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The Battlefields Of Rummy Games

Are Full Of Smart Moves Know

More About Them!
s !layin" rummy really li#e bein" in battle$ %ell&
some as!e'ts of !layin" rummy are li#e some
as!e'ts of battles( There is the 'hallen"e of
winnin" the hand before others& there is the need
to have the ri"ht resour'es to win& there are your
o!!onents and li#e any battle there is the need to
ma#e the ri"ht moves and use the ri"ht strate"ies(
But unli#e battles that are fou"ht with real
wea!ons& the losses in Rummy "ames online are
limited to loss of your 'hi!s& either 'ash or
As we dis'ussed earlier the a!!li'ation of smart
moves are what will ma#e you emer"e a vi'tor in
the battlefield of rummy games( Before you start
wonderin" what are the smart moves and start
resear'hin" them we would li#e to tell you that
ea'h ndian rummy !layer has their own set of
smart rummy moves(
)owever& we feel that there are some 'ommon
smart moves that most rummy card game
!layers a!!ly to win the "ame and we !rovide you
with a list of the same*
Smart move number one Be realisti' One of
the main mista#es that ha!!ens in rummy "ames
online is when im!ro!er assessment of the 'ards
when a !layer "ets them in hand the very first
time( +ou have to sort and arran"e your 'ards and
be very realisti' in evaluatin" your 'han'es of
winnin" or at least "ettin" out of the "ame with
minimum losses( n 'ase either s'enarios seem
unli#ely then it is better to ,uit the "ame by
dro!!in" and "ettin" minimum !oints if the o!tion
to dro! is available(
Smart move number two Be observant Many
rummy "ame !layers are !retty "ood at #ee!in"
an eye on their own 'ards but in rummy that is not
enou"h( +ou have to observe others 'onstantly to
see how and what they are doin"( There are many
'lues to be found in the moves they ma#e and this
'ould hel! you delay their vi'tory !rovidin" you
time to ma#e a winnin" de'laration yourself(
Smart move number three Be fo'used Rummy
has been de'lared a "ame of s#ill be'ause it is( t
re,uires 'onsiderable number of s#ills to be able
to win this "ame es!e'ially online where you have
no 'ues that you 'an "et from loo#in" at other
!layer-s fa'es( This re,uires that you be utterly
fo'used while !layin" the "ame instead of
de!endin" on lu'# to win(
Smart move number four Be ,ui'# The online
rummy game has added yet another smart move
for you to ado!t and that is of bein" ,ui'#( This
be'omes absolutely essential as the "ame is
timed and you will need to do your observin"&
thin#in"& evaluatin" and also your move within the
"iven time( There may be some !rovision for e.tra
time at times for you to ma#e the move but this is
also limited& whi'h means you need to be smart
and ,ui'# at the same time(
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