o remove all the corruption in religion, the Lord has incarnated Himself on earth

in the present age in the person of SRI RAMAKRISHNA. The universal teachings that He offered, if spread all over the world, will do good to humanity and the

World. Not for many a century past has India produced so great, so wonderful, a teacher of religious synthesis.


India has suffered long, the religion eternal has suffered long. But the Lord is merciful. Once more He has come to help His children, once more the opportunity to rise is given to fallen India. India can only rise by sitting at the feet of Sri Ramakrishna. His life and His teachings are to be spread far and wide, are to be made to penetrate every pore of Hindu Society.


Ramakrishna is not what the ordinary followers have comprehended him to be. He had infinite moods and phases. Even if you might form an idea of the Limits of Brahmajnana, you could not have any idea of the unfathomable depths of his mind! Thousands of Vivekanandas may spring forth through one gracious glance of His eyes! But instead of doing that, he has chosen to get things done this time through me as his single instrument.

One day while he was staying at the Cossipore garden, his body in imminent Danger of falling off for ever, by the side of his bed I was saying in my mind, “well, now if you can declare that you are God, then only will I believe you Are really God Himself.” it was only two days before He passed away. Immediately, He looked up towards me all on a sudden and said," He who Was Rama, He who was Krishna, verily is He now RAMAKRISHNA in this Body. And that not merely from the standpoint of your Vedanta!” At this I was struck dumb. Even we have not had yet the perfect Faith, after hearing it again and again from the holy lips of our Lord HimselfOur minds still get disturbed now and then with doubt and despair- and so What shall we speak of others being slow to believe?

Never did come to this earth such an all-perfect man as SRI RAMAKRISHNA. In the utter darkness of the world this great man is like the shining pillar Of illumination in this age! And by His light alone will man now cross the Ocean of Samsara! I still fail to comprehend in any way the greatness of his power


What comparison can there be between Him (Sri Ramakrishna) and ordinary men

He practised in his life all the different ideals of religion to show that each of them

eads but to the One Truth. Shall you or I ever be able to do all that he has done? none of us has understood him fully. So, I do not venture to speak about Him

anywhere and everywhere. He only knows what He himself really was; his frame was a human one only, but everything else about Him was entirely different from others.


have understood him very little. He appears to me to have been so grea

that, whenever I have to speak anything of him, I am afraid lest I ignore

or explain away the truth, lest my little power does not suffice, lest in

rying to extol him I present his picture by painting him according to my lights and belittle him thereby.

Two or three days before his leaving the body, he called me to his side one day, and asking me to sit before him, looked steadfastly at me and fell in to samadhi. Then I really felt that a subtle force like an electric shock was entering my body. In a little while, I also lost outward consciousness and sat motionless! How long I stayed in that condition I do not remember; when consciousness returned I found Sri Ramakrishna shedding tears. On questioning to him, he answered me affectionately: “Today, giving you my all I have become a beggar. With this power you are to do Many works for the world’s good before you will return” I feel that that power is constantly directing me to this or that work. This body has not been made for remaining idle.

Those who have seen Sri Ramakrishna are really blessed. Their family and birth have become purified by it. All of you will also get his vision. The very fact that You have come here, shows that you are very near to him.


Nobody has been able to understand who came on earth as Sri Ramakrishna. even his own nearest devotees have got no real clue to it. Only some have got a little inkling of it. All will understand it afterwards.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is the latest and the most perfect – the concentrated embodiment of knowledge, love, renunciation, catholicity and the desire to serve mankind. So where is anyone to compare with him? He must have been born in vain who cannot appreciate Him! My supreme good fortune is that I am His servant through life after life. A single word of His is to me far weightier than the Vedas and the Vedanta.

The life of Sri Ramakrishna was an extraordinary searchlight under whose Illumination one is able to really understand the whole scope of Hindu Religion. Sri Bhagawan Ramakrishna is the reformed and remodeled manifestation of all the Past great epoch-makers in religion. O man! Have faith in this,and lay it to heart.

Whatever the Vedas, the Vedanta, and all other incarnations have done in the past, Sri Ramakrishna lived to practise in the course of a single life.

From the very date that Sri Ramakrishna was born, has sprung the Sathya Yuga (Golden Age). Henceforth there is no end to all sorts of distinctions, and everyone down to the chandala will be a sharer in the divine love. The distinction between man and woman, between the rich and the poor, the literate and the illiterate, Brahmins and Chandalas, - he lived to root out all. And he was the harbinger of Peace – the Separation between Hindus and Mohammedans, between Hindus and Christians, all are now things of the past.

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