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Praise: Em

All Day (Youth Alive) Now to love is the life I know

The Freedom We Know(Mighty to Save) F C
I’ve Got the Joy (Unspeakable Joy) On and on and on we'll be singing

Worship: Chorus:
Carry Me (For this Cause) G D Em
To You (You Are My World) Soul set free in the One I love
Altar Call: Come on, come on
Awesome God (Look to You) G D
And let the whole earth sing
All Day Em
In the freedom we know
G#m E B F# F C
Come on, come on and praise Him
I don't care what they say about me
It's all right, all right
I don't care they think about me Come, come all the lost and the found
It's all right, they'll get it one day Let us rise up with a holy sound
I love you, I'll follow You All the earth unified as One
You are my, my life Just to praise Him
I will read my Bible and pray
I will follow you all day In full view with nothing to hide
Like a city on a hill we're gonna shine
I don't care what it costs anymore In the light of Your freedom
Cos' You gave it all and I'm following You Let us praise Him
I don't care what it takes anymore
No matter what happens I'm going Your way G
We're gonna dance, dance, dance in the
B E freedom we know
All Day F
B F# We're gonna dance, dance, dance in the
All Day now freedom we know
B E Em7
All Day We're gonna dance, dance, dance in the
G#m E freedom we know
I'll follow You F
Because the freedom we know is gonna last
Anyone around can see forever
just how good you've been to me
For all my friends that don't know You I’ve got the joy
I pray that you would save them too
The Freedom We Know Intro: G G/F G/E G/Eb X2

GFGF Verse
Verse: G Em F There’s anointing in the air
The world turns in all of its ways G/Eb
But I'm soul set on a Holy name I can fell it everywhere
And when all earth is said and done G/E
Still I will praise Him I’ve got power in my soul
There's no end to the love that He gives So let the river flow
And how broken dreams have life again
In the hope of a risen King G
Let us praise Him Can you hear the rushing wind?
It’s blowing deep within
D Em C G/E
A mystery unthinkable My spirit is alive
That He took the fall just to save my soul My life has been revived
Chorus Written on my heart
I’ve got the joy C
Bm Em I am Yours
I’ve got the peace of mind F
Am D Surrendered wholly to You
I’ve got the faith in the Holy Ghost G
G You set me in Your family
That fills me everyday F G
G C Calling me Your own
I’ve got the life
Bm Em C
I’ve got the melody Now I
Am Dm
I’ve got the Word I belong to You
The Word of God Lord I need
G (Last line: Em D C
A/C#) Your Spirit Your word Your truth
That sets me free F Am
Hear my cry my deep desire
Carry Me Bb G
To Know You more
D/F# G A
Verse: D/F# G A (Bm G) In Your name
You lead me in to Your courts Dm
Surround me with Your Love I will lift my hands
I walk with You G
I do not fear To the King
D Bm7 This anthem of praise I bring
In this place F
A Em7 Heaven knows
Dreams are made Am
D Bm7 I long to love You
In this place G
A A/C# D With all I am
Where You are F C
I belong to You
G D/F#
Carry me here Awesome God
Bm7 A A/C#
In Your arms of love
G D/F# C G
Draw me close to You Our God is an awesome God
Bm7 A D D Em7
I wanna be where You are He reigns from heaven above
You carry me, You are my strength With Wisdom, Power and Love
I've learnt to trust in You D Am7 Esus
And once again Our God is an awesome God
I'm reaching out

To You
Here I stand forever in
Your mighty hand
Living with Your promise