This is the sequal of obsesion

I had settled into college life fairly well. Football was kicking my ass but it was worth it. It was definitely a lot different than playing high school football. Training was more vigorous, then add on meetings and practices and by the end of the day I was beat. But the rush of stepping on the field, throwing that first pass and for it to connect was an experience I won't soon forget. I threw up before our first game. I was so fucking nervous. I was sure the nerves would get to me and I would have a horrible game, but stepping into that huddle with the guys looking at me for direction, everything just became so clear. This is what I lived for, this rush. I completed 95% of my passes, threw for two touchdowns and ran one in myself. We kicked Western Michigan's ass, and I went out to celebrate that night with some guys from the team, my roommate Tony who's one of the running backs also joined us. We went to a house party and I drank myself into oblivion. Waking up the next day I rolled over and fell out of bed. I was still fully clothed with my shoes on and I had a vague memory of the night before. I groaned and grabbed my head. I felt like shit and vowed never to drink again. A promise that I made often and never stuck too for long. I could hear laughter coming from the other side of the room and looked up to see my roommate laying in bed with Lucy draped all over him. Lucy was a nice girl, she wasn't Tony's girlfriend but they had a mutual agreement. Basically they used each other for sex and then went on with their lives. Tony also had other agreements with various other females. In the short time that I'd been here I had seen him with five different girls. Lucy seemed to get top spot, she was around the most. One person who I can honestly say that I could care less for was Lucy's friend Marie. That bitch drives me fucking crazy. She was always hanging around, batting her lashes and swaying her hips. She wore significantly less clothing every time I saw her and would always undress me with her eyes. I had done everything besides verbally telling her to fuck off so she would leave me alone. I was trying to keep the peace since Tony was fucking Lucy and Lucy and Marie were really close. As long as she keeps her claws to herself everything will be fine but the first time she actually tries something I'm telling the bitch off.

"What the fuck you laughing at Tony?" I growl. My head is pounding and the light is fucking killing my eyes. I just want to crawl back into bed and try to get some more sleep, but I need to call Bella and it's already after noon, she's probably wondering why the fuck I haven't called. Actually I'm surprised she hasn't called already. I start searching for my phone and when I find it I see that I've missed four calls. Great she's going to be fucking pissed at me. "Nothing man, you just look like shit that's all." Lucy joined him in laughing at my expense. I ignored them. I was more worried about a certain beautiful burnett who would castrate me if she were here right now. "Fuck I gotta call my girl." I said. Tony gave me his disapproving stare again. He thinks that I'm too young to be tied down to one girl, especially one two thousand miles away that was still in high school. I tried explaining how I felt when I was with Bella, how certain I was that she was 'the one' but he didn't understand it. We agreed to disagree but it didn't stop him from still voicing his opinion. He thought I needed to just have fun, experience college life the way it was meant to be experienced, which in his opinion is single and available to all of the ladies. He also thought that Marie would be a 'delightful girl to start with' his words not mine. I came pretty close to hitting him that day and since then he has been a little better about keeping that shit to himself. I crawled back into bed noticing that not only had I missed four calls but three text messages telling me to call back now or else. I had to laugh at that, two thousand miles away and she was still threatening me. I dialed her number quickly and it barely rang before she picked it up. "Why the fuck were you not answering your phone?" "Well hello to you too baby! How are you doing on this fine Sunday morning?" "Emmett, don't fuck around with me. You were supposed to call me. I've called you four times, why didn't you answer?" "Sorry baby. I just got up and I didn't hear my phone when it was ringing." She didn't respond and I began to mentally prepare myself for the verbal ass beating I was about to receive. "Fine," she huffed. Huh. Fine, that was it? I was expecting lightning and thunder and all she says is fine. "Can you run that by me again baby? It sounded like you said fine." "Emmett I don't want to fight with you. I miss you and I just want to talk to you." "Ah sweetheart. I'm sorry. I'm just messing with you. I miss you too and I'm sorry that I missed your calls. What are you doing baby?" The one thing that hadn't gotten any easier was being away from Bella. I had adjusted from being away from my family but not from Bella. We talked every day often more than once but it was torture not being able to hold her. "Not much. Alice wants to go shopping for dresses, but I really don't want to go. I mean what's the point? I'm not going to the dance." This was another topic that we disagreed on. I thought Bella should go to the Homecoming dance and she

didn't want to because I couldn't take her. I tried telling her that this was her senior year and she needed to experience everything that went along with it but she wouldn't budge. "I think you should go Bella. I don't want you missing out on anything just because I'm not there." I said. "Oh so you think I should find a date to take me to the dance?" She asked. "I-I didn't say that," I sputtered. "I'll fucking kill any guy that looks at you. I'll kill any guy that you look at also. I think you should go with Edward." That was the perfect solution for everyone. It was definitely the perfect solution for me. Bella would get to go to the dance and have fun with her friends and our family and Edward would keep an eye all the fucking douches that were looking at my girl. "Emmett, I don't think that Edward wants to take me to the dance. Honestly I don't think he even wants to go. He really doesn't strike me as the dancing type." "I'll talk to him. He'll take you." I already talked to him about it but I wasn't going to tell her that. He wasn't too thrilled about it, not because it was Bella but because he really didn't like dances and he had no desire to attend one. I had thought that Mike would take her but that asshole had to go and get himself a girlfriend. He had started dating some girl named Mandy that he met at the end of summer in Port Angeles and they had been inseparable ever since. She sighed, "Em I just really don't want to go without you." I felt so bad. I wanted nothing more than to take her to the dance but I had a game that day and I couldn't miss it. "I'm sorry baby. I wish I could take you, there's nothing I can do about it." There was a knock on the door and Tony got up to get it. He opened it and there stood Marie, she sauntered in like she owned the fucking place and plopped her ass down on the end of my bed. I arched my eyebrow wondering what the fuck she thought she was doing. Bella had said something that I completely missed. "Baby can you hold on a minute?" I asked. She said she would so I put the phone down and covered the receiver so she wouldn't hear. I stared at her hoping that she would get a clue and get the fuck off of my bed. But she must be really fucking dumb because she just sat there and smiled at me. "Is there a reason you're sitting on my bed?" I asked. Her smile faltered at my tone of voice but she rallied and plastered a blinding smile on her face. "I thought that maybe we could go and get some lunch, you know hang out. Give the lovebirds here some time alone." She gestured towards Tony and Lucy. I was seriously thinking about kicking Tony's ass if I found out that he had anything to do with this, but one look at his face told me that he was pretty surprised about this also. I barked out a laugh, "no thanks. Not interested. But it would be nice if you got your ass off of my bed so I could continue my conversation with my girl." Her eyes narrowed at my phone, a little of the real Marie finally breaking through. I always knew that she was interested in me and as much of a pain in the ass that she was she was always nice, never blatantly hitting on me. She would

