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The Abraham J.

Karp Collection of Judaica Americana

Scope and Contents
The Abraham J. Karp Collection of Judaica Americana, generously donated to the
Library at the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies by his ife, !eborah Karp,
consists of to ma"or parts. The first is a collection of manuscripts, pamphlets, and early
printed or#s of Judaica Americana. The second is a valuable and e$tensive collection
of boo#seller, auction, and e$hibit catalogs.
Abraham Joseph Karp &b. April ', ()*( + d. ,ovember *-, *../0.
1istorian, bibliophile, rabbi and beloved teacher, Abraham Jacob Karp as one of
the giants of the orld of the Jeish boo# and a pioneering scholar of the field of
American Jeish history. %orn in 2ndura, 3oland on April ', ()*(. Karp received his
early education in 4rodno, here he attended a 5Tarbut6 school that taught 1ebre7
language and culture. 1e brought ith him to the 8nited States in ()/. a deep love for
Judaism and the Jeish people. 1e graduated from the Teachers 2nstitute of the 2saac
9lchanan Theological Seminary in ,e :or# in ()/), and ent on to receive a %.A.
from :eshiva 8niversity in ()-*, graduating magna cum laude. 1is rabbinical
ordination as conferred on him in ()-' by the Jeish Theological Seminary of
America, here he as also aarded a ;.1.L. in ()-<, and an honorary doctorate in
()=(. >abbi Karp married !eborah %urstein in ()-' shortly before graduating from
rabbinical school, and they had to sons, 1illel Judah and !avid Jacob. 1e served as a
congregational rabbi in Kansas City from ()'( to ()'? and in >ochester, ,e :or#, at
Temple %eth 9l from ()'? to ()=(.
!uring his student years at the Seminary, Karp came under the lasting tutelage of
Ale$ander ;ar$, bibliographer of Judaica par excellence, ho set him to or#
cataloguing the distinguished personal library of 3rofessor 2smar 9lbogen. 1e ac@uired a
profound and life7long love for Jeish boo#s and Judaica of all #inds. 1is personal
collection, the "oyous harvest of decades of devoted collecting, consisted of over (.,...
printed boo#s, including hundreds of rare, early 1ebre imprints, as ell as manuscripts
and Judaica handicrafts, such as te$tiles, sculptures, and paintings. 1is collection of
Judaica Americana, today held at the JTS Library as perhaps the finest private
collection of its #ind ever assembled.
>abbi KarpAs collection, and his passion for collecting, became a foundation of
his career as a historian. 2n studying history, Karp emphasized the primary source above
all others as the most reliable itness to the past. 9ach boo#, each manuscript letter, each
nespaper clipping, each scrap of historical evidence he could find became in his hands a
#ind of detective trail that invariably produced ne and significant discoveries. 1e
authored a seminal or# about Jacob Joseph, ,e :or#As first 5chief rabbi,6 as among
the first to study ;ordecai ;anuel ,oah in any real depth, and his basic research on the
American Synagogue and the American Jeish prayer boo# as ground7brea#ing.
3erhaps the culmination of his career as a collector and historian as realized hen he
as invited to curate an e$hibit of the Library of CongressA Judaica collections. The
pro"ect blossomed into a classic, authoritative bibliophilic treasure entitled From the
Ends of the Earth &())(0, characterized by carefully selected visual artifacts, elegantly
ritten prose, and beautiful final production @uality.
>abbi Karp held a number of academic positions, including a professorship of
1istory and >eligion at the 8niversity of >ochester, from ()=* until ())(. 1e also
taught as a visiting professor at !artmouth College and at the JTS. Karp fre@uently
visited 2srael, and served three times as visiting professor of American Jeish 1istory at
the 1ebre 8niversity of JerusalemAs 2nstitute for Contemporary Jery. 1e retired as
the 3hilip S. %ernstein 3rofessor 9meritus of Jeish Studies at the 8niversity of
>ochester and moved to >iverdale, ,e :or#, in ())( to serve as the Joseph and
>ebecca ;itchell Ad"unct >esearch 3rofessor of American Jeish 1istory and
%ibliography at the Jeish Theological Seminary of America, until his death on
,ovember *-, *../.
2n addition to his academic life, >abbi Karp also as dedicated to Jeish
communal service. 1e as elected 3resident of the American Jeish 1istorical Society
from ()=* to ()=', and for many years served on the publications committee of the
Jeish 3ublication Society of America, as ell as on a variety of editorial and e$ecutive
boards and advisory councils. Karp as the recipient of numerous honors, including the
Lee ;. Briedman ;edal from the AJ1S, and received an honorary doctorate from 4ratz
College in ()<'. 1e authored, co7authored, or edited more than tenty boo#s and over
fifty articles, encyclopedia entries and revies. Among his best #non or#s are his five
edited volumes, The American Jewish Experience &()?)0, Beginnings: Early American
Judaica &()='0, Golden Door to America &()==0, Haen and Home &()<'0, The Jews in
America: A Treasury of Art and !iterature &())-0, and Jewish "ontinuity in America
>abbi Karp fre@uently spo#e about 5s@ueezing6 every detail out of a historical
source and indeed, the same could be said about his zest for life. Abraham Joseph Karp
lived ith remar#able energy and passion. 1is memory surely ill be for a blessing.
Part 1: Manuscripts, Pamphlets, and Printed Americana (8 boxes)
4enizah &C0 manuscript fragment, ritten in blac# in# on paper, in Driental s@uare script,
of 3roverbs E2E7EE, circa ((7(*
cent. &as stated by Karp0.
( leaf, inscribed on verso and recto.
*. lines ith masoretic vocalization and accentuation.
().- $ ('cm
4enizah &C0 manuscript, bi7folio, ritten in blac# in# on paper, in Driental s@uare script,
of 3roverbs E, circa (/th cent. &as stated by Karp0.
(* lines ithout any vocalization or masoretic notation.
*'.' $ (< cm
52nstallation et mode de deliberations du 4rand Sanhedrin6.
EF2 Articles.
3rintedG 3orthmann, 2mprimeur Drdinaire de S.A.2. et >. ;adame, rue neuve des 3etits7
Champs, no. '?.
*/./ $ ().* cm.
53rince Hilliam F visits the 4reat Synagogue, Amsterdam (=?<6 &as stated by Karp0.
3rinted boo#let + described in >L2, ,:J1.*7%-(?< &attached printout0.
(? pp. 1ebre only + does not have the added t.7p. and te$t in !utch.
Dn top of title page + handritten onership inscriptionG :ehudah bar ;ichael de 3ri"s
I de K6K ,eve Shalom.
3rintedG :itzha# :osef Chazan on the first to pages.
(< $ ((.' cm
;anuscript. 1ebre poem. Sephardi s@uare vocalized handriting.
AuthorG Shlomo Chefetz. Hritten on the occasion of the appointment to the office of
rabbinate of Avraham Chai ;einster and :ehudah Arieh Dssimo.
AcrosticsG Avraham :ehudah Arieh, (- alternating rhyming lines.
( leaf, *- lines. Ferso blan#.
*..? $ (/ cm
Letter. 1ebre. >eceipt, no. =*?(, for *.7 pounds sterling, donation of the >everend
James Lutell &C0 of 1alifa$, :or#shire, 5for our poor brothren in the 1oly Land6.
1andritten &or only signed0 by ;oses ;ontefiore, London, '?/( &(<=(0.
( leaf, verso blan#. (* lines, on official paper of the 1oly Land + Sir ;oses ;ontefiore
*-.= $ ().' cm
3rayer for the success of ;oses ;ontefioreAs "ourney to !amascus &in the conte$t of the
!amascus blood libel0.
1ebre and 9nglish. 3rinted in London, **
of Sivan, A; '?.. &*/.?.(<-.0.
%i7folio, page - blan#.
/ pp. *(./ $ (/./ cm
%2.< JoversizedK
1ebre bi7folio. 2n# on paper. Cursive script.
5Ti##un Karet6 mentioning members of the family 9lmaliach.
Dn top of second bi7folio &in 9nglish0G 5This as ritten about (<=(7* because my name
is not mentioned L 2 as born June (<=/. L.1.9.6
(', /-, *<, (= lines.
-* $ *=.' cm
;anuscript. 1ebre. Cursive Ash#enazi script.
9ulogy. Autograph, handritten by :om Tov Arie Leibush ben&C0 ;ordechai SoferI&C0,
on the (=
of ,isan, A; ''/* &*..-.(==*0, the day of the death of >abbi 2srael ben
;oses Segal, of Mamosc &(=(.7(==*0.
The eulogy, < stanzas of - rhymed lines &ritten in * lines0, bears the acronym 2S>A9L
S94AL &1ebre0L each stanza is dedicated to one field of the many activities of >abbi
2srael &grammar, logic, mathematics, science etc.0, each ending ith the ord 2S>A9L.
/ lines at the top are an additional pasted strip of paper, different handriting, giving the
name and date of the eulogy.
( leaf, verso blan#.
*/ (?.' cm
According to KarpAs descriptionG
Segal, 2srael ben ;oses of Mamosz &(=(.7(==*0 + 9J (-G ((.?7=
A teacher of ;oses ;endelssohn, spent most his life in %rody.
Author ofG 5,etsah :israel6 &(=-(0, emphasizes importance of science and math,
5,ezer ha7!ema6 &(==/0 + an ethical or#, probably anti71asidic satiric or#.
SeeG 1. Liberman, 5%itzaron6 (? &()''0, pp.((/7*..
Lithography &according to Karp0. 1ebre. Sephardic s@uare script.
3iyyutim for >osh 1ashanah and :om Kippur.
/ leaves, recto and verso. *. lines in each.
(<.' $ (* cm
Burther details in KarpAs descriptionG seeG Avraham:aari, 51a7!efus ha72vri be7Artsot
;anuscript. 1ebre. 2talian cursive. (=
century, 2taly.
5;aseh gadol venora shel >av :osef della >eina6.
(? pp. ** lines each, e$cept for page (' + (= lines. Last page blan#.
3aper bound.
(<.' $ (*.- cm
!escription of KarpG
5;aseh gadol venora shel >av :ose della >eina6 &1ebre0.
ms. (=7(< c. 2taly&C0
SeeG Leo H. Scharz, 5The Jeish Caravan6 pp. *=( ff.
9nglish translation by 2. ;. Las#.
;anuscript. 1ebre and Judeo7Arabic. Semi7s@uare script. Secondary use of the paper.
Several hands.
2ra@&C0, ()
&C0 century.
-- pages of segulotG
* leaves of *. numbered segulot.
-. numbered pages of more segulot.
*.7*- lines each page.
*. $ (? cm
;anuscript. 1ebre. Focalised. 3aper. 2talian s@uare script , mid7(=
3oem. Dn the occasion of the edding of Jacob, son of ;ordechai Shalom >egnio, ith
3almyra Ascoli, in Birenze. !edicated to the parents of the bride and groom.
Sent from Berrara.
' stanzas, * of - rhymed lines each &abba0,
/ of / rhymed lines &ababab,ccc0
( leaf, verso blan#.
*' lines. *( $ (? cm

;anuscript. 1ebre. %i7folio. ()
cent. 2taly.
3. * verso blan#.

