[Baxter confers with Attorney]
BAXTER: We were surveying, looking for plant-points to set up the equipment.
There were three transports scheduled to land so we were expecting to hear
ships. I was up on a ridge when the first one came into view. I knew immediately
it wasnt ours. Human, I mean. It didnt look like any Banu ship Id ever seen, but
you know how they are
HIGH-SECRETARY CHO: Please stay on topic.
BAXTER: Well, next thing we knew, they were all over us. Ships coming from all
sorts of directions.
HIGH-GENERAL VOLDER: Didnt you run scans before landing?
BAXTER: Not really. I mean, I dont think so.
HIGH-GENERAL VOLDER: Dont you think it would be wise before attempting to
terraform a planet?
BAXTER: You dont know what its like out there. You wait around too long,
some other Corp will swoop in and process that rock faster than you can blink.
HIGH-GENERAL VOLDER: While we appreciate your sociological insight, Mr.
Baxter, we need facts, not hyperbole if were going to free the hostages.
HIGH-SECRETARY CHO: General, we have not concluded that a military action is
HIGH-GENERAL VOLDER: I understand but we need to have a plan on the table to
enact should the diplomatic solutions go sour.
HIGH-SECRETARY CHO: Agreed. Please continue, Mr. Baxter.

UPE Military forces maintained a perimeter at the jump-point entrance. It took
fifteen days to work out a communication system to speak with the XiAn. That
started a tense negotiation period. The XiAn were meticulous with their

By the time the hostages were released, over fifty-seven days had passed.
Though the UPE had managed to avoid war, relations with the XiAn were tense.
As the UPE maintained a chilly tension with
the XiAn near Terra in the East, we were
still unchallenged in the systems to the
West of Earth. That was about to change.

The Tevarin were about a hundred years
behind humans technologically. They were
just starting to journey out from their
homeworld of Kaleeth. The Tevarin
adhered to a rigid warrior ethos, honoring
duty and fealty as virtues. They were not a
bloodthirsty species, they simply honored
the art of combat.

UPE System Designation: Elysium
Date of Discovery: November 15, 2541
Jump-Point NavDirections U/L: Kellar Lench [Pilot/n.C.]
System Assessment: On Elysium IV there is an indigenous species calling
themselves the Tevarin. Though sentient and intelligent, they have not evolved
to our level technologically. Recommend that we establish contact and bring
them into the UPE. It is a wonderful opportunity to elevate the species into the
modern era.
The UPE reached out to the Tevarin. They werent interested in establishing
diplomatic relations or even our technology. They were interested in our
systems. So the first interspecies war began as most wars begin, over territory.

As the Tevarin War began to swell, the military feared that the conflict in the
West might embolden a XiAn attack in the East and instituted a Draft.
Fortunately, a young and ambitious officer, Ivar Messer, captured public
attention when he distinguished himself in the Battle of Idris IV. The UPE quickly
realized this and turned Messer into the face of the Tevarin War.

Alyssa Jamali was running late. She had fallen asleep last night while working on
her Chem homework, now she had to dictate her Poly-Sci assignment on her way
to class. High-General Messer had spoken at a memorial for the victims of the
bombing attack on Cestulus and Mr. Kent wanted a one-page summary of the
Dictation Start:
Alyssa Jamali
Assignment: Messer Speech
The systems are falling apart. Since the War ended, we are under attack from a
new kind of threat, one that is not fought on battlefields or between carriers.
This war is being fought in secret, with threats and sabotage.
That was the message eight months ago. Six terrorists attacks over the previous
year had shaken everybody from the notion that the Tevarin defeat was going to
lead to peace. People wanted answers but more importantly they wanted to feel
like the Tribunal was getting control. They got neither.
The Advocacy never caught the perpetrators. They only knew that the bombs
had been made in part from XiAn technology. Meanwhile, the Tribunal debated
a course of action to the point of inaction.
So the systems were falling apart. The Tribunal had failed. Humanity needed a
leader. The solution? Elect a new position, Prime Citizen, to be a single voice, the
deciding vote in an overwrought government.
Citizens from all of the systems began to run for this new office. Every week it
seemed a new candidate would appear making the same promises. This went on
for months. As the election drew near, High-General Messer put his name
forward as a candidate. He spoke last night at a commemoration ceremony for
the victims of the fourth Terrorist attack.
People. Citizens. I come to you today as a believer. I believe that we have a
want us to fall back from the stars. The vicious attacks on our systems are just
lightly. We have to protect ourselves. Protect our families. Protect our future.
I dont want another war. Too many sons and daughters, husbands and wives,
Ihavealwaysbeenasoldierofhumanity. Givemethischance tokeepyousafe,
tokeepthethreatsandviolenceofspeciesnotascivilizedasusfar away,sowe
The crowd loved it. Listening tothe speech now, High-General Messer speaks
with a conviction that makes him easy to believe.
In short, I think hes right. There is an inherent problem with three equal
divisions of power. While it is preferable to have that discourse in times of peace,
we are living in a dangerous time. Decisions sometimes must be made quickly
and effectively. I know this sounds like the first step towards absolutism but the
system is still in place. The method that they are suggesting still maintains the
High-Secretary, General, and Advocate, and even the Senate but they all advise
the Prime Citizen, who then makes the ultimate decision.
Like High-General Messer said after introducing the Prime Citizen Motion, every
ship needs a captain.