shay say around the room but she has never actually tried anything with me. Regardless I didn't fucking like her because of it, because I knew once Bella found out she would be insecure about it and she would be upset. Marie glared at my phone and I could tell that she wasn't happy with not getting what she wanted and unfortunately it looked like she wanted me. "Seriously, get off of my bed. Now!" I said. She stood and walked over to the desk sitting down not even looking at me. Fine by me. Maybe now she would leave me alone. I brought the phone back up to my ear, "sorry baby, you still there?" I could see Marie stiffen and it pissed me off. She had no right to get upset because I was talking to mygirlfriend. "Yeah, I'm here. Is everything alright?" She asked. "Everything is fine sweetheart." We talked for a couple more minutes before she told me that Alice had just pulled up in the drive. She decided it wouldn't hurt to at least go shopping with Alice. She still had no plans to go to the dance but she wanted to get out of the house. "Okay sweetheart, have fun. Remember how much I love you and I hope I get to see you soon." She returned the sentiment and I hung up the phone. I immediately glared at Marie who was now watching me with rapt attention. "I don't know what kind of game you're playing but it needs to stop now." "I don't know what you're talking about Emmett." She said. "I just think that you're tying yourself down to a girl who isn't even here. A high school girl. I just think if you gave it some thought you would realize that you're missing out on a whole lot of fun. I'm just looking out for you." "Don't bother," I sneered. "I've been trying to be nice because you're friends with Lucy and I guess Tony but you need to back off. I'm not interested in going to lunch with you or hanging out with you and I certainly don't want anything sexual with you. I have a girlfriend and you need to respect that." Her face turned red from embarrassment and I couldn't find it in me to care. Tony saved the day, "Lucy, I think you and Marie should maybe get out of here." Lucy agreed and they left a couple minutes later. I was still fuming when Tony apologized. "Look I'm sorry Emmett. I had no idea that she was going to do that." I snorted, "don't worry about it. It's not your fault. But could you quit trying to hook me up with other girls. I'm happy with Bella. She's going to be visiting soon and I don't want her uncomfortable here. I really like you Tony. We get along real well but Bella comes first, always has and always will. And if it comes down to a friendship with you or my relationship with Bella she's gonna win every time." "You're right man. I understand, I won't say anything else. Just because I'm not ready to settle down doesn't mean that you're not. I'm sure Bella's a great girl and I can't wait to meet her." Things were still a little tense after that. I was still upset, wondering if this was going to affect Bella when she came to visit. Tony picked up on the tension and decided to go out for a little while so I could cool down. The rest of the day was spent doing homework and thinking of Bella.

BELLA P.O.V. "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!" I was trying not to laugh while listening to Emmett sing over the it was really funny, my man had a shit voice. But it's the thought that counts so I kept my giggles to myself. He had only been gone for a few weeks but it was already so hard to be away from him. I wasn't to sure if I could make it to the end of the school year before having him in my life everyday again. But what other options did I have? I was worried about him being at school without me. I trusted Emmett, but I didn't trust other girls with Emmett. I knew that girls would be throwing themselves at him. He was very good looking, the quarterback and he was also a good person. For all his caveman tactics and the stupid fights we have, there was never a doubt that he would do anything for me. He was now going into an extended version of Happy Birthday, complete with cha cha chas. I sighed when he was finally done not wanting to admit how cute I thought he was for doing this. "Thanks Em that was fantastic!" I snorted. "Are you sure football is the right choice for you? Maybe you should take up singing." He laughed, "very funny Bella. You know you enjoyed that." I nodded my head in agreement. "I did, but it would have been better if you were here singing it." He sighed, "I know. I wish I could spend this day with you Bella. I miss you so much." My eyes grew wet and I closed them tight willing myself not to cry. I didn't want him to know that I still cried everyday. That most nights I cried myself to sleep, all it would do is upset him. There was nothing that he could do about it so why bother him with it. "I miss you too. So much." I whispered. "Don't be sad sweetheart. I can't stand it when you're upset." He said. "Tell me what you've got going on today. I'm surprised Alice isn't there to drag you away yet." I laughed, "yeah she should be here soon. I'm not sure what we're doing. She wants it to be a surprise." I roll my eyes at this so called surprise. There was a knock at my door. "Speak of the devil," I told Emmett as Alice burst through my door with balloons and presents. "Balloons Alice? I'm eighteen not five." She huffed and dropped a wrapped package on my bed, shoving balloons in my face. "These are not from me. These are from my darling brother." At first I thought she meant Edward but I was pretty sure that he would deliver them himself just to see how embarrassed I would get. "Aw Emmett did you get me balloons?" I gushed. Alice looked at me like I lost my mind. "So when you thought they were from me you were mad but if they're from Emmett it's all of a sudden cute!" She yelled. Emmett was cracking up listening to Alice huff and puff. "Yeah they're from me baby. The present too. Open it while you're on the phone with me." I grabbed the present, now excited that is was my birthday. I ripped the paper off and tore into the box. I pulled out a jersey with the name Cullen and a number 12 on the

back there was also a Michigan Wolverine hoodie inside. "You got me your jersey," I stated. "Um yeah, you need to wear that at school. Plus it's going to start getting cold soon so you can throw the hoodie over your clothes at school. That school's always fucking cold." "So are you trying to tell me that you're worried that I'll be cold at school? This doesn't have anything to do with you wanting me to wear your jersey at school in front of all of my peers?" "Of course I'm worried about you being cold at school. I always worry about you. But if it also serves as a reminder for all of those assholes that you're mine well then that's just an added bonus." I snorted, "you are unbelievable Emmett. So I'm supposed to wear this everyday? Well I guess I should thank you, you made it so much easier for the mornings. Now I don't have to waste precious minutes wondering what to wear to impress all the guys." I said sarcastically. "Watch it Isabella," he snapped. I grinned at the use of my full name. He didn't use it often, and when he did I knew he was serious. "I don't want to hear you talking about impressing other guys even if you're joking." I looked over at Alice who was rolling her eyes, she was amused with her brother's caveman tactics. We were laying side by side on the bed and she could hear everything he was saying. "How would you like it if I starting talking about the other girls on campus?" I sat up, my hackles rose instantly. "If you're trying to make me have a shitty birthday you're doing a pretty good job," I yelled. "If you want to stare and flirt with other girls then who am I to stop you?" I hung up the phone and started crying. Alice sat up and threw her arm over my shoulder. "You guys are stupid," she said. My phone rang, of course it was Emmett, I hit the end button sending him to voicemail. He called again, I ignored it once more. Alice's phone started ringing she swore when she saw it was Emmett. "Great now I have to deal with him." She answered her phone with an angy 'what'. She was quiet a minute then rolled her eyes and said 'whatever'. Hanging up her phone she turned to me. "He says to answer your fucking phone." My phone started ringing again and once again I sent it to voicemail. "Your brother's an asshole." She laughed, "you guys are both assholes." I sent her my best glare which of course did nothing since Alice knew I would never do anything to hurt her. "Listen Bella I love you, lord knows I do. But honestly how did you think he was going to react with that little comment you made?" I rolled my eyes. "I was joking." She shrugged, "I know, believe me I think it's stupid for him to get upset about shit like that, he knows you love him, but Bella he's always been like that when it comes to you. You know that. Now that he's so far away he's only going