1andritten copy of a eulogy on the death of Shmuel !avid Luzzatto, authored by his
oldest son. ) stanzas, each of ? lines, rhymed aa bb cc, and each ending ith the phrase
5Adoni &vocalized0, mi yagur beAoholechah6.
&,ot found in !avidson0
(<.' $ (( cm
%2.(' JoversizedK
;anuscript. 1ebre. %i7folio. Cursive script.
3. * verso blan#.
Letter, ritten in %erdians#, on the *(
of Tishri '?.( &<-.0, ritten to the rav &C0,
testifying that >iv#a, the ife of >. Jonah, committed the crime of adultery hile her
husband as in Je#aterinslav, including the names of to itnesses &page (7*, (=, (-
3age / + * lines, different handriting, probably a second testimony.
/?.' $ **.' cm
3rinted certificate of #ashrut of citrons, 4enova, (/
Tishre A; '?-. &(<=)0, signed and
sealed, ith additional handritten notes by 3inchas Shalom Binci.
( leaf, (< lines. Dn verso + some private accounts, handritten, 4enova (<=<, (<=)
*..' $ (/ cm
3rinted tehinna &prayer0. :iddish. (<
&C0 century.
3rayer to be said by omen during >osh 1ashanah and :om Kippur, during the recital
of Aleinu Leshabeach, hile &the men0 are boing don during the Avodah.
( leaf, /) lines. Ferso blan#.
*- $(< cm
Ktav Shadarut 7 recommendation for a fundraiser on behalf of :eshivat Torath7Chaim
&sic0, founded in Jerusalem, (<<=, and sent on the =
of 9lul, no date. %eginning of *.

/ leavesG first is decorated, blac#, bron, red and gold, bears the name of the :eshiva
ith some details about it, decorated all around ith verses &verso blan#0. The other to
are numberedG no. ( recto has a decorated verse on top &gold and red0, and the name of
the fundraiser, Aaron ;eir !ragitshin, in decorated letters &blac# and gold0, at the
bottom, and in beteen (= lines of te$t e$plaining the mission of the fundraiser. Dn
verso, and page * recto + *' lines of te$t. Leaf * verso + () lines of te$t, and signatures
of the managers and gabbaAim of the :eshiva, (7 :itzcha# Finograd, * + ;enachem
;en#in 1eilperin, / + :aacov &C0 %lumenthal.
*/.- $ (/.- cm
Dne printed page. Ferso blan#. 3rinted in Burth &(<
century0 &C0.
Composed by Asher Anshil Arisreit.
Birst section e$plains hat that sheet is + a sample of his novellum on %aba Kama, hich
he ould li#e to present before generous donors, so that they ould contribute toards
the dory of his daughter.
Second section is the sample itselfG %aba Kama ((/Ga.
According to Karp 7 5%roadside sample of novellum on Talmudic passage, %aba Kama
((/a, to collect money for dory of daughter6.
*' $ (-.' cm
3rinted fundraising letter, gold decorated, for the dory of the orphan Leah,
granddaughter of >abbi Josef 1aim Sonnenfeld &sic0, Chief >abbi of Jerusalem &*.

*( $ ('.' cm
9mbroidery. Bramed beteen to pieces of cardboard. At the bac#G Torah %uilding Bund
9TM 1A:2;, Jerusalem, in 9nglish and 1ebre. *.
The embroidered cloth depicts the Tree of Life in the middle, a verse on the top &he ho
eats from it ill live forever0, and a blessing at the bottom &may you live a long life0, in
green, yello, red and orange threads.
*. $ (? cm + frame
(=.' $ (*.' 7 embroidery
3rinted form of invitation to edding, ith empty spaces to be filled by the parties +
names of bride and groom and dates. Jerusalem, early *.
,umbered ('N*. CostG (.'. &handritten0.
().' $ (-.= cm
,e :ear congratulation form, ith ' pictures of sacred places in 9retz 2srael and
Jerusalem, Jerusalem A; &'0?-< &(<<<0.
Billed in by !avid 9li, sent to Jacob ;. Levi.
At the bac# + stamped by Abraham >ubinstein, boo#seller.
*..' $(/ cm
%2 *-
,e :ear card. 3rinted in gold. 1ebre, ith 4erman additions in both sides. Stamped
by 5Holf 1eller, >abbiner, Saffed6.
(<.' $ (* cm
;anuscript. 1ebre. 2talian. Cursive script.
!eed of sale, Ancona (=?..
SellerG :ohanan ben 1ayim :onah Aziz,
brother in la of buyerG :osef ben Shimon ;orpurgo
&on the family seeG 9J E22 pp./-<7/'(0.
- leaves, ? pages handritten, ' of /= lines each, ?
+ (' lines O signatures of itnessesG
Abraham ;alach, Samuel ben ;atsliach Cohen. Last to pages blan#.
Burther description by Karp.
*<.* $ ()./ cm
To bi7folios of a printed tehinna &prayer0. :iddish. (<
Composed by the rebbetzen ;emla&C0, daughter of >av Mvi 1irsch, ife of >av :itcha#
of %elz.
According to Liberman, 5Dhel >achel6 &,e :or# ()<.0, p. --? 7 printed in Lvov, A;
''-= &(=-=0.
*../ $ (- cm
3archment. Ketubbah. S@uare 2talian script. ;odena, (' ;archeshvan ''<?
( page, verso blan#.
*) lines O * lines of signatures of the itnesses.
*-.- $ ().=
;anuscript. !ifferent handritings and scripts.
( leaf, recto and verso.
>ectoG ritten by Jehiel ben ShimonI on the )
of Shevat A; &'0'(( &(='(0
FersoG three handritings
3hotocopy in folder.
(=.* $ ((.< cm
%2.*)a, *)b JoversizedK
;anuscript. 1ebre. Cursive script. %i7folio O ( leaf &continuation of the te$t0, verso
*.7*= lines per page.
Te$t entitledG 5!evarim achadim6 &A fe ords0. A letter of encouragement to the Jes
in >ussia, against the activities of ;a$ Liliethal, ho as appointed rabbi and educator
by the >ussian government &mid7()
-* $ *=.', *( $ *=.' cm
1ebre manuscript, in# on paper. 3rayer for the health and peace of the emperor
Berdinand 2, 9mperor of Austria &(</'7(<-<0, and his ife Caroline, and for the peace
and @uiet of the people of 2srael under his reign.
3receded by a list of ' 3salms, hich should be read before the prayer.
( leaf, verso blan#. *( lines
(<.< $ ((.' cm
1ebre manuscript, title and incipits in s@uare script, rest in cursive.
A song for the festival of Shavuot, signed in the acrostic by :itzcha#, (<-', in honour of
to 2talian yeshivot.
Bour stanzas of four rhyming lines each.
Dn the top right corner + an 2talian titleG Cantico in onor della Legge.

( leaf, verso blan#. (< lines.
*'.' $ () cm
%22./ JoversizedK
3rinted leaf, 8zan + Tunis, ()--.
3age (G Signs for the seder and #iddush for >osh 1ashanah, 1ebre and Brench O list of
days + erev rosh chodesh ()--7-' + dates for cemetery visits. Title in Judeo7Arabic.
3age *G Calendar for Jeish holidays and te#ufot &seasons0, '=.' &()--N-'0. 1ebre,
Brench and Judeo7Arabic.
( leaf, /).' $ *= cm

1ebre manuscript, one folded sheet, in# on paper.
Congratulations for the ,e :ear A;&'0?<- &()*/7-0, sent by Mipporah&C0 to %aruch
:itzcha# and family. !ecorated, ith to doves and a vase of floers.
( leaf, right half of recto and verso blan#. ? lines and decorations.
*/.' $ *..* cm
%22.' JoversizeK
1ebre printed bi7folio.
2llustration of the lung, for hala#hic + ritual slaughtering purposes.
3rinted as an appendi$ to the boo# 5Temunat 1areAah6 by >av :ehudah Leib ben Dzer,
Jerusalem ().?N= &'?.=0 &see attached description0.
1ebre manuscript, bi7folio, cursive script.
According to KarpG 9ulogy on the death of the tzaddi#, the rabbi of the congregation of
3iera, (<**.
- pages,(?, /., *?, *- lines.
*/ $ (<.* cm
1ebre manuscript, parchment, s@uare Sephardic script.
(/ attributes of 4od &9$odus /-G?7=0, each on a separate line, and in a parallel column of
(/ lines verses from ;icah =G(<7*. ith further additions inserted in beteen in smaller
letters. Additional / lines ta#en from :om Kippur liturgy.
(= lines.
** $ (= cm
%22.< JoversizedK
1ebre manuscript. %i7folio. 3age - blan#. S@uare script.
/ prayers of reshut to be said by the chazzan on the 1igh 1olidays in Shacharit.
(=, (=, (' lines.
/<.' $ *?.' cm
3rinted 1ebre prayer for the shofar bloer, to recited on >osh 1ashanah, before the
bloing in the synagogue, according to the rite in Safed &#abbalisticC0. Hith a decoration
all around the page.
( leaf, verso blan#. -/ lines.
*=.* $ ().* cm
1ebre manuscript, in# on paper. Cursive script. Focalised.
3art (G Ta#en from the selichot, apparently to be recited on >osh 1ashanah. */ lines.
3art *G 3salms -=. Brom the prayer before shofar bloing. = lines.
( leaf, *? lines on recto, ' lines on verso.
*-.' $ (< cm
1ebre manuscript. 3archment. S@uare script. Focalised. 2taly, ()
&C0 cent.
3rayer for the sic#, men and omen, according to the custom in Livorno.
( leaf, /( lines on each side.
(= $ (( cm
%22.(* JoversizedK
1ebre manuscript, bi7folio, in# on paper. 2talian.
Te$t of tombstone inscriptions for ' people, - members of the Cutti family, '
for Sanson
3adovani. 9ach te$t has details about the deceased, / have ? lines of rhymed vocalized
eulogy in the middle of the te$t. They all have additional 2talian details on the name of
the deceased, and bear the dates (<./, (<*', (<*?, (</., (</' &and their 1ebre
*/ $ ** cm
1ebre manuscript, cursive script, in# on a blue sheet of paper.
A mathematical riddle.
( leaf, (( lines, on the third upper part of the paper. Ferso blan#.
*(.' $ (=.' cm
%22.(- JoversizedK
%i7folio. 9nglish. 2n# on paper.
3age ( + (' lines. 3age * bears only the title of the document + 9$amination of 9liza
Stoc#man. The rest is blan#.
>ecord of testimony before Justice of the 3eace Ansel 1ill&C0 of Sus@uehanna County,
April */
, (<//. Signed by the "udge. 2t states that the father of a child of a no7pregnant
&5single60 oman, 9liza Stoc#man of Silver La#e, County Sus@uehanna, is Jacob Taylor,
-. $ /( cm
1ebre printed calendar for ('. years, starting A; ''=. &(<.)7(.0.
Bull &attached0 descriptionG Jeish ,ational and 8niversity Library Catalog, Jerusalem
* bi7folios, < pages.
**.' $ (= cm
1ebre manuscript. Cursive Ash#enazi script. ;ulheim, (==<.
2nvitation sent to the doctor Abraham and his ife for the circumcision of the riterAs
son, Shlomo ben ;oshe Segal.
