Subject : English Language

Date : 1
March 2010

Time : 12.10-1.10 noon

Class : 4 Maju

Enrolment: 22

Topic: Looking good

Sub topic: How to keep fit and healthy

Theme : World of Knowledge

Focus Skills : Listening and Speaking

Skills : 1.3 Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of words and phrases
in context.
2.1 Speak clearly by pronouncing word accurately
3.3 Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraph and whole texts
4.7 Punctuate meaningfully

Level / Sub-skills : 1.1.1 Listen to and repeat words contraction
1.1.2 Listen to and identify different types of letter sounds
2.1.1 Repeat the following sounds in word correctly
3.2.1 Recognise complete words in texts

Previous Knowledge : Pupils know type of colors
Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
i) Pronounce all given words correctly
ii) Know about modal verbs of must and have to.

Vocabulary : must, have to, modal verb, touch, regularly, balanced

Moral Values : Work in group

Teaching and Learning resources : text book, exercise book


Set Induction
(10 minutes)

µSimon says¶

1. Teacher asks pupils to stand
in front of the class and
instruct them to play µSimon
2. The instructions are as follow:
i. Simon says, ³Touch
your nose.´
ii. ³Scratch your elbow´
If pupils follow second
instruction, they are out and
teacher asks them to go to
their seat.

3. Teacher continues giving five
more instructions.

Teaching Aids

Activity 1
(15 minutes)

Let¶s read

Modal verb
You must«.
You have to«.
You must not«

1. Teacher asks volunteers to
read text from text book.

2. Pupils read by turn according to
the three texts in the book.

3. Teacher discusses the content
with pupils for each of the text.

4. Teacher asks pupils if they see
the difference of each text.

5. Teachers introduces the topic
by discussing the difference of
must and have. .

Teaching Aids

1. Text book
page 37

Activity 1
(15 minutes)

Tell your friend

Modal verb
You must«.

1. Teacher asks pupils to answer
questions in text book.

2. Teacher asks volunteers to
give their answer.

Teaching Aids

1. Text book
page 37

You have to«.
You must not«

3. Teacher discusses the answer
with pupils and the reasoning
for the answer.

4. Teacher asks volunteers to
give instruction to their friend.

5. Teacher discusses the answer
with the rest of the pupils.

(15 minutes)

1. Teacher asks pupils to do
exercise from worksheet.

2. Teacher asks pupils to
exchange their worksheet to
the person next to them and
mark their answer.

Teaching Aids

Exercise book
page 26
( 5 minutes)

µTeacher says¶
1. Teacher gives instruction to
pupils using the same method
as µSimon says¶.

2. Pupils do the instruction by

Teaching Aids

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