to get worse. And instead of talking to you about it like a mature person would do he says stupid shit when he doesn't mean it." I knew she was right but I didn't feel like dealing with it right then. It was my birthday and even though I never made a big deal about my birthdays before I was pissed that he would start a fight with me. I kept ignoring his calls and finally decided to just shut my phone off. Alice got a few calls also but ignored them when I asked her too. She wasn't happy about it but she did it to make me happy. We went and picked up the guys and drove to Port Angeles to meet up with Mike's girlfriend Mandy. She was a sweet girl and Mike seemed to really like her. They were very chaste around each other. Where Emmett and I would slobber all over each other Mike and Mandy would barely hold hands. There was nothing wrong with that but sometimes I got the feeling that Mandy's feelings weren't nearly as strong as Mikes. I just hoped that she didn't end up hurting him because as sweet as she was I would still drop kick her if she hurt him. Mike's been through enough and he deserves to be happy. We ate at a local restaurant and were trying to figure out what to do next. Mandy suggessted we go see a movie but I didn't feel like being in a dark theatre for two hours and since it was my birthday I got to decide. "How about we go bowling Bella? It's been a while since we've all gone." Alice suggested. I smiled, "yeah that sounds like fun. It's been a long time since I kicked Mikes ass." I bumped him with my shoulder and he pushed me back. "Whatever Swan," he smirked. "You are no where near my skill level." He grabbed Mandy's hand and started walking towards her car. "Um if I remember correctly I beat you by like eighty pins last time," I yelled. He grumbled 'whatever' and got into Mandy's car. We met up at the bowling alley and got two lanes. I whopped everyones ass but Edwards the first two games. He was really really good. He smirked at my expression. "Jesus Edward you just bowled a 256. You should be a professional. How proud Esme and Carlisle would be to have two sons in the world of professional sports," I laughed. "Cute Swan. I can see football but bowling?" He said "What? Bowling is a sport." I said. He laughed, "hardly." I was about to educate him on the finer points of bowling as a profession when his phone rang. He checked to see who it was and sighed, loud. "Jesus Bella it's Emmett again. I can't keep ignoring his calls he's going to be pissed at me. This is petty you guys need to work this out. You both said shit you didn't mean, get over it." "I know Edward. It's just so hard with him so far away. I can't help it. My mind is constantly filled with images of these sluts strolling around campus trying to lure him away from me." "Bella that's ridiculous and you know it. He loves you and he's not going to be lured away by anyone. But he has the same insecurities you do. Every time he calls me that's what he talks about. How he's worried that someones going to move in and sweep you off your feet." I scoffed, "that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm not going anywhere."

He raised an eyebrow. "It is pretty dumb huh? Kind of like how you think some slut is going to lure him away." Sometimes I really hated Edward, especially when he was right and made me feel like an asshole. "I'll call him when I get home," I mumbled. By the time we drove back to Forks and I got dropped off I was pretty tired. I got my stuff ready for school the next day, pairing the new jeans that Alice bought me with the jersey Emmett sent me. I got in my jammies and brushed my teeth and washed my face. Laying in bed I grabbed my phone so I could call Emmett. I felt like such a bitch for acting the way that I did. I hoped I didn't have to beg to much for him to forgive me. Even though I would, I would beg and cry and plead if that's what it took. I turned my phone back on and it beeped. I had about twenty texts asking and pleading with me to call him. The last one was from a couple of hours ago, about the same time that he called Edward at the bowling alley. It simply said 'sorry and I love you'. I dialed his number as I laid down. I smiled, If this went right I was hoping for a little bit of phone sex before going to sleep. "Hello," A husky voice said. A voice I didn't know, a female voice. I was shocked into silence and didn't know what to say. Did I call the wrong number? "Um, I'm s-sorry," I stuttered. "I think I have the wrong number." "Well who are you looking for?" The females voice asked. It was husky, seductive, nothing like my own voice. "Um I'm looking for Emmett," I said sounding uncertain. "Emmett, mmm he's a little busy at the moment sweetheart. It's been a wild night and he's in the bathroom taking a shower. I was just about to join him. Sorry but you will have to call later. Make it tomorrow I plan on keeping him busy all night." I didn't have a chance to respond before she hung up the phone. I sat stunned not knowing what to think. I laid back down and turned off my bedside lamp. I tried not to cry, it wasn't worth it. Moments later the tears started falling and I cried myself to sleep again. It's been three days since my birthday. Three long days since I've talked to Emmett. Alice and Edward were harassing me, trying to figure out what was going on, and since I still wasn't quite sure what was going on I didn't know what to tell them. Did I believe that Emmett was cheating on me? And if he was cheating on me would he let the girl answer his phone after trying to get a hold of me all day? I kept telling myself that there was no way that he was sleeping with that girl. He fought hard to be with me. Would he just throw all of that away a couple of weeks after he leaves? No, no way he was sleeping with her. But why did she answer his phone? Maybe he wasn't around his phone, shit maybe he was in the fucking bathroom and the stupid bitch answered his phone without him knowing. But wouldn't his roommate be there and tell her to keep her hands to herself? And if his roommate wasn't there then that means that he was hanging out with that girl in his room alone. Just the two of them and I was definitely not okay with that. So I wouldn't answer my phone because I was worried about what he would say about it. If I found out that he was hanging out in his room with that girl by himself and he tried blowing it off, like it was no big deal I might just lose it.

Because he definitely would not be happy if the situation were reversed and I had a guy in my room when it was just us. Hell, he wouldn't be happy even if there were other people with us. He had no qualms about telling me that the guys better be staying away from me and I better not even talk to guys cause 'it might give them the wrong impression'. So if he expected me to follow his rules then he damn well better stick to the rules also. My locker door slammed pulling me from my inner monologue. I looked up to see a very irate looking Edward. "Christ Bella will you fucking call him already." He was pissed, pulling at his hair, his eyes were wide and his nostrils were flaring. If I didn't know how much of a sweetheart Edward was I might of been scared. I pushed him back, out of my personal space and gave him my own pissed off look. The one that usually sends him running but he stood his ground and glared at me. "I don't know what the fucks going on Bella but he's miserable. He's miserable and he's making me miserable. He won't stop calling me asking if I know what's going on and since I don't know what's going on I have nothing to tell him but it doesn't stop him from calling and constantly asking me. He's driving me crazy." I was a little worried for Edward he was getting himself all worked up. "It's none of your business Edward," I said coolly. He narrowed his eyes and pointed a finger in my face. "You're right Bella. Your fight might be none of my business but my brother is hurting and that is my business. So I suggest you call him and work this shit out and then I'll get out of your business." He stormed off leaving me feeling like the biggest bitch. I should not of said that to him, Emmett was his brother, of course he was going to worry about what this was doing to him. Edward was firecely loyal to his family, hell the whole damn Cullen clan was the same way. I had a scowl on my face but it instantly brightened when I walked in to biology and saw my lab partner Caleb. Caleb was a new student this year and was a pretty nice guy. He was kind of shy and had a hard time making friends, so I took it upon myself to befriend him and show him the ropes. We had a lot in common and since he wasn't here last year he wasn't scared of Emmett and his 'don't talk to Bella' stipulation. Not that it had to be a guy to talk to but most of the girls in my class were jealous that I was dating Emmett and the guys were scared to talk to me, so I didn't have many friends besides Alice, Jasper, Edward and Mike and they were more my family. It was nice to have someone outside of the group to talk too. He grinned when he saw me, "hey Bella. How are you?" I shrugged, "I could be better. Edward just ripped me a new asshole at my locker and I still haven't talked to Emmett." He frowned, "why did Edward yell at you?" "I guess Emmett's been calling him fishing for information, and since Edward doesn't know anything he doesn't know what to say to him. He says Emmett's