%22.(? + transcription by Karp of the 1ebre te$t of the invitation.
( leaf. Dn verso + */ lines
Dn recto + ? lines, ith the name and address&C0 of the doctor Abraham.
() $ (* cm
1ebre manuscript. S@uare script, vocalized. 2talian.
Copied from a:om Kippur mahzor, 2talian minhag.
) lines O decoration. Ferso blan#.
*. $ (/.' cm
1ebre printed leaf of selichot. &KabbalisticC 2talianC0
**./ $ (=./ cm
3roofs &C0 of / illustrated title pages of mahzorim, one for :om Kippur and * for the
festivals. Dne in red. 3repared for the publisher 3rops, Amsterdam, no date.
/ leaves, verso blan#
(< $ (( cm
%22.*( JoversizedK
3rinted bi7folio.
Selichot. Amsterdam, (=''N?.
See the attached printout.
/? $ ** cm

1ebre manuscript. 2n# on paper. ;orocco, *.
Amulet for the health of ;ariama bat ;asuda&C0
9leven s@uares by eleven s@uares, a letter in each s@uare, repeating the verse 5:ou shall
not tolerate a sorceress6 &9$. **G(=0 O / lines above, / lines on the side and < lines at the
( leaf, verso blan#
*- (/.' cm
1ebre manuscript. 2n# on paper. ;orocco, *.
Amulet for the health of the same ;iriam bat ;asuda.
( leaf, () lines. Ferso blan#.
().- $ (-.* cm

1ebre manuscript, bi7folio. 2n# on paper. Cursive script. 2taly.
Confession of the sin of masturbation.
Bolio (G (=, *. lines. Bolio * blan#, e$cept for a fe lines ritten in pencil, on both sides.
*( $ ('.' cm
1ebre manuscript, bi7folio, in# on paper. Cursive script. Focalised.
Copied from a mahzor for :om Kippur, 2taly&C0
(<, (), (<, () lines
*..' $ (' cm
3rinted bi7folio of liturgy for Simhat Torah, printed in the ,etherlands for the community
of the synagogue of Amsterdam, ith instructions in !utch beteen the verses.
*( $ (- cm
* printed leaves, ritten by 2saac 1ayyim Cantarini, 2taly.
*/ $ (= cm
1ebre manuscript. 2n# on paper. S@uare script.
3rayer for rain, to be cited after Amidah.
( leaf, *? lines recto, (- verso.
*( $ ('.' cm
1ebre manuscript. %i7folio. 2n# on blue paper. S@uare script.
3rayer for rain, to be cited after Amidah. Same te$t as no. *<.
*., (), *., ) lines.
*..' $ (- cm
1ebre manuscript. 2n# on paper. Cursive script. Several handritings.
CouldnAt identify
( leaf, (), *=&C0 lines.
*..' $ (/ cm
1ebre manuscript. 2n# on paper. Cursive script.
3rayer for the ell7being of the soul of a deceased man.
( leaf, () lines, verso blan#.
*- $ () cm
1ebre manuscript. %i7folio. 2n# on paper. S@uare script.
3rayer of the mohel for the success of his mission, that the babies circumcised by him
onAt get into illicit relationships.
* leaves, (' lines on both sides of leaf (, folio * blan# and torn in the middle.
*- $ *(.< cm
3rinted leaf, :iddish.
The printers 1irts Levi >ofe and his son7in7la Kashman as#ing for imprimatur
&has#amah0 for the printing of their mahzor in Amsterdam, (=/=&C0
( leaf, verso blan#.
*-.* $ *. cm
;anuscript. 2n# on paper.
!raft design for a title page. Three gates beteen four columns. Dn the right7hand side
the figure of ;oses ith the Ten Commandments, on the left7hand side + Aaron the 1igh
3riest. The space in7beteen is blan#, probably for the te$t of the title.
( leaf, verso blan#.
*- $ (<.' cm
%22./' JoversizedK
1ebre manuscript, in# on paper. Cursive script.
( leaf, - columns on each page &originally folded0, last column blan#.
About '. lines per column.
,ovelties related to the Talmudic tractate Shvuot --Gb.
/= $ **.' cm
1ebre manuscript. %io7folio. Last page blan#. 2n# on paper. S@uare script, vocalized.
%igger letters for the first ? opening lines, bearing the acrostic 5Pera Satan6.
Ferses to be cited before and after the shofar bloing.
(- lines on both sides of leaf (, < lines on the recto leaf of the leaf *.
().* $ (' cm
1ebre manuscript. S@uare script. 2n# on paper. Focalised.
According to KarpG Hedding poem in honor of bride and groom, 2taly, (<
( leaf, verso blan#. (? lines.
*. $ (' cm
(. 1ebre printed bunch of three consecutive bi7folios, ith vocalization and
accentuation. (=
&C0 cent.
Te$t 7 2 Samuel *'G/- + *<G( &both cut in the middle of the verse0. The bi7folios are
numbered ith >oman numerals + l.ii +l.iiii
(( $ = cm
*. 1ebre printed leaf from a siddur + private prayer.
(( $ '.= cm
/. 1ebre manuscript, bi7folio, * columns on pages (7*. Bolio * blan#. %lac# and red in#
on paper.
Short calendrical description of the four seasons of the year &te#ufot0, ascribed to >av
(*.' $ <.= cm
1ebre manuscript. 2n# on paper. S@uare script.
3rayer for the safety of the soldiers 5in the sea, air and land6 &mid7*.
= lines, verso blan#.
**.< $ (-.< cm
1ebre manuscript. ( @uire of / bi7folios. S@uare script. 2n# on paper.
Ferses and piyyutim for Simchat Torah.
(. lines each page, e$cept for the last + = lines.
(/.' $ ).' cm
1ebre manuscript. 2n# on paper, vocalized.
3oem on the occasion of a neborn, by Abraham :aacov, Harsa (<//N-, A; &'0'=-
( leaf of ) lines, verso blan#.
*(.' $ (< cm
1ebre manuscript. 2n# on paper. Cursive script, various handriting.
/ leaves 7 pages (7/ are short Talmudic stories of miracles that happened to our ancestors
and rabbis, page (7* + *=, /. lines, page / + (< lines.
3age - 7 scribal e$periments&C0
3age ' 7 personal notes, >oman numerals ith their Spanish e@uivalents.
3age ? blan#.
(-.* $ (. cm
1ebre printed page, (?
&C0 cent.
3roofs&C0 of las of ritual animal slaughter. CouldnAt identify the boo# .
( leaf, verso blan#.
() $ (?.= cm
1ebre manuscript, in# on paper. Cursive script.
3rivate %ible e$egesis to five ee#ly portions.
* leaves, (/7*' lines per page.
(?.* $ ).* cm
(. 1ebre bi7folio, in# on paper. S@uare script. Focalised.
3iyyut on the destruction of the Temple, to be cited on the eve of Tisha %eAav.
(? lines, verso and folio * blan#.
*..' $ (=.' cm
*. 1ebre manuscript, in# on paper. S@uare script. Focalised.
3rivate prayer, for the mercy on the 3eople of 2srael.
= lines, ith an opening line listing ? 3salms to be cited before the prayer. Ferso
(=.' $ (*.< cm
/. 1ebre bi7folio, ith numbered pages ((-7((' &part of a bigger or#0. 2n# on paper.
Cursive script.
1istory of persecutions and decrees of Jes in medieval 9urope, especially in Spain.
/'7/? lines per page.
() $ (-.) cm
Letter. Brench, dated April (, ()(-, ritten by the Brench >abbi 4ermain7Louis Levy to
his friend &unnamed0, than#ing him for an invitation, and for sending him his boo#.

(' lines. Ferso blan#.
*(.' (/.' cm
1ebre printed page on orange paper. Amulet for the safety of the neborn, 5by the %aal
Shem Tov6.
2n the center + psalm (*(, ith #abbalistic verses and commentaries and decorations all
*..' $ ('.' cm
1ebre printed boo#let of the ta@@anot and documents of the :eshiva %et 1attam Sofer,
Safed, ().)&C0 &see attached printout0.
( &title page0, * @uires &/* pages, first ' 1ebre and :iddish side by side0 O < pages
listing the aims and rules of their selling citrons and olive trees for the benefit of the
yeshiva, in 1ebre and :iddish, side by side.
%ac# page in >ussian
(- $ (( cm
3rinted 1ebre boo#let, ().?N=.
See the attached printout
() $ (*.' cm
3rinted 1ebre boo#let, (<)-N'.
See the attached printout.
(. leaves. () $ (* cm
3rinted 1ebre boo#let, ().<N).
See the attached printout.
? leaves, () $ (* cm
%22.'* JoversizedK
( 1ebre printerAs sheet &(? pages0 for the boo# 5ShaAarei !imAah6 by >abbi Samuel
ben Joshua Melig.
See the attached printout.
(= $ (/ cm &hen folded0
%22.'/ JoversizedK
( 1ebre printerAs sheet &< pages0 of a boo# or leaflet to be called 5Kinnus Tsadi#im6 by
9li"ah ben 9leazar Landa, grandson of 9li"ah ben Solomon Malman &1agra0, &could not
find any traces of the boo#0.
Alphabetical list of holy places in 9retz 2srael, mentioned in rabbinic literature and in
several other later boo#s.
/-.' $ *-.' cm &not folded0
3rinted :iddish boo#let, (<)'N?.
See the attached printout.
(, 2F, /- pages. *. $ (/.' cm
3rinted 9nglish prospectus presenting the Touro Synagogue. ;id7*.
cent. Ferso blan#.
Loer part of recto bron, ith - precut photo mounts &no photo0.
*-.' $ *. cm
(. 9nvelope of the first day of issue of the stamp of the Touro Synagogue, ith the
picture of the synagogue on the envelope, stamped August **, ()<*.
(?.' $ ) cm
*. Souvenir card of Temple %eth 9l, '
Ave, sent by ,eton ;illi#en&C0, September
/., ()'<.
(( $ ) cm
Another different envelope of the first day of issue of the same stamp &(a0, ith a short
history of the Synagogue and the ,eport congregation, stamped on the same day. Dn
the bac# of the envelopeG ,ama#e Cachets.
(?.' $ ) cm
(. An envelope ith the above stamp inside.
*. A postcard ith the picture of the synagogue &(- $ <.' cm0.
Another different envelope of the first day of issue of the same stamp, ith yet another
picture of the synagogue, stamped on the same day.
() $ (. cm
9nvelope of the first day of issue of the stamp bearing the figure of %ernard >evel, ith a
colorful picture, gold framed, of >evel on the left side of the envelope. Stamped
September */, ()<?.
Hith an additional empty card, probably to be put in the envelope.
(?.' $ ) cm
4enizah&C0 manuscript fragment, parchment. (*
&C0 cent. S@uare script ith masoretic
vocalization and accentuation.
,umbers (<G((7().
('.' $ (. cm
(< items, mostly amulets, prayers and benedictions.
%222.- + empty envelope
1ebre manuscript, blac# in# on parchment. S@uare script, 2talian.
4ift for a bridegroom Joseph Shaul ben Shemariah.
Dn the right side + ( line saying this is the bridegroomAs gift, / benedictions before
reciting ;egillat 9sther O ( line of congratulation to the couple.
