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Dear Dr.


I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had writing my multigenre paper. I was initially
skeptical of this type of writing, particularly because I prefer a straightforward expository essay or
literary analysis assignment. However, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed getting creative and
writing about a topic that I had chosen. I think the most fun part was choosing my own genres and
portraying my information and research in a form of text that I had chosen and created.

Having this summer off (Im a teacher) really allowed me to devote a lot of time to this project. I
never had to work at the last minuteweeks in advance I was able to conduct my research, pick through
my research, write, draft, and rewrite. I had plenty of time to design the website and put it all together. I
say this because I think I would have struggled if I had to do this while also working my full-time job, and
this also was illuminating to me for when I try this with students. Students need a lot of time to pick a
topic, conduct research, change their topic if needed, and really sit down with their information and let
the writing speak to them. I have to set aside lots of time for this assignment.

Therefore, I had two main takeaways. First, I can certainly see how important process is in
multigenre writing. This isnt an assignment that can be done once or done well in a short amount of
time. Second, multigenre writing isnt as scary as I thought. To step out of my expository writing/literary
analysis comfort zone was worth it. It allowed me to stretch myself and my creative thinking abilities. I
want to share this growth I had with my students when I try it with them.

Below is my process journal documenting the steps I took during the last few weeks to complete
the project.

Thanks for reading!

Process Journal

Friday, June 6: Decided that topic needed to be something about American Indians to accompany book
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Saturday, June 7-Monday, June 9: Moved to Arizona. Started building background knowledge:
Started being very aware of my surroundingswatching the people, taking note of the
customs, landscape
Started asking my husband lots of questions about Indian country and working for the IHS.
(He had come out here a week before I did.)
Read Monster Slayer and Field Mouse Goes to War (Navajo and Hopi folk tales).
Read a pamphlet called Native Americans and the Federal Government: A History (written in
Started re-reading Absolutely True Diary.

Tuesday, June 10: Decided that the Indian Health Service would be more of a specific topic for me to
pursue. Found the excerpt from Absolutely True Diary and chose that to focus my research.

Wednesday, June 11: Started doing research on the IHS. Gathered around 25 articles. Saved them all in
a Word document.

Thursday, June 12: Carefully read through all of the articles and took notes, copied and pasted excerpts
into my word document. Began brainstorming genre pieces, i.e., above an article Id put notes like, USE

Friday, June 13: Kept brainstorming, researching, then decided on a final list of my genre pieces I was
going to create.

Monday, June 16: Made the Weebly website. Had major writers block about getting started, but knew if
I had the structure of the website laid out, that would help me, rather than writing everything in
Microsoft Word first. I like how I could plan out my project by using the tabs on the webpage; I ordered
and reordered the tabs a bunch of times as I thought about how I wanted my genre pieces to flow. I knew
the best place to get started was my Letter to Reader and then I chose images for that page; I thought
that page would kind of be like my mission or thesis for the whole project. I wrote it and read it,
allowing the writing to speak to me about what it wanted this project to be. Decided that the job board
would be my repeated genre.

Tuesday, June 17: Did a lot of thinking about the project but not any writing. Had a lot of anxiety about
writing poems and creative writing. Thought about how I much preferred writing expository essays and
wished this was a simple essay assignment . Knew I would work better if I cranked them out all at once
on Wednesday and Thursday with the Thursday rough draft deadline looming.

Wednesday, June 18: Wrote encyclopedia article, dialog, doctors notes, Ms. Roubideauxs Journal, IHS
Twitter feed, and most of the job board posts. These drafts I made directly into the Weebly website. I
had a blast writing these and realized, This is not so bad. I like creative writing. Read and re-read each
piece many, many times. Went back to my letter to the reader to make sure everything was matching
up with what I had envisioned my project in my thesis.

Thursday: June 19: Made edits to previous pieces, namely the Twitter feed and the job boards.
Reordered things (mainly journal, metaphor poem, placement of job boards, and twitter feed). Wrote
metaphor poem, last job board, photo haiku, end notes, and bibliography. Still couldnt nail down what I
wanted for that double voice poem and left it undone. Submitted rough draft with some questions I had.
Read Dr. Hs prompt feedback and was glad to see that the MGP worked.

Friday, June 20: Read peers feedback. Validated my paper against the MGP rubric. Tried to figure out
what I wanted to do for double voice poemdid some more researchcouldnt get anywhere. Am going
to let it sit and try again on Monday.

Monday, June 23: Played around with a number of double-voice poem ideas, finally decided to go with
initial idea of Charon A. and Charles North, MD. Wrote double voice poem and uploaded to website.
Wrote reflection letter. Reviewed all pieces of website. Submitted!!