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Fund for the Future

Renovation and Expansion of 332 Riverside Drive New York Buddhist Church

his budget represents the NYBC Master Plan for the renovation and expansion of 332 Riverside
Drive. Our goal is to raise $1.69 million over the next five years. The Board decided to conduct a
capital campaign that does not destabilize the general operations of the Church. It plans to be Fund
prudent and not incur debt; therefore, the project will move forward in three separate stages. As funds
are raised, each stage will be completed. for the
The most immediate goal is challenging, but we hope achievable: to raise $397,900 by the end of
2008 for Stage 1. This will complete the renovation of the hondo, the installation of a new HVAC
system, and sound attenuation in the dojo. The Fund has already raised $230,000 in cash. The next
two stages of expansion are projected to take place over a four-year period concluding in 2012.
We are exploring how to incorporate “green standards,” including a geothermal system, to provide
Renovation and Expansion
environmentally safe and efficient conditions for NYBC.

Stage 1: Hondo (main hall) and Dojo (church gym) (2008)

Demolition /clean up /protection 52,000
Roof patch 5,000
Hondo interior renovation, including skylight and new seating 150,000
HVAC system* for hondo and dojo 116,000
Dojo sound attenuation 150,000
Dojo lighting and finishes 10,000
Subtotal: $ 483,000
Soft costs /contractor’s overhead and profit /contingency @30% 144,900
Stage 1: $ 627,900
Stage 2: Entrance, Facade and Additional Floors (2009–2011) New York Buddhist Church
331-332 Riverside Drive
Demolition and clean up (current entrance, dojo changing rooms and roof) 39,000 New York, NY 10025
Temporary relocation of Shinran Shonin statue 10,000 (212) 678-0305
Facade 120,000
Floor, walls, finishes, stairs, vestibule, lighting and HVAC 125,000
Elevator 100,000
Dojo plumbing, fixtures, finishes 60,000
Construct additional floors (unfinished), new roofs and hondo balcony 150,000
Subtotal: $ 604,000
Soft costs /contractor’s overhead and profit /contingency @30% 181,200
Stage 2: $ 785,200
Stage 3: Finish Interior of Additional Floors (2012)
Stage 3: $ 279,500
TOTAL FUNDRAISING GOAL (2008–2012): $1,692,600

*Geothermal well for energy efficient heating and cooling is additional $100-120K.
New York Buddhist Church
Fund for the Future 70 Years of Service to the Community

he New York Buddhist Church (NYBC) is ounded in 1938 by Rev. Hozen Seki, the NYBC
launching an appeal for the next phase of was the first Buddhist church in the tri-state
the Fund for the Future – the renovation and area and is one of more than 60 temples and
A. B. C. D.
expansion of 332 Riverside Drive, which houses organizations, which comprise the Buddhist Churches
the hondo (main religious hall). The proposed of America, headquartered in San Francisco. We have
contemporary church building, designed by award- continued under theA.guidance of our
B. resident ministers,
C. D.
winning Smith and Thompson Architects, will
A. B. C. D. Rev. Shunshin Kan (1984–87) and Rev. T. Kenjitsu
significantly enhance the historic landmark district. Nakagaki (1994–present).
and other activities. Stages 2 and 3 incorporate the
As the building has physically deteriorated, the A. B. C. D.
expansion of the main entrance with a glass-enclosed
Church is in increasing need of a space that serves Today the NYBC continues to play a leadership
façade and elevator for handicap access, and an
a diverse and growing Buddhist community. role in the Buddhist community on a local, • Regular seminars, lectures and Dharma
additional floor for the church office and a flexible
meeting/classroom space. We are exploring “green regional and national level as we fulfill our learning retreats; Dharma school for children
standards” to provide environmentally safe and mission. Our goals are to: and family days
efficient conditions for NYBC. • Leadership role in the Buddhist Council of
• Increase understanding of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist
The NYBC Board of Trustees, with feedback from teachings for the sangha membership and larger New York; Buddhist chaplain services at
the membership, selected the design by Smith community Columbia University and Barnard College
and Thompson Architects, which spearheaded the • Disseminate information on Buddhism in general, • Supervision of other sanghas and temples on
renovation of 331 Riverside Drive. This new renovation including support for the American Buddhist Study the East Coast
and expansion will provide a peaceful, serene and Center and other Buddhist communities, to promote
A. B. C. D. rewarding environment and sustain the dream of our • Trips to Buddhist sites led by the resident minister
interfaith dialogue
founder Rev. Hozen Seki to serve the religious, social • The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Memorial Interfaith
Background: In 1993 the NYBC initiated and educational needs of the community. • Support the practice of Buddhist teachings in our
the Gathering, September 11th Floating Lantern
A.Fund for theB.Future campaign.
C. Phase 1 D. of
daily lives and deal with issues confronting society
the campaign successfully accomplished the Ceremony and an active role in the Buddhist
The Need: The budget is $1.69 million, and peace movement in America
acquisition, restoration and renovation of the the Fund for the Future has raised $230,000 to • Provide exposure to Japanese, Asian and Asian-
former American Buddhist Academy (now date. We request your pledge over the next five American culture and to relate the influences of • Liaison for Hongwanji and Buddhist Churches
American Buddhist Study Center, ABSC) building years for the remaining $1.49 million needed Buddhist philosophy and aesthetics to the art forms of America to the United Nations and other
at 331 Riverside Drive. Over a ten-year period the to complete the project. Our goal is to raise when applicable Buddhist groups in the area
Church raised nearly $1 million to complete the $398,000 in 2008 and the balance by 2012.
renovation of this five-storied landmark building, • Various classes and activities by affiliate and
To fulfill these goals the NYBC, its resident independent organizations, including Japanese
which now houses meeting and meditation minister and affiliated organizations provide
rooms, classrooms, the ABSC, kitchens, the classical and folk dance, taiko drumming, other
the community the following: performing arts, calligraphy and other visual
minister’s residence and guest rooms.
• Weekly Dharma services, monthly memorial services, arts, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, martial
Renovation and Expansion: Now the NYBC the full range of Buddhist rituals, and observances of arts, tai chi and yoga
is ready to complete Phase 2, which will take the cycle of Buddhist holidays and commemorations, • Flea markets, cultural festivals and social
place in three stages. Stage 1 is the renovation of such as New Year and Obon
A. a new heating,
B. C. D. activities for the local community organized by
the hondo (main religious hall),
the Adult Buddhist Association
ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC), • Introductory courses in Shin teachings and meditation,
and sound attenuation in the dojo/church gym sutra study, and adult courses in Japanese; Lay Teachers Artist’s renderings of renovated church: (A.) entrance,
used for martial arts, taiko drumming B.
practice C. D. training program (B.) hondo, (C.) rooftop garden, (D.) church facade