Dn the left hand side + ( line bearing the name of the bridegroom, benediction and verses
to be recited after the ;egillah reading.
(- $ (. cm
(. 1ebre manuscript, blac# in# on parchment, ith gold and green decorations. S@uare
script, 2talian.
4ift for the bridegroom ;oshe Shunshul.
Dn the right side + ( line saying this is the bridegroomAs gift, / benedictions before
reciting ;egillat 9sther, / lines recited after the ;egillah O ( line of congratulation to the
Dn the left hand side + ( line bearing the name of the bridegroom, benediction and verses
to be recited after the ;egillah reading.
(= $ (( cm
*. To miniatures, in# on parchment, of to scenes from ;egillat 9sther, one on top of
the other.
*..' $ = cm
/. 1ebre manuscript, in# on parchment. S@uare script, 2talian.
%enedictions to be recited before and after the ;egillah reading, in to columns, each of
ten lines.
(?.' $ =.' cm
%222.= + missing &not oversized0
(( advertising cards of Jeish merchants
( invitation to the edding of >osie >aubfogel and 1enry 1urvitz, !ecember *?
< printed amulets, all the same. Congratulations on the birth of a baby girl, bearing the
te$t of 3salm (*( ith some additional #abbalistic phrases for the safety of the neborn.
*. $ (* cm each
Jeish printed calendar for the year &'0?=' &()(-N'0.
/, (), / pages.
&see attached printout0.
(< $ ((.' cm
,e :ear card + picture of a little boy reading a boo#, ith decoration all around, and
congratulations for a happy ne year in 1ebre &upper part0, 9nglish and 4erman
*. $ (' cm
(. ,e :ear card + photo of the daughter of Brume and %erl Schartz, mounted on
cardboard, ith congratulations for a happy ne year, &'0??= &().?0. At the bac# +
handritten congratulations in :iddish, (* lines.
(- $ (. cm
*. Colored draing of a rabbi at his studies.
3ieces of paper pasted to the bac# of a Cornfla#es bo$.
(' $ < &the draing0
' postcards, to be used by 2sraeli soldiers hile serving in the army.
To issued by Chabad, to by >eshet 1amifratz Co. and one by Beuchtanger and
Dn all of them + printed ishes for the safety of the soldiers, verso blan#.
O one empty envelope of Ati#oth 2nc., ,e :or#
The Cycle of 3aintings of the 3rague %urial Society, ())/.
2ssued by the Jeish ;useum, 3rague.
() pictures of the paintings in a folder, ith subtitles in 9nglish and Czech.
Lithography of the title page of the first edition of Arthur Szy#As blessing in honour of
the establishment of the state of 2srael, 5published by the %iles#i Station %, Hinnipeg,
Canada, lithographed in the 8SA by 1erman Jaffe, 3rinter, ,e :or#, c()-)6. 2ncluding
Szy#As signature.
(a + printed e$planation of the figures and illustrations on (b.
*< $ *(.' cm
Arabic manuscript. 2n# on paper. To leaves of ;uslim purity la, ith 3ersian
miniatures, glued on green paper. Same boo#Nhandriting.
Leaf )a + recto ' lines and miniature in beteen line * and /, verso (? lines.
Leaf )b + recto ' lines and miniature in beteen line / and -, verso (= lines.
*? $ ('.' cm
3ersian manuscript. 2n# on paper. Dne leaf, recto ' lines, ith miniature glued on the
paper beteen line * and /. Ferso + (? lines.
*..' $ ('.' cm
%F .(a
1ebre printed leaf. 2n# on paper. Focalised. 2talian.Ferso blan#.
3oem in ? stanzas of - lines each, rhymed abab, bearing the title 5Shir ;izmor le7!avid6
O / introductory lines. Composed by !avid Dttolenghi &signed underneath0, on the
occasion of the birth &circumcision0 of a son &;oshe0 to ;ordecai, as mentioned in the
introductory lines.
*? $ *..' cm
%F .(b
1ebre manuscript. Cusive script. 2n# on parchment. 2talian. Ferso blan#.
!ocument certifying the ;oshe, son of !avid Dttolenghi, passed the e$amination of
Jeish ritual slaughter of fol. Livorno, '
Sivan &'0?** &(<?*0, signed by to rabbis,
recorded by Abraham %aruch 3iperno.
(/ lines. (=.' $ (/ cm
%F .*
1ebre manuscript. S@uare script. 2talian. Focalised. 2n# on paper. Dne leaf, recto and
verso, (< lines on both sides. 9ntitledG >eshut le7Kaddish shel Su##ot.
Bor sources of this piyyut see !avidson, Thesaurus, vol. *, no. )<..
*(.' $ (-.' cm
1ebre manuscript. S@uare script. 2talian. Focalised. 2n# on paper. Ferso blan#.
3oem of (* stanzas of four lines, rhymed abba, O three introductory lines, on the occasion
of the appointment of to ne rabbis &no names0, composed by !avid 1ai Ash#enazi ha7
*..' $ (/ cm
* 1ebre bi7folios. S@uare script. 2talian. Focalised. 2n# on paper.
3rayer for the chazzan before the prayer of ;ussaf of the 1igh 1olidays.
Bolio ( blan#, e$cept for a note by Karp, on verso, stating that these pages ere found in
a ;antova ;ahzor (=(< &according to minhag >oma0.
Bolios * and / 7 */ lines each.
Bolio - + < lines, verso blan#.
*=.' $ *..' cm each bi7folio.
* 1ebre bi7folios. S@uare script. 2talian. 2n# on paper.
Liturgical poem to be cited on the eve of :om Kippur, before Selichot.
Bor sources of the piyyut see !avidson, Thesaurus, vol./ p./=, no.<.).
!ated by Karp &folio -0 + (=/'.
(< lines each bi7folio.
Bolio / verso and folio - recto and verso blan#.
** $ (?.' cm each bi7folio.
(. 1ebre manuscript. S@uare script. 2talian. 2n# on paper. 3rayer to be cited before
bloing the shofar. !atedG &'0=(( &Q()'.N'(0. *( lines, verso blan#. *..' $ (?
*. Judeo73ersian manuscript. 2n# on paper. %eginning of a translation J5Tafsir6K of
58netaneh To#ef6 JbyK >abbi Amnon. Same handriting as no. (&C0. () lines,
verso blan#. *..' $ (/ cm.
(* identical printed pages of 1ebre #abbalistic segulot on the birth of a baby girl.
(( on a gray paper, one on green.
*. $ (*.' cm
(( identical printed pages of 1ebre #abbalistic segulot on the birth of a baby girl.
- such segulot on the birth of a baby boy.
Another * such segulot on the birth of a baby girl, very similar te$t as in the ((.
*. $ (*.' cm
/ printed pages of segulot against plagues 5chec#ed6 by >abbi ;oshe Teitelbaum,
printed in %udapest, *.
century. * identical, *..' $ (' cm, one (? $ (( cm
2talian bi7folio, in# on paper, ith 1ebre ords in the te$t.
Translation of 1il#hot ,iddah, chapter EEF.
Bolio ( + * lines of title, () lines, verso blan#.
Bolio * 7 title only + Chapter EEF + 1il#hot ,iddah, verso blan#.
*/.' $ (=.' cm
1ebre manuscript. 2talian. S@uare script. 2n# on paper. Focalised.
3oem 52n honor of Saint ;iriam the Firgin6. ,ot signed. &missionaryC0
Title O *( lines
() $ (- cm
* bi7folios. 1ebre s@uare script. 2n# on paper.
2ntroduction to the prayer 5Ashamnu be7Dmer6 &!avidson vol. 2 p. /?=, no. <((*0
leaves (7* + */ lines
/ recto + *( lines
/ verso and - blan#.
*( $ (? cm
1ebre manuscript. S@uare script. 2n# on paper.
3oem of than#s to 4od, in ? stanzas of < lines, - on recto, * on verso.
(< lines. (< $ (/ cm.
%F2 .( and .* not found
%F2 ./
9sposizione di Talune 2scrizioni 9sistenti in ;atera
9 !elle Ficende !egli 9brei
!. Brancesco 3aolo Folpe
,apoli Stamperia AllA 2nsegna !ella Sirena
-- page boo# ith (/.*' $ (?6 foldout attached to last page &Tavola delle iscrizioni0
Accession ,oG DCLCG *<<.<<=
%F2 .-
Address to the Jes
Jacob %arnet
Dne Folume Dctavo of /? pages
&3roposals for 3rinting by Subscription0
9CCD version &see DCLC Accession <-<<)=)'0 differs in that this copy lac#s a
title page + copy appended
%F2 . '
.'a :iddish manuscript &?.*'$=.<='60
.'b :iddish manuscript &/.='$?60
.'c >abbi KarpAs notation &trans.0G 5Dn the fifth day of Shabbat, the <
day of
Sivan of
the year '''. J(=).K to the creation of the orld.6
%F( .?
/ page printed prayer 52mru LAelohim6 &'.*'$?.'60
%F2 .=
>oni Ra#arah G naye fir lider tsu zingen
Author G 1illel Klibanoff
().< Filna :iddish Te$t /( p.L (?cm
Accession ,oG DCLCG //('-?*(
%F2 .<
%eur meha74era Ral 1aba#u#.
AuthorG 9li"ah be Solomon
(<)< Jerusalem %oo# = leavesL &?.*'$).'60
Accession ,oG DCLCG ()(-*=/<
%F2 .)
(- page manuscript &'$=60 &(' leaves0
,oteG >abbi KarpAs noteG 4raveside 3rayer. 3urchased in Berrara&C0
(.a. <.'$((6 single yello sheet ith notations by >abbi Karp regarding other
(.b0 material.
(.b. Single 3rinted sheet &-.*'$/.'60 1ebre Anonymous !onation Certificate
for the benefit of a Jerusalem Charity
%F2 .(( not found
%F2 .(*
* page &( leaf0 1ebre and 4erman Te$t of Kol ,idre 3rayer from 1anover
&1a,usah Kol ,idre beKehilat Kodesh 1anover0
'?/( J(<=(K
%F2 .(/
* copies of 5Kuntres 3eri S9ts 1adar6 /*p &-.'$=60 Farious author >abbis
Jerusalem (<=<
Accession ,oG DCLCG (**<*/-*(
%F2 .(-.(7(<
1a7;isderonah Serial 3ublication &Second :ear0
1ayyim 1irshenzohn
Jerusalem (<<?7(<<= ** cm (< leaves
Accession ,oG DCLCG (-'-.(/</
%F2 . ('. (7'
1overet 9zrat ,idahim &:ear / + %oo# To0
Jerusalem *. pp. &-.*'$=60
&A Jerusalem philanthropic society hich supported refugee housing on ;t.
Letter from Beli$ ;oscheles, son of 2gnaz ;oscheles &(=)-7(<=.0 &%ohemian7
Jeish piano virtuoso and composer0
Concerning his attendance at the 3eace Conference at the 1ague, ,etherlands in
- pages &* leafs0 (' cm.
Attached &separate insert0 3age //( of the !ictionary of Fictorian 3ainters by
Christopher Hood &*
ed.0 + Contains a paragraph on Beli$ ;oscheles life and ouvres.
;alshine ba7seter ve7agudat mi#htavim by 1ayyim Selig Slonims#i (<)/7- &9d.