having a hard time with this and he's miserable. Edward is very protective of his family so he wants me to call Emmett and work this out." "What do you want Bella?" He asked. I opened my mouth to answer then closed it to think about my answer. "I want this to never have happened. I want Emmett back home. I miss him and I don't think I can do this with him so far away. I'm not strong enough. Even if all of this turns out to be nothing, just a big misunderstanding it's always going to be there, in the back of my mind. I'm always going to worry that it will happen again. I thought that I had it rough last year having to deal with his ex girlfriend Rosalie but this is so much worse. I'm not there and I really don't know what's going on." "What do you mean that you don't know what's going on?" He asked. "What do you think he's doing there without you? I mean do you really think he's there hooking up with a bunch of girls?" Just him mentioning that got me all worked up and I balled my hands into fists. "Listen Bella I'm not trying to piss you off, and I obviously don't know Emmett. But from what you told me about your guy's relationship, what you guy's went through last year I think this is just a misunderstanding. I wouldn't be surprised if Emmett has no idea why you're mad at him. If he really was doing something with that girl why would he constantly be calling you, or calling his brother trying to figure out what's going on." I didn't have time to reply because Mr. Banner chose that moment to start the class. Biology was spent thinking about Emmett. When the class was over I mumbled a 'goodbye' to Caleb and walked to my next class. English was my favorite subject but today it couldn't hold my interest. I felt like I was in a daze walking to lunch. I sat next to Alice and laid my head on her shoulder. She stroked my hair, "what's wrong sweetie?" She asked. "I miss Emmett," I murmured. She gave me a tight squeeze around my waist. "Maybe you should call him." I nodded my agreement and started eating my lunch resolved that I was going to call Emmett when I got home from school. I apologized to Edward for my earlier behavior. "Don't worry about it Bella. I should be the one apologizing. I'm sorry for being an ass earlier. You're right it's none of my business-" I interrupted him, "Edward it's fine. I'm happy that Emmett has you sticking up for him." I noticed Caleb walking to an empty table which was unusual. He usually spent lunch in his car listening to music. I caught his eye and waved him over not thinking it was going to be a big deal. Man, was I wrong. I was laughing at a joke that Caleb just got done telling when I noticed Edward glaring at Caleb. I was about to question him when he just had to open his mouth. "So Bella does Emmett know that you've made a new friend?" My eyes narrowed. What the hell was Edward playing at? "No Edward, I didn't think it was a big deal. I doubt he tells me everyone that he talks to?" Obviously not since a girl answered his phone but I didn't need to tell him that. Edward

shoved his chair back, standing he slammed his hands down on the table and leaned down looking me in the eye. "Bullshit," he sneered. "Edward," Alice exclaimed. "What's gotten into you? Don't talk to Bella like that." He blinked and looked around the table. Alice was glaring at him and Mike and Jasper looked stunned. Caleb was fidgeting looking nervous which pissed me off. He had a hard enough time making friends he didn't need Edward acting like an asshole. "No, bullshit Alice. She won't even call Emmett back but she can sit here laughing with this guy." He said while pointing to Caleb. I stood now too going toe to toe so to speak with Edward. "You got a problem Edward say it to my face." I spit out. "Fine Bella I will. You need to call him tonight or I'm calling him and telling him that you've got yourself a new friend. I can't take another night of him calling me crying because you got him all fucked up." I faltered, Edward never said that Emmett called him crying. As much as that broke my heart it wasn't Caleb's fault and Edward had no right to make him feel like he had anything to do with this. I was so pissed that I just let it all out. "You know what Edward I don't think Emmett will mind much if I'm friends with Caleb." Edward looked at me like I might have finally gone crazy. "Seriously Bella. You don't think he'll care that you're talking to another guy, one that he doesn't know." "Well shit Edward. I seriously doubt he'll mind considering that when I called him the night of my birthday a girl answered and made it pretty damn clear that Emmett was other wise occupied." "What?" Edward stammered. "You heard me. I called him when I got home that night and a girl answered. She said that Emmett was in the shower and asked if I would call back tomorrow because they would be busy all night." "Bella you never told me that." Mike said. I shrugged, "like I said it's no one's business. But since Edward can't seem to keep his mouth shut I thought I'd just let you know that your brother is not as innocent as you think he is Edward." Edward sat back down not knowing what to say. I sat back down and apologized to Caleb even though Edward should of been the one to do it. "Bella, I'm so sorry," Alice said. "There has to be an explanation. My brother would never cheat on you Bella. You're're his everything."

"Look I don't know exactly what's going on. I know I need to call him but I'm just scared I guess. I'll call him when I get home tonight." I went back to eating and it was eerily quiet when Edward spoke up. "I'm sorry Bella. I had no idea. He's said nothing to me about that. I honestly don't think he has any idea what's going on. I guess I need to apologize to you also Caleb. You have nothing to do with this and I acted like an ass as usual. It's just....he's my brother and Bella....I don't know but he's really hurt. I don't understand why he would be so upset if he was doing something wrong." That was the question wasn't it. Why would he be so upset about this if he did nothing wrong? Well I guess I would find out soon. The rest of the day passed slow. Caleb said he understood the reasoning behind Edward being so harsh but I was afraid that Edward scared him off and he wouldn't want to be friends anymore. When I got home I finished my homework and cooked a light dinner. Charlie was working late tonight so I was fending for myself. Now that I made the decision to call Emmett I wanted to do it right then, but I knew that he had classes and he wouldn't be home until later. So I waited and waited. I took a shower, watched some t.v., I tried reading but couldn't concentrate enough on the words. Finally it was time. I knew that by now Emmett was done with his classes and he should be home. I was nervous as I dialled his number, not sure what to expect. He answered after the first ring. "Bella! Baby is that you?" He sounded desperate and my facade broke and I started crying softly. "Bella, talk to me," he pleaded. "Emmett," I choked out. "Baby, are you okay? I've been so worried about you." He sounded relieved. "No, Emmett I'm not okay." I whimpered. "I'm so sorry Bella. Please forgive me." This was interesting. I wondered what he was sorry for. Could he possible be apologizing for the girl that answered his phone? "What are you sorry for Emmett?" "For yelling at you on your birthday. I'm so sorry. I just....fuck...I miss you so much and it makes me stupid. It won't happen again baby. Just...please forgive me. I can't stand not being able to talk to you Bella. I've been going crazy." He sounded so sad. I was pretty certain now that he had no idea about that female answering his phone when I called. "Is that why you think I haven't answered your call Em?" "Well yeah, what else could it be?" He sounded confused. "I called you later that night after I got home." After hearing his voice I already forgave him but I still wanted to know what happened that night.

"Did you? I didn't get it baby. I'm sorry. But if you called me then why wouldn't you accept any of my phone calls? Why didn't you call me back or even text me?" "Someone answered your phone Emmett," I said. "What? Who? Bella are you sure you called the right number? Who would answer my phone?" "I don't know who she was." I waited for him to reply. "Bella are you saying that a girl answered my phone?" He sounded pissed. I was confused, did he think I was lying? "Um ,yeah." "What the fuck did she say?" He growled. "Um, s-she said-" I stuttered. "Baby I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you. This is news to me. I just want to figure out what happened. There is no reason for anyone to be answering my phone." I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. Once I collected myself I continued, "at first I thought I had the wrong number. It took me by surprise that a female was answering the phone. When I asked for you she said you were busy, taking a shower, that you guys had been busy. She asked me to call back the next day because you guys would be busy all night." I finished on a whisper. "Mother Fucker!" He roared. "Did she tell you her name?" He asked. "You know what you don't even have to answer that. I know who it was." "Who was it? And why was she answering your phone?" I asked desperately. "This fucking bitch Marie. It's a friend of Lucy's who is fucking my roommate. She's been hitting on me and I shoot her down everytime. I had no idea that she did that baby, you have to believe me. I'm gonna kill that bitch when I see her." "Why were you hanging out with her alone?" I asked. "I wasn't. We've never been alone. I promise you that." Something wasn't right here. "Well if your roommate was there wouldn't he at least tell you that she answered your phone?" He laughed, it was bitter. "Not likely. They were all trashed that night. They went to a party and invited me but I didn't want to go. I wanted to be home in case you called me. When they got back Lucy and Tony were already all over each

