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Report to the 2008 Session

of the Tennessee Annual Conference

I bring you greetings in the name of Jesus Christ on behalf of the students,
faculty, staff and Board of Trustees of Martin Methodist College. We are
proud to be the College of the Tennessee Conference. With the completion
of Martin’s 138th academic year, we are especially pleased to celebrate the
following accomplishments.
• Continued growth in enrollment to 924 students, with projected
enrollment for fall of 2008 over the 950 mark;
• Further expansion of our academic offerings with the number of
programs now at 29;
• Addition of faculty positions to support new programs, bringing the
total number of fulltime faculty to 51;
• Further progress with the Campaign for Martin 2010, the
fundraising program to complete the Martin 2010 plan, now with
over $30 million toward its $43 million goal;
• Continued athletic success with our second national championship
in three years by the Women’s Soccer Team and our best-ever year
across all 14 intercollegiate sports.

Certainly another highlight for the year was our International Studies
Convocation last fall when we honored Dr. John C. Barrett, president of the
World Methodist Council; and Dr. George Freeman, General Secretary of
the World Methodist Council, both of whom were awarded the President’s
Medallion for their dedication to the cause of global Methodism. These
two top leaders in World Methodism interacted with faculty and students
over a two-day period and had a special impact on our church leadership
students as they considered the global reach of our church.

This extraordinary gathering is further indication of Martin Methodist’s

connections through the world and our continuing drive to educate our
students for 21st century lives of worth and service.
The Cal Turner, Jr. Center for Church Leadership

The Turner Center for Church Leadership continues to be the program

initiative for realizing the vision of Martin Methodist College to become
“a model of church-relatedness for the United Methodist Church.” We
welcomed Mariellyn Dunlap this year as an assistant in Campus Minister
for the 2007-09 academic years. She is a US-2 Missionary, sponsored by
the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.
The Center thanks her for the ministry shared together.

Religious Life

Under the leadership of Rev. Laura Kirkpatrick, the Campus Ministry

continued to expand and develop Religious Life on campus.

• Religious Life Council – The Religious Life Council has

developed a mission statement for Religious Life, and we will
continue to meet this semester to expand our interpretation of
Religious Life at MMC:
Religious Life at Martin Methodist College seeks to be
a community of faith, education, leadership
development, and service by including all students,
faculty, and staff who desire to begin, grow, and enrich
their journey toward a sense of spirituality.
• Worship – Chapel Services averaged 80 participants per service,
with the Praise & Worship Band leading music and an array of
students serving as liturgists. While Chapel attendance has
improved and students have more input to the service, we will be
adding training to assist students leading worship more effectively.
To close fall semester, we held our annual Christmas Candlelight
Service at Church of the Messiah. 105 people were in attendance,
and all of the College’s musically inclined groups were involved.
• Discipleship – Our Wednesday evening Bible studies finished out
the semester by discussing an array of topics with the help of the
NOOMA video series. Again, we averaged 8 people each
Wednesday night, and the students and I are making adjustments in
hopes of drawing in additional participants. We are also very
thankful for the generosity of Pulaski First United Methodist
Church for their contributions to our Food & Fun nights.
• Student Christian Association (S.C.A.) – S.C.A. continues to
average 20 students each Thursday evening. As the semester
closed, they had an array of speakers, and all of the students were
involved in various groups and activities throughout campus.
• Leadership Development Team (LDT) – As the spring semester
opened, the LDT grew to 14 members, including all 8 Church
Leader Scholars. In recent weeks, students have been challenged
to wrestle with their call. As these students continue growing as
leaders, they are learning about several aspects of The United
Methodist Church, and in the spring semester, several LDT
members will be visiting General Conference. Currently, our
greatest concern is funding this venture. Second year LDT
members are each in charge of various projects. This year, we
shifted the projects so the students are assisting in leading various
aspects of Religious Life, including the Social Justice Trip to
Selma and Montgomery, Alabama.
• Martin S.E.R.V.E.S.
1. Martin S.E.R.V.E.S. began the school year with three service
blitzes within six weeks. While each event went well, it was a
bit much for our leaders in agencies in such a short period of
2. We had 18 participants for the Alternative Fall Break Trip to
Gulfport, Mississippi. Participants included Joe & Ann Henry,
Mike Curry, one faculty member, two staff, and 12 students.
3. We began encouraging student organizations to adopt various
projects. Boo-Out (fall event) was adopted by STEA and the
Art Club. Visit with Santa (fall event) was adopted by Alpha
Phi Nu, and our new NAACP chapter has adopted the Giles
County Boys & Girls Club. We also have six students who
have adopted students at Southside Elementary School.
4. We have had several students volunteer with The Hewitt
House, Ivy Crest, and the Hope House.
5. This year, we have tried to shift more of the leadership
responsibilities to the students. This has slowed our
productivity a bit, and further leadership training as we
6. The college is initiating a campus-wide effort to incorporate
service-learning into the freshmen experience. We are sending
a few students and faculty to a service learning conference this
spring. As this venture becomes reality additional staff will be
needed to assist with administering the service-learning
component of Martin S.E.R.V.E.S.
7. We continue to seek grant opportunities for service, especially
the GBOD Young People Grant and we will reapply in 2008.
• Other – On Saturday, October 6, we hosted 130 youth for the
CYMT day of serving and worship. While it was a very long day,
it was very productive in terms of reaching youth and welcoming
them to MMC.

Church Relations Office

Rev. Mary Noble Parrish focuses her attention on making connections

with local churches to relate Martin students and the congregations of the
Tennessee Conference. This entails three major areas: Church Leader
Scholarship, Church Partner Plan and Martin Representatives.