** cm.
(' pages ith < pages of handritten material &:iddish0 attached
Accession ,oG DCLCG (*/.*='/?
;aamar ha7mazi# bi7reshut ha7niza#
Ra.d. ha7maamar T9Reneh horfe davarT ha7ba beha7Tsefirah me7et A.
Tsederboim ...
Avraham Kohen Kaplan
Harsa, (<<) < pages *. cm.
Accession ,oG DCLC /<=.'/)* refers to a microform copy only
%F22.- ,ot found
;ase#het admonim min Talmud %olshevi L Rim prsTh ve7tosafot yeshenim ve7
nirdamim ve7hidushe ;aharshaR, ve7Ralehem nosafu Ror tora u7mesirat ha7sus ... N
Avshalom %ar !eroma ()** *- cm.
Accession ,oG DCLCG *(</<'*=
Attached &handritten0 5See 9J (/G(/',(/=
Avraham Shelomo ;elamed &(<?*7()'(0
Bedosia, Crimea + Tel Aviv
Hritten in >ussia + brought to 3alestine
3ubl. TA, ()*/6
Title page only from Sifrei Kodesh by ;oshe 1alevi Landau 3rague, (</? &*.
Contains etching representing %ereshit *-G*=
Accession ,oG DCLCG (**<'?*?=
Title page only from Sifrei Kodesh by ;oshe 1alevi Landau 3rague, (</= &*.
Contains etching representing %emidbar */G(*
3rayer to be hung in the bedroom of a boy &(/ cm.0
Leaf 5-6 from ;ilhemet hovah by ,ahmanides (=(. Constantinople
DCLCG <*-=-((. &(-.' cm0
Admission card for a lecture &(( cm.0 &1ebre0
3rinted list of Selichot for :om Kippur + one sheet &*( cm.0
CTic#et purchased for Simchat Torah honor &(. cm.0
3age e$tracted from a te$t + 9tched portrait of !avid Briedlander &*( cm.0
3age e$tracted from a te$t + 9tched portrait of !avid Briedlander &*( cm.0
3age e$tracted from a te$t + 9tched portrait of J.L. %ense &%enMeAev0 &*( cm.0
3age e$tracted from a te$t + 9tched portrait of 1artig &,aphtali 1erz0 Hessely
&*( cm.0
Title page only from Sifrei Kodesh by ;oshe 1alevi Landau 3rague, (</= &*(
Contains etching representing !aniel 'G*<
Accession ,oG DCLCG -()*/(-=)
Title page only from Sifrei Kodesh by ;oshe 1alevi Landau 3rague, (</- &*(
Contains etching representing ;ishle ?G) and (.G'
Same series as <.( + published (<//7=
3age from te$t &perhaps %F22.<.(7*0 + 9tching of biblical scene &!evarim /(G=0
&*( cm.0
Title page from Ti##un Soferim Amsterdam &undated0 &(- cm.0
Title page only ith etching &Kohelet (G/0 from Kitvei Kodesh &undated0 Hien
&*( cm.0
Title page only ith etching &%emidbar (/G*/0 from Kitvei Kodesh &undated0
&*( cm.0
Title page only ith etching &!aniel 'G*'0 from Kitvei Kodesh &undated0 Hien
&*( cm.0
Title page only ith etching &Fayi#rah (.G'0 from Kitvei Kodesh &undated0 Hien
&*( cm.0
Title page only from Sifrei Kodesh by ;oshe 1alevi Landau 3rague, (</? &*(
Hith etching &Shemot //G(0
Same series as <.( + published (<//7=
Single leaf ith etching representing Shemot (*G? &() cm.0
Single leaf ith unidentified etching &() cm.0
Title page only from Sefer Keriyah ,eAmanah by 2saac !avid Mirndorffer &Burth0
&undated0 &ith etching of family scene0 ;ultiple DCLC entries (<./7(<.-
Single leaf ith etching titled 5;oAadim6 &(< cm.0
Single leaf ith untitled etching &(< cm.0 ith te$t from %e;idbar =G((
Title page only from Sifrei Kodesh by ;oshe 1alevi Landau 3rague, (</' &**
Hith etching &2 Samuel (?G(/0 See %F22.<.( above
Title page ith etching &Jeremiah /(G(/0 from Kitvei Kodesh &undated0 Hien &*(
Title page ith etching &!evarim *?G*0 from Kitvei Kodesh &(</=0 Hien &*( cm.0
Title page ith etching &Joshua0 from Kitvei Kodesh &undated0 Hien &*( cm.0
Title page ith etching &!evarim *?G*0 from Kitvei Kodesh &(</=0 Hien &*(
&duplicate of %F22((.*0
Title page ith etching &Shemot /G?0 from Kitvei Kodesh &(</=0 Hien &*( cm.0
Title page ith etching &Joshua0 from Kitvei Kodesh &(</)0 Hien &*( cm.0
!uplicate of %F22.((./ ith 5Josua6
Te$t &prayers0 (' cm. (? pages 1ebre manuscript entitled Seder 1asirat&C0
;odaAah and (/ untitled printed pages &undated0
Te$t &1ebre ;anuscript0, = pages, (- cm. 3rayers &Shemesh 8A;agen0 and
listing of selected 3salms &undated0
Te$t &1ebre ;anuscript0 ' pages, (-.' cm.
2nserted ,otationG 5;anuscript + - pages + (=.)
A poem to be read every eve of the ,e ;oon by the Chevras ;ishmeres
1eChadash to pray for happiness and prosperity and to prevent sorro and
Te$t &1ebre ;anuscript0 ' pages plus cover page, (- cm.
Bront CoverG 5These are the &the 0 verses before and after the reading &;i#ra0
2, ;oshe, Aryeh Triesti, >esident of the city of 3adua, in the year
''.=6 &(=-=0
Te$t &1ebre ;anuscript0 ' pages plus cover page, (' cm. &undated0
Title page + 5,e orders and prayers regarding various sub"ects according to
their place and time6
Te$t &1ebre and 2talian ;anuscript0 - pages, (/.' cm.
AnnotatedG 53rayer of 9ntering Su##ah in 2talian and 1ebre 2taly, (<
Te$t &1ebre ;anuscript0 - pages, ('.' cm
Tefilat 1a7!ere#h J3rayer on 9mbar#ing on a JourneyK
Te$t &1ebre and Spanish0, -( pages, (* cm.
9stos Son Los 3era#im &3ir#e Avot0, Fenezia, %ragadina, (=.?
&see attached reference0
Cardboard enclosure entitled 59shet 1ayil6
(-.' $ ' cm paper 7 handritten
%icur 1olim 1ospital + shiviAim shanah &unpaginated te$t0, (' $ *- cm
Jerusalem, ()*-
Accession ,oG DCLCG ()*.<()?
%F222.(( 7 not found
;i Khamo#ha /*pp. (-$(( cm
;aarabi, >abbi 9liahou ;oche and %ocharali, >abbi ;eir 3anigel
3ublishedG 3ress of Shmuel 1aLevi Muc#erman
Jerusalem, 3alestine (<)'
&not found in DCLC0
Sefer 1ut ha7meshulash
3ethahiah, of >egensburg
Jerusalem, ()(.
DCLCG ()(<./)(
&see attached DCLC record0
Tefilah le7;osheh
Jerusaelm, ().*
DCLCG '=*).((-
&see attached DCLC record0
;anuscript (? cm. in noteboo# of (* leaves + only - pages of printG
51ash#avah le7ish6 and 51ash#avah le7isha6
,ehamat Tzion (? pp. (? cm.
,o title page or attribution
&Tefilah etzel0 Kotel 1a;aaravi < pp. (= cm.
Jerusalem, (<)'
&Sefer0 1a%rit ve1aMi#aron -. pp. (? cm.
Su#hat !avid =? pp, (= cm.
Jerusalem, (<<'
1ed 1arim () leaves, (- cm
Jerusalem, (<<-
&see attached DCLC record0 DCLCG()()?(.*
9met ;e79retz (/ pp, (/ cm.
Jerusalem, (<=-
;i#htav 1a4aon &initial ords + no title page0
(? pp, (' cm.
3art *G %oo#seller, Auction, and 9$hibit Catalogs
A. Packter Judaica (#5)
Hebraica Judaica (#1)
Hebraica (#9)
A. Rosenthal Ltd -Anglo-Judaic with Americana
-A Collection of Rare and Unique Spanish and Portuguese
-Anglo-Judaica with Americana
-Books on the Americas
-The Illustrated Book
-Judaica and Hebraica/CATALOGS from the Libraries of the
late Chief Rabbi
Catalog # 12
Catalog #17
Catalog #21
Catalog #47
Catalog #82
Catalog # 83
-Old Testament and Rabbinic studies
Portugal- books in many languages on the Portuguese in
-Rare and Uncommon Books and Manuscripts
Catalogues (Judaica and Hebraica)
11: Anglo-Judaica With Americana
12: Judaica and Hebraica before 1815
15: Jewish History, Literature, and Philosophy
20: A Selection of Five Hundred Rare Books & Manuscripts
21: Judaica and Hebraica
22: An Outstanding Collection of 16
Century Hebraica
24: Bibliography
26: Varia: Books on Many Subjects
28: Books on the Social Sciences
30: Books on Portugual in Europe and Overseas
44: Bibliography
47: History of the Jews
50: Choice and Important Books and Manuscripts
51: Rare and Unusual Books
52: Judaica and Hebraica Chiefly Recent Acquisitions
55: Reference and Standard Books
57: The Jews in France
59: Tractado em quefe
61: Bibliotheca Sefardica Important Books and Manuscripts
62: Rare, unusual, and standard books on many subjects
64: History and antiquities none of the Jews in England
65: Rare, unusual, and standard books on many subjects
67: Judaica and Hebraica
69: Rare, unusual and standard books
70: Fine books and mss
74: History, Travel, Literature, and Language
76: Important collection of books on the history of the Jews
77: Palestine Zionsim Israel
79: Bibliotheca Hebraica
82: Rare and Unusual Books relating to Asia
AB Bookmans Publication AB Bookmans Weekly/ Special Judaica Issue. May 4, 1992
-Bookmans Weekly For the Specialist
-Book World (May 7, 1990, April, 1991 May 23, 1994, April
21, 1986, March 23, 1987, April 25, 1988, March 12-18,
Agudat hoveve Yudika Tetsugah u-mekhirah pumbit bi-yerushalayim
-21-27 April 1987
-6 Oct. 1998
-4 January 1994
Agudah le-omanut yehudit Between Judaism and Islam in the Mirror of Art
#1(?) 1983
#2, 1984
#3, 1988
Aldine Book Company Americana-Judaica and Hebraica
Amar, Ariella Ingathering of Nations. 1998
American Jewish Historical Society Haym Salomon: A Gentleman of Precision and Integrity, 1976
- Manuscript Collection in the American Jewish Historical
- Sang Collection of American Judaica
- Paintings, daguerreotypes, artifacts
American Academy for Proceedings Vol. XLV 1978
Jewish Research
Amir, Ziva The Embroidered Costume of the Women of Tuba
Angle, Paul First in the Hearts of His Countrymen.