other. A bomb could have dropped in the room and they wouldn't of noticed it. I did take a shower that night and that's when you must of called. Jesus Bella I'm so fucking sorry." "Why haven't you told me that this Marie was hitting on you? How long has this been going on?" "I didn't want to upset you baby. It's hard enough being so far away from each other. I didn't want to make it harder because some dumb bitch didn't understand what no meant. But I will take care of this. I promise you, it won't happen again." I was silent. I didn't know what to say. I believed him that nothing happened. But I was still upset that he didn't tell me about this girl throwing herself at him. "Bella, are you still there? Are you still mad at me sweetheart?" "Emmett, I believe you. But I still think that you should have told me about her. Is she the only one? Are there other girls doing the same thing?" "You're right, I should of told you. I just didn't want you to worry because there's nothing to worry about." I huffed, "what about other girl's Emmett?" "There's been a couple of girls at parties that show their interest but as soon as I tell them I have a girlfriend they back off. Marie's the only one that I've been having a problem with." "Emmett from now on you need to be honest with me about this shit. Even though I don't like hearing about it I don't want you keeping it from me. It only makes it worse." He sighed, "you're right Bella. I'm sorry. I won't keep anything from you again. I just want you to know that the only reason I did is because I didn't want to hurt you, not because there's something going on with any of these girls. Because I love you and only you." "I believe you. I love you too! I'm sorry also, I should of called you so I could get your side of things. I've been such a mess these past few days and then Edward yelled at me today and-" "Wait. What? Why did Edward yell at you?" He asked. "Well he kept telling me that I needed to call you. That you were calling him and that you sounded miserable. He's been pretty upset with me." I chuckled. "He shouldn't of yelled at you. I'll talk to him about that." He was getting worked up again. "Emmett don't. He loves you and he's just looking out for his big brother. Don't be mad at him, I'm not." It took a moment but he finally agreed with me.

"Are you going to come for my homecoming game and spend the weekend?" He said. "Yeah, I haven't talked to my dad yet but I'm sure he'll be fine with it." "Are you sure? You'll be missing two days of school." "Yeah, I know. But he'll let me as long as it doesn't happen all the time." "Good. I miss you so much Bella and I need to see you. I need to hold you and love you." I closed my eyes because I needed all of that too. "I know everyone is getting a hotel room but I want you to stay with me. I'll make Tony stay with Lucy at least a couple of the nights so we can be alone." "That sounds perfect. I can't wait to see you. I miss your kisses and I miss you just holding me." "Fuck baby, me too. Soon, you'll be here soon. And don't worry about Marie. I'll be sure to have a little talk with her and she won't be pulling any shit like that again. I'll tell Tony that I don't want her in the dorm anymore. He'll understand. Actually he's looking forward to meeting you, as are half the guys on the team since I never shut up about you." He laughed sounding much better than when I first called. "I'm gonna let you go baby. I need to get some sleep. I have a team meeting and practice tomorrow." "All right. I love you Emmett and I'll be seeing you soon." He returned the sentiment and I hung up the phone feeling much better. Instead of crying myself to sleep that night I planned revenge on a girl named Marie. EMMETT P.O.V. Practice the next day was brutal. My mind was everywhere but where it should be. My offensive coach decided to make an example out of me in front of the team, yelling and flailing his arms. I tried to care but my mind kept going over and over the conversation with Bella the night before. Obviously I had known that something had been wrong. I was equal parts terrified and pissed off that Bella wouldn't answer any of my calls or texts. I was actually quite pissed that she was letting the minor fight that we had become something much bigger. Alice wouldn't answer any of my calls and Edward had no idea what was going on. But he was getting tired of hearing me whine and cry about Bella. I kept telling myself that when she finally did call me or answer one of my calls that I was going to let her know how much I did not appreciate how she had been acting. But seeing her name on the caller id, I was just so fucking thankful that she finally had called me. I was surprised I didn't answer the phone crying like a fucking pussy. I was ready for her to yell at me about ruining her birthday or being a pig for all of my possessive ways. I was not ready for her to tell me that a female answered my phone and implied that we were having sex.

I wanted to be mad at Bella. How could she think that I would ever cheat on her? Did she not realize how much I loved her? How much I needed her? She should of laughed and told that bitch that she knew she was lying and that she knew that I would never cheat on her. But she didn't. Instead she decided to ingore my phone calls and stew and wonder if I was sleeping around on her. I wanted to be mad, but I couldn't. Because if the roles were reversed I would of acted the same way. I would of jumped to the same conclusions. Except I would of handled it a little different than Bella had. I would of drove my ass home and found the mother fucker and beat his ass. Even if I had found out that it was a big misunderstanding I still would of beat that mother fuckers ass for just hanging around my Bella. I wasn't stupid. I knew how beautiful Bella was. I also knew that inevitably some dumb fuck would try and talk to her, try to worm their way into her life. Which meant that I would have to make the two thousand mile trip home to remind the guys that she had a boyfriend who didn't mind kicking their asses. Edward was keeping an eye on the situation for me, which sounded bad. It sounded like I didn't trust her. I did, I just didn't trust any male besides my family around her. I also knew that when Bella found out that Edward was keeping an eye out and basically reporting back to me if any guy talked to her that she would not be happy. Especially now when this shit with Marie went down. I couldn't believe that Marie took it that far. You would think that I'd learned my lesson with Rosalie and should've known that a crazy woman was capable of anything. But I honestly thought that Marie would just get over this infatuation with me. I wasn't blind, Marie was a very good looking girl, she would have no problem getting a man. Why she would keep wasting her time on me when I so obviously didn't want anything to do with her was beyond me. I had seen men basically throwing themselves at her at parties but she wouldn't give them the time of day. Some of the guys tried getting me to go with them out to eat after pratice. I declined, telling them that I had some homework that I needed to get finished, which I did but I really just wanted to talk to Bella. Tony decided to follow me to the dorm. I hadn't been able to tell him about the situation with Marie yet, deciding I would do that when we got back to the dorm. Walking up to the room I wondered when I was going to see Marie next. Tony was currently sleeping with a girl named Amber and I had no idea when Lucy would be making her way back into the rotation. And since Marie only came around when Lucy was here with Tony I had no idea when the next time I would be seeing her. I threw myself on my bed once we reached our room. Coach put us through a vigorous workout -sort of a punishment for me having my mind somewhere besides football- and I was fucking exhausted. I wanted to call Bella but decided that I needed to talk to Tony first. I wanted to get this situation with Marie dealt with as soon as possible. Definitely before Bella showed up for my homecoming game. Tony was texting on his phone. I needed to talk to him before he made plans with the Amber chick and left the dorm.

"Hey man. I need to talk to you." Tony looked up from his phone with a smirk on his face. "Man, this Amber chick is fucking freaky. Hurry it up. I'm on my way out to meet her." I rolled my eyes, "man you're such a whore," I laughed. "Man, don't be a jealous bitch Emmett." "Trust me I'm not jealous." "That's right. You're married. I forgot." I narrowed my eyes, "don't be an asshole." He held his hands up in surrender. "Seriously, I really need to talk to you. Do you think you can spare me five minutes before you go meet this freaky Amber?" He laughed, "I got all the time in the world for you Emmett. What's on your mind?" I told him what had transpired with Marie and that she was obviously not welcome here anymore. He was shocked to say the least and had no idea that she had done that. "Man, I'm sorry. I had no idea. I was in the fucking room and didn't even hear your phone going off. I hope you know that if I had I would of never let her answer your phone." I waved my hands, "don't worry. I don't blame any of this on you. I know you wouldn't of let her answer my phone or you would of at least told me about it." "Shit man, what did Bella say?" I sighed, "well she wasn't happy. That's why she wouldn't answer any of my fucking phone calls. The problem is that now she's going to think this shit happens all of the time. She already asked me if other girls were throwing themselves at me." "What did you tell her?" Tony asked. "I told her the truth, that some girls were flirting with me at parties but once I told them I had a girlfriend that they backed off. But I know Bella and she's going to sit around and stew about this. If I don't answer a phone call or reply to a text right away she's going to be pissed. All of the shit we had to put up with with Rosalie last year and now Marie. Sometimes I wonder if we're ever going to just be happy without all of this fucking drama around us. And I can't even get upset with her for questioning me about other girls even though she should fucking know that I would never touch another girl, cause I would do the same fucking thing except I would end up in jail for beating some dumb fucks ass." "So what are you going to do about Marie?"

