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The Dust Bowl in the United

States (1934-1939)
The dust bowl began in the early 1930s.
In many texts, it states in 1934-1939 but some
historians claims it started in 1931.
In these times, when the dust bowl reigned it was
given a title as the dirty thirties.
The dust bowl was caused by continuous
temperature change in weather patterns and
People suffered tremendously because of this
The dust bowl was the worst in the earlier days
thus causing the worst air pollution in U.S. history.
The dust bowl was made up of poisonous sands
that cause a lot of illness towards people.
The sand known as SILISCA DIOXIDE or SIO2.
Silica is a dangerous chemical due to its make up of:
mercury, lead and quartz.
Silica dust can cause Silicosis which can cause
disabilities and even be fatal.
In order to solve or reduce such problems many
persons had to evacuate their homes and seek refuge
in near by cities and at family members.
Persons had to seek medical attention fast due to the
dust being inhaled, absorbed and eaten (because the
sand were on the food).
Dust nuisance could be
reduced by planting
grass on sandy areas.
Keeping the area
damped as often.
Proper warning signs to
be placed in work areas
Everyone was at risk during the dust bowl especially the
children. They developed a sickness called dust
Dust phenomena also brought forward other dangerous
chronic diseases such as: lung cancer, heart disease,
kidney disease while some died.
Each year throughout the dust bowl it got worst and are
persons diagnosed with chronic diseases.
Over the years persons became knowledgeable about the
dust hazards and seek medical care.
Hence, the last years of the dust bowl persons were
treated and chronic illnesses were prevented.
1934 1935 1936 1937 1938/39
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
According to the J.I.S. (Jamaica information service),
ALPART (Alumina Partners of Jamaica) has took up
the challenge to correct the issue about dust
nuisance in the community.
They have on their agenda to try and correct the dust
issue that residence are facing with the factories.
They try to get the factories far away from the
communities as possible because the dust cause
unhealthy living.
Residence and also workers in the factories are
educated on how to prevent chronic disease due
to the dust.
The factories are monitored especially during
drought conditions.
The absence of rain is one of the main reasons
why the dust became nuisance to the community.
The dust bowl was one of the most disastrous time
in U.S. history.
Dust damages your health.
Prevent future dust bowl events by following the
risk managements.
Seek proper medical advise on how to treat and
prevent any future chronic diseases caused by
dust hazards.