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Church and Society Conference Committee

Report to TN. Annual Conference

June 2008
We would like to call to the attention of the TN. Annual Conference that 2008 is The Centennial
Year of the First Social Creed!

Social Creed of 1908 stated:

“The Methodist Episcopal Church stands for:

The equal rights and complete justice for all men in all stations of life.

For the protection of the worker from dangerous machinery, occupational diseases, injuries
and mortality.

For such regulation of the conditions of labor for women as shall safeguard the physical and
moral health of the community.

For the grateful and reasonable reduction of the hours of labor to the lowest practical point,
with work for all; and for that degree of leisure for all which is the condition of the highest
human life.

For a living wage in every industry.

For the regulation of the Golden Rule and the mind of Christ as the supreme law of society
and the sure remedy of all social ills.”

People called Methodists have from the beginning understood the gospel to be both personal and
social. The Social Principles in the form we have them now date from 1972 and continue to be
revised by each General Conference every four years
Today Social principles fall into 6 broad sections:

The Natural World

The Nurturing Community
The World Community
The Social Community
The Economic Community
The Political World

Resources for further study:

General Board of Church and Society Website:

Purchase resources online or call toll free


Pocket size translations of Social Principles of 2005-2008 available in Korean and Spanish
besides English.

“Becoming the People of God” adult study guides on Social Principles available from
GBCS or Cokesbury.

United Methodist Seminars on National and International Affairs available through the
General Board of Church and Society:

Your local ministry teams or your church youth group can travel to Washington DC to the
United Methodist Building or to New York at the United Nations. GBCS staff can be custom
design a seminar around any social justice issue you desire to learn more about.
For information: Call 202-488-5611

Your Church and Society Conference Committee wants to encourage and support local
churches in a faith based response to the difficult issues facing our society today.

There are many such issues and several churches have been responding on their own initiative.
Such as:
Justice for Our Neighbors Clinic coming soon.
Ongoing Conversations within churches and communities on
Immigration, War and Peace, and Capitol Punishment to name just a few.
Faith based clinics have been established.

Our goals 2007-2008 are to have district level forums for education of local congregations and
for Spanish speaking populations on immigration issues.

We had our first forum in Sept.2007 at Blakemore UMC in Nashville. Our faith dictates an
informed and compassionate response as we and our government leaders work towards
immigration reform. For information contact Pat Smith,