I rubbed a hand down my face both physically and mentally exhausted. "I don't know. I guess I can't hit the bitch." Tony barked out a laugh. "Honestly I don't know what to do. I'm for sure going to let her know that she's not welcome here anymore. You don't have a problem with that do you?" "Fuck no man. I'm with you. That's fucked up what she did. I wouldn't want her around if she did that shit to me either." "Do you think Lucy will be upset with you?" He shrugged, "I don't think so but if she is fuck her too. No crazy bitches allowed in this room." "Thanks man. I want to take care of this before Bella shows up with the others. Speaking of, do you think you can spend a couple nights with one of your girls when Bella's here?" Tony smirked at me and raised an eyebrow. "I guess I could get a hotel room while she's here but-" He cut me off, "say no more. The rooms all yours. I'm sure you want her here on your comfortable bed." He said sarcastically. I laughed, "well it might not be the most comfortable of beds but at least it's my sheets and pillows. And I kind of want her in my space. Where I spend all of my time. Does that sound weird?" I'm such a fucking pussy. "No, it's not weird. I understand. You do know that we're gonna have to break them into college life right? Parties, booze, drunken orgies!" He yelled as he raised his fist in to the air. "I have no problems with the parties and booze but don't ever mention orgies when it comes to Bella or my sister," I shudder. "Is your sister hot?" I shot up from my bed so fast that Tony jumped. "Don't you even think about it. That's my sister you're talking about. She has a boyfriend and even if she didn't I would never let her become one of your girls." "Christ Emmett. Calm down, I was joking." He jumped from his bed and left the room fast. I could hear him laughing down the hall. I really liked Tony but that fucker wasn't getting anywhere near my baby sister. If I didn't get to him first Jasper and Edward would take care of him. I grabbed my phone to call Bella. It started ringing before I could call her. I smiled when I answered it, "hey baby. I was just getting ready to call you." "I've been waiting. I thought you were going to call me after practice?" "Sorry. I was talking to Tony and he just left the room."

"What were you guys talking about?" She asked. "I told him what happened with Marie and that I didn't want her here anymore." "What did he say?" "He understands. He feels bad that he didn't notice that she answered my phone that night. He says he didn't even hear it ring." "Have you seen that bitch yet?" "Not yet. She only comes around with Lucy and since Lucy is not part of the rotation right now, I haven't seen her." "Rotation?" Bella sounded confused. I sighed, "Tony's a bit of a manwhore. He's been sleeping with more than one girl. They all know about each other, and well, he kind of rotates them. He has a schedule for them." "Are you telling me that you have girls in and out of your dorm room all of the time?" I could tell she was pissed. "Tony has girls in and out all of the time. I haven't had anyone here Bella. Not even a male friend." "No way!" She screeched. "That's fucked up Emmett and you know it." "What the fuck do you want me to do Bella? I can't tell him that he's not allowed to have girls over." "This is not going to work." Now I was pissed, "don't start Bella. I'm so fucking tired of fighting with you. I fucking miss you and I don't want to spend the little bit of time that we talk fighting." "Then if you don't expect me to be upset about girls in and out of your room, you won't be upset about the English assignment I have with Caleb." I might of stopped breathing for a minute. "Who the fucks Caleb?" "My English partner." I snorted, "I'm not fucking stupid Bella, I heard you. Do I know Caleb? I don't remember a Caleb." "No, you don't know him. He's new this year. Doesn't have many friends. He's really nice, I think you would like him."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I exploded. "Is he your charity case? You just had to befriend the new kid. You're just now telling me about him?" And why the fuck hasn't Edward said anything about this Caleb kid to me? I was going to kill him, he was supposed to be keeping an eye on things for me. He was doing a pretty shitty job obviously. "Fuck Emmett. Calm down. It's not like we hang out or anything. We talk in class, he knows all about you. And you didn't tell me about this Marie bitch or any of the other whores that have been hitting on you. Would you have told me if she hadn't answered your phone that night?" Goddammit! She was always going to fucking throw this shit in my face. "I would of told you Bella." She snorted. She didn't believe me. "You can believe me or not. I didn't say anything at the time because I didn't want you to worry. It was hard enough just being away from you. I didn't want you worrying about girls that mean absolutely nothing to me." "Whatever Emmett." "Please stop! Please stop fighting with me Bella. I don't want to fight with you anymore," I pleaded. She was quiet for a moment. "I'm so sorry Emmett," she whispered. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I miss you so much but that doesn't give me the right to act like a bitch. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to be here without you." "I know baby. I feel the same way. Soon. You'll be here soon. I'll see you in a little over a week." "Yeah, for a couple of days. I'll barely see you on Saturday because of the game. And we're gonna have to leave Sunday night, so we can get home in time for school on Tuesday." "I know, but there's nothing I can do Bella. I want you here, all of the time. You'll be visiting soon and then I'll be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will make it, I promise you." "I know we will. I'm sorry again for how I've been acting. I'm making it worse." "Yes, you are. But I understand. All I ask is for you to stay strong. It's not that long Bella before we will be together everyday for the rest of our lives." We talked for a couple of hours before she let me go so she could finish her homework. I immediately called Edward so I could find out why the fuck he hadn't told me about this new guy Caleb. "Christ Emmett! If you're calling to cry about Bella again I don't want to fucking hear it." Edward greeted.

"Well hello to you to bro! Who the fuck is Caleb?" I got right down to business. I had no time for anything else. I needed to know about this guy and if I needed to come home or not. "Caleb? Who the fuck is Caleb?" He asked. "Edward," I growled. "Try to keep up man. I just talked to Bella and she told me about some new kid. His name is Caleb and shes working on an English assignment with him." "Oh, Caleb right. Yeah, I didn't even know about him until yesterday when he sat his ass at our lunch table. Of course Bella invited him over. I've never even seen him. I did some checking and they have a few classes together but they don't hang out after school or anything. He seems like a nice guy. I made sure he knew about you. He didn't act surprised that Bella had a boyfriend so I'm thinking that she already told him about you. He doesn't seem to want anything but friendship from here but who knows, like I said I don't really know him." "And you're just telling me this now? You couldn't of called me yesterday?" "I just found out about him," he yelled. "I told Bella that she needed to tell you about him or I would. What else do you want me to do Emmett? I can't be with her every minute of every day." Is that why she told me about him? Because Edward forced her into it? "Nothings going on with him Emmett. Trust me they are just friends." "I don't like it." "Well, I'm sure she doesn't like all of the girls that hang around you. You guys both need to grow up. I know you miss each other but you have to trust each other." "Christ Edward are you going to fucking lecture me?" "Fuck off Emmett! Don't ask me to do your dirty work if you don't want to hear my opinion." "Ah shit Edward. I'm sorry. I'm just all fucked up right now. I don't want you to feel like you have to spy on Bella. I shouldn't of even asked you to do it. It's was a stupid fucking suggestion." "It's all right. I know you miss her. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a week. I miss you too." He laughed. "I miss all of you guys too. I wish you guys could stay longer. It's going to suck on Saturday. I'll barely see you guys. But there will be some good parties on Saturday night." "Do you really think that Bella will want to go to a party?"