Bentley National Gallery
Self-Tour Painting Info
Piece: Tears of Fire
Artist: Aaron Fring
Created: 2610
Before you stands as one of the most
enduring images from the Second
Tevarin War (2603-2610). This piece
was inducted into the archive at the
UPE Historical Vault for Antiquity in
The artist, Aaron Fring, was born on
Ferron in 2578 to Max and Mary
Fring, a teacher and pilot respectively. As a child, he suffered from a bout of
Kilos Malady and was bed-ridden for over a year. During that time, he passed his
time sketching. As a young man, Fring enlisted in the Expeditionary Force as a
Field Medic. He travelled to many systems before finally deciding to settle down
on Elysium IV.
Operating a small med-station during the day, Fring took up painting again at
night. He could often be found wandering the landscape for hours at a time,
painting all that he saw. While he showed promise as a landscape artist, he never
made much of an impression on the art community. Though he wished for more,
Fring was content with his practice and his hobby.
In 2603, a new Tevarin Warlord, CorathThal, emerged from the corners of
cosmos with a rebuilt Tevarin battle-fleet and launched his first attack against the
UPE systems. The Tevarin sole mission was to reclaim Elysium IV, their former
homeworld. The settlements on Elysium IV rushed to take up arms in defense of
their homes. Fring attempted to re-join but the same Malady that afflicted him
as a child resurfaced, preventing him from doing his duty.
On August 2, 2610 SET, CorathThal suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands
of Squadron 42 at the infamous Battle of Centauri. With his fleet rapidly falling to
either destruction or surrender, CorathThal mustered his remaining loyal pilots
to make a desperate charge for Elysium IV. Though they suffered an additional
70% casualty, his fleet finally reached the atmosphere of their old homeworld.
CorathThal and his pilots lowered their thermal shields and dove for the planet.
Aaron Fring had been walking that evening. His sickness had subsided a bit. He
felt he had to get out and clear his head. He wandered the landscape as he had
done many times before. On the crest of a hill, he saw something spectacular:
The Tevarin fleet burning up in the atmosphere as they hurtled toward the
From Art Today (2613):
As with most art, I wasnt trying to depict the moment exactly as it was. Thats
what Id always done in the past but this was something so much more than the
visual. There was so much complexity caught up in that action, from the Tevarin,
for what it meant for us as a species, and what it meant to me. I just wanted to
try and capture the feeling of that fraction of time. So beautiful and so sad.
-Aaron Fring

Terra Gazette 3.12.38 Edition
Terra Governor Drafts Bill For Terran Sovereignty
By. Viola Filler
A political rally for the re-election of New Benzi mayor, Nadir Padwani, the Terran
Governor unveiled a stunning new proposition. Dusk was just beginning to settle
and the fundraiser was making some serious progress when Assan Kieren
stepped up to the podium. Little did everyone know, he was about to drop a
At approximately 5:15 local time, Assan Kieren unveiled plans to issue a
referendum to the people of Terra and the neighboring systems to seek
separation from the Imperator and the UEE.
The Imperator lives in an era where alien civilizations are something to be
feared. Those of us who live here, where the Banu and XiAn are neighbors,
where we see them every day, we know that they are not the enemy. They are
people, like us, their culture may be different, their motivations may be different,
but they are just trying to live, live in safety. The Imperator is happy to keep
them at a distance through the sights of weapons, but I dont believe we can
continue on this path. As Carson once said, If you live anticipating a war, sooner
or later, you shall have one. In short, I believe that Earth is increasingly
disconnected from the realities of today that it is causing political and social
instability in all systems. This is not a call to arms or invitation for conflict. All Im
asking is to open a dialogue.
Needless to say, not many people were talking about the mayors re-election
after that