Antiquariaat Pampiere Werld Judaica-Hebraica, Cat. 22, 1977
Antiquarian Booksellers Kedem Old and Rare Books (list No. 1, Sept. 1975)
Appel, John and Selma Jews in American Graphic Satire and Humor
Arkhiyon ha-merkazi le-toldot The Central Archives for the
ha-am ha-Yehudi History of the Jewish People (newsletter 4)
Asher Rare Books A Selection of Atlases, Books, and Maps On Exhibition at the
annual NY
Asociacion Israelita de Ex residents
De Grodno y Alrededores de
Beneficencia y Cultural Ecos De Grodno , #19/20
Asufah Mekhirot Pumbayot
Judaica Sale
Aviel, Yaakov Choice Illustrations from Yaakov Aviels collection of Holy
Bak, Samuel Landscapes of Jewish Experience. 1993
Bamberger and Wahrmann -Hebraica: Sefarim Ivrim Atikim 11,12,13,16,18,21-
25,27,29,31& 40
-Judaica 6,10,12,16,18-21,28,34,37,41(1957,
Batkin, Stanely I. -The Batkin Family Geneaology
Bauman Rare Books -Catalogue Spring 2002
-Special Judaica catalogue
-New Acquisitions Summer 2002
-Lewis and Clark
-Boswell (1992)
Beit-Arie, Malachi Tsiyurim, avodot al niyar
Ben-Israel, Menasseh -Old and Rare Books on Judaica
-Judaica, catalogue #39, 1951
-1a7sefarim shel refaAel ,eta >abinovits
Ben-Menachem, Naphtali Sefarim shelo neshalmu be-dafus
%eneyahu, ;eir 7>a#iti, >abbi :osef7 aman tseir me7italiyah she7Salah le7
7halifat igerot I le7 >A ;orde#hai ShemuAel 4irondi le7>A
Tsevi 1irsh hayot
7shire #hofah hadashim le7ramhal
%en7;enahem, ,aftali 2gerot ha#hmeh italyah. ()'(
%erlin, Charles The Judaica Collection at 1arvard. ()?)
%et ha7sefarim ha7leUumi >evealed treasuresG from the 9zra 3. 4orodes#y collection in
veha7universitah bi7:erushalayim the J.,.8.L.
%ergmann, 1. 1ebraica Judaica
Bet ha-tefutsot \al shem Nahum Goldman Be-ikvot kolombus:yehudim be-amerikah, 1654-1880
%eth 9l Synagogue Hall of ;artyrs
%eth 1atefusoth, The ,ahum 4oldmann The 4aon of Filna
5%ezalel6 Academy of Arts and !esign
Jerusalem. !an 1offner. 1omage 9$hibition. ())?
%idermanas, 2zis 2srael, ()'<
%lac#, ;ary 7%eyond the 4olden !oor
7The Jeish 1eritage in American Bol# Art
%lac#ellAs 7Judaica71ebraica7>abbinica &V'*<0
71ebraica, Judaica, >abbinica & V'<=0
Bloomsbury Book Auctions -Catalogue of Valuable Hebrew Printed Books and
Manuscripts Sale 189, 9/17/92
-Catalogue of Important Hebrew Manuscripts and Printed
Books from the Ralph and Phyllis Yablon Estate
Sale 38, June 13, 1985 (Sale 202, 226, 240, 1247)
Bnai Brith Klutznik National Jewish Museum Auction (June 13, 1995)
%oroitz, 9ugene %. The 2deal Je
%reslauer, ;. Fer#ooping &=7< ;arch, ()/-0
%rinn, 1oard %. catalogue of "udaea capta coinage
%roderzon, ;oses Sihat holin
%romer %oo#sellers 2llustrated %oo# &catalogue V=*0
%ron Company The 3hilospher &Folume /-, V(0
%utterfield and %utterfield 2mportant Judaica and Hor#s of Art. ())*
CAL9,!A>S 7%el 2srael. Council for a %eautiful 2srael ()<)7()).
7Jeish Art Calendar ())(7())*
7 Strassfeld , Sharon and ;ichael. ())*7)*
78nited Synagogue ())/7())-
7Jeish ;anuscripts. ()<)7).
7Jeish ;useum. ()))7*...
7Jeish Theological Seminary. *...7*..(
Catalogue of 1ebre %oo#s %oo#s sold at auction (N(=N)' at the 9uro7Judaica %oo#
Christie, ;anson, and Hoods 1ebre printed boo#sG duplicates from the Library of The
Jeish Theological Seminary of AmericaG Thursday, ;ay **,
Christies Amsterdam B.V. -Fine Judaica (1984 [at CAJS],1986, 1988, and 1989)
-Bine Judaica, 9nglish and Continental Silver, >ussian Hor#s
71ebre 3rinted %oo#s !uplicates from
7An 2mportant Collection of Judaica
72mportant 1ebre 3rinted %oo#s and ;anuscripts
72mportant Judaica
7Judaica %oo#s, ;anuscripts, and or#s of art
7Library of the Jeish Theological Seminary of America
ChristieAs 2srael ()
and *.
Century 3aintings !raings and SculpturesG
7April (-, ())?
7September /., ())?
7(* Dctober ())'
Cohen, ;arilyn Hhere did they go hen they came to AmericaC ())-
Cohen7;ushlin, Aliza Jeish Art &volume ()7*.0
Cohn, ;argot 4ershom Scholem &(<)=7()<*0G commemorative e$hibition
on the fifth anniversary of his death and the installation of his
library at the J,8L, ;arch, ()<=
Congregation 9manuel Congregation 9manuel &photos0
Congregation Keneseth 2srael %eth Shalom ;emorial Service
Cooperman, ;osheh Tsiyurim, Savodot al niyar
Council of Jeish >eligious Communities
Df %ohemia, ;oravia, Silesia The Dld Jeish Cemetery of 3rague. ()-=
Cultural and Scientific >elations !ivision Ariel &,o. */, ()?)0
Ariel & ,o.'?, ()<-0
!avies, >aymond Arthur 3rinted Jeish Canadiana. ())(
!A%lossiers Tovey Anti@uities of the Jes in 9ngland
!ubno, Simon 3in#as ha7medinahI()*'
9c#hardt, Joseph 3. 3eddler of !reamsG Seigmund Lubin and The Creation of the
;otion 3icture 2ndustry. ()<-
9. Joseph %oo#sellers 4reat Folumes of 4reat Hor#s
9dard 4oldston and Son Ltd. Judaica and 1ebraica Cataloge (,/ W-
9hrman, !r. A. %abylonian And Jerusalem TalmudG Tractate %era#hoth
9mmering 1ebre %oo#s and Judaica. Cat. -/
9phraim Sidon and >ony Dren The Animated ;egillah
9rasmus Katalog //-, 5)'. !eutsche %ucher ,ach ()...6
7!eutsche Judaica 1ebraica
Bal# Hiesemann 4enizah7 1idden Legacies of the 4erman Fillage Jes
Bischel, Halter J. The Jes of Kurdistan A 1undred :ears Ago. ()--
Beldman, Abraham J. Dne 1undred Closing %enedictions
Blorida 1olocaust ;useum Samuel %a#G Hor#ing Through the 3ast
Briedlaender, 1enri The ;a#ing of 1adassah 1ebre. ()='
Breudenheim, Tom L. 2lluminated 1ebre ;anuscripts from The Library of the
Jeish Theological Seminary of America
Buchs, 9duard !ie Juden in der #ari#atur. ()*(
Buld, Stella B. Central Synagogue (-. years
4aleati, 9ditrice 9brei a Lugo 2 Contratti ;atrimonali
Gan, M.H. De Amsterdams Jodenhoek in fotos 1900-1940
4aster, !r. ;. Judaica DrientaliaNTheology
4eurz, S. Judaica and 1ebraica &catalogue ', ?0
4oldstein, Banny 7>ecent Judaica A list of %oo#s of Jeish 2nterest >ecently
added to the Library &supplements --, -?0
7JudaicaG a selected reading list of boo#s in the public library
of the city of %oston &V-(0
4reenburg, ;oshe ;i#ra le7yisraAel CommentaryN 3rospectus. ()).C
4ross, Chaim The Jeish 1olidays. ()=*
4rossman, 4race Cohen 7The ;aurice Spertus ;useum of Judaica
7Judaica at the Smithsonian. ())=
4oudy, Brederic H. TypographerAs !igest ,o. *=, ()?)
Guz, Moshe Sufa (November and June 2000)
Habermann, Abraham Meir Venice 1604 (facsimile)
Seder birkat ha Masor. 1982
-Hamburg-Amsterdam Haggadah of 1728, repr 1980
-Lehmann,M. Hagadah schel Pessach. 1914
-Regelson, A. Haggadah. 1941
-Scharfstein, S. Haggadah. 1990
Haifa Municipality Ethnological
Museum and Folklore Archives Eskimo Art. 1971
Halle, Titi 4insburg, Cora LA Catalogue of >are and 9$@uisite Hor#s of
Art. *...
Hard, William The Great Jewish Conspiracy
Haatikos Judaica Antiques Gallery Auction of Important Judaica and Chassidic Books
Haydn Foundation for the Cultural Arts The American Bible. 1993
Ha-Yerushalmi, Hyman Me-agudat ha-kotel
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institue
of Religion Studies in Bibliography and Booklore Vol. 15, 1984
Hemerijck, P.A. Bibliotheca Porges
Hertzberg, Arthur Anti-Semitism and Jewish Uniqueness
Hillary House Incorporated Judaica and Hebraica (259)
Hirschler, B Hischlers Catalogue (#2,5,9,15,16,18,19)
Judaica-Biblica-Hebraica (#22-24)
Histadruth Ivirth of America Hadoar. Vol 82, No.2
Historicana Catalogue 6, Pleasures of Passover
Catalogue 13, 18
Catalogue 19, Americana Judaica
Catalogue 21, Essence of Judaism
Judaica Miscellany 4
Hundert, Gershon Spiegel Lectures in European Jewish History: 5
Ha-merkaz le-yidikah bi-yerushalayim Mekhirah Pombit 1981, 1984
Hebrew Union College- Jewish Rare Books and Special Collections Exhibit
ICOR Jewish Colonization Album
Institute of Religion Works of Art
Isaacs, Rabbi Ronald H. The Bride and Groom Handbook
Israel Museum Publications -Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts from The Jerusalem
-Tresar dapim meha7genizah ha7#ahirit
71ighlights of the 3ermanent collection
7ArtistsA Tribute to %etha 8rdang
71adashot ;useum 2sraelN(.
7!aliyah ;eiri. 9$hibition, Spring ()<(
7Catalogue )<GBrom Landscape to Abstraction, Brom
Abstraction to ,ature. ()=*
7Dsef Armand 1amer.
2srael ;useum 3ublications &cont.0 7Catalogue of an e$hibition. ()<-
7Catalogue (<- Aphrodite, A 4ree# 4oddess. ()=<
7Treasures of the Aleppo Community. ()<<
72srael Dbserved. ()<(
7Kadesh7barnea. %y >udolph Cohen. ()</.
7Israeli Prints from the Burston Graphic Center
- Catalogue 181:Pichler Drawings. 1978
-Old Masters and the Bible. 1965
-Catalogue 4: Rembrandt 1965
Israel Museum Journal -Vol. 1, Spring 1982
-2srael ;useum Journal7()<-
72srael ;useum Journal7 ()<?
