Now-a-days divers problems are existing for general public. Everybody complains of dearth of time. Sometimes does the time lessen, sometimes does the method lessen. But what is the immaculate reason behind it? First factor that exists is procrastination, till the time a person is pressurized he/she does not perform the work. Let us see what the major factor is. It is of No Management or the Strategy of No Strategy. Some of the people are extremely humble and they pile their work by not implementing the theory of No Management. Though collected data suggest that No Management or Strategy of No Strategy may hamper you from going places or succeeding eventually, yet it may work out the enigma of yours. There are many people, who are said to be called “Yes Boss”. It is good to be at the performance, but it is not good to be at the back and call of your Boss. It drags a person to the quagmire of unavailability of time. And at a particular time that person stands out to be an idle one. The performance indicator of not applying the No Management theory implicates a person in tension, languidness, acrimony, repentance, failure, pending work, diffidence and so on. Even if you take an example of day and night, they take the appropriate time to stand out. So the same can be implemented on you. A person needs to have adequate time to sleep, meet friends, attend normal life ceremonies (Deaths, Marriages, Invitations). It really is an intricate task; nevertheless it needs to be implemented. How you can implement these things. There are a lot of people, once you do something for them. They never try to do that thing themselves. They ultimately hire a robot slave in form of you. As you go to bazaar once with a person and you involve having window shopping. That person second time takes you again whether you have time or not. And if you can not according to situation apply no management, it may entangle you in an enigma. Supposing that you do not have the courage to say no to the people, at least justify your tasks. It will divulge your “Yes Power” and ultimately you will be able enough to utilize the skill of saying no indirectly, but at many occasions you directly have to involve saying “No” to the people, because, it may propagate misconceptions among the people. Now let us see how the strategy of no strategy can be applied. But before know it you need to soliloquize and have great authority in inter and intrapersonal communication involving verbal and non-verbal too, because, it is not necessary to apply no management verbatim. The element of time plays an integral role in no management theory. First, you have to immaculately comprehend that there are things, which need to be done they are to be measured this way round. There a formula gets implemented. Time Management Matrix formula exists. Important Unimportant Urgent 1 2 Non-Urgent 3 4 Things may be important, unimportant, urgent and non-urgent. Now it depends upon you how you perceive your tasks or rather how you convert them, because, an urgent task can become non-urgent and important can become an unimportant one. Now we implement the Time Management Matrix through Number 1, 2, 3, or 4. 1. As Number 1 says the tasks urgent and important need to be done immediately. It uplifts the value and divulges how Martinet you are. It divulges the strong commitment in punctuality of time, too.

2. Number 2 suggests that the tasks urgent but unimportant need to be done through the other tasks, because, it is unimportant for you, but urgency suggesting that it may cause a problems for you in the coming time. So the better choice is to say no or do it as you accept the task. 3. Number 3 suggests that the tasks are non-urgent but important. So it divulges you have enough time to do it at your leisure time. But do not try to get it converted from Number 3 to Number 1. If it occurs, it shows your sluggishness. 4. Number 4 suggests that the tasks are non-urgent and unimportant. In such cases delegate your work to the other person or use your best linkages, because this may cause blockage in other tasks of yours. There a theory emerges 20% can obtain 80% 80% can obtain 20% it means that there are a lot of people who work a lot, but can not proceed. There are some people who work less, but gain much. So it depends upon the utilization of resources in terms of Human beings and Finance. Though it fluctuates, yet it works. In the long run you need to immaculately contemplate going through a process that in terms of all the conditions stress management and need identification should properly be availed of. And two things should be overcome or rather avoided (i) Amazement (ii) Perplexity. These are the two things, which can fell a person in enigma. And a person can easily relinquish applying Strategy of No Strategy. In addition, there some exceptional cases emerge, which need to be avoided in theory of no management or things. It will Inshallah propagate the best results for you. E:Mail Address:-