"I don't know. If she doesn't I'll have Tony take you guys and I'll stay back at the dorm with Bella," I laughed, "actually that sounds like a good idea, maybe we'll do that anyways." We talked for a couple minutes and I told him to let everyone else know that I loved and missed them. I was just about ready for bed when Tony returned minus Amber. I was happy that he came home by himself. I wasn't really in the mood to put up with one of his girls tonight. "Hey man. I talked to Lucy and I asked her to come over tomorrow and to bring Marie." "Really? Thanks. I want to get this over with." "Yeah, well you owe me. Lucy wasn't supposed to make another appearance for at least a week." I just rolled my eyes and went to sleep. I finished up with my classes the next day and grabbed some lunch before heading to the gym. I worked out for a couple of hours and decided to head on home to take a shower. When I arrived I could hear a female laugh inside our room and figured Lucy and Marie must be there. I opened the door ready to get this shit over with so Marie could be out of my life for good. I really hoped it didn't ruin anything between Lucy and Tony. He might of said that he wouldn't care but I think that Lucy meant more to him then he let on. I never understood why he just didn't get rid of the other girls and make a commitment to her. Tony was sitting at the desk banging away at his computer while Marie and Lucy were sitting on his bed. "Hi Emmett!" Lucy waved to me. "Hey Lucy," I said. "We've missed you around here." Tony shot me a glare. I tried to suppress my grin but failed. "Well aren't you going to say hi to me too Emmett?" Marie asked. "Yeah Emmett. Aren't you going to say hi to Marie?" Tony smirked. I glared at Tony before turning to Marie. "How have you been Marie?" I asked politely. "Lonely," she purred. Tony almost choked on the drink he just took and I just wanted to puke. She was never going to get it. She just couldn't seem to grasp that I didn't want her. "Marie can I ask you a question?" "Sure Emmett. You can ask me anything you want to." "Are you fucking stupid?" She wasn't expecting that and looked confused. Lucy looked uncomfortable and Tony was grinning. "I mean how many times do I

have to tell you that I want nothing to do with your skanky ass? And since when did you think it was all right to answer my phone?" "I don't know what you're talking about," she sputtered. "Come on Marie. Don't act dumb. I know you answered my phone when Bella called and implied that we were having sex." Lucy gasped and seemed very surprised. She didn't seem to know what her friend had been up to which gave me hope that maybe I could be on good terms with Lucy since it would be hard to talk to her if she had supported what Marie had done. "I guess what I don't understand is what you hoped to gain from it? I mean did you seriously think that by lying to my girlfriend that it would make me want to be with you? Or maybe you thought she would just dump my ass then you would have plenty of chances to get with me? Like I would ever let Bella leave me. Like I would give up that easily. If she had broke up with me I would do whatever it took to get her back. I would of dropped out of school and took my ass home begging on hands and knees." "Marie did you do that?" Lucy asked. Marie stood up from the bed with her hands on her hips. "It's not that big of a deal. I was just messing with her." "Jesus Marie. That's messed up." Lucy said. "You just don't do stuff like that. If I was Bella I'd want to kick your ass." "Come on Lucy. You wanted me to get with Emmett. You thought it would be great, said we could all double date." I clenched my fists. If I found out that Lucy was pushing Marie to get with me, encouraging her I would not be happy. Lucy looked to me and shook her head. "In the beginning before I found out you had a girlfriend that you were very serious about I thought it would be fun if we all went out. When I found out about how dedicated and in love you were with Bella I told Marie that she needed to back off. I knew she was giving you trouble Emmett but I had no idea that she answered you phone when Bella called. I'm sorry." "What are you sorry about Lucy," Marie exploded. "Emmett is way to good for the homely looking girl." She said while pointing to a picture that I had on the desk of Bella and I that had been taken a few days before I had left for school. I took a step toward Marie just wanting to hit her. "Don't you say a fucking thing about my Bella. You have nothing on her. She's more beautiful than you both on the outside and the inside. You're nothing but a weak selfish spoiled girl who's mad because she can't have what she wants. You're ugly on the inside and that's all the counts. You make me sick. I want you out of this room and don't come back. You're not welcome here anymore." I turned and dismissed her walking to my bed and sitting down.

"Fine Emmett. I'll leave. When you grow up and realize that your high school girlfriend isn't what you need or want anymore give me a call." She moved to the door to leave. "You'll be waiting a long time sweetheart," I said as she slammed the door on her way out. "Shit, that bitch is crazy," Tony said. "I'm sorry Emmett. I didn't know that she did that, I swear. I shouldn't have brought her around. It's just that every time I told her that I was coming over she would invite herself and I didn't say no cause she's a friend and I didn't want to hurt her feelings." "Don't worry about it Lucy. It's all taken care of now. But I'm serious when I say that I don't want her here anymore." "I understand. How pissed is Bella?" I laughed, "oh she's pretty pissed all right. She'll be here next Friday and it will take everything just to try and talk her out of hunting Marie down and killing her. You should of seen her fight my ex girlfriend Rosalie." Tony perked up at the mention of a girl fight. "I bet it was hot. There's nothing like a chick fight." He sat next to Lucy on the bed and pulled her back into his chest kissing her temple and running his hands through her hair. "It was hot all right, then I had to literally pull Bella off of Rosalie because she wasn't going to stop. Even though it was clear that Rosalie wasn't getting up." Lucy looked a little nervous. "Should I be worried? Will she be mad at me too?" "Don't worry Lucy. She's not going to blame you. I sure do hope that we don't run into Marie though." The following days were spent between school and football with phone calls to Bella in between. She was happy that I finally told Marie off but not happy that Maire still seemed to not get the point that I would never want anything to do with her. She was looking forward to seeing her when she came to visit and I begged for her to just let it go. I wanted my weekend with Bella to be peaceful, not full of drama. It was Thursday night, the day before the gang was set to arrive. I could hardly wait for Friday, so I could finally see Bella. I hadn't seen or heard anything from Marie since I told her off and I was hoping that she was long gone from my life. Lucy hadn't mentioned anything about her either which I was thankful for. I didn't want to even hear her name. Lucy, Tony and I were set to go out and grab a bite to eat when there was a knock on the door. My heart hammered hoping and praying that it wasn't Marie. Tony went to open the door and my heart stopped when I saw Bella standing in the doorway.

"Bella?" She ran into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist. I could vaguely hear my sister in the back ground saying something about finally finding our room after knocking on almost every door on the floor. I sat on the bed with Bella wrapped around me. They were early. They weren't supposed to get here until tomorrow. How in the hell did they found our dorm? They were supposed to call when they got in the area and I was going to meet them so they could follow me and not get lost. But none of that mattered right now. The only thing that mattered was she was here and in my arms and she was kissing me. I kissed her back, holding her face so I could assault her mouth with mine. I pulled my mouth away from hers so I could look at her. She had tears in her eyes and she had never looked more beautiful. "Baby, I missed you so much!" I didn't give her a chance to respond, just went right back to kissing her. She was finally here. It felt like a lot longer than a few weeks since I've last held her, since I've last kissed her. I groaned as she shifted and rubbed herself against my hardening cock. I grabbed her shirt and was about to take it off when I heard a throat clearing and some laughter. I pulled myself from Bella's lips to see my brother and sister along with Jasper, Tony and Lucy standing by the open doorway. Bella didn't seem to mind as she started kissing my neck, my eyes slid closed and a muffled 'fuck' escaped my lips. She ran her hands underneath my shirt, sliding them up my chest. "Oh man, I like this girl." Tony said. That definitely put a stop to any activites. I was going to have to kick Tony's ass; I sent him a glare. He laughed and stared unabashedly at Bella's ass. "Stop looking at my girl's ass fucker." He looked back at me and grinned, unapologetic. Bella stopped kissing my neck and brought her hands back out of my shirt. I wanted to cry at the loss of contact but I also did not want an audience for what I had planned for her. I cupped her cheeks and kissed her lightly on the lips. She smiled and blushed. I love when she gets carried away when we're together and she forgets about anyone else being in the room. I love that she can get so lost in me because that's exactly how I feel when I'm with her. "Sorry," she muttered. Smiling, I brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear. "Don't be sweetheart. Trust me I don't want to stop either." "Yes, well sorry but you have to stop. There's other people here who have missed you too." Alice insisted. Bella rolled her eyes and stood up. I took a moment to calm myself down. Nothing like hugging your sister with a hard-on. When I was suffienctly calm I

