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424 E. Winter Avenue Danville IL 61832 USA Phone: 001-217-617-4735 (USA) 011-91-900-317-4070(INDIA) E-mail:

_____________________________ PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH
• • • • • • • • • • • Care and results oriented, profitable and hard working professional with both BDS and DMD degrees in Dentistry and 18 years of achievement driven experience in all fields of dentistry. Hands on experience in modern treatment procedures such as laser, endodontics, pedodontics, fixed and removable prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and periodontics. Personal experience in dental office management with modern dental office management software. Quality experience in patient and employee co-ordination during dental clinics management. High quality dental service focusing on high quality patients’ care with strict adherence to OSHA standards. Understanding of all aspects of governing operational and production activities and up to date knowledge of latest technological advancements, regulations, guidelines and statuary compliance of the field of Dentistry. Fast learning and adjustment for the new environment in different situations. Effective treatment planning and optimization, focusing on conservation and enhancing productivity and profitability. Outstanding communication skills, verbal as well as written coupled with exceptional teaching and presentation skills gained during the 18 years of dental service and 300 or more periodic continuous education courses. Strong team builder with proven ability to motivate team members towards achieving goals in the practice. Excellent patient management skills with innate ability to build strong, long lasting and mutually beneficial patient dentist relationships.


Office Management/coordination High profitability Complete Supply Management 18 years of dental service Reduction of waste management Computer skills with Ms Excel & Word, PowrPoint,etc Modern dental equipment operation Modern up to date dental technology Modern up to date dental procedure 300 or more hours of continuous dental education Complete modern patient care Fast Understanding & Easy adjustment to any situation Can work with any age group or gender Hard working and work for longer hours (non-stop) Very patient and Caring Great teaching skill with vast knowledge in Dentistry

  

Very enthusiastic and encouraging to whole dental team Holding both Indian and American Dental Degrees: BDS (INDIA) and DMD (USA).

I am bringing my skills and accomplishments as a senior dentist and my India and USA graduate educational attainment to your attention so we can discuss my candidacy for the future dental position in your Health Care Facility.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) (1979 to 1985) Madras Dental College, Madras University Chennai, INDIA Residency Program (April 1985 to October 1985) Madras Dental College, Madras University Chennai, INDIA American English Communication skills (1985 to 1986) Washington University St. Louis , USA Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) (1986 to 1989) Washington University St. Louis, USA Continuous Education Courses ( 2006 to 2008) Credit Hours : 300 or more From USA Universities Short Residency Program in Pedodontics in 2007 University of Florida Florida, USA

_____________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
SMILE DENTAL CENTER 01/1990 to 02/1991 Chicago’s very famous Dental Treatment Center  Dentist and Supervisor of Employees • Successfully completed the dental office management training besides dental patients care in treatment and communication. • Responsible for the entire dental x-ray department in the center. Personally operated and managed dental x-rays techniques. Deeply involved in the teaching and coaching of the good dental x-ray techniques to the team. • Management of financial issues with the patients and teaching the entire team about the dental insurance coding and billing procedures. • Management of the entire Dental Center’s sterilization department to make sure the OSHA standards are followed properly. ADDISON DENTAL CENTER 03/1991 to 12/2007 Chicago’s very own affordable dental center

Dentist and CEO of the entire dental center

All of the above responsibilities In addition to the above responsibilities, the management of the built-in Dental Laboratory with in the dental center. It is very important for the success of each dental procedures which involves the lab work. All the dentures and crowns were made in our very own laboratory. • Supervision of the other dentists to make sure the best quality of the dental service delivered to each patient. • Complete financial management and showed the profit each year after all the expenses. • Made Very effective expense control without compromising the best quality dental service • Made dentistry affordable for all by keeping the expense down and share the profit with patients by lowering the fees. This attracted so many patients and the office was so busy from morning 7 to night 10 p.m. • Due to higher profit branches were opened in another three new places in 20 to 40 miles radius apart. Besides patients treatment care I spent considerable amount of time in managing all the dental offices. • Introduced all the modern technology such as laser, thermafil endodontic obturation, digital imaging, modern new dental materials, painless extraction techniques, and much more. • Spent lots of time going to continuous dental education courses to keep myself up to date with modern advancement. • In 2007 attended a Pedodontic residency program which gave me more experience to treat mentally challenged and handicapped children. I got the hands on experience in both conscious and unconscious sedation techniques. • Managing overall four offices operation ensuring best dental health for all of the dental patients. LANGSDALE DENTAL CENTER 01/2008 to 10/2008 Pensylavanian Dental Center Dentist Consultant • Involved with lots of consultation only. • Managed only certain tough issues • Giving Consultation before treatment for different dentists. • Conceptualize new ideas for training and development of the work force for inculcating discipline, culture of quality and respects for human values • Led the dental clinic to be most productive and at the same time not compromising the best quality care.

• •

Skill MS Office Internet Browsing Windows XP Basic HTML PPT Web Pages Excel Last Used 2000 1998 2006 2000 2004 2002 2007 Experience 8 Yrs 2 Mths 11 Yrs 1 Mths 2 Yrs 1 Mths 8 Yrs 0 Mths 4 Yrs 0 Mths 6 Yrs 1 Mths 1 Yrs 2 Mths (Still Practicing)

Typing skills : 30 to 40 words per minute

_____________________________ GENERAL
Date of Birth Sex : May 1, 1962k : Male

My Present Ambition: I want to change my work location to experience different work atmosphere. I prefer to work in Gulf Countries. I can be a good asset for any hospital or practice with my educational back ground and with exceptional work experience in this field of Dentistry. Continuous Dental Education: I earned 300 or more hours of continuous dental education and completed intensive pedodontic residency program in Florida School of Dentistry in Florida, USA. I am a member of Chicago Dental Society in USA. And Life time registered Dentist in Indian Dental Council in India. Copies of my Credentials: I can provide copies of all of my certificates upon request. Reference: References will be available upon request.


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