United/Tribune NewsOrg -5.4.38 Edition

Terras Seditious Bill Fails
By. Raymond Castor
The motion for Separation drafted by the infamous Terran governor Assan Kieren
failed to pass the public referendum today. As expected, the loyal Citizens of
Terra and its neighboring systems realized that Kierens plan for sovereignty was
an ill-conceived, unrealistic idea that would lead to an unstable future for them
and their children and they made their voices heard. Going in droves to the
voting stations and saying, No. We dont agree. We dont think that the UEE is
failing us.
One can only hope that Kieren gets the message.

Terra Gazette 9.24.38 Edition

Governor Plagued by Scandal
By. Viola Filler
No matter where Assan Kieren seems to turn, he is met by another accusation.
Since proposing his motion for sovereignty six months ago, the Governor has
battled accusations ranging from infidelity to drug addiction to corruption. The
Governor released a statement earlier today to all the NewsOrgs.
These allegations are baseless in the extreme and are simply trying to distract
from the real issue. The Imperator and his minions have mangled the processes
of government by ignoring the clear will of the people to emancipate themselves
from a corrupt and vile government.
Kieren explained that hes obtained evidence of voter tampering and outright
fraud by employees on UEE payroll. This evidence has been entered into the
court system and will be part of his ongoing federal case against Imperator
Messer VIII.

Terra Gazette 11.4.38 Edition

XiAn/Human Terrorist Network Unveiled
By. Raymond Castor
The enemy is among us! Early this morning, Advocacy Agents announced the
resolution of a massive inter-agency undercover operation into the shadowy
world of traitors and saboteurs. Dozens of arrests have been made with more
on the horizon. Unnamed sources from within the government claim that the
XiAn-funded terrorists had infiltrated various positions in government and Corp
structures. While we are awaiting an official statement, we have confirmed
through multiple sources that the former Governor of Terra, Assan Kieren, might
be implicated.
The same governor, if you remember, who disappeared after the good Citizens
ran him out of office after his desperate and paranoid attempts to bring disorder
and anarchy to the systems.

In the West, in the Orion System, communications with a small settlement on the
third world are lost. Its weeks before anything thinks to check in with them.
When they do, they find the township in ashes. The Advocacy immediately
dispatches an agent to investigate.

Location: Dell Township/Water Purification Settlement/Armitage Planet/Orion
SAIC: Rhedon Lamr
Initial visual from the sky indicate repeated strafing runs of airborne weaponry
on multiple, presumably small craft. No obvious use of large-bore weapons or
bombs. Large scorchmarks on eastern and southwestern outskirts of town
indicate that this is where the attackers landed. Samples of scorched earth sent
to labs for analysis. Angles of strafes are consistent with theory that the attacks
came from multiple directions. Comm tower was damaged but did not look
specifically targeted. Odd. If it were raiders, wouldnt their first target be the
On the ground, sweeps turned up strange shell casings for hard-ammo scattered
throughout the town. Doesnt look human in manufacture. Will analyze.
Forward onto Advocacy Agents with contacts in Banu Protectorate.
Attackers were thorough, sweeping house to house. Killing everything and
everyone here. Entire six hundred thirty-eight population of settlement has been
accounted for, except one:
John Phillips. 38 SEY-old. A farmer. Nothing to indicate why he was targeted if
in fact he was. Analysts are delving into him. Will provide complete file when
Theft/Robbery appears to be the chief motivation but there is an inconsistency
among the missing items. Sometimes objects of value are left while seemingly
useless/trivial objects have been taken.
Agent Vasquez has discovered a small CommLink camera that somehow was
operational during the attack. Scrubbed through the footage and found that it
was mostly useless. There is one frame that when zoomed/cleaned-up appears
to give a brief glimpse of an attacker.



United/Tribune NewsOrg Archive
Published: January 14, 2758 SET

Vanduul Attack!
by. Edward Coss
The citizens of Boro thought they were ready. They had orbital defenses, deep-
space scanners, auto-locks. With all that they thought that they were safe. But
when a Vanduul warband hits, you have to be more than ready.
At 17:23 local time, the attack began. Fortunately, a call went out almost
immediately. Local militia from around the system scrambled to their ships to
rout the raiders but it wasnt until the UEE Fleet arrived that the Vanduul fled like
cowards back into the dark of space.
The Vanduul attack lasted twenty-seven minutes. In that time, fourteen souls
were extinguished and millions in property were destroyed or looted.

