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ACSIJ Open Access Publications
Vol ume 3, Issue 2
Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms for computing Fast Fourier Transform for evolving Smart Sensors devices using
Field Programmable gate arrays
Innocent Njini, Obeten O. Ekabua
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Analysis and Improvement of the Lightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol under EPC C-1 G-2 Standard
Masoud Mohammadi, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Esmaeildoust
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Weighted Twin Support Vector Machine with Universum
Shuxia Lu, Le Tong
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Designing An Efficient Target Tracking Protocol Based on a Clustering Algorithm and Recovery Mechanism in
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
Shirin Shoaee, Shabnam Shoaee
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Middle East User Navigation in Online Social Networks and Interactions in E-Commerce, an Analogy
Mehrdad Zaker Shahrak, Shahriar Mohammadi
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Map Abstraction with Adjustable Time Bounds
Sourodeep Bhattacharjee, Scott D. Goodwin
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Predicting students’ grades using fuzzy non-parametric regression method and ReliefF-based algorithm
J avad Ghasemian, Mahmoud Moallem, Yasin Alipour
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Reducing Energy Consumption in Mobile ad hoc Networks Using Energy-aware Routing Algorithm Based on
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Multiple Routes
Ali Broumandnia, Ehsan Sharifi, Milad Ghahari Bidgoli
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Extracting Protein Names from Biological Literature
Huang-Cheng Kuo, Ken-I Lin
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Cloud based Cross Platform Mobile Applications Building and integrating cloud services with mobile client
Cosmina Ivan, Razvan Popa
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Applying Web Usage Mining Techniques to Design Effective Web Recommendation Systems: A Case Study
Maryam J afari, Farzad Soleymani Sabzchi, Amir J alili Irani
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Geometric Transformations via Matrix Multiplications Using Hardware/Software Co-design
Tai-Chi Lee
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A New Robust Audio Signal Steganography Based On Multiple Chaotic Algorithms With Edge Detection Technique
Amir Houshang Arab Avval, Shahram Mohanna
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A Quantum Optimization Model for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Networks
Yu QingPing, You XiaoMing, Liu Sheng
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Heuristics for Irreversible Ternary MVL Circuit Synthesis and Optimization Using PSO Algorithm
Maryam Yarmohammadi, Majid Mohammadi
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Cooperative Machine-Vision-Based Tracking using Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Ali Pirshayan, Hadi Seyedarabi, Siamak Haghipour
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Study of secure m-commerce, challenges and solutions
Ali Mirarab, AbdolReza Rasouli kenari
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Traditional Host based Intrusion Detection Systems’ Challenges in Cloud Computing
Masoudeh Keshavarzi
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Botnet Detection using NetFlow and Clustering
Pedram Amini, Reza Azmi, MuhammadAmin Araghizadeh
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Citizens’ Readiness for Remote Electronic Voting in Tanzania
Sylvester Kimbi, Irina Zlotnikova
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ACSIJ Volume 3, Issue 2 - March 2014 Issue
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