In conjunction with our recruiting efforts, Martin is in its eighth year of

offering the Church Leader Scholarships, two full scholarships (tuition,
fees, room and board) to students who have demonstrated leadership
potential in their congregations and who will continue to be leaders (lay,
professional, or ordained) in the future. The Church Leader Scholarship is
renewable for up to three additional years. In 2008 we received a strong
applicant pool for the Church Leader Scholarship. Out of 21 applicants,
ten finalists will compete for the award.

The Church Partner Plan endeavors to invite and enlist local United
Methodist Church congregations to become partners with Martin
Methodist College on an official basis. Individual congregational leaders
will enter into a covenant relationship with the college for mutual
commitment to, and enhancement of joint ministries. The covenant will
be a part of the self understanding of both college and congregation,
providing mutual responsibilities and benefits. As of March 18th, we have
thirty-four (34) official Church Partners and more than 80 congregations
who are in the process of exploring and/or finalizing the partnership.
Following are the official Church Partners, for whom we give special

1. Ardmore-Trinity Charge (Ardmore UMC, Cedar Grove UMC,

Chestnut Grove UMC, Minor Hill UMC, Trinity UMC)
2. Belmont United Methodist Church
3. Brentwood United Methodist Church
4. Chapel Hill United Methodist Church
5. Choates Creek United Methodist Church
6. Christ United Methodist Church
7. Coleman Memorial United Methodist Church
8. Columbia First United Methodist Church
9. Connell Memorial United Methodist Church
10. Crievewood United Methodist Church
11. Dickson First United Methodist Church
12. Fayetteville First United Methodist Church
13. Franklin First United Methodist Church
14. Hendersonville First United Methodist Church
15. Hermitage United Methodist Church
16. Lewisburg First United Methodist Church
17. Loretto United Methodist Church
18. Lynnville First United Methodist Church
19. Madison Street United Methodist Church
20. McBurg United Methodist Church
21. Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church
22. New Chapel United Methodist Church
23. Olivet United Methodist Church
24. Pisgah United Methodist Church
25. Port Royal United Methodist Church
26. Pulaski First United Methodist Church
27. Riverside United Methodist Church
28. Salem United Methodist Church
29. Smyrna First United Methodist Church
30. Sparta First United Methodist Church
31. Springfield First United Methodist Church
32. Triune United Methodist Church
33. Tullahoma First United Methodist Church
34. West End United Methodist Church
Rev. Parrish is also working to identify a person in each local
church/charge to serve as a Martin Representative. To date, nearly 84% of
the churches in our conference have a Martin Representative identified.
Because this liaison position is such a crucial ingredient in the college’s
church connection, we are seeking to move this number to 100% as soon
as possible. This year the Turner Center has conducted seven Martin
Representative workshops, one in each District. We are grateful for the
support and prayer of our Martin Representatives.

Educational Services

Under the leadership of Dr. Domenic Nigrelli, the Turner Center for
Church Leadership is continuing to expand educational services for church
leaders in the United Methodist Churches of the Tennessee Conference.

Christian Communications Ministry Institute

CCMI is a joint venture with the Association of United Methodist

Communicators. It fulfills some requirements for certification in
communication. We had 24 participants so far and are receiving
applications for the fifth year.

Academy for Congregational Leaders

Congratulations to the first graduating class of the Academy for

Congregational Leaders. After a year of study, prayer, research and
discernment, fourteen congregational leaders successfully completed the
six core courses in Bible, theology, worship, spiritual growth, Methodist
studies, and leadership. In addition to the learning component, the
participants presented their Personal Ministry Action Plan. It was an
exciting and uplifting experience to receive the participants’ vision,
mission and action plans for their new ministry projects. One student,
drawing from her own personal experience, devised a ministry plan for the
awareness and prevention of suicide. Another person, recognizing the
need for more Biblical literacy among children and youth, proposed a
program for teaching the Bible. A third participant, moved by the needs of
the homeless in his community, will initiate a program for providing food
and shelter in the name of Christ. A fourth student laid out her plans for
an older adult ministry. And a fifth participant announced that she
discerned God’s calling upon her life to serve the Church as a local pastor.
We are delighted with this first class of graduates from the Academy for
Congregational Leaders and look forward to launching the next class very

Learning for Discipleship

On September 21-22, 2007 the Center hosted pastors, lay-people and

church professionals for a time of fellowship, study, worship and Sabbath.
Margaret Ann Crain and Jack Seymour, nationally known for their work in
Christian Education and Formation, held a week-end of lectures, seminars,
and workshops on the theme: “Learning for Discipleship in the Church of
the 21st Century.”

Hispanic/Latino Academy for Christian Formation and Church

Leadership: Academia Hispana/Latina Para La Formación Cristiana
y Liderazgo en la Iglesia

We are proud of the new partnership between Martin Methodist College’s

Center for Church Leadership and the Hispanic/Latino Academy for
Christian Formation and Church Leadership Academia Hispana/Latina
Para La Formación Cristiana y Liderazgo en la Iglesia. We had 8
prospective students on campus.

Everyone associated with Martin Methodist College gives thanks for our
role as the College of the Tennessee Conference and the extraordinary
level of support and encouragement that you provide for our work. I
consider it a personal privilege to be associated with Martin at this
exciting time in its history and to have the opportunity to engage in the
ministry of Jesus Christ through this special institution of higher
education. I look forward to working with each and every one of you as
we seek to realize the unique potential of Martin Methodist College.

Respectfully submitted,
Ted Brown