UEE 33rd Fleet, C-Wing, SS LightHammer
XOS LOG 5.29.2789
06:12 : Officers Meeting. Went
through the COMSEC Updates
from the previous six hours.
Nothing startling. Report of a
weapons discharge on a Reaper-
Class in the Kiel System. A deck-
cannon misfired after a computer
error. No impact. Locally, our
mirror was holding position.
07:24 : Reported for duty. Commander is still down with the Bug. Ran system-
wide diagnostic and validated weapon packages. Clear across the board.
Watched our Mirror run flight drills, looked like rapid deployment simulations in
upper atmo.
11:15 : Nills (Comms) sounded like he was coming down with something. All was
quiet so I sent him to Medical. His 2nd was more than capable as a substitute.
12:32 : Finally got some chow. Boredom seems to be really getting to the crew.
Some tempers even flared today in the Mess. Will relay to the Commander and
try to come up with possible solutions to relieve some stress.
15:34 : I dont know where to start. I was working on my battle-sim assessment
of the XiAn carrier when Shaw (Comms) alerted me to the news on the
Spectrum. Turned on bridge monitors, apparently Senator Akari from Terra
independently brokered a treaty with the XiAn. Its supposed to take effect at
19:00 (LST). The inter-system Comms absolutely lit up. People thought it was a
joke. Maybe some Activist cracked the NewsOrgs? Wouldnt be the first time.
We couldnt honor this treaty, right? Should we arrest Akari for treason? The
news wouldnt reach Earth for days so no one knew what to do. I was just as
dumbfounded as everyone else so I notified the Commander who immediately
reported to the bridge.
16:20 : Everyones still flying blind. All ships are on high alert. Looking for any
kind of aggression from our Mirrors. So far nothing. This could all be a XiAn
trick. I wouldnt put it past the Slinks to try something this elaborate.
19:02 : Our XiAn Mirror recalled its fighter patrols, powered down its weapons
and backed away.

SSN/CAtv Nightly News
Good evening, this is the SSN/CAtv Nightly News for the Terra System. Im
Lawrence Ren. The systems are abuzz about the upcoming wedding between Val
Messer and Celia Carter so tonight we take a look at the designers who have
been selected to dress the bride and gr-
Humans of the systems.
This is Tide. Pull the veil
from your eyes and see.
Garron II was a developing
world with a vast array of
species. We say was
because they are no more.
The Imperator and his
Corp minions terraformed
the planet, killing everything to feed their insatiable greed. Pull the veil from
your eyes and see for yourself.
FIELD UNIT: This is unit B234. Weve got an unauthorized gathering in grid 14G.
Need additional ground units deployed. Have air support on stand-by.
Terrorists and subjugators are attempting to attack Earth. You are to stop all
jump-point traffic. I want every single system locked down. You are authorized
to use lethal force on any craft that does not divert. Failure to comply will suffer
swift retribution.
Admiral Tal Kale

Operatives have uncovered how the insurrectionists are still communicating
between systems despite the seizure of the CommRelays. Comm messages are
broken down into data-segments and embedded into military communications.
Analysts are trying to uncover exactly how they accessed our system.
Unfortunately, its going to take time to find and dismantle their entry points but
hopefully this will help disrupt them long enough to get the systems back under
Will update as necessary.
Posted in Croshaw System
Brothers and sisters. We have just learned that two days ago, military and police
forces opened fire, killing over two-hundred and thirty peaceful demonstrators
on Vale. We have tried to be civil. We have resisted the urge to match the
violence of this despotic government with violence but now we say, no more.
We will no longer wage war with our ideas. We will rip the Imperator out of his
throne. So strike out, brothers and sisters, strike at the fiendish fist of your
We have awoken from a nightmare. Those were the words spoken by the new
Imperator Erin Toi yesterday after announcing the capture of Imperator Messer
XIX. Its a brand new day indeed. Even at this NewsOrg, long an unofficial
mouthpiece of the Imperator, we are finally able and encouraged to write the
truth, without UEE censors looking over our shoulders.
Its hard to believe, looking back, that the incident on Garron II would be the
powder keg that brought it all down. Sure this wasnt a singular catalyst; there
were incidents that built up to it. From the bravery of Senator Akari to the
Activists who rallied all those years despite incarceration or death.
Aside from instituting term limits for the Imperator, Toi worked with newly
elected Senators to restore the Tribunal positions of old. The new High-General,
High-Secretary, and High Advocate will work under the Imperator position but
with the power to disempower them, should another despot attempt to seize
We woke up. Though the day were facing is unknown, we have seen how far we
can fall so we must make sure that every step we take is a step up.