stood and grabbed my sister, lifting her off of her feet. I hugged her and gave her a wet sloppy kiss on the cheek. "Emmett," she screeched. "God stop! That's gross." I put her down and moved to give my brother and Jasper a hug. "Hey guys!" I hugged Edward then pushed him and grabbed Jasper in a hug. Edward stumbled back and caught himself on the doorframe. "Damn Emmett! Do you always have to be so rough?" Edward yelled. "Well Edward, I usually don't get any complaints on how rough I am. Some people even like it." I winked at Bella and she blushed even more. "Christ Emmett. We haven't even been here five minutes and the sexual innuendos are already flying." Edward laughed. I shrugged. He was right but fuck it that's how I am. I introduced the gang to Tony and Lucy. You could tell that Lucy was a little nervous meeting Bella. Bella seemed a little tense but managed a small smile and a wave. I sat back on my bed and grabbed Bella's hand, tugging until she sat on my lap. I buried my face in her hair, then placed a kiss below her ear. "Bella, I want to say how sorry I am for the problems that Marie has caused," Lucy said. "Don't worry about it Lucy. Unless you were in on it, you have nothing to be sorry for." "No, I had nothing to do with it; but I still feel bad. She is my friend and I knew that she had a crush on Emmett, I just never knew that she would go that far." Bella was stiff and tense on my lap. I rubbed her lower back and kissed her neck. I knew this still upset her but I didn't want to think about it right now. I just wanted to enjoy spending the weekend with her and my family. "Lucy, let's not talk about this right now. They just got here, and I'd like to enjoy some time with my girl before she goes crazy on the freaks around here." My family laughed. Bella glared at me and stomped her foot down on mine. I winced, "damn Bella watch it." "I won't have to go crazy as long as the girls keep to themselves and leave you alone." "Sorry, I didn't mean to cause a fight," Lucy said. I laughed, "this is not a fight Lucy. You wouldn't want to see when we fight."

"Yeah, they cry and whine and generally just get on everyone's nerves when they fight." Edward said. "I swear to god Edward if you don't shut your-" Bella started. "Ignore him, he gets you going every time. I swear you guys definitely act like brother and sister," I said. "I say you guys need to leave so I can have some quality time alone with Bella." "No," Alice huffed. "There will be plenty of time for that later when you guys are alone. Let's do something. What were you guys getting ready to do when we got here?" "We were just going to grab something to eat," Tony replied. "Are you guys hungry?" "That sounds good. At least you have some manners Tony, unlike my lovely brother." I rolled my eyes. "Sorry Alice, let's go and get something to eat." We ended up at a small diner that most of the team liked to frequent after practices. I was in constant contact with Bella, whether it was holding her hand or placing my hand on the small of her back guiding her into the restaurant. Once we were seated and eating my hand never left her thigh. "I'm so happy that you guys are here." I pulled Bella to my side and placed a kiss on her head. We were finished eating, now just sitting around talking. I noticed Tony kept sneaking glances at Bella. I tried to keep my mouth shut but I really wanted to know why he couldn't keep his fucking eyes to himself. "Got something you want to say Tony?" He glanced at me and smirked. I really liked Tony and didn't want to start any shit with him. He was not only my roommate but my teammate as well. But he knows that Bella will always be number one with me, and he knew that I wouldn't appreciate him staring at her like that. "Nah man. You just look so happy?" It came out more like a question than a statement. Bella laughed, "are you surprised that I can make him happy?" "Honestly, I'll be the first to admit that I thought he was crazy to tie himself to one person. Not only are we young but you guys are so far away from each other. Long distance relationship always just seemed so stupid to me. And as many times as he has told me how much he loves you, I really didn't think it would work out." "Do you still think that?" Bella asked.

He smiled, "no, I think I was wrong. I shouldn't even say this cause I'll feel like a pussy after but I can see it. I can see that you guys love each other. Shit, he hasn't stopped smiling since you got here; and he can't keep his hands off of you." "Yeah, I'm pretty lucky." Bella turned to me smiling and laid the sweetest kiss on my lips. "I'm the lucky one," I murmured. We left the diner and all headed back to the dorm. We spent the rest of the night just hanging out. It was pretty late when everyone decided to leave. Jasper, Alice and Edward left for the hotel, and Tony went to stay with Lucy in her room. As soon the door closed I attacked Bella. "Fuck, I didn't think they were ever going to leave." I whined. "You would think that they were smart enough to get the hint that I wanted them out of here." "Oh I think they knew," Bella laughed. "I think that's why they stayed longer. I have to say, it was pretty funny watching you huff and puff cause they stayed so long." I grabbed Bella pulling her down on the bed with me. Her soft body laying on mine, perfection. "You thought that was funny, huh? Maybe I should call them back and we can have a slumber party." I began kissing her neck, running my hands up and down her back. "Mmmm, more kissing less talking." I smiled into her neck, "yes ma'am." I complied. Our mouths came together. Strong, demanding. As I slipped my tongue in her mouth my hands gripped her ass, looking for friction. She sat up, straddling me; rubbing against me. She tore her shirt over her head, throwing it on the floor. I sat up, immediately going for the clasp on her bra; throwing it on the floor with her shirt. My mouth was on her breast before her bra even hit the floor. I nipped, licked and sucked my way over her chest. Her hands found their way into my hair, pulling softly then harder when she approved of my technique. She was whimpering and pulling on my shirt. "Emmett, please. I can't wait. It's been too long. I've had enough foreplay." She moaned, "We later. Right now, inside" I had no problem with that. She stood up to remove her jeans while I ripped my own clothes off. I laid down; she crawled up my body, kissing the tip of my cock before straddling me and lowering herself down. My eyes closed, feeling her warmth surround me. She stayed still, I opened my eyes searching her brown ones. "You with me Emmett?" she breathed. I gripped her hips and smiled. "I'm here baby." She began to move, slow at first then picking up the pace. I pulled her down needing to be closer to her. I kissed her. Trailing my hands down her back, I grabbed her hips so I could control the

pace. Her hair fell around us, I devoured her mouth before she ripped her mouth away gasping for air. "Em, I'm....close." She was breathless. I picked up the pace, thrusting harder. I was afraid I was going to leave brusies on her hips from the amount of pressure I was using. Just when I was going to ease up she moaned and her muscles clenched around my dick. I sucked in a breath, lost in sensation, not wanting to lose myself just yet. She collapsed on my chest breathing heavily. I rolled us over throwing her leg around my waist. I started a slow pace wanting this to last. She dug her nails into my shoulder. I hissed, she knew how much I liked that. "Christ Bella, I've missed you so much." "Me too," she moaned. She whispered "I love you" in my ear and that's all it took. I came with a groan, burying my face in her neck. My body collapsed next to hers. I was spent. You would think between games and practice that a round of sex wouldn't wipe me out, but Bella always wore me out. We stayed like that for a few minutes catching our breath and just being together. After getting cleaned up and getting our pajamas on, which consisted of flannel pants for me and one of my shirts for Bella we fell into bed. Both of us were tired, we fell asleep quickly and held each other all night.