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Tester v1.0

Designed By:
10 – Pranav Gandhi
08 – Viraj C Desai

Guided By:
- Prof Neepa Shah
- Prof Aruna Gawade
System Information

1. Problem Definition:

The project that we have selected and implemented is a Typing Tester
simulator using Java. It includes features such as Pro Test Training and
Typing Test.

In the Pro Test Training the user after logging on is given a set of 25
tests in which he can test his typing abilities in the various types of keys like
small case, large case, special symbols and number keys which will help
him/her get familiar with the keyboard and help him/her in the test to be
given later on.

Then the program also includes a Test section which contains five
different levels depending on the ability of the user. He is allowed to move
to the next level only if he attains certain accuracy in the current level’s test.

The basic use of the program is to calculate the accuracy, no. of errors
and the typing speed of a user which is being calculated at the runtime. The
program can store results for several users and track their progress over
several tests.

After the completion of each training session or each test a detailed
statistics is provided to the user. He also has the option of seeing a graphical
representation of the statistics so as to give him a more clear view if his
progress in his typing skills.

A help section is also provided in which the user is provided with
Typing Tips to help improve his typing speed and to enhance him to be able
to sit on the computer and do his/her typing work for a longer period of time
without exerting too much pressure on one’s physical body.
2. Scope:

This project will be of particular help to the users who are looking to
improve their typing skills. It requires no further training from the user
and hence can be used without any hassles by the beginners. The
simplicity of the program is such that it can be as effectively used by
typing pros as well just as a practice tool to stay in touch with their
typing skills and further enhance them by providing various features like
Test and Practice.

It can be used by both school-going as well as college-going children
as a tool to improve their typing skills. It can also be used by
professionals who have quite recently been introduced to the world of

We all know how important once typing skills are when sending an
email or developing a program or making a report of any kind. For the
people with very low typing skills, it takes them almost double the time
for doing the simple tasks as described above. This is where the Typing
Tester Pro 2007 v1.0 comes in as a very handy and effective tool in
improving once typing speed and accuracy and thus saving loads of time
on such naïve tasks.

3. Detailed Description:
This project is basically a typing tester which will test the typing skills
viz. the typing speed and the accuracy of a user while typing.

It contains a login section in which a user is required to enter his
username and password to start the program. If he/she is a new user,
he/she is given the option to create a new account. After logging in, the
user’s statistics are loaded onto the program from the database according
to his results during the previous sessions.

The user is given the option of either giving a test or practicing one’s
typing skills.
In the practice session, he is given a choice of 25 different practice
tests depending on the area of typing on which he wants to improve. He
is also given the option of choosing the amount of time he needs to
practice depending on his requirements. After the completion of the test,
the detailed statistics are provided to the user about his speed, no. of
errors, accuracy and time taken to complete the test. This is then updated
in the database of the practice session as well and he/she can anytime
check his results in the various tests from the main menu.

Another feature provided in this program is the Typing Test. It
contains five levels and a user can move to the next level only after he
has attained a certain pre-defined accuracy and speed in the previous
levels. The complexity of the tests goes on increasing as we move up the
levels. Depending on the accuracy and speed achieved by the user in the
tests he is given the title of Novice, Beginner, Expert and so on.

The user can see his statistics in the test and the practice sessions any
time he wants from the main menu. His average speed and average
accuracy is calculated and it is updated in the database and thus on every
login he can view it. A graphical representation can also be seen by the
user which provides him with a quick overview of his overall progress
both in the practice as well as the test session.

Another feature provided in the Typing Tester Pro 2007 v1.0 is the
Tutor Tips. It provides various tricks and tips to the user to improve his
typing speed, accuracy and reduce the no. of errors, thus improving the
overall typing skills of the user. It also gives some tips regarding the
sitting posture and the amount of time one can sit on the computer
without exerting oneself too much.
Database Design

As clearly visible from the above diagram, the database only contains
three tables viz. users, practice and test.

The user table contains information about the username, password
current ratings and the date of the user’s last login. The primary key is

The practice table contains username (derived from the user table), the
current level reached by the user in the practice session, the accuracy and
speed of the test in all the levels given thus far by the user. The primary key
is combination of username and plevel.

The test table contains username (derived from the user table), the
current level reached by the user in the Test session, the accuracy and the
speed of the test in all the tests given thus far by the user. Here, too, the
primary key is combination of username and tlevel.
Interface Design

Login window

New User Window
Main Menu
Typing Test
Graphical Stats
Development Tools

Software Requirements:
Typing Tester Pro 2007 is a Java based program and hence can run on
any Operating System that supports Java Runtime Environment (JDK 1.4 or
higher). It runs without any hassles on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP or
a newer 32-bit Windows operating system.

The database has been created using MS Access 2003 and the actual
program is created using Net Beans v5.5. So these are the two tools that
should be present on the machine of the user.

Hardware Requirements:


The Typing Tester Pro 2007 requires a 486 CPU with 16 MB RAM
and Microsoft Windows 98, or 32 MB RAM with Windows NT. If you want
to play audio, you need a standard windows compatible sound card with
current sound drivers.


The recommended configuration is a Pentium CPU with 64 MB
RAM, Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and a 16-bit sound card
with current sound drivers. 10 MB of free disk space is required to run the
program. Also required is a 105 keys standard keyboard and a mouse or an
equivalent pointing device.
Future Enhancements
The Typing Tester Pro 2007 can be further developed in such a
manner that we can provide more levels for the user to test his typing skills.
It can be developed further to include some basic and advanced typing
games in which the speed and accuracy of a user’s typing skills can be tested
in a more entertaining manner.

The current version is designed to be used by naïve users only and no
prior typing skills are necessary to start using the program, and hence due to
its simplicity sometimes the more experienced users might not find it too
useful. In the future, the plan is to include tougher tests and a no. of games
which will make the program more interactive and more attractive to the pro
users as well. It can be enhanced in such a manner that a user can add his
own text files to the existing database so as to practice typing those tests.

It can also be developed to include a MP3 player so as to enable the
user to listen to his favorite music while learning a bit about typing side-by-
side. It can also be further developed to include visual and audio aids to help
a user to get familiar with the keyboard and give advice on improving one’s
typing skills.
Websites referred:


Books referred:

1. Java 2 : The Complete Reference
2. Java 2 Core Language : The Little Black Book
3. Java Database Programming with JDBC