Fair Chance Act
Designation of Developing Species
Terraforming Articles and Conditions
Resources for Ecological Protection
Judicial Review and Criminal Prosecution

Section I
Article 1
The aim of this Act is to protect the lives and well-being of species, [hereafter
Species] on planets who have not developed but possess the reasonable capacity
for evolution into intelligence, based on the responsibility of human beings for
their fellow creatures. No one may cause a Species pain, suffering or harm
without good reason.

Section II
Designation of Developing Species
Article 2
Upon discovery of a new planet and/or system, an independent panel consisting
of UEE representatives, exobiologists, and Corp engineers [heretofore
collectively known as Panel] will:
1. Run non-invasive scans and assessments on each planet in the system to
understand whether life is already developing;
2. Submit all reports and present findings to UEE Senate Subcommittee on
Expansion & Development;
3. Monitor and maintain the ecological sanctity of any planet deemed Developing
by conclusion between Independent Panel and Subcommittee to protect
development of species.
Article 2a
(1) Panel will develop and present system of criteria to determine what classifies
as a developing species.
(2) The UEE Subcommittee on Expansion and Development shall be empowered,
in agreement with the Imperator and Senate, to issue ordinances, with the
consent of the High-Secretary. It may, in particular,
1. classify a world as a sanctuary. In which,
a) all indigenous lifeforms are to be left untouched from any human involvement;
b) any attempt to terraform or extract resources, be they biologic or mineral, will
result in Criminal prosecution as laid out in Section V;
2. divert military resources to maintain the sanctity of protected world, with the
consent and help of the High-General.
Section III
Terraforming Articles and Conditions

At the dawn of the 29th century, newly elected Imperator Marshall Leon invited
representatives from the XiAn Empire, the Banu Protectorate, as well as a
delegation of Tevarin to attend a gala celebration on an orbital platform.
Attempts were made to invite the Vanduul. They were not successful.
Imperator Marshall Leon quieted the massive crowd and spoke:
Thats a word that hasnt been associated much with humanity. We know, over
distrusting. We have been cruel. But our civilization has a saying thats goes
back thousands of years, people change. And its true, people can change. We
Named after the biblical ship, we constructed this Ark as a vessel for space and
time. A place to learn about all races, those discovered and those yet
planet is to say it belongs to the species that inhabits it. No, the Ark must be
place to study and a place to meet. The Ark shall act as a political neutral zone
I am proud to open these doors and beg all of you to fill it with the vast and
testament and proud record of the lives that we and those before us have all
New United NewsOrg Archive
Published: 3.5.2872

By. Peter Marx
We are on the threshold of progress. That was the mood this morning at the
Senate when the Imperator made the announcement. The government finally
unveiled Project Archangel, whispers of which have been drifting around the
news circuits for weeks.
In short, Project Archangel is a UEE-led initiative to literally build a planet from
scratch. Humanity has finally come up with a solution that avoids the
complicated moral minefield of terraforming. No longer will we have to convert
pre-existing planets. Now we can build them. Though the technology is not
completed, scientists believe that they will be able to attempt building a
prototype world within our lifetime.
The implications of this achievement have reverberated through science, politics,
and even the social spheres. XiAn Emperor Kray even issued a statement, It is
very encouraging. My people will watch the projects development with great
If perfected, the Synthworld would help erase the shame humanity has had to
carry after three centuries of unbridled imperialism. The Imperator finished his
speech by inviting any and all scientists from the Banu or XiAn civilizations to
witness the development firsthand:
We dont want to keep this technology. The ability to build worlds should be
free to any and all cultures so there will never be a need to fight over something
as trivial as land ever again.