Israel Museum News -No. 12 1977
72srael ;useum ,es &()<.0
72srael ;useum ,es &()=)0
2zzi#a 4aon ;etaphors and Allegories
Jerusalem Center for Jeish Art of
The 1ebre 8niversity Journal of Jeish Art, v.(7?
Jeish Art Co. 7Jeish Art. Fol. (, V( ()==
Jeish Council of >ochester 7The Jeish 3opulation of >ochester, ,: ()<.
Jeish Chronicle 7 reprint. 2ntervie ith ;r. 2srael Solomons
Jeish 1istorical ;useumAmsterdam 74uide to the Jeish 1istorical ;useum
Jeish 1istorical Society 7Transactions, sessions ()/)7()-',
Df 9ngland 7Folume F2
7Folume EF
7;igration and Settlement 3roceedings of
the Anglo7American Jeish 1istorical Council
7Sir ;oses ;ontefiore. ()<-
Jeish ;useum &,:0 7Babric of Jeish LifeG Te$tiles from the
7Jeish ;useum Collection
7Jeish Calendar ()))
7Crafting a Jeish StyleG The Art of %ezalel
7Jeish 9$perience in the Art of the Tentieth
7Celebrating >ites of 3assage. ()</
73ersonal FisionG The Jacobo and Asea
Burman Collection. ()<'
72ngatheringG Ceremony and Tradition. ()?<
7;yer ;yersG American Silversmith. ()?'
73ersonal FisionG The %at#in Collection. ()<'
7Louise KaishG Sculpture. ()=/
Jeish ;useum of 3rague 7Jeish ;useum of 3ragueG a 4uide. ()-< 3arts 2 and 22
Jeish ,ational Library 7Brom the !r. and ;rs. Kolb Collection
Jeish ,ational and 8niversity -.. :ears of 3rinting in 9rez :israel
Library 7 ;yer ;yersG American Silversmith
7 %at#in Collection of 2sraeli Art
7Chaim ,achman %iali#7 9$hibition on the Centenary of his
7Sigmund Breud
71ebre %ibiliogphillic %oo#s
7%et ha7sefarim ha7leAumi. ()?.
7;anuscripts and >are %oo#sG 9$hibition. April7;ay ()=.7
Stefan Meig on the Centenary of his %irthG 9$position.
!ec. ()<(
71ebre ;anuscripts from the 3alatine Library, 3arma. ()<'.
7The 3ortuguese Jes of Amsterdam in the (=
9$hibition. ()='
Jeish Theological Seminary Association 73roceedings of the Birst %iennial Convention of the Jeish
7())( Louis ;arshall Aard !inner
7())- Louis ;arshall Aard !inner
-1995 Louis Marshall Award Dinner
7A Calendar for the Jeish :ear '=?.
7Bive reproduced engravings
7The Je as Dther7 A Century of 9nglish Caricature
7Scripture and Schism, Samaritan and Karaite
Treasures 7Song of Songs 3resentation Copy
7Autographed ;aimonides Letter 3resentation facsimile
7Avner ;oriah7;urals at the Jeish Theological
Seminary 73recious 3ossessionsL e$hibition ;ay7Aug.
*..( 7Judaica Collection. ()?)
Joseph >ubinfine 7Autographs7;anuscripts. 1istorical Americana. List </
Joslin 1all >are %oo#s Catalogue (/*G Ba#es and Borgeries, Brauds And 1oa$es
Judisches ;useum 1ohenems 74eschichte von 4egenstanden. ()--
Judith and 3aul Seder bir#at hamazon ve7sheva bera#hot
Jospa b. Leizer Speier Seder hagadah shel pesah7 the Cecil >oth D$ford haggadah
Kahn, Liber ben %inyamin 7Sefer hidushe haviva. ()('
Kaniel, ;ichael 7;arrying for Keeps
Kanof, Abram Ceremonial Art in the Judaic Tradition
Kaplan, ;ordecai ;. 7The ,e 1aggadah for the 3esah Seder
73anorama of Ancient Letters
Karp, >abbi Abraham J. A 1istorical Birst
Katsh, Abraham 2saac 79ducation and >acial 3re"udice. ()--
7Briedliana Library in the Leningrad 2nstitute of Asiatic
3eoples. ()?/
Katz, A.>aymond 73relude to a ,e Art for an Dld >eligion ()-'.&autographed0
Katz, Shemuel 1agadah shel pesach
Kaufman, J. 71ebraic, catalogue =)
7Judaica, 1ebraica. Catalogue <?, ()/(
Kaufmann, ;.H. Ausahl bedeutender 3redigter#e
Kedem Anti@uarian 7List ,o./, ()=<
Kestenbaum and Company 7Bine JudaicaG %oo#s, ;anuscripts And Hor#s of Art, ())<
7Bine Judaica. ())?
7Bine Judaica. ())=
7Bine 1ebre 3rinted %oo#s. ())=
7Bine Judaica. June ()))
7Bine Judaica. ,ov. ()))
7Bine Judaica. ;arch *...
7Bine Judaica. June *...
7Bine Judaica. ,ov. *..*
72mportant 1ebre 3rinted %oo#s and ;anuscripts ,ov. *...
72mportant 1ebre 3rinted %oo#s and ;anuscripts. ;arch
72mportant 1ebre 3rinted %oo#s and ;anuscripts ,ov. *..(
72mportant 1ebre 3rinted %oo#s and ;anuscripts. June *..*
72mportant 1ebre 3rinted %oo#s from the Library of Salman
Schoc#en June *../.
7Bine 1ebre 3rinted %oo#s
Kleeblat, ,orman L. 7Jeish 1eritage n American Bol# Art ()<-.
Klinsberg, >euben 79$hibition Branz Kaf#a. Catalogue. ()?)
Kohen, 4ershom The Birst Knon 3rinted 3assover
Kohen, Yitshak Yosef Osef Mehlman
Konvitz, ;ilton. > 7Judaism and 1uman >ights, *..(
Koren 3ublishers 1aggadah
Klingsberg, >euben 9$hibition Branz Kaf#a
Kraft 4eneral Boods !elu$e 9dition of the ;a$ell 3assover 1aggadah
Langstaff, %rett 7Some Bundamental !ocuments in the 9arly 1istory of the
8nited States. ()=-
Lassaigne, Jac@ues 7;arc ChagallG the Ceiling of the 3aris DperaI ()??
Lathrop C. 1arper >are %oo#s (-==7(<?)
Leidec#er, Kurt B. 2rretrievable 9cho
Leslie, !r. >obert >eminiscences of the 4raphic Arts
Library of Congress 7Brom the 9nds of the 9arth Judaic Treasures of the Library of
7Symposium on the 1ebre %oo#. June ())(
Library Company of 3hiladelphia 3hiladelphia >evisions
Local Dne, Amalgamated Lithographers LithDpinion (=
Df America
Loey, Joesph and 4uens, Joseph 1aggadah Shel 3esach
;aurice Spertus ;useum of Judaica Baith and BormG an 9$hibition. ()=?
;WS >are %oo#s 79arly AmericanILiterature, ;edicine Catalogue /=
79arly American and 9uropean %oo#s Catalogue /)
79arly AmericanI Catalogue-/
79arly AmericanI Catalogue '(
;aggs %ros. Judaica and 1ebraica &V-?=, -<*0
;aimonides, ;oses !es ;oses ;aimonides
;ann, Fivian %. A Tale of To Cities Jeish Life in Bran#furt and 2stanbul
;arsden, ,orman >egister of >esearch in Jeish Studies 2n 4reat %ritain
;artinus ,i"hoff 3ublishers Dld and >are %oo#s on Judaica ;enasseh %en 2frael !e
Dld and >are %oo#s on Judaica. List =/< Catalogue (</
;arilyn %raiterman >are %oo#s Catalogue (-, (?
;aryland 1istorical Society ;aryland Anti@ues Sho and Sale &Beb (*7(', ()<(0
;ashavarashin, ;eir and 1anover, ,athan Sipure ha7gezirot be7shanot (?-< ve7(?-)
;aslin, Simeon 7Shahar ava#esh#hah
74uideboo#G the historic synagogue of the 8nited ,etherlands
3ortuguese CongregationI.()?-
;erzer, Arieh 7A Horld that as. ()'?
;iller, !avid Sefer ;i#ve :israel
;ir#az Le :udi#a %e:erushalyim Au#tion7 ;a#hir pombit
;ocsanyi, 3aul 7Art in a Concentration CampG draings Brom Terezin. ()?<
;useum of American Jeish 1istory (. The American Jeish 9$perienceG from
&3hiladelphia0 (?'- to the present
;useum of ;odern Art &1aifa0 Hest African Art
*. Contemporary Artifacts
;uzeum ,arodoe H Kra#oie 7Mydzi73olscy
7Hystaa Mydzi73olscy 4rudzien ()<)7Luty ()).
,adav, ;orde#hai 7Selected manuscripts and 3rints from The Jeish ,ational
and 8niversity Library. ()<'
,ador, 4eorge and Fera 3hilosophy and >eligion Drientalia and 1ebraica &catalogue
,ational Library of Canada 72ncunabula, 1ebraica W JudaicaG Bive CenturiesI.Jacob
Loy Collection &()<(0
2ncunabula, 1ebraica W JudaicaG Bive CenturiesI.Jacob
Loy Collection3rospectus. ()<(
,ational ;useum of American Jeish
1istory, 3hiladelphia 7A 3eople in ArtG Jeish Journalism 2n America. June7!ec.
,e :or# Chapter of 1adassah 3recious 3ieces, An Auction of Judaica
,e :or# 1istorical Society City of 3romiseG Aspects of Jeish Life 2n ,e :or# (?'-7
,e :or# 2nternational Anti@uarian
Bine Art Bair 2nternational 9$position. *..(
century shop Catalogue 17, 20,25,30 35
Dmer, ;ordechai Turner and the %ible. ()=)
Drphan 1ome of 2srael &facsimiles0 7Amsterdam 1aggadah &(?)'0
7 The %abad 1aggadah
7The Buerth 1aggadah
7The 4unzburg 1aggadah
7The 1aggadah of the %ene 2srael of 2ndia
7The 1amburg7Amsterdam 1aggadah of (=*<
7The 1anover 1aggadah of (<?(
7The Karlsruhe 1aggadah
7The Kittsee 1aggadah
7The Leipni#7!armstadt 1aggadah
7Livorno 1aggadah
7;ahzor >oma 1aggadah
7The ;atteh Aharon 1aggadah
7;oshe %amberger 1aggadah
7The Dffenbach 1aggadah
The 3ressburg 1aggadah
7Seder 1agada Shel 3esah be7lashon ha7#odeshI.&the Fenice
7Sulzbach 1aggadah
7 The Tel Aviv 1aggadah
7The Trieste 1aggadah of (<?-
7The Handsbe# 1aggadah
7Hashington 1aggadah
3ari#, Arno The Jeish Ton of 3rague &5Jeish 3rague60
3% 9ighty7Bour Judaica and >elated Hor#s of Art
Parke-Bernet Galleries - Hebrew and Jewish Books
- The Michael M. Zagayski Collection Of Rare Judaica
- Charles E. Feinberg Collection of ValuableJudaica
-Judaica including gold and silver ritual objects
-Judaica, Hebrew Manuscripts and books. 1967
Perrys Auctioneers -Judaica, Books, Manuscripts, and works Of Art (17
September 1986)
- Important Hebrew Books
Philips International Auctioneers Fine Judaica Hebrew Books and Works And Valuers Of Art
(Nov. and May 1996 and Sept. 1997)
3oppelauer, ;. Ferlags7 und 3artiearti#el7Ferzeichnis
3rescott, Kenneth H. Jac# Levine
3urin, %ernhard 9in Schatz#astlein alter Judischer 4eschichte. ())<
>abbinical Council of America The Traditional 3rayer %oo# for Sabbath And Bestivals. !avid
de Sola 3ool, ()?.
>abinoitz, 1ayim >euven ;aran ha7rav tz6l ve7dar#ho bedrosh
>abinovitz, 2srael Song of the Sea, !ance of the ;ountain
>abinoitz, >.,. >eshimat sefarim yeshanim 1a7nimtsayim li#enot bevet
>alph 4eoffrey ,eman, 2nc. 7The Limited 9ditions Club ()*)7()<'
>aphael, :itzcha# SinaiG yara#hon le7torah u7lemide ha7yahadut
>aer, J. 7 1ebraica &V?0
7 1ebraica 8. Judaica &V=0
>eisman, Dri The 2srael ;useum, Jerusalem
>ettberg, !aniel J. 7Jeish Art at !u#e. ())(
>oberson Center for the Arts
And Sciences 7Contemporary 2sraeli Art. ()=/
>osenberg, Stuart 9. The Jeish Community in Canada
>osenfeld, ;oshe 9$hibition of >are %oo#s ;anuscripts And Jeish Hor#s of
>osenthal, Hilliam A. The American Synagogue in the ,ineteenth Century
>oss, Cecil 9ncyclopedia Judaica &'* page pamphlet about the
>oth, Cecil 7The 3assover 1aggadah &9nglish version0
7ha7Dmanut ha7yehudit. ()')
>ubens, Alfred 7A Jeish 2conography. Suppl. Fol. ()<*
>ubinfine, Joseph The (<
>ubinstein, Joseph Catalog four
Sacerdoti, Annie 4uide to Jeish 2taly. ()<? alt. 9dition
Salloch, Hilliam Life in the (?
century &V*)<0
Samuel, ;orris 1aggadah of 3assover
Sanders, ;. and ,ahmad, 1. A Judeo7Arabic 9pitome of the :osippon
Sanders, ;. 7 A Catalogue of Dld and ,e %oo#s
J,oteG e have ;. SandersA &V**, ()=( and V*/, ()=*0
Archive at CAJS7 ' bo$esK 7 Select Catalogue of 1ebraica and CAJS Judaica
A Catalogue of Scarce and 2nteresting Dld and ;odern %oo#s
&V*, ()''7 V', ()'=, V?, V*(7()=.0
7 A Catalogue of boo#s of Jeish 2nterest in Farious
7 1ebraica and Judaica &numberd =7*(, *=0
Sandmel, Samuel After the 4hettoG Jes in Hestern Culture, Art, and 2ntellect
Schoc#en Library Jerusalem ,uremberg ;ahzorI Spring ()'<
Schoc#ent Ferlag Almanach des Schoc#en Ferlags auf das Jahr
Scheiber, ;rs. Ale$ander Tributes in ;emory of Ale$ander
Scher, Anne J. The Jeish ;useum
Schindler, Solomon !issolving Fies in the 1istory of Judaism
Schneider, L. !ie Kreatur. ()*?
Schneider, ;ichael ;osaic &3remier 2ssue0
Sephardic Studies 3rogram of The American Sephardi
:eshiva 8niversity
Shababo, :eshua Shaare :eshua. ()<<
Shemesh, 1evda 1omage to :ossi Stern &()*/7())*0
Silverman, ;orris Simhat Torah Service
Simonsen, !avid ;itteilungen der Socino7gesellschaft
S#inner, >obert H. inc. Bine Judaica and silver7 !ec. =, ())-
Scheiber ()(/7()<'
Sofer, Abraham Samuel %en"amin Seder lel hit#adesh hag hagadah shel pesah
Sofer, >A :osef 9dot %ehosef
Sokol Books Donfelipe
Sommerset Auctions Auction of Imortant Judaica and Works Of Art
Sonne, Isaiah 1. Avne Binyan Documents
2. Pietre Di Construzione
Sotheby's -Catalogue of Hebrew Books, Including a Collection of
-Catalogue of Important Hebrew Books Mainly of the 16
the 17
-catalogue of an important Hebrew Incunabulum
-Catalogue of Printed Books Including Books in Hebrew
-Catalogue of Western Manuscripts and Miniatures
-Fine Printed and Manuscript Judaica
-Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art
(June 2,3 1982)
-Fine Judaica and related Works of Art 1981
-Four Extremely Important Hebrew Manuscripts from the
tenth to the fifteenth Century
- A Further Ninety-Seven Highly Important Hebrew
-Highly Important Judaica Books, Manuscripts, works of Art,
and Paintings
-Highly important Judaica works of Art: Volumes 1 and 2
-Highly Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts
(June 26, 1984)
- Important Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts, 1981-
Important Hebrew Books from The Library of the Late
Salman Schocken
- Important Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art
(November 25, 1985); (June26,1985)
-Important Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art
(May 28, 1986)
- Important Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art
May 24
, 1987)
- Important Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art
(December 14, 1987)
- Important Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art
(December 12, 1988)
- Important Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art
(December 18, 1996)
-Judaica Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art (Dec 6 and 7
-Judaica Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art (May 5,6
-Nineteenth and twentieth century Paintings, Drawing, and
Sculptures (1987)
- Judaica Silver, Works of Art, Paintings, Books and
Manuscripts (4 June 1996)
-Property from the Collection of Michael and Doris Zagayski
(June 29, 1995)
- Seventy Six Important Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts
-Magnificent Judaica and Manuscripts from the Furman
Collection. Dec. 2000
Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co. Valuable Hebrew Printed Books, The Property of the
Athenaeum, Liverpool
A Further thirty three Highly Important Hebrew and
Samaritan Manuscipts
Spitzer, Moshe -!r. ;osheh Shpitser G sefarim, otiyot, Ritsuv J%oo#s,
Typography, !esignK ()<(
State Jewish Museum in Prague Jewish Customs and Traditions
Sttn zidovsk muzeum (Czech Republic) -The Jewish Museum of Prague: a Guide Through museums,
galleries, and memorials
-Guide to the Jewish museum of Prague (part II)
-The Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague
-The State Jewish Museum in Prague
Swann Galleries Inc. Hebraica and Judaica
- February 1, 1979
- February 3, 1983
- February 2, 1984
- June 28, 1984
- June 27, 1984
- April 30, 1987
- December 9, 1987
- May 17, 1988
- December 11, 1988
- June 25, 1989
- December 17, 1989
- June 24, 1990
- Catalogue 52
- June 25, 1992
- Jan 17,1991
- December 19, 1991
- December 17, 1992
- June 24, 1993
- December 16, 1993
Szampanier,Dora -Synagogues in Glory and Ruins. 1991
Szneer Katalog -Second List, Warszawa, 1935
Teachers Institute of the Rabbi
Isaac Elchanan Theological
Seminary The Nir. June 1939
Thirteen When Tosca Met television. V.5, issue 8, 1997
Tel Aviv Museum Herzl in Profile. Dec. 1978-Jan. 1979
Thorp, Robert Spirit and Ritual: The Morse Collection Of Ancient Chinese
Tyl, Otakar Terezin. 1960
Ulam Berman ha7:ehudim ha7portugeziyim be7amsterdam ba7meAah ha7
shvaA esreh.
8niversitats %oo#sellers of Jerusalem The 1oly Land in Ancient ;aps
8niversitat Tel7Aviv Tadpis mi7to#h ;ichael
University of Chicago Hebraica at the University of Chicago 1965
8niversity of ;icrofilms 2nternational The 1istory of Science, an 2nde$ to the ;icrofilm Collection
8niversity of >ochester Library An 9$hibitionG The 1yam 3lutzi# Archive
8niversity of the State of ,e :or# Teaching about the 1olocaust and 4enocide
University of Texas at Austin Humanities An Exhibition of Judaica and Hebraica
U. S. Holocaust Memorial Council I never saw another butterfly: Childrens Drawings and poems
from terezin...1942-44.
Vais (Weiss), Zeev, Promise and Redemption: A Synagogue Mosaic from
Farshe G !os naye lebn, ()-) 3in#es fun :idishe dru#er in 3oyln
Verbin, Moshe %ate #eneset me7ets be73olin ba7meUah yad zayin yad het
Verry, Fisher and Co. Inc. Judaica and Hebraica (#1)
Victoria and Albert Museum Catalogue of an exhibition of Anglo- Jewish Art and History.
Wartofsky, Gerald Figure and Fantasy: The Worlds of Gerald Wartofsky
Heiser, >aphael and Kaplan, Joseph Treasures from the Library 9ts 1aimNLivaria ;ontezinos
Heitzner, 9mil The %oo# of Jonah. A 3araphrase. ()?*
Hilliam 1. Schab Three Centuries of 2llustrated %oo#s (-?.7(=?.. ()?/
Hilliam >eese Company 7Catalogue one 1undred thirty7nine;anuscriptsG 1istorical
and Literary
7Catalogue (--G Anniversary Catalogue >are Americana. ())'
Hinterthur Song of Solomon. ()??
Hischnitzer, ; (. >imon &v. (7?0
*. ;ilgroyim &v. (7?0
Holfson, 1arry A. 1ebre %oo#s in 1arvard. ()?<
Holf Topilos#y 1ebraica Judaica &V-, =0
Horld Jeish %oo# Center ha7Tana#h be7#hitve7yad uvi7defus
Horld Mionist Drganization Central Mionist Archives
>eport of Activities, Sept ()==7July ()<*
:erushalayim G Agudat hoveve :udaUi#ah :erushalayim, July (', ())=
:eshiva Chofetz Chaim of >adin >are Judaica %oo#s, ;anuscripts, Letters, and Db"ects of Art
:eshiva Chofetz Chaim of >adin >are Judaica %oo#s, manuscriptsI()<=
:eshiva 8niversity ;asmid. ()*)
:eshiva 8niversity Library See and Sanctify
:eshiva 8niverstiy ;useum Tradition and Bantasy in Jeish ,eedleor#
7The Jeish Hedding
73urimG the Bace and the ;as#. ()=)
7SpinozaAs La. SpinozaAs Temple Dct. *..*
:iz#er7bu#h 3arizer yidishe shrayber. ()-?
:ivo Archives 7The Harsa 4hetto in 3ictures. ()=.
:ivo Center for Jeish >esearch ;attityahu Strashun
:onah Heinrib Judaic craft ;anuscript ;egillah 2lluminated
;egillas 9sther Hith 9nglish Translation And ;icrographic
Ferses Brom The ;idrash Talmud And Traditional
:oseph, Shlomo Seder hagadah shel pesah
C ,otizblatt der gesellschaftI(number 16, 1926, number 17,
? Terezin (booklet of postcards)