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Business Thinking Series: “How come I present but I can’t close any sales?

” by Willing Tan & KC

"How come I present, but I can't close any sales?!"
By Willing Tan & KC
Aug 2009 @ Paris - Germany

Does this happen to you? You do the best changes to improve. Else if you aren’t ready, you
presentation (or at least you think you did). You might as well play Wii or Sony PSP. You are in
followed the processes you were taught, you did the business and business that will give you the
right thing, but still no sales, you didn’t close? lifestyle you wish for. You are representing a
billion dollar company and you will be changing
Why? lives of many hundreds of thousands of people,
imagine their lives are in your hands, so I suggest
Does this mean you are not suited to do this business? you start today by deciding to make this business
Does it mean you didn't present the facts or didn't do work. Sei Stark! (Be Strong!)
the demo right? That is possible. It is also possible
you didn't have the skills to close. However, it is also Let’s analyze each of these limiting beliefs:
possible that subconsciously, you didn't want to close
it anyway. 1. I don't ask them if they want it because they
will say it is expensive.
First, look in the mirror and ask yourself if the
You wanted to close, but subconsciously, you were products are expensive. Be honest and answer it
afraid to close for fear of the dreaded "No" rejection. truthfully. Most likely you answered "Expensive".
And this rejection comes in many forms. And there lies the problem. Because you have
decided that it is expensive, you have limited your
1. I don't ask them if they want it because they will say it is belief and transplanted it over to your prospect.
expensive. And no matter how hard you try to avoid raising
the price issue or avoid answering the dreaded
2. I don't ask them if they want it because I don't want to be question (of cost or price), your every action will
seen like a salesman. expose the truth, “You believe your friend will also
think it is expensive and will never buy it.” So
3. I don't ask them if they want it because I don't want to given that fact, there seems no need to even
cheat them. bother asking (if they want to take it home with
them today) anyway. You see, even before you
4. I don't ask them if they want it because I don't want to make the sale, the sales process was doomed from
hassle them. the start. Congratulations, you fulfilled your
subconscious desires automatically.
Do these reasons sound familiar?
“What you resist, persists.”- Carl Jung
Well, at first you may not be aware about them, but
when you think about them long enough, I think you Think differently…
will agree. So how should one deal with these
subconscious limiting beliefs? Think Relative, Think Perspective.
Any amount will always be expensive. You need to
Before we begin, there is one caveat or requirement. 1st get over the belief that the product is expensive.
You WANT to close and you WANT to make this How? By understanding that other solutions in the
business work. And you are WILLING to make market are already over priced and do not produce

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Business Thinking Series: “How come I present but I can’t close any sales?” by Willing Tan & KC

any significant sustainable results. Consider, Chooi
Im’s case, where she spent RM20,000 on a slimming “For things to change, you have to change.” – Jim Rohn.
program that did not sustain. A lawyer in KL spent
RM120,000! In fact, many people regard the TRA 2. I don't ask them if they want it because I
program to be very affordable for the value we bring don't want to be seen like a salesman.
them (habit forming, no starving, no strenuous
exercise, no rebound). This is also one of the major reasons why many do
not even dare step into the business and it is so
Think Value. unfortunate for that matter.
Review the TRA Program, the US Patent claims, the
6Sp proprietary science, efficacy & amazing It is natural that we do not want to be like the
testimonials, Global R&D centers and over 45,000 person we despise. And in this case, we have been
successful cases in Taiwan, Singapore, HK and ‘programmed’ to despise salesman. Why do I say
Malaysia. When you appreciate the science and that?
wisdom that is embedded into the product and
business, and one of the ways is to look at it relative Well, I was like that too. I felt that salesman was
to other programs, you will then realize that we are the cut throat type people who wanted to squeeze
very very affordable! every cent and more from you. And for a long
long time, I didn’t understand them. And we hear
Think Business Investment. so many horror stories of people who were
If you look at this from an employee point of view, conned and cheated by salesman that we have a
yes it may be expensive relative to your salary. But natural barrier against them. We have a perception
this is a business that you are doing. How much of salesman as people either selling cars, or
would it cost to start a global business? RM50,000, promoters or insurance sales agents, or even hard
RM200,000 or RM800,000? A lot of people who start selling network marketing agents. And I guess
this business never realize the huge advantage of the some may have had a bad experience with them
low start up costs and virtually zero risk. Think about before, so they will despise them and forget about
it seriously. Examine your perspective of this business. even being one of them too!
Are you in it as a hobby or a business? Whichever you
chose, that will be the type of income you will get. Lets get it straight, without sales of products, the
world would STOP! Nothing would be produced
Think Bigger. or sold. The whole economy will crash!
To start off, you will need to immediately shift your
thinking from employee to a BIG business So what is different?
entrepreneur and see your business to be BIGGER
than any traditional business out there. There is a lot I Nothing, just your perception. Do not act, behave
can talk about in this context, however, if you do not or have the attitude that you think a bad salesman
see the potential of this business in a way that will has. Simple! And what kind of behavior or attitude
have you think BIGGER, you need to seek out should you have? A professional one.
people who see it that way and discover it yourself.
A professional knows that he/she is in this
“Think BIG so that all obstacles are so small, it disappears!” business for the long term, and to create long
lasting relationships of trust and credibility. And
If you continue to see this expensive, you will again, once you understand this, you will not hard sell,
unintentionally provide your prospect the same because you want them to buy again and become
feeling and attitude towards it. And ultimately, they loyal customers (like you are when you go to your
will not join. And you have again failed to close, learn favorite hair stylist, wet market stall etc.). You will
this well, your life will change before your very eyes! not exaggerate claims, because this will lose their

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Business Thinking Series: “How come I present but I can’t close any sales?” by Willing Tan & KC

trust. You will not charge higher than what they are If you feel that being a salesman is ‘taking’ money
willing to pay and sufficient to make a profit. And your friend. Think again, you are in a business.
you will provide great service, so that they will Your best friend would also charge you for a meal
recommend their friends to you. That’s being a (with discount) from his new restaurant, what’s the
professional! Do that and you will never be associated difference? Please remember that traditional
as the negative image of a salesman. In fact, you will business have so much mark up, it’s ridiculous! I
have made every salesman proud by raising the used to work for a MNC designing battery packs
standards for all salesmen in the world! for cell phones. The cost of a battery vs. that what
you buy at the retail shops are over 400-1000%! If
Ask yourself, if you had a salesman that did exactly you think that it is bad to take money from a
the above, would you buy from him again? Absolutely! friend, then most likely you think the next issue is
In fact, you would come back many times and true too…
recommend your family to him too. Not only that,
you would even be very proud to introduce him to “We sell everyday, whether we like it or not. We do it.”
friends and your mother in law!
3. I don't ask them if they want it because I
Today, start by realizing that there are fantastic don't want to cheat them.
salesmen that you would always buy from. If you
can’t find any, you got to get out more often and start Wait a minute… if you think that, than why are
to be more positive about life. Not everyone is out to you even reading this? ☺
get you! Your upline is a great place to start.
First of all, were you in any way, shape or form
By the way, I deeply respect Gandhi, Winston cheated yourself? Did you benefit from the
Churchill, Steve Jobs and the janitor who cleans the products or believe that this business can help you
building. All of them are salesman! They sold us a achieve your goals in life. If you do, then what you
vision of a better future and enrolled us to take action are doing is merely doing your duty to share this
to participate in it. The janitor showed me that he was gift with a friend and let them have the
responsible to make the building clean and enrolled opportunity to decide as well.
me to keep the place clean too. He sold me on how
effective he was, so that I gave a good compliment to Remember that you will not move forward unless
him and his boss. And when he did a good job, he got this toxic thought is removed from your belief
a great review. Think of sales as communicating a system.
vision and enrolling others to take action towards
achieving their vision, pure and simple. This toxic belief is there because you have once
heard, seen or thought that this business was a
“You were a salesman at birth! You got some one to change scam. What you need to do is understand this
your diapers and feed you. You were pretty good at it too!” business better and to know that people see this
business the way they want to see this business. If
If you feel that being a salesman in network they think it is a scam, they will see it negatively. If
marketing is about collecting money and you do not they see it as an opportunity, they will see it
like that part of it. Well, do what I do. “So, if you like positively.
what you see, why don’t you get it? … and you can
get it from the company directly by being a member There are many examples of why this is one of the
so you can enjoy wholesale prices!” You see, you are most ideal businesses there is, the problem that
not collecting the money, the company is. You are many people can’t accept it, is that they all think
merely an introducer. “It is too good to believe!” “It’s not possible to
have time and financial freedom through network

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Business Thinking Series: “How come I present but I can’t close any sales?” by Willing Tan & KC

marketing.” “Where got something so good one?”
“Ha! You think it is so easy meh?” “Ha! You think So it is hard to explain to some why, if all their
you can!?” And when they think that way, all the friends failed at network marketing that it may not
skeptical thinking comes in to justify it (without really be the case for him/her. They will need to be
understanding what it really is). shown that they have what it takes to succeed
despite others failures.
Don’t worry, I was one of these people. And people
do change. ☺ “I believe that you are different because you are reading this.
I trust you will know the difference and decide to be great!”
When you see something in the sky, flying. Our brain,
mind and thinking wants to put that object into a So, remember that many people are looking for a
category (make sense of it). That’s what the mind way out of the rat race and many are looking for
does best. And when that thing can’t be categorized, opportunities. Some will look at insurance,
it will make assumptions. And assumptions are the property, investments, traditional business and
toxic beliefs that we tend to believe and spread. some even network marketing. To build a life long
business that can be passed on to your next
There are groups who have operated the business in generations, think long term. Think relationship
an unethical way and have unfortunately cheated building, think trust and credibility, all this cannot
many of their hard earned savings. This is sad and be built over night and never on a lie. When you
down right disappointing to see another person do get that right, you will win!
bad to another person as well. It should never happen.
“Visibility + Credibility = Profitability” – BNI Growth
Network marketing amplifies a persons intentions, so Concept.
if they do this for ill intentions, it will correspondingly
be amplified as well. However, for you, please talk to
your sponsor to understand the right way to do this 4. I don't ask them if they want it because I
business and get all your questions clarified. Business don't want to hassle them.
is about solving problems and our purpose in life is to
make things better for humanity. You are in a Why would you think that? Interesting enough, if
business to be a Force For Good, are you ready for it? you think that, you feel that. And if you feel that,
you don’t want that to happen to your friend too.
Of course, there are people who have done network
marketing before and have not had much success. Question is ‘why would you feel that’?
And they may impart certain experiences, ideas,
concepts and beliefs to us and have us believe them Ask yourself, if someone called up and gave you an
too. This is one of the key reasons why so many fail opportunity to make a USD1,000,000.00 would
to even take a look because they trusted their friend. you think it would be a hassle to come to listen to
Nothing against trusting a friend. That is what friends this opportunity?
are for, to give advice and guidance.
Of course not!
However, we have to also know that the reason for
one individual to not have much success in network So why do we think we will hassle them? It is
marketing is also the reason why another individual because we have committed one of the most
will eventually become a great success as well. Since dangerous sins in network marketing. We have
no two person are the same, they have different again brought our difficulties and challenges and
experiences, backgrounds, history, everyone starts of assumed that it will be duplicated in them as well.
from a different level.

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Business Thinking Series: “How come I present but I can’t close any sales?” by Willing Tan & KC

Remember that if you are doing this business with Simple! Tell your mind that you have DECIDED
stress and disappointment, then you are doing it to make a change and say it to as many supportive
wrong. This business is not easy, but it doesn’t mean friends (eg. 50 friends and relatives) as possible
it has to be a hassle. This business, like millions of and keep telling everyone. Why? Well, since you
others is filled with challenges and just like any have told so many people, your mind has to, no
employee, filled with difficulty and pain. Nobody matter what commit and produce the results you
promised that it would be hassle free. But remember, want.
hassle for you, could be a walk in the park for
someone else. So, you will never know! And if you Why? Why did it change it’s mind?
don’t know, don’t assume it will be the same.
Well, remember the mind is there to keep you safe.
Remember that when you hold back in your passion Once you declared to the world, it has no choice
to present, when you are reserved in your efforts to but make it happen, else it would be embarrassing
share this amazing opportunity, when you go only (your mind is there to protect you from any
80% in your effort to tell your story, when you are embarrassing moments), and that is definitely not
not committed in ensuring that your friends sees this what the mind wants. It must stay safe. And by
business as you see it, when you doubt your ability making it possible (what you want), it will go back
and energy to sell your vision, your friend will to being safe again (by making it happen for you,
NEVER get it 100%. And when they don’t get it, cool eh?!)! ☺
they won’t understand the full picture, the energy, the
passion, the attitude and emotion you feel. “Be Decisive, Declare It and Be Determined to Succeed.”

By then, you will lose this prospect and wonder why So what do you do after you next present?
you didn’t close him/her.
Understand you are providing value, giving others
“Never be a fortune teller for your friends. Just tell the story opportunity, letting them decide, sharing your
and let them decide for themselves.” experience, understanding their needs and making
lives better. Complete this process with one of the
By now, you will have a better understanding why you following sentences of your choice:
present, share and demo so well, yet you don’t close
any sales. 1. “Would you like to take it home today and
try it right away?”
Go back and find the one that best fits your mental
block and remove it immediately. You want to set 2. “If you like it, why not get it?”
yourself free of old thinking. Thinking that doesn’t
serve you. The only thing it does, is to protect you 3. “Would you like me to have it shipped to
from taking risk. your home or office?”

Don’t believe a word your mind is telling you. 4. “Which would you prefer? Life Pak or
LifePak with g3?”
Listen to your heart and do as it says (reach for your
dreams and visions). Your mind is there to keep you 5. “Can I have your credit card and IC?”
safe. If you want to go against it, it will give you (After they have said they like it.)
1,000,000 valid reasons to stay the current course and
DON’T change, DON’T rock the boat! 6. “Can I have you initial here.”

So, how? 7. “When can I pass the products to you?”

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Business Thinking Series: “How come I present but I can’t close any sales?” by Willing Tan & KC

There are many more, but these are but a few you
8. “Would you like to try it?” can use. The key thing is to USE them. Say them
and say them with confidence as if you already
9. “How about taking a set home today and start know they want it and have been waiting for you
improving your health today?” to provide it to them.

10. “What’s have you got to lose? You’ll love it!” You can do it!

About the authors:
Willing Tan 陳威潾 & KC 江康晉 represent Nu Skin Enterprises, a NYSE listed company with
USD1.25Billion in sales. The company has produced 625 USD1,000,000 Circle Members (averaging 1 every 10
days). Nu Skin operates in 50 countries and focuses on anti-aging and weight loss program (TRA™) The next anti-
aging innovation to be launched globally is ageLOC ™ which targets & stops aging at the source; Youth Gene Clusters

Willing Tan and KC are one of the top leaders in Nu Skin Malaysia. Willing Tan has a
degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked in a MNC for over 13 years. He is a trainer
and executive business coach and loves watching movies and reading. KC is a Chemical
Engineer and worked for several MNC’s for 10 years. She is a certified Nu Skin product
trainer and business coach. She loves to spend time with her daughter and tells her stories about
history when travelling to foreign countries. Both of them are constantly looking to work with
high energy, enthusiastic and passionate individuals to create a Force For Good in this world
through the network marketing opportunity with Nu Skin. Contact them via email or mobile +6012-435-6328

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