Financial Jump-Point
By. Kali Hanks
There is a space anomaly out there. Its a jump-point of sorts that no pilot or
ship will be able to navigate because it will only let money go into it and that
money is never to be seen again. Im talking, of course, about this Synthworld
nonsense. Its almost been fifty years since they announced Project Archangel
and, frankly, what have we got?
To me, it seems like were no closer to synthesizing a world than we were back
then when it was all wide-eyed promises and hope. The simple reality is that this
attempt to build a Synthworld is coming at a cost to all the other worlds and we
have a government whos so desperate to make this work that theyre willing to
let the military and infrastructure suffer to keep paying for it.
I get it, I do. Theyre building this because of all the races wiped out during the
terraforming era. Its a great idea, sure, but enough is enough. I think fifty years
of failure should be a good indicator that we need to move on.
Nope. Every year we get more assurances that the scientists are making new
advances that should finally figure out how to stabilize the growth process but
they never deliver because what do we have after all this time? An shifting
unstable planetary mass.
We need to get someone in power who will have the courage to say Stop. Either
someone needs to Croshaw the politics and pull the plug on this money-parasite
or the rest of the systems are going to fall down with it. This may not be popular
to say but I guarantee that people are thinking it; this was Earths big idea to
make up for the terrible things that they did over the Messer Era. We in Terra
have a clear conscience because our forefathers managed to distance
themselves from the awfulness of that Age. If Earth wants this ridiculous project
to clear their conscience fine but I dont see why we have to go down with the
Maybe its time for us to be on our own.

TO: UEE SubCommittee of Spectrum

Kelos Costigan Election Spot

TRT: :30sec

Prod: Martin Balish

Commercial Type: A/V/NPS

AD BEGINS. V/O and Images:
A budget spiraling out of control. The Synthworld Projects future in question.
Vanduul attacks on the rise in the Western systems. Problems for us all, sure,
but its tough to keep in perspective when youre trying to support a family. In
these times of economic instability, you want an Imperator that will right the ship
and set it back on course. That candidate is Kelos Costigan.
An economic strategist for over two decades, Kelos helped dozens of worlds
reach the technological equality that most of us take for granted. Policies
enacted in his second term as High-Secretary yielded the highest single-cycle
growth in thirty-seven years. He has the experience and the knowledge to help
get humanity out of the red and back in the black.

End Title/Text:
Please search Kelos Costigan to learn more about policy.
This message was created under the approval of Kelos Costigan Campaign. UEE
Organization Code: #5985938GH


Brian Wieters
EBook Report
Mrs. Ngo, Grade 5

Burning Sky: A Squadron 42 Adventure

This break I read Burning Sky. It was really good. It was all about Squadron 42
who are awesome. It takes place in 2910 when a bunch of Vanduul warships
attacked their carrier. The main character was Sgt Terrence Nolan. He was from
a small town in Elysium system sorta like the one my cousin lives in. He joined
the Fleet instead of going to school because he wanted to see the stars. There
was a good scene where he was out in the fields looking up at the sky and
wondering what was out there. He wanted to see what nobodies ever seen.
That was a cool idea. Like are there whole groups of aliens that we havent met?
I never thought of that. See when Im a pilot, I just want to see a nebula. A big
one. I think that would be max.
After flight school, Sgt. Terrence Nolan went to the Eastern sectors. He was part
of a patrol wing along the XiAn border. He was pretty bored because nothing
really happened. Then one shift, he saw a small transport ship getting chased by
pirates. Even though there were like four pirates and Sgt. Nolan was alone, he
attacked. It was crazy and his ship was getting all shot up but he got like three of
the pirates before the other pilots showed up. And he saved the transport. After
that he got congratulated then lectured by his Commander. He was mad
because it was stupid for him to take on four pirates on his own. That was how
he got drafted into Squadron 42. They like that kind of stupid.
Sgt. Nolan gets transferred back to the Western systems. Now hes part of the
Squadron. While the rest of the Fleet runs from the Vanduul, they go looking for
a fight. Theyre like the only thing standing between our systems and a bunch of
raiders. Their Commander is this smart tough lady named Aria Reilly. Shes been
like fighting her whole life ever since her town was burned down by raiders.
Their carrier was heading past the settlement systems into unclaimed space.
They were hunting.
After like two weeks on the carrier, it seemed like no one liked Sgt. Nolan. They
all thought he was a wimp. But then the next morning, their ship got ambushed
by a bunch of Vanduul Scythes. Like a hundred of them. Sgt. Nolan and the
other pilots jumped in their ships and blasted off to fight them. The battle lasted
six hours. The fighters twisted through space trying to blow each other up while
the carrier battled a Vanduul destroyer that was lying in wait. It looked like they
were going to lose but then Sgt. Nolan took command of the pilots that were still
alive and fought back even harder. They didnt give up no matter what.
Reading this book was really fun. It was a little boring before the battles but Im
glad I stuck with it. My dad says that he remembered when this happened back
when he was a kid. He loves the 42nd Squadron too. He says hes got a bunch of
other to transmit to me. I hope that I am just like Sgt. Nolan when I become a
pilot. I think everybody should read this. Thats